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  1. You would not be informed. You would just log on one day to nothing.
  2. Yes, but none as big as a giga. A shinehorn? Waggles it's little tail. That's it.
  3. That is 30 stacks of meat. Feeding 20 gigas. For almost a week.
  4. There is a base of I know on an extinction server. 20 gigas are eating from 1/3 of a tek trough. And that tek trough is only checked once or twice a week. How is that a lot of upkeep? And giga tails....... Let me just stop there. How is that not going to take a lot of server performance?
  5. https://imgur.com/J9NIGPc https://imgur.com/a/omzvakc And this is allowed, but 60 shinehorns is not.
  6. Which is what I said. All tames are easy tames. If you know what you are doing. Just cause shinepets are passive tames doesn't neccessarily make them easy.
  7. And with that. Check out the cloning cost and time of a 297 shinehorn.... Completely ridiculous. That is exactly my point. I am a breeder of shinehorns. I have a few low level ones here. JUST for color that I am currently working onto my 297. I wait til all 46 of the females are ready to breed. Then take that ONE colored male.... Breed him to all 46 of the female and one of my alliance members comes over and claims the one or 2 that come out with the color and stat. Then it gets put away. But breeders of ANY other dino (except the easy to tame and maintain list) are able to keep theirs out all the time. Yet I cannot. My tribe limit is 500. Why does it matter WHAT 500 dinos I choose to fill it with? As long as they are not just sitting there....
  8. @Cedric Maybe you can tell me why https://imgur.com/a/3iNTnXJ Is acceptable, but 60 shinehorns is not.
  9. @GP Do you feel like commenting about that picture I posted? And how that is acceptable, but 60 or so shinehorns is not?
  10. @StudioWildcard Please see above post.
  11. https://imgur.com/a/3iNTnXJ How is THIS acceptable, but I cannot have more than 20 shinehorns out?
  12. According to wildcard enforcers there is a tame limit of 20 for **Easy to tame and maintain** dinos. Meaning if you have more than that out you can get tribe wiped.
  13. I have 46 females that have all of my stats. Yet I cannot even have all of them out at a time while PREGGO cause that violates the 20 limit.
  14. This is what I was messaged by a Wildcard Enforcer. I have excluded the name for reasons.
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