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  1. No fly servers. I would love to see servers with no flyers. Pvp and raiding would take on a whole new meta change.
  2. I would suggest you try out the Cross Ark no tek 6 cluster. Its official pvp but no tek gear is a real equalizer. Still mega tribes and pvp but you can participate without a huge time sink. Can you get off lined sure. Just stay small and hide ...
  3. Excellent suggestion....This would be amazing...
  4. Would No Tek servers be inuded in the new items , tames and map? We tend to get forgotten...
  5. Ammunition additions I would love to see some additional ammunition types for firearms. Incindeiary , poisoned , bean bag, tracer , armor piercing ....
  6. Out of curiosity did you guys get extinction or valguero maps?
  7. Will people that play on offical no tek servers have access to this map? We were skipped on extinction and valguero...just wondering if I should skip this purchase.
  8. Continued hit and run attacks on server. Hit newbies and lighter defended bases. Dodged alpha players looking for me. Alpha pretty mad after losing 10 Wyverns they had on passive to my sniping yesterday . Lost all three rafts iI had as mobil raid platforms. Did manage to snipe pursuing players and kill Griffin. Recovered kits from pursuers . Bloodied wyvern and they backed off letting me abandon raft with argy and offload all decent stuff. Set up new FoB hidden in trees.
  9. Sorry to hear about your plight. My advice would be to find a new server or use gorilla warfare. You can hurt a alpha with even low tek gear. Get a long neck rifle and graple to a Ptera or argy. Snipe away at outside tames. Spam foundations in their harvest areas. Put out random Xplants near enemy base in trees. Fire arrows from a distance on passive tames. Destroy gates and any taming pen's they have . Just dig in for a long protracted war. I once caused a mega tribe to give up by harassing them for weeks . I caught them offline and sniped 8 wyverns that were passive in one play session. On our cluster the alpha has so many dinos they have to leave them outside but behind gates. Get elevated and snipe away. Dont fight , hit and run , its frustrating if they can't bring you to battle .
  10. I think its time for them to go extinct . They have out lived their usefulness. They discourage new players from exploration . We are based on official rag so they do not effect us unless we boat raid off server. I will say they create issues for us when we want to load up a motor battle boat to the island. All in all my gut reaction is they are just an annoyance. I think people would do more ocean stuff if they were gone. We use motor boats a ton on Rag for server defense. They are a great mobile firebase and quick reaction force. With no whales we have amassed a huge naval force.
  11. I would add our guild once found an "ally " inside our dino pen after he used a glitch to get inside by going unconscious. Needless to say this caused the dissolution of that alliance and other repercussions.
  12. If it helps there are many possibilities. 1. You may have left a door open . 2. You could have started the crafting process and turned off fabricator. 3. If you have allies they could have come into an open door or used a glitch to get inside . 4. Are your doors pin coded with an easy to guess pin code.? 5. Server roll back. 6. Other possibilities. I can say we have a large base and a few times you are tired and forget a open door. We use a key pad and pin lock all doors to same code. One code shuts it all up at the end of your day.
  13. I would recommend you try Cross Ark PvP NoTek servers . Even playing field with mega tribes. Cross Ark 6 is great. The only disadvantage is we tend to get forgotten when it comes to the release of new maps. No valguero , center or understandably extinction. Population is ok and can fluctuate. Lots of good building areas are open. No Tek gets rid of cryo pods and no extinction means no Titans. Really different meta.
  14. Any chance NoTek servers will get this map. We have been passed over on the center, extinction , and now this map. Can we expect future support and new maps?
  15. Would love to see some option for the No Tek servers to gain some access to extinction Dino’s. We feel all but abandoned of late.
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