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  1. Great, wildcard knows exactly how a DLC makes it uninteresting ... The transfere are open too early and in this case even meaningless ... This will make the missions easier and the game for most gamers faster uninteresting ...
  2. someone have the same problem? i cant feed the otter...
  3. I really must congratulate you! No support for legacy servers! A permit for the people, the already exaggerated player. Those already blocking the half server, or new people exclude. I had hoped it would get better and not worse! Now, where you have to sever and change miscellaneous players on other existing servers ... It is already very strenuous the important access points like the RED Ark on my server are completely blocked .... Or new people son egoisten meaningless are blocked simply because they do not want any new people ... By your no support announcement, which is probably really unpleasant ... I know that you want to move new potential players to buy the game, but also think of the players who have been playing the game for years ...
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