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  1. i been looking but cant find a note that answers this so. how did rockwell survie ab map and how did he get onto the gen ship??
  2. please add dungbeatle into gen2 and make htem in the edin area. add more way to get cementpast incress the about of beaver or damn OR incress the amout you get from grinding kiten/chintin add Wind to the game so windmills work it kinda suck there only good for scorch earth this is the final main map kinda fee l like it should be loaded a bit more add salt to the mountins in edin can get get thunderstoem like on scorch earht into the eden zone and heatwave into rockwell garden can we get rockdrake for the outside as a astroid event as a uber rear jump location O
  3. i find most of gen 2 mission to be broken they dont tell you how to do haf the mission or the mission crash and lock up in the middle of htem
  4. maybe they should for mutiplayer limit the amout of piller a trib can use like they do for gun like they can only have 100 total piller even for there base use that 100 hoq they want foundtion too maybe foundtion limit to 200 per trbe
  5. i have a issue on that mission but it the gen or water bio parts when i kill any of the swarm one like the fish swarm or the rockwell inner squid swarm thing it lock my game and crashes
  6. i kinda feel let down by the amount of dinos in gen2 the map is so big i feel like the could fit almost all of them from all the maps in. i would love to more added later on just import them from the other maps
  7. i kinda feel this is a 1000% need to know for ark2. are you doing somthing or trying to fix the pillering issue/landgrab issue.
  8. Tryed that didnt help infect I transfer to se a s it cloned my char doing so
  9. I just beat the alpha Tek cave on the island now whenever I go to one of the Obelisk it shows every engram inside of the Obelisk as well as my items that I'm trying to upload or download in unable to make the engrams disappear will be in Grants for stone foundation weapons Building Supplies like every engram I've learned it's only listed inside of the Obelisk terminal for some reason how do I fix this
  10. can we get a shirt skin for a event some time that just has over 9000 on it please
  11. will the ark tv serise only cover the island event or will season down the line go into All the dlcs from befor the player got to them
  12. anyone have a link to where it be live stream i cant find anything on youtube twitch twitter the main ark page. id like to get in to the stream early but idk where to watch it
  13. can we get a char tlc update. new faces and tone of new hair styals and maybe a few diffrent voice for the char let us pic beween 3-5 voice m and f
  14. the tlc we been waiting for all year is only 2 dino....only 2 come wc that such a copout. it should be 5-7 min i bet there dino no one use or will care about eather and the update wont change it
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