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  1. Man I thought we had it bad on our cluster. That just sucks . I hope they get you restored. Good luck .
  2. On pc I have used the steam option to check for missing files . That fixed same issue for me last patch. Good luck!
  3. Sorry to say you will probably have to wait weeks for a response . Ark support is notorious for its slow response times .
  4. No tek cluster 6 . Official pvp . Last map update was abberation . A very unique Metta and challenging. No tek means everyone is on an even playing field . Just don't expect any content updates. Devs can't be bothered.
  5. Its unfortunate. Ark is one of my favorite games . I have just come to accept its flaws as the price you pay to play it.
  6. I've had to file a couple tickets over the years. The GM'S were always on time or close to on time. With that being said the whole ticket process is rather piss poor. Long waits and no feedback on deleted petitions. I've filed several bug reports and service requests for NoTek Cluster 6 support ( or lack of it) . They just get deleted or ignored. I really think wildcard could care less. Once we pay for new seasons or content they stop thinking about us. Ad long as they get you to continue to purchase content they could care less.
  7. I wish there was a way to get them to listen to all of us.
  8. How about a Thanksgiving gift of support for Notek Cross Ark 6....not a peep since aberration....
  9. Mushroom cave is your friend. Underwater cave off viking bay. Large with no dino spawns.
  10. Get an Argy to carry around your anky as well.
  11. Theo is a good dino for wood , fiber and general use. He or She should serve you well.
  12. Zarn

    Prim Plus Help

    I sincerely hope someone in development sees this. NoTek Cluster 6 is in the same boat. All but abandoned. I think they ( wildcard ) just want us all to quit and go away. No offical response to any outreach. I think we as a whole are a half realized pet project that has been discarded. I feel your disappointment and frustration. I've given wildcard the benefit of the doubt since aberration. They clearly don't care and can't be bothered .
  13. Ad indicated above hide your base . Stay low key . Hide vaults at bottom of ocean out of sight. Get some plant X up and get turrets up to protect from non committed raiders. Try a skybox quetz base ( google it and check youtube ) Use obelisk or drops to upload stuff over night. Some raiders live off drops and obelisk to keep stuff safe. Just watch the 24 hrs timer. You can try raft bases . You can mesh boxes into terrain or the board edge. Again check youtube for methods to use rafts to hide storage containers and smithy/ fabricator. Best defense is to find a spot to hi
  14. Any update on NoTek Cross Ark 6 support or Prim+.... No new maps since aberration!!!!!
  15. Sure has made my easy meat runs on mossas more annoying. On flip side good defenders now for underwater bases.
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