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  1. so just saying I said this first when it turns into the new abby server due to no flying or tek suit -.- btw abby servers are dead and mostly just crap people log into for a metal run
  2. - Completed a full pass on Loot Crates to improve loot variation and quality these still are really really bad -.-
  3. 100% agree with this my server been crashing up and down was down almost half a day twice in the last month
  4. ced no drinking on the job Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 31st of Jan at 1 PM EST until Monday the 3rd of Feb at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes:
  5. yeah seen that read wrong thanks for the correct info ced
  6. boy miss dates much how many times since alpha like wholly cow get your things in order o way only one more dlc and the game done -.- just keep the track record
  7. its great you want to do bug fixing now -.- but honestly do the bug fixes and not break everything else for once when it goes live
  8. pro's everything was back to the winter wonderland number 1 it was great and the chib's con's on pve -.- we need a way just to craft the chibi's all of othem cause that's when things went bad real fast and toxic easy fix make them crafable in the cooking pot for like 2-5 coal and mistletoe a pop other then that I enjoyed the event
  9. you want them to fix bugs your funny it took how long to fix some bugs and again how long have we had the baby food bug now 2 years and they still say its not them its us
  10. shoot ive had tickets now not be answered in over a week and iam sure the list is longer then that but funny thing people that sent in tickets before me have been answered so yeah this is bs they been off imo for almost over 3 weeks now I understand holidays don't get me wrong but this whole going dark for weeks at a time no other company does this junk and gets away with this and the bugs that people protect ark on is bs 1 year avg for a bug to be fixed shoot we still have the food bug that's over 2 years old and the mana poof bug that is due to there crappy servers but hell its been 4 years and they follow the same proto they just run straight ahead barely fixing anything and when they do fix a bug its sooo late its not even shoot for noobs that don't believe me look at leg servers those where post to die almost what a year and half and cost how much to keep going this is junk
  11. point on this that people are mad its been almost 5 months or more come on this is just lazy imo not to patch it sooner they say they have a bunch of people on the team for fixing bugs in the game I call bs on that and also come on mana's still poofing after 1 year 2 years ark baby food bug where they die the list is huge and its only got bigger -.- shoot I got a dude that foundationed the server and where at 1 week for answer from the devs to delete him this is just dumb also if they honestly acted on these type of bugs from the start and started wiping people using these exploits it would stop it from people using them as much if they know they going to get wiped or banned
  12. legs don't crash because 2 things one theres not as many clusters on those servers and 2 most servers they are pared with don't have a lot of people on them or the other ones are empty
  13. lol the final thing is the ending of the game the last map after geneis cause yes it will have element on it so will the last one if you seen the end map of ark you will understand why there is element again on the last map where getting
  14. lol they did a region lock but it was only for block blocks so block blocks can have a server with only there people on it but yet we cant they like oh just go make it on the na servers -.-
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