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  1. After the "optimisation update" I disconnected 3 times and had 2 "login lock" errors during travel between servers, so nothing changed. I wonder what the update was actually for? Edit; I disconnected 4 times in a row today, so the update made it worse
  2. What's going on in the rest of the world? Please enlighten me... This is just an excuse like more people are saying. People who say BLM are racist! #ALLlivesmatter! And people who approve of the riots are completely brain damaged! Since when does WC care what other developers do? Other developers deliver good working games and updates, why don't give us that instead of this Bullpoop!
  3. I'm actually happy that they allow Giga's on Genesis, we aren't all try hards with all the time in the world to breed a decent Rex army.
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