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  1. Or. Something else you could do. Which I do. Transfer all to my inventory. Then transfer all back. It will take the fuel when you do that. And the raw meat. Doing this also clears the spoiled out of the grill.
  2. Yea, but will we ever see an update as to why? And how do you know?
  3. And my reapers are 100% imprinted as well. Omnomnomagon (Reaper King, Lvl 220, Male): HP: 12350 (25); St: 2064 (33); Ox: 675 (35); Fo: 10500 (25); We: 622.5 (25); Dm: 372.8% (42); Sp: 100% (34); To: 13080 (219); With these stats at birth. This is why we are saying you have boosted your stats. Omnomnomagon (Reaper King, Lvl 279, Impr: 100%, Male): HP: 22519.9 (25, 0); St: 2064 (33, 0); Ox: 675 (35, 0); Fo: 12600 (25, 0); We: 956.2 (25, 7); Dm: 839.7% (42, 52); Sp: 120% (34, 0); To: 15695.9 (219); And these are current stats
  4. You are not on official. That much is certain. I recently did a test. Reapers vs Rex. Rexes do greater that 3 times MORE damage compared to a reaper. Reapers take reduced damage yes. So do rexes with 124 saddles. Rexes on AI do more damage cause they are just steady biting. Reapers on AI will bite, spin attack, and shoot the poison. Meaning less overall damage. Long story short. Do not use reapers for boss fights.
  5. Yes. We have. I have filed several times. And about 15 others have filed as well. And still. No news. No update to the server outage forum post. Nothing on twitter. Nothing on reddit. Nothing NOWHERE.
  6. It is not showing up on battlemetrics. It is not in the known server outages. WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!?!?!
  7. SO NA-PVE-TheIsland49 went down at 1225 am EST and has been down since. With no announcements or anything. Is anything being done about this?
  8. No. My ticket is still open
  9. Servers are not being taken down.
  10. Server was NOT taken down. Wife's account has been logged in since she left for school. When my toon was gone. I decided to try to log back in after someone posted something about their eggs being back there.
  11. Did nothing special. Just attempted to log back in and my character was there.
  12. It looks like they are SLOWLY fixing the servers and toons. Continue to check to make sure your characters are there.
  13. Island 49 has rolled to where my toon is back. Went from the 4 day roll back that they did and scrweed everything up to a 1.5 hour rollback from initial announcement of patch.
  14. Repeating. Check your servers for your toons again.
  15. Everyone needs to check their servers again. My main toon is back. After it had been deleted. They didn't do a roll back. They did a roll foreward.
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