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  1. Roger that , in the past we still recived content just no access to tek tier . Valguero was a head scratcher as to why we did not get it. Same with the Center. I get extinction and genesis but still think we could get the maps just no Tek options . Wildcard also never communicates that the No Tek servers are being passed over . After Genisis I wont be purchasing further expansions until they launch and we know if our server cluster is being supported. At this point I'd be happy if they let us migrate off to other officials.
  2. Would love to see long overdue updates to the No Tek Cross Ark servers. We are missing all maps after abberation.....
  3. How you fell in Love with Ark I always remember my first night on.the island . Freezing to death and huddled around a campfire. My bones broke just as a Trike stepped over me from the darkness. I thought he had broken my leg as opposed to the cold. I was hooked.. now 4600 hours later I'm still hooked. Although now I spend more time worried about Megatribe politics on official , I still fondly remember that first night on the Ark. How about you?
  4. As previously mentioned very common when you are not around at time of tame. File a ticket, it will take several weeks . Have screen shots of the auto decay tribe log. The GM will restore ( at least that's been my experience). Good luck !
  5. On offical servers stay hidden as best you can. Build in out of the way places. Official is tough starting out . You can try living on rafts and hide them when you log out. Caves are a good option as well . Get defences up as quick as you can. Plant x and turrets . As was said joining a larger tribe helps for protection and you will learn allot . Good luck !
  6. I have had an issue in the past on offical where you have a duplicate character in the cloud. Check the other servers to make sure.
  7. Check the other servers in your cluster to make sure you do not have a duplicate copy of your character in the cloud...
  8. That the no tek servers actually get it...we have been abandoned since AB...
  9. I would love the option of purchasing skins ....give me some vanity items. Heck let the community contribute skins that could be in a shop. I play Star Trek online, World of Warships , and have played lots of MMO's with online currency. Nobody is forced to buy vanity items. It's also a great way to fund future development. I would probably spend way to much on new dino skins ...
  10. No love for no tek ....again...... Once again another expansion with absolutely no support for the no tek cross ark cluster. Its frustrating and discouraging...posts go unanswered , feedback ignored and no forewarning we would be left out again....At least be forthright so we can skip the purchase. If wildcard does not want to support the cluster then close it. We have a large active community that is fed up with no support ....Wild card has not taken the time to add any expansion since abberation...It is frustrating...
  11. Any word on if the No Tek server cluster will be getting the new map...we did not get extinction or valguero....I really need to stop buying season passes and maps till I know if we get them
  12. So as it turns out it fell through floor. Once it was full grown a tribe mate was able to whip it out of base and over a cliff. He recovered it...thanks for all the help everyone...
  13. Thanks for tips everyone....still Mia...I am.sure it was probably on wonder and glitched out of room.. it was on.a 2nd floor . No sign of it with H ....
  14. Ok thank you......very frustrating...but I appreciate the comment
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