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  1. yes there going to be a code for unofficals from what ced said on twitter
  2. want to see the trees change color again and the same with the beacons as candy corn along with the dodorex and wyren and also the dodozoms and the wyrens from it pretty much everything that was from fear eloved 1 &2 and witches cruse
  3. dodo rex dodo wyrven the candy corn supply drops and the tress changing colors to fall colored trees
  4. I think one leg servers should be wiped out maybe a few if you guys want to be nice and honestly saves from leg and official should be given out due some people are just tired and want there saves also I think the servers should have work done on them honestly having servers with 20-30 seconds of lag saves are just nuts and unstable imo and these servers have been having this go on for months I would be truly upset as a server tech seeing servers like this and knowing theres ways of fixing them
  5. I also have seen this now in no way in heck iam I saying get rid of it I really like this event staple and just wish there was more then one raptor giving out the gifts or a way where they where be enough prizes for all or just keep it how it is people need to learn its a game stuff happens honestly
  6. I honestly like all the stuff I really miss the first Halloween event you guys did that was epic and took a lot of work and it showed the ones that followed showed less work and more of I don't know if it was time crunched or what but was a lot less eventful it was cool seeing the tombstones the pumpkin patches and the scarecows and being able to place them around your base and the dodorex having a chance to show up it scare the heck out of me in a good way lol
  7. need a honest fix for servers not to lag and reset most of the time its due to servers being overloaded by huge buildings or by the tech side of being over loaded I vote for wc to fix the servers by 1 taking the leg servers offline that are not being used and yeah theres still a lot that are just empty and either turn them off 100% or reuse them how they would like 2 put a limit on how big people can build bases in the game by making a flag system or something so they are only allowed one base or one base and a 10x10 outpost 3 this honestly only needs to be done on pve but may work well on pvp not sure
  8. now it may be disabled on pvp to put it on that dino but there was another way to do it if they didn't piller a area right or if they lured the dinos outside the base and put them into the teleporter area for the arena and did the same thing
  9. when it was enabled they would go up to a persons dinos that where online but didn't noticed it and put it on a pacer and then teleport there dinos into the boss raid and make the person lose there dinos or they would raid with them on it and do the same thing mult times to kill the dinos by teleporting them into the arenas
  10. crazyhobo


    by doing this fix guys it would reduce lag on the servers and also fix them I could also say they could do a flag system with one outpost or something cause building a base to whatever size you want just kills servers no matter what
  11. yeah honestly would love to see this happen but be limited to pve only due to pvp would abuse this to no end
  12. crazyhobo


    need to put in a limit to how big a person can build a base due to the size and also by people breaking snap points to build bases over the size of 70x70 base if they do this size over and over it will and has caused servers to lag causes saves to become longer and reduces servers being stable atm if these types of bases are not limited they can cause rollbacks duping chara dups dinos dupe item dupes just due to the issue this stuff can also be cause by other items in your guys games but building sizes without limits cause this
  13. yeah they will most likely wipe and ban the person doing this send in video and pics and labe it in your topic
  14. if you know whos doing it honestly report them sadly its the only thing you can do but it is grefing if it is pve
  15. yeah they honestly need to put the titanboa back into the special list cause atm only good way to get the top end kibble is rag or rock drake which is a pain -.- lets be honest breeders don't like farming imprint kibble just for going oh great the new dime kibble
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