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  1. fun center map hi. if you are looking for a nice pve server that is friendly and everyone like to help eachother come play on center 353.
  2. jurassicjoey


    skins add all the moble skins to the base pc game like the angle and devil skins
  3. need more dino not made up things. go back to it roots
  4. they sould be able to auto collect from a raidus
  5. they shold re add it for pve and maybe put a cap on how make points can be add. the cap being diffent per flyer. like ptyra maybe can incress to 15% max but quiz can have a50% max incress
  6. we need something to gather eggs for us. let the over rapter auto gather them or add a item collector in the tek tear
  7. player need more ways to transfer off ab. what if you don't know tek tras then you in a tough spot if you went there and realy want to get off the map. termals should let you leave
  8. pve stats and rules need to be different then pvp
  9. 2x weekend addation maybe make it so that for one weekend ever 2 moth a 2x breeding/growing it added to the 2x weekend. as well as 2x the supplydrop quialty or amounts 2x alpha spawns 2x the elment you get from boss fights
  10. jurassicjoey


    manticore make it so that the manticore lands more often. it seem to stay in the air a bit to much. or add a cd for it when it lands it would have like 10-20 sec to it can fly again.
  11. I got to do it solo I could use tip for a solo run
  12. Valguero boss run to thoe who have done boss run for Valguero what dino do you suggest using and what stats
  13. this broodmother even if it is a mini boss shold give some elment and unlock tek rep
  14. Valguero Resources and other issue 1st. add more Resources on the valguro map incress the location or crystal and poly and the amout. it seem everyone has them block off or the path to them blocked. and more black pearls. 2ed. fix valguero drop loots. there trash give us better thing for them
  15. there in alll the usa server too. 90% of the server pop is box maps it seem on all the maps. they need to add a tranation filter or regoion lock server
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