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  1. Thank you thank you thank you. THIS is what a community Crunch should be. Everything informative and straight to the point with clear information given out. I love this one so much. Thank you for the time it took for you to get all the information together and lay it out in a clean and efficient way. So glad dinos that can be tamed off server are able to be brought over to genesis.
  2. Tribemate just reminded me. It did that on Valguero during the Valentines event. No dino spawns on the map cause there were too many fish spawns for the chibi thing. So that MIGHT be what the issue is.
  3. Yea. Genesis 584 the only way to get meat to feed babies is to run the "collect and run" missions. The only dino that spawns regular are the coels in the ocean biome preventing placement of platforms. Maybe it is like extinction was back in the day. No dinos spawning cause they are all spawning one type. Beaverpocalypse.... remember? Only this time it is coels and sabertooth salmon?
  4. When we had this issue happen with us we had to "reset" our toons. Basically die. And once that happened it worked again
  5. It is this way for the plesio mission and the mosa mission in the ocean as well
  6. It is this way on official too. Not just private. It happened to me.
  7. Ok. I have this bug on a few of my toons, but not all of them. The toon that has been on genesis since day 1 does NOT have the bug. And I have midnwiped 6 times. But my 138 toon that is sitting on valguero and has not left in a bit has the 34 year bug. That toon last mindwiped while I was on the island. Before valguero was released and has not mindwiped since. What platform? PC Did you go to Genesis map at any time? NO Maybe, what language are you using in the game? English What level are you? 138 Is the first mindwipe you've tried to use? No When was the last time you did a mindwipe? 5-6 months ago What map did you last mindwipe? Island What map did you make the mindwipe on? Valguero What map did you try to use the mindwipe on? Valguero What time of the day did you try to take the mindwipe? Evening Or what time of day did you make it? 5 seconds before I attempted to take it
  8. We lost everything on 503 as well. I really hope they fix this SOON
  9. The extremely messed up part. This happened to my tribemate. She was running along up in green zone. Got deleted due to the antimesh system. She tried to submit a ticket and the devs said that they would not replace the dinos And from what I get from this. They are basically saying that they are not replacing the dino cause there is no way to verify that she was not purposfully meshing...... On a PVE server....... At this random spot in green zone. I thought this was America. Where you are INNOCENT until proven guilty. Oh this all happened on NA-PVE-Official-Aberation381
  10. Logged in yesterday to NA-PVE-Official-Valguero557 to these messages.
  11. Logged in this morning to NA-PVE-Official-Valguero557 to these messages. This was after the supposed update to remove ladders from creating false positives.
  12. Yea. You should go look at the cloning cost for a 297 shinehorn. Compare that to a giga. And tell me just what the actual #$%@
  13. @StudioWildcard@Cedric Can we get a list on what is by WildCard's defination "an easy to tame and maintain"
  14. Supposedly there is a list out there. An "easy to tame and maintain" list. This list has yet to be shown to players yet wildcard is actively WIPING tribes going off this list.
  15. Na. I had an alliance member whose base was entirely podded up. Got hit by some box tribes a few days ago. She lost EVERYTHING. They led 4 c-gigas to her base and it was completely destroyed. 4 c-gigas can wreck a base before the 15 minute orp kicks in
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