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  1. Ill assume on pve , on pvp shotgun addresses that issue 😃
  2. I really hope the event brings some updated loot tables.
  3. I hope Ark 2 is more Primitive focused. Less Tek more dinosaurs . Time will tell.
  4. Man I thought we had it bad on our cluster. That just sucks . I hope they get you restored. Good luck .
  5. On pc I have used the steam option to check for missing files . That fixed same issue for me last patch. Good luck!
  6. How about a Thanksgiving gift of support for Notek Cross Ark 6....not a peep since aberration....
  7. Any update on NoTek Cross Ark 6 support or Prim+.... No new maps since aberration!!!!!
  8. Do something , anything at this point .
  9. Please for love of Rockwell add this map to the CrossArk No Tek 6 Cluster, at the very least let us research engrams from the last couple maps. We foolishly purchased season passes not realizing our Cluster is ignored , unsupported and not getting content updates. Time to support NoTek and Prim+ or merge us into a new cluster or main servers . Stop ignoring your players ..
  10. I transferred from EU Island to NA SE , crashed, now everytimw I try to log in with this account it crashes. I log in with my main account and no issues. I'd put a ticket in but I'm tired of waiting weeks for a reply. P.S Wildcard , why do you hate NoTek cluster 6 ? We need every map beyond aberration, you suck!
  11. Probably a server issue, I have a character on a 2nd account I can't log into sice yesterday. Crashes to desktop when I try to enter a server. On same pc but different account I can play without issue ........Welcome to Ark! Submit a ticket and someone will get back to you in a couple of weeks ( I'm not kidding ) .
  12. We feel your pain as the sole remaining NoTek Cluster ( Cross Ark 6). We have been abandoned since the aberration expansion. Not a single new map. Some of us made the foolish mistake of purchasing genesis and other content not realizing we were relegated to 2nd class Ark Citizens. All attempts for any answers fall on deaf and uncaring ears. Bug reports , inquiries, forum posts , ignored. Wilcard doesn't care . I suspect they want Prim+ and Notek to die on the vine .
  13. What are the odds of No Tek cluster seeing any updates with this???? Thinking probably not based on past lack of any support, attention, or acknowledgement...
  14. How about some TLC to the remaining No Tek Cluster. No love since Aberration. Left to wither on the vine. At least give us a way to get some of the new dinos released with all the new maps you refuse to add to the cluster. We have a large group of dedicated players that remain committed to the more balanced environment of the official No Tek 6 Server cluster. Every attempt to reach out or get some type of feedback about this issue falls on deaf ears. If you don't want to support us with new content then shut us down and let us transfer with our 2+ years of hard work.
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