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  1. I just had babies born. And I have dinos with a 4 day cooldown. I think you moved that number wrong. Supposed to be .5 not 2 Please fix.....
  2. According to the last Community Crunch. The Extra Life bonus was supposed to persist after the event ended. I saw that was not mentioned. Is it still happening?
  3. GenOne-584 has become unplayable. It is being held hostage by 3-4 players. As soon as they come online the ping jumps to 255 and crashes within 2 server queries. You are not able to raise dinos. You are not able to run missions. You are not able to farm. My tickets have gone unanswered. My outage reports have been ignored. And I am being ignored on the official discord as well.
  4. So the discord does not work. I have been in it for over 20 minutes and still cannot get access to the server.
  5. They are making the 2x standard to the game. Meaning EVERYTHING gets the 2x rates.
  6. At the end of Gen One Rockwell is there. You even see this at the end of extinction. End meaning defeating final boss.
  7. Can you please increase the hypo and hyper protection on tek gear? No reason to be in the sulfur fields and still be burning to death in end game gear. Whereas I can go there in desert gear and have the small flame.
  8. You make it to where allies cannot heal each other. You make it where owls cannot freeze anyone that is not part of the tribe. Yet you STILL cannot make it where gasbags cannot blow other tribes dinos off of ocean platforms? This needs to be addressed TIME NOW. People are losing tames to the select few individuals who cannot roll it on pvp so they come to PVE to grief and kill other people's time and resources. FIX THIS NOW
  9. Yet I am still at risk of getting wiped because of this rule.
  10. I agree. The rule says intending to tame cap a server. How can you prove intent?
  11. And right now. You do not even have to feed the crystal wyverns. So people are setting them on perma mate with aircons under the floors and the babies are hatching and raising before they even need to be claimed. How are rollrats not on the easy to tame and maintain list? Considering with them on 1x you do not need to feed the babies either. Just let them on wander in a grassy area and they feed themselves.
  12. Easy to Tame and Maintain dino list....... Is there any way to get the rule changed on easy to tame and maintain dinos now that cryopods are in the game? Because I really want to breed my shinehorns. But I cannot have more than 20 out. And how are rexes not on the easy to tame and maintain list? Considering on anything at or more than 2x taming you can knock one down and put kibble on it and walk away from it only to pick it up later. All dinos are easy to tame and maintain. How are crystal wyverns.... or ANY wyverns not on that list. Considering you do not even need to feed them right no
  13. Fatal Error in underwater oxy cube Fatal error! VERSION: 311.81 ShooterGame.exe!FBodyInstance::GetAllShapes() (0x00007ff7872c01c7) + 3 bytes [f:\build\live311jenkins\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\physicsengine\bodyinstance.cpp:310] ShooterGame.exe!FBodyInstance::UpdatePhysicsShapeFilterData() (0x00007ff7872c1987) + 0 bytes [f:\build\live311jenkins\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\physicsengine\bodyinstance.cpp:639] ShooterGame.exe!FBodyInstance::UpdatePhysicsFilterData() (0x00007ff7872c30ab) + 80 bytes [f:\build\live311jenkins\engine\source\runtime\engine\private\physi
  14. Thank you thank you thank you. THIS is what a community Crunch should be. Everything informative and straight to the point with clear information given out. I love this one so much. Thank you for the time it took for you to get all the information together and lay it out in a clean and efficient way. So glad dinos that can be tamed off server are able to be brought over to genesis.
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