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  1. jurassicjoey

    homestead tek endgrams unlock

    me and a team did center alpha didn't unlock any of the new things.
  2. jurassicjoey


    I sooo wish it was ture. all my friend play on pc., I did to to my pc broke I cant afford anew one so I play on my ps4. I wish I could play crosspay. even if it a exrea fee like a new verson for 30 doller to do cross play
  3. jurassicjoey

    new items request for main game

    can we get a Tek AC unit one that has the power/equal too 3 ac unit. and 3x the effect raidus . maybe a tek baby aid that help auto feed baby when born up to juvi. a few new tek saddle for older dino like spino quizel giga bronto and more tek items for every day life in ark (none pvp everday itiems)
  4. jurassicjoey


    I got the same thing then I cantr spwan in server and when I do I get dc over and over and over
  5. jurassicjoey

    center north ice cave

    i need to hit up the north nice cave on the center. what tame should i use to get the two artifcats in there. tips and suggions needed
  6. will the center be getting any tlc. and what is the next BIG project for ark other then the kibble rework and Structures Plus ? will it be more tlc pass a new map a new dlc some new addation to older maps ? isthere a list of thing wildcard hoping to bring to ark this year.
  7. jurassicjoey

    center artafact?

    I just noticed this and idk if it a bug . but why is it for the center boss you only see the brute clever devouer hunter mass and pack artifact to summon the boss. but not the rest of the artifacts? and how come you can get all the artifacts on the map but cant use a few of them at all to summon bosses. to do any of the boss on the center u need 6 of the 10 artifact on the center and no matter the defculty it the same 6 is that a bug or if not why can you get all 10 but don't need the 10what the point of the others
  8. jurassicjoey

    boss bug

    I just had all my rex at the bue ob on center. I put in the summing item to do a boss battle I was right next to the termal. then it sent all my rex to the boss and left me behind
  9. jurassicjoey

    ps4 abilty

    give us the abilty on ps4 to disable or lower ground cluster like you can on pc..
  10. jurassicjoey

    Item transfer timer

    why not just lower the timers to 5 min instead of 15 min
  11. jurassicjoey

    Dino tlc suggestions

    sound like a good idia
  12. jurassicjoey

    dino gate perm request

    can we get a abilty to allow accuse to all dinogate to allys. we can get a seting to allow ally useage
  13. jurassicjoey


    thatwhat I thought I swar I saw it in the crucnch but now idont see it so I was like am I just missing it
  14. jurassicjoey


    are we getting 2x today for th e weekend?
  15. jurassicjoey

    ovarapter tlc

    i suggest making it so not only dose the overrapter help incress laying % but it also collect unfertlize eggs on the ground in a large range but donstn eat them.