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  1. This event is underwhelming just like Genesis most were bored way before transfers opened and left the game same will happen with CI. There is no need for any kind of multiplier at all its already been going on 2x. You say 3x breeding should be manageable we'll see if they did have colors to go along with this it would be unplayable if they just added colors it would be unplayable. Your suggestion on color variation would do the exact opposite of what you are saying you want to avoid and would only seriously hinder server performance. Just from them adding the base game for free on the epic store will be enough to add thousands of players with PC's that passed up the game because their PC couldn't run it in the 1st place and they didn't want to pay for a game they couldn't play. But now it will be "hey let me get this its free and I can see how it runs" So many people are right to complain about server performance, but its usually the ones complaining about server performance are the biggest offenders with all their show pony dino's out for display and their over sized base to house them. There are people who are playing now that average yes single digit for FPS and yes I know this for fact and im not just making it up. And no matter how many times people say "well that has nothing to do with server performance that only effects them" I say BS for the simple reason that on certain servers I play on when certain people join the server goes from running fine to everyone loosing connection and getting ping kick on a constant basis untill said players log off the server and that's with a server ping staying under 100 and not spiking to 255.
  2. Well either way download 1st patch no joy downloaded 2nd patch 6.4 Gb and still no joy still says the same thing for the server
  3. ide say the map that is loaded as "ShooterEntry" my genesis server says NA-PVP-Official TheCenter 359 and the map is ShooterEntry
  4. Client crashes and server not being on the list is something else entirely, and legacy servers just died a slow population death as soon as the game was officially released with the constant consolidation of them. Which makes the whole situation worst because there were no CoC rules or support for legacy it was a FFA and people who played on those servers continued to play on official servers as if they were legacy. They should of just wiped them all like they said they would instead of giving in to all the crying about how people were gonna loose everything when the game went official it was a beta test plain and simple. I was not blaming actual breeders, more so the people who get said dino stat/stats by getting a clone, or egg, or mating it with their buddies dino and then having another 50/100/300 of said dino and then just mate that with what they have which is probably the last iteration of said dino. They could just wait and buy the eggs with ingame mats and sit and wait for the next iteration. All im saying is that there is no need to have 1000's of people having 10,000's or 100,000's or more of the same exact dino all breed by the same original breeder anyways. They wont out breed the breeders plain and simple, from what I understand there is on average 16-20 servers running off 1 blade of the server. I cant say for fact that this is the case with this game, and as much as some want to say its lousy servers etc.... ive been on some EU rag servers that ran smooth as butter barely even noticed a server save. And we been on rag servers where you have to log on 4-6 times a week just to make sure that when you refreshed timers the server didn't crash and roll back as if you were never there. The bulk of the complaints started with the valentines and easter events which were both breeding/color events and has continued on since then cause its x2 during covid. There hasn't been alot added in the patches since then other than fixes for bugs, meshing issues, and exploits. So what changed during those events? other than accelerated breeding and taming colors? Taking out the cloning chamber which allows for the exponential collection of dinos and removing cloned dinos would eliminate millions of dinos spread over the servers if you don't think that will help server performance then don't know what else to say.
  5. Ive played this since beta and yes when they put in the build restrictions and tribe 500 dino cap it did help with the lag on the servers even before the game was officially released. We've been on rag, center, ab well before homestead was released and played with friends/ally's on many others and NONE completely froze/locked up so don't know what your referring to there. But to just say that mega bases and 500 dino storage lots aren't a problem when it was a problem even before the game was officially released speaks for itself. So called "Breeders" are a problem for server performance as so many people try to breed dino's they got from the actual handful of breeders. How many bases do you go by with 50-300+ [insert dino] they didn't create those lines. They just got an egg or clone from whatever new stat that was released from the actual breeder or got it from someone who got it from the breeder and mated it with what they have. One quick look at the lineage will tell you that. A real simple way to fix a big portion of this problem even though it will be highly unpopular is to just remove the cloning chamber from the game entirely and delete every cloned dino. It will drastically reduce the "Cloned Show ponies" dino's and the dino count on every server in general, and like others have said a server wipe is not the answer It took 1-2 months for the genesis servers to get so laggy and are getting to the point of being on par with other servers with 5-20 people on them and that's without being able to transfer anything in. Classic example of this is i think its 4hrs or less to clone a level 1 giga, so with just 1 cloner say 1 giga a day during the work week and 3 on sat and sun that's 24 gigas in the same amount of time it takes to cook 1 egg and raise 1, so its not hard to see why its takes so little time to spam an army with additional cloners. You can replace the giga with which ever dino you want its still quicker to clone an army than to raise one, this is why any map with high element returns on boss fights or just easy to gather in general will always be a problem spread to every other map by all the clones and their exponential growth due to cloning chambers. Rarely do you see this problem on aberration because element is much harder to obtain, along with the long list of dino's that aren't allowed on aberration to begin with. If a aberration server is laggy its because of the giant bases and dino tribe limits are maxxed as aberration has far less than 1/2 of all the dinos allowed on there in the game. And the sought after dino's on there are non breedable rock drakes, basilisk, reapers, karkinos. Untill WC/snail games puts in some specific changes to their CoC about dino number restrictions and not just "easily tamed dinos" and puts a building cap for the tribe for the entire map servers will continue to suffer. I don't know how the structure count is assigned but just doing some quick math using a box building as an example 25 x 40 assuming each wall, ceiling, foundation, pillar counts as 1 that's about 4500 with a combination of pillars and foundations with 2 behem gates in it. A more reasonable structure limit for the tribe I think would be 12k gives you plenty to make your main base and a water base (if needed) and some outposts with teleporters. Some one said a structure limit of between 15-35k that's just crazy if that's how the structure count works. If someone knows how the structure count works or can post a link or something I didn't google it because I just dont see why you need a base bigger than 25 x 40 tiles for the average tribe.
  6. that video proves nothing, his highest melee giga was 400 melee after that died he gets on one that has 283 melee wild tamed giga. Plus I doubt he setup server settings to match official settings as he is doing it in single player/private server. Along with just sitting infront of it not backing up just sitting there taking damage like a bob, 2nd encounter without the help of the other gigas was only taking 383-500 damage on the one he was on 1264 damage on the unridden ones. Gigas wouldn't attack because they were spawned in but could of done it if the gigas worked as intended and this is speculation but I doubt gigas will only due 300-400 damage per bite as shown in that single player "test server" so your gigas rage on alpha is a mute point right now.
  7. For all the people who are saying "its easy just don't use a giga" your missing the point, it was supposed to be a challenge. Not the staples easy button. And name one map where gigas weren't already there on the map that you could then bring them to. If that's the case then they should allow gigas on AB as much of a joke that is because that is what all of you are asking for. Here is 1 example there will be zero risk in getting magma eggs, it will take you longer to get in there and toss out your pocket giga and pod whatever you rode in there than it will to clear the entire nest area which = a sad joke. At which point I could tell my 5yr old niece to sit at the computer and bite everything she sees. She could do more than 50% of the missions with a giga if they make into genesis. Seriously though its like saying we are going to challenge your mind by giving you kinder garden math problems and ITS TO HARD. I know this is being sarcastic but still rings true with the point of view I need gigas to do the missions. No different than young kids playing sports and everyone getting a trophy/ribbon for participation, just dumb. Please the AOE on the giga will reach any brute dino well before it strikes, and there is no alpha brute/alpha mission that will rage a giga that I've come across in 1 hit. The hardest hitting alpha mission I've done per strike is the alpha elemental does 12k damage per swing on a rex with a 93.7 asc saddle on it. So actually do the missions so you know what your talking about so you don't look like your about doing missions without your giga killing machine. So honestly if you think genesis is unplayable without gigas and the rest of the dinos then as someone else said to those of us asking for no gigas, "there's private servers and single player" go there if you feel you need a giga to play genesis.
  8. Was like most on here who were hoping that dino transfer's would not happen on Genesis, seeing how they said "we cranked the difficulty way up" but yet there are plenty of people/tribes offering alpha runs of master controller for weeks now. There is no need for transfers of dinos all that will happen is it will become another ragnarok or extinction map A.K.A Dino storage lot. And these servers are plagued with crashes/kicks/rollbacks/1-2 min server saves and frequent lag spikes wanna-be breeders flock to rag and ext for the easy meat farming and gathering element. I'd like to know what dino is so tanky that it needs the giga as a counter part in genesis, cyro podded dinos don't have cryo sickness anymore so you just have to toss out a few more dinos. The gigas will just make genesis a joke I haven't raised a giga since 675 melee and I solo purple drops without cheating with offline billboards or spike walls (its against CoC). Would have been nice to actually have some server stability with the limited dinos on there wouldn't have every person trying to bring dinos there that should never be there in the 1st place. Prime example mana's allowed but not rideable so we can see a bases with 200 manas sitting there please don't get me started. Just to breed their c#@p on [gen-one insert server number] and trade/sell said dino. Because people are already bored with Genesis with its lack of things to do and farming mats is so easy. Should have been a lot more dino restrictions like on aberration, than to just allow almost all the dinos just turning Genesis servers into a chit show performance wise because the ark gluttons/hoarders won't limit themselves to a reasonable size base nor dino count. If anything just blue prints should be the only thing transferable in not dinos.
  9. Cant transfer anything into Genesis, you can learn the mek engram and move that character to a genesis server and make a mek.
  10. They should of just done a total wipe of all structures/dino's and been done with it, but hey go rebuild it maybe next time they will just global ban you then 50+ people can enjoy playing on the servers that are hosted off that box. Bases like this bringing servers to a crawl go build on single player or rent your own server instead of making everyone experience the constant lag spikes and extra long server saves due to your base. And OBS really didn't have all that much to do with the video being as choppy/freeze frame as it was, if you recorded a reasonable size base you would have no issues with the recording, it only exaggerates what you are experiencing a small amount.
  11. bog North has been busted for awhile, its rather annoying because we built right next to it so we didn't have to trek far. There is also I think its volcano N is borked as well, going on 4 days like this, seems like an easy fix no idea why its gonna take a week + to fix.
  12. Honestly do you really think server upgrades will help, when some people join and you hit your esc key to see the ping and I go from a ping of 39-40 to 100-120 as they join and then it goes back down to 30's or 40's or when others join it goes from 39-40 to 255 and then most if not all people get lost connection to host or server crashes entirely. At that point I don't think its server related I know when I can play on the servers just by who is on and who isn't on.
  13. I know the reason why your server is so laggy its because there are 2 players on there that are also on our Ext server and it started when they joined 525 is their main server they play off of. Our EXT server is the same way now that they have joined every 8-15 mins everyone looses connection to host then everyone rejoins and the process just repeats. If they are not on then we can do whatever we want a vein a purple osd and everything is fine. But here is why 2 days ago 1 of the 2 people from this tribe landed his mana next to our purple osd went up to it to try and claim it which we already did so he couldn't but got stuck in it. Started whistling his mana around couldn't get it close enough to the osd so he tossed out a giga which ended up being cryo sick just as the next wave started. Either him or his tribemate Ddos'ed the server for 20 mins, the server finally crashes and when it comes back up. His tribe mate had already taken all the stuff off the character that was stuck in the osd which was now gone cause the server went down and just finished cryoing the sick giga. By the time I got back in the server to watch him take off on his mana, while typing in local chat who Ddos'ed the server saying ha ha ha ha ha as he left. I would love to list steam profiles but god forbid you shame people for wrong doing, and god forbid WC actually does something about players like this.
  14. The lag is for several reasons honestly take your pick but this only applies to PVE and not towards the actual breeders. poo poo Pc's poo poo internet connections servers not regional based, (NA in NA not germany) OC in OC, ASIA in ASIA huge bases empty or full of useless show ponies way over built area's with several people rendering/derendering said area's all the breeding events way more than any other year all the color events the list goes on and on but what is the point in listing them, honestly all you'll get is "your just trying to tell me how to play the game". But seriously what did you think was gonna happen when you have a x2 everything and color event lasting 3 weeks all at the same time. Just because they turned either features of game play or functions of dino's off doesn't mean they gave any thought about PVE it was just a quick fix. For those that wanted to play the game without it being PVP it has always been a band aid on a shotgun wound. The game mechanics are completely different in PVE vs PVP so just turning some elements of the game off just wont cut it. Make PVE, PVE and reinstate beta rates so for those that don't know would be 1/2 of what you get now during normal time. Your not gonna have a big base with a roof full of cloned color wyvren's, reapers, griffins and whatever other dino they deem they need to have regardless of level. PVP takes care of itself, there is nothing to keep PVE players in check. Two thirds of the PVE server population are solo - 3 people in the tribe yet huge bases and almost tribe capped with cloned show ponies. Colored dino's should of been how it was in beta breeding mutations only, more than 1/2 the people wouldn't put in the effort to get one. Let alone tame 30+ jerboa's or raise a level 30 wyvern or raise a level 50 dino just for it to have a standard color. Structure limit can still be trimmed down and really have no effect on game play, with the kibble rework and cryo pods there is no reason to have 400+ dino's out at a time period. Even if you had 10 people in a tribe 3 wyvrens a piece, a pair of quetz or kark, 4 ankys, 2 doeds, 10 argies, 19 rexs, 1 yuti, 10 snow owls, 5 pairs of gacha's, 10 giga's, and 150 miscellaneous dino's for kibble and other things that's still 250 dino's. Obviously that's just an example and the 150 miscellaneous should cover kibble and other utility dino's. Out of all the servers I play on Extinction is the worst on average theres 5-10 people on at any given time and its unplayable, for the reasons I listed above its the dino storage lot because element is like water. If your on there you get " lost connection to host" bring up the server browser and there is no one or 1 person on the server. Rejoin the server and those that were on rejoin, my in game ping goes from 40's to 200-255 once the others rejoin and that is the loop, server gets so much latency it boots everyone and this happens 2-3 times a server save. It doesn't crash it just boots everyone, so you have 2 options either rejoin and try and finish what you were doing before you loose connection again. Or just stay off till the event ends and hope the people loose interest and everything auto decays.
  15. I lost 3 130+ characters in the beginning of this year from a patch where WC had to roll the servers back because the patch was so bad. Only way to minimize character loss is dont transfer it off, create a new toon for every server you play on only transfer it off to do the bosses and then leave it on (insert server). If it does happen put in a ticket right away explaining what happened and a SS of the lost toon with the implant. There is no way to predict the probability of loosing a toon. As far as how long on a submitted ticket like it was said in an earlier post depends on work load but also how the ticket is filed if you select the wrong category that compounds the response time. The character will not be recovered you'll have to create a new one, and when the GM shows up for the appointment they will transfer ownership if you were the owner and the imprinted dino's from the old toon to the new toon. All the imprinted dino's from the old toon will have to be out of cyro pods for the imprinted dino's to be transferred over. Some tek grams, no ascensions so you will have to do Overseer/tek cave and rockwell again, experience points will be whatever level 105 is, because they dont give ascensions back and that is the highest they will give you so the rest of the levels you'll have to get again also.
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