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  1. jurassicjoey

    dino gate perm request

    can we get a abilty to allow accuse to all dinogate to allys. we can get a seting to allow ally useage
  2. jurassicjoey


    thatwhat I thought I swar I saw it in the crucnch but now idont see it so I was like am I just missing it
  3. jurassicjoey


    are we getting 2x today for th e weekend?
  4. jurassicjoey

    ovarapter tlc

    i suggest making it so not only dose the overrapter help incress laying % but it also collect unfertlize eggs on the ground in a large range but donstn eat them.
  5. jurassicjoey

    Game Suggestion List

    a new bookshelf like at the vault level. that can hold 400 bp . it one sheet of paper why can the bookshelf only hold 100 sheet of paper that dosent make sence.
  6. jurassicjoey

    suggested Center tlc things

    it rain like 70% of the time. if this is on purpus add a new mechanic flooding. to the map like the beach will disapair area will get flooded u cant build while flooded in the area. use the custain rain as something that has to be delt with not just ok it raining so what like heat on se has heat wave and lower health do something for the exream rain
  7. jurassicjoey

    quizel tlc

    the quizel need a tlc on stats it base whight should be massive high. maybe starting at 5k-8k wild. it the biggest bird. and atm the argi is use more then the quizel becose it better . everthing should have a 75% whigh reduction on / in it invtory. double it base stam it maybe maybe when tame give me a 10% speed incress. I know it ment to be so slow but it a little frustrating at how slow. a wild quizel faster then a tame. make it more of carrier / harvester carrier. u can carry anky with a argi for mining. so how about giving a spicle abilty for the quizle . that it can carry a anky and the anky will automatcly go into tail swipe mode. so you c an solo harvest with one.
  8. jurassicjoey

    suggested Center tlc things

    a list of idias/ suggest for the Center map for updates . add more jellyfish/ make them more common . add new bio to the underground. we all know the big underground cnter. why not add a few pockets of other bio around the map. nothing huge like the one that exist but just a few small pocket like a dester pocket where you an brake some rocks for sand get silk suffer. a aberration like pocket. with gems . add more obcden rocks . add a few more new giga spawns . lower the alpha spawns. there alpha all over the place there super common. I had 5 alpha rapter outside my base at the same time this week alone. make alpha less common . lower leed spawns. there also to common hell under the floting island in the lake there 5 of them atm on my center map in that tiny pool . rebalance bosses and reward for them. eather make it so you get 25% more then current element for each level of boss or redo the boss summoin. you have to get all artfact to even do the lowest level for the boss. I know it the spider and monky but still even on the island you don't need that. makjei t reflect the island summoning more. so you need only 6 artfacts. and maybe make it so the alpha boss you neeed everthing and it adds the dragon to the fight. or all 3 bosse can be the acetion fight for the center . add titanosaur to at less the green ob area too. it only in the redwoods but even if one where to tame it there it only good for using or fighting there. add a few more area on the map where it can spawn . lower bronto spawn there to many of them . incress the quizel spawns by 10% . make it rain a lot less it rains ever few min cut the rain in hafe . less snakes in the swamp . redo the drop system. the loot kinda sucks. and so many o the drops are in the water make them in the land and the one that are in the water add sea crates . give the center 1 unique dino that can only be found on it . add wind so we can use wind turbines on the center . maybe link rag and the center together by notes making them there own story combine. so you have a side A story island se ab ext. and a B story center rag.. maybe another fan make map . add something total new not seen befor just for the center. a mechanic or dino or wather. . add a few more island in the water beween south jungle and the redwoods
  9. jurassicjoey

    drops issue

    on the center there at less 7 drop that just stop mid air and stay as if they fully landed but are still up in the air
  10. if anyone looking for a center map that pve on ps4, server 488 has tone of open space. 90% of the map open. it be nice to get active talkive people playing on it. it also good for trader who need a housing barn place. or boss hunters
  11. jurassicjoey

    tentcal hunting trip needed

    no quizel kib only got a maile and quizel seem to be rear on my map no one see mto have them
  12. jurassicjoey

    tentcal hunting trip needed

    I went too deep to the bottom of the center and got locked in a fight
  13. jurassicjoey

    tentcal hunting trip needed

    tried I had a 204 level one. it drown fighing. tried a 2ed time. 190. was killed by a 45 squid
  14. jurassicjoey

    tentcal hunting trip needed

    I need some advice/tips on how to solo KILL squids. I need to get the tentcal for a boss run. but im not having luck what should I use
  15. jurassicjoey

    i need advice

    I like to know what the best tame to use to fight squids I need to get tentcals to do a boss fight I don't have any water tames other then a meg and berrys I don't have kib to get a mossa