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  1. PLEASE!!! Roll back official servers to right before the servers went down. I lost 4/5 the dinos I have raising in my base. Also. The tek replicator is broken. Cannot craft anything. ROLLBACK PLEASE
  2. Dear Lord! YES! Finally! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!
  3. For poop collecting either see my above comment OR get a rollrat. They poop WAY more when fed stim berries. Only catch is you have to sit in their saddles when feeding the stim.
  4. There is already a poop collector in game. If you are like me you have your eggery in another building (because gallimimus and dodo.....UGH.) Set your gacha to wander. They will collect ALL the poop and you just take the poop off and give it to your beetles.
  5. Can it be put into the game to show death messages that are more detailed? For Drowning or starving?
  6. You need to find players like me who have the replicator and offer to make the fridges and pods for anyone who has the mats. All I ask is that they bring everything to me. And if they do not have the element I ask for a fee for the element I have to use. Which so far everyone has been fine with paying 200 ingots for the use of it.
  7. Regarding previously crafted kibble: Old kibbles will not be wiped, and will inherit their new "value/color" appropriately. Old kibbles will still work to tame their appropriate creatures. Old kibble will no longer be craftable, only the new types will be craftable. One of the questions I have about this. When it says that they will inherit their new values appropriately does that mean for instance rex kibble (that has already been crafted) will be able to be used to tame say a Basilosaurus? Since rex and theriz are both considered Extra Large egg?
  8. Dasham86

    Need some help, swamp fever and stuff

    The easiest servers to do this with are Ragnarok servers. Spawn Jungle 1. Puts you really close to Blue obelisk.
  9. Dasham86

    Need some help, swamp fever and stuff

    10 rare flower 10 rare mushroom 3 deathworm/wooly rhino horn and 1 narcotic. Recipe for Lesser antidote.
  10. Dasham86

    Swamp cave on The Island

    Repair costs on the gas mask are so low it is not even funny. THey are MORE than worth making if you can get a good JM/MC BP
  11. Dasham86

    Swamp cave on The Island

    All you need for swamp cave. A semi decent bred frog and 2 decent gas masks. No other gear. The gas mask will prevent you from taking damage. The ghillie and scuba is no optimal anymore as the tanks weigh 20 weight. And the arthos destroy everything with their spit. However. If you only wear the gas mask their spit does not break them. So once again. Decent frog and 2 gas masks. And you do NOT lose health in there if you only wear a gas mask.
  12. Dasham86


    SO I read through this whole post. There are pros and cons. As stated above. If they nerf them to not be able to be used near enemy structures...... bye bye pve use cause of the pillar situation. They should be able to enact SOMETHING that is PVP server specific (since they are different than PVE servers) and do something like that. But if they nerf it across the board? They will be completely useless. There are times when I go out to tame something. I take my fastest flyer with a dino in my pocket. I get there then swap tames out. Won't be able to do that anymore if they nerf it. What needs to happen is something that is PVP specific. Not a wide nerf. As a PVE player I cannot suggest what should happen. I suggest the PVP community come up with something that they think would work. And WC needs to implement it for just PVP servers.
  13. Dasham86

    Gas Collectors

    We have a total of 8 Gas collectors on our Aberration server. 4 of them are locked and for tribe use only (cause we have some pretty nice hazmat gear and need it for repairs) and the other 4 are unlocked for others to use. We also have 20 sap taps. 8 are locked for private collection only and the other 12 are unlocked for the server community. I just didn't want to get wiped for something like that. Which is why I did all I could do in order to find out if my (now former) ally was giving out truth or not.
  14. Dasham86

    Whats your most feared creature

    I am sure you mean the flying birds. Not the dolphins.....
  15. Dasham86

    Whats your most feared creature

    If I have my trusty Compound bow and shotgun with the proper armor for the map. I fear nothing. Alpha wyverns and wild gigas are nothing., I eat them for lunch with my giga. Nothing under the sea scares me on my 25k 850% melee basilo. And I rule the sky with my griffin and compound bow. I frequently take out wild wyverns with that combo. So I would have to say. The one thing that scares me the most in ark that is a real dino? The Icthyornis. LIke flying pegos, but when they steal your stuff... They eat it and it is gone. Not really a fear of them. Just a general hatred. They are why I got so good with my bow. I had to take them out. Cause........ GRRRRRRR! Hate those things.