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  1. jurassicjoey

    Center Map broken

    I also have dino that keep spawing inside my base and around it. when they shoudnt be my turret guns wont stop fireing
  2. jurassicjoey

    Center Map broken

    my center is missing water visual for rivers ,strems and ponds
  3. jurassicjoey

    center packart help

    I need to find a team that I can join for the dragon to unlock the transmitter then so I can get back and forth to ab and the center
  4. jurassicjoey

    center packart help

    anyone got tips on how to get the pack art Im having such trouble with the jumping puzzle
  5. so what day the breeding event. and is it possible wildecard would concder if they hit a cetern mark maybe making it for the full weekend or 48 hour like if they make 500k for the charrty or somthing
  6. jurassicjoey


    what is thew switch out the cap limit for spawn rate. the more tame on the serve the few dino and other thing spawn.
  7. jurassicjoey

    Are Cryopods the answer to PvE tame cap?

    there no the answer they will be tek level mening you have to mostly beat ext 1st to get them and u have to keep killing boss to upkeep them. it dose lower level tribe and player no good only end game tribe and player and they cant some how make or encougre player to use them. for it to work it need ot be a lower level or non tek item or early tek. and they need to do something to make player use it or have them , like idk say you cant trans dino off maps unless there in status cubs and yo have to have a set up to uncube them on the other map.
  8. jurassicjoey


    just as well. they not change or added anything to it sence it started. it be nice if we got the 2x on egg hacing and breeding tho
  9. jurassicjoey

    Center maps all sessions not found! Help Baby otter OTW!

    I cant find my server eather 488 center it missing
  10. jurassicjoey

    rockwell issue

    every time I kill Rockwell the game delet my char in single player I cant redownload my char it just gone also all my chars and all my unlock all my achivments all gone every time
  11. I mange to get all the corrupted unlock in single player but none are showing up in online official servers. also most of my unlocks skin stop spawning. what do
  12. I unlock them all on single player but they didn't carry over in online
  13. can you unlock them in single and carry the unlock over to online or no. all the island and se maps I go to are full
  14. is the Corrupted armor note perment in the game or where they limited. iv not ben able to get the 1st two? and once you get them are they link to your account or are they a onetime item so you get anew one when you die?
  15. it eather be the tek quiz moza or tirk. I wish they give us a other ones. that where not park of the conslole relse