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  1. You could try the last remaining no tek cluster ( no tek 6). Much more leveled playing field without tek. Probably a sneak peak at Ark2 .
  2. Recently something changed to available snap points on upper ab roof . Previously one could build on the ceiling roots above blue . That is no longer the case . Nor can a drake climb it . Were there patch notes about this or an announcement. Are bases already built in this area grandfathered ? Anyone know if stuff will need to be relocated in the future?
  3. Ill assume on pve , on pvp shotgun addresses that issue
  4. I really hope the event brings some updated loot tables.
  5. I hope Ark 2 is more Primitive focused. Less Tek more dinosaurs . Time will tell.
  6. Zarn

    ARK 2!!

    It will be fine , look at how amazing Atlas was at launch.....
  7. Man I thought we had it bad on our cluster. That just sucks . I hope they get you restored. Good luck .
  8. On pc I have used the steam option to check for missing files . That fixed same issue for me last patch. Good luck!
  9. How about a Thanksgiving gift of support for Notek Cross Ark 6....not a peep since aberration....
  10. Any update on NoTek Cross Ark 6 support or Prim+.... No new maps since aberration!!!!!
  11. Do something , anything at this point .
  12. Please for love of Rockwell add this map to the CrossArk No Tek 6 Cluster, at the very least let us research engrams from the last couple maps. We foolishly purchased season passes not realizing our Cluster is ignored , unsupported and not getting content updates. Time to support NoTek and Prim+ or merge us into a new cluster or main servers . Stop ignoring your players ..
  13. I transferred from EU Island to NA SE , crashed, now everytimw I try to log in with this account it crashes. I log in with my main account and no issues. I'd put a ticket in but I'm tired of waiting weeks for a reply. P.S Wildcard , why do you hate NoTek cluster 6 ? We need every map beyond aberration, you suck!
  14. Probably a server issue, I have a character on a 2nd account I can't log into sice yesterday. Crashes to desktop when I try to enter a server. On same pc but different account I can play without issue ........Welcome to Ark! Submit a ticket and someone will get back to you in a couple of weeks ( I'm not kidding ) .
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