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  1. The extremely messed up part. This happened to my tribemate. She was running along up in green zone. Got deleted due to the antimesh system. She tried to submit a ticket and the devs said that they would not replace the dinos And from what I get from this. They are basically saying that they are not replacing the dino cause there is no way to verify that she was not purposfully meshing...... On a PVE server....... At this random spot in green zone. I thought this was America. Where you are INNOCENT until proven guilty. Oh this all happened on NA-PVE-Official-Aberation381
  2. Logged in yesterday to NA-PVE-Official-Valguero557 to these messages.
  3. Logged in this morning to NA-PVE-Official-Valguero557 to these messages. This was after the supposed update to remove ladders from creating false positives.
  4. Yea. You should go look at the cloning cost for a 297 shinehorn. Compare that to a giga. And tell me just what the actual #$%@
  5. @StudioWildcard@Cedric Can we get a list on what is by WildCard's defination "an easy to tame and maintain"
  6. Supposedly there is a list out there. An "easy to tame and maintain" list. This list has yet to be shown to players yet wildcard is actively WIPING tribes going off this list.
  7. Na. I had an alliance member whose base was entirely podded up. Got hit by some box tribes a few days ago. She lost EVERYTHING. They led 4 c-gigas to her base and it was completely destroyed. 4 c-gigas can wreck a base before the 15 minute orp kicks in
  8. I waited 2 months on a ticket to get some automated reply...... Legit... That is NOT how a company should be run. And I have sunk over 13 THOUSAND hours into this game.
  9. Shinehorns So I was one of the main breeders of shinehorns. I was informed by wildcard that if I had more than 20 out at a time I was subject to being tribe wiped. Yet someone is able to get a single mutation on a giga. Clone it 400 times and keep all of those out. There is ZERO rational behind this. I am NOT taking up server cap by INTENTIONALLY spamming tames (as stated in the Code of Conduct for PVE griefing). I was actively breeding them. BUT NO!!! Wildcard REFUSES!!! ABsolutely REFUSES to share with me why my 297 shinehorns are not the same as someone cloning 400 gigas. Congrats Wildcard. You just lost another player because of your incompetent rules and absolutely HORRIBLE customer service.
  10. You would not be informed. You would just log on one day to nothing.
  11. Yes, but none as big as a giga. A shinehorn? Waggles it's little tail. That's it.
  12. That is 30 stacks of meat. Feeding 20 gigas. For almost a week.
  13. There is a base of I know on an extinction server. 20 gigas are eating from 1/3 of a tek trough. And that tek trough is only checked once or twice a week. How is that a lot of upkeep? And giga tails....... Let me just stop there. How is that not going to take a lot of server performance?
  14. https://imgur.com/J9NIGPc https://imgur.com/a/omzvakc And this is allowed, but 60 shinehorns is not.
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