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  1. My condolences go to the new players who have been playing on the Official PvP new servers who are about to feel the full force of capped Dino lines coming to smash into their base on June 4th.
  2. Absolutely, there has to be a balance in offense and defense, but the problem is right now we're so deep in the game everyone stuff is capped and the *BIG* official wars won't ever be able to soak someones turret tower to completion because everyone has ARB/Shards to spare to refill endlessly. I agree with removing the Demolish timer on structures for enemies. Something easier would be to just lower the amount of shards a tek turret can have. Right now, a capped heavy turret shoots 1400 times (The same as a regular automated turret.) We could just lower the stack count to 2 stacks of 1000 on a tek turret, but that still doesn't really fix the problem of being able to endlessly fill them. If you do this, then offline/unaware soaking becomes more prevalent.
  3. Thats the entire reason why the soaking meta is bad. Tek Turrets are extremely easy to cap, we are at a place in the meta where every single turret tower is capped. You cannot realistically expect an attacker to spend hours upon hours soaking turret ammo during a war only to have it refilled because they have no reliable way to destroy it. The only hope one would have is to drain the Heavies and start rocketing from a distance, but even then it takes one person with a brain to get extra ARB and set a turret on only wild so that gets completely nullified. Tek Rexes take up too much room and the rider is likely to be picked off/shot off when they are attempting to destroy turrets
  4. Will go through point by point as I'm on the Beta Branch: Everything DVSR has posted is good, with some added things as I'm on the Beta Branch: Mek Shield Debuff should not be 30 seconds, but maybe 10. 30 Seconds is still way too long for anyone to possibly ever get away from a Mek. The purpose of the Mek shield should be to protect allies and give a *minor* damage increase debuff to the enemy. IE: 20% extra damage instead of 50%. Honestly the slow should just be removed all together from Mek Shields. Snow Owl Immunity should only apply to ENEMY Dinosaurs and Players. The immunity to being frozen for allied dinos doesn't make any sense. See if you can flag this as a priority, that way PvE players are happy. Snow Owl Immunity should also apply to the slow debuff, that way people can't spam dive bomb when they are chasing someone down. As far as the Tek Tapejara nerfs, I agree with what DVSR has stated. I believe the proper way to Nerf Tapejaras is to take something away and to give something. IE: 50% reduction in their damage to structures, remove the 30% projectile nerf, but then up the range to High on Tek Rexes and Tek Rock Drakes OR give C4 Platforms back. The only viable saddle currently IS the Tek Tapejara Saddle. If you nerf it to oblivion, then we are back to a soaking meta, which is bad. Another viable alternative is to just increase the Tek Turret Health from 3000 to 20000 and do not nerf tek tapejara at all. That way, it is 40 Tek Tapejara shots to destroy a Tek Turret instead of 6. Plant Z Weight is currently 11 on the Beta Branch. Also, remove the Flash Bang effect. Noone wants it.
  5. I'm not sure the devs wasting countless hours making changes that, in all seriousness, are minor inconveniences for PvE players but are actually necessary for Official PvP is a waste of time and money. The reality is, these changes that they are suggesting are reasonable. Saying one uses a Snow Owl to tame things in 2019 when any dinosaur has already been bred past the point of making taming useful is silly. Along with that, every single dinosaur can be trapped with a few dino gates. Snow Owls are not necessities when it comes to taming dinosaurs. The game has been out for 5 years, people have figured out how to knock things out without a Snow Owl to assist them. So, back to my first point, minor inconvenience to PVE. There is nothing wrong with the Developers balancing the game around PvP. If they had released Extinction with these mechanics changed the way they are suggesting now, PvE players wouldn't bat an eye. Now that they are actively looking to Balance the things that they've made, everyone is losing their minds. Lets just hope that they take all of this feedback and moaning into consideration when they are balancing Genesis dinos so they don't have to do another TLC pass that will cause an uproar. Reality is, players on Official PvP have lost thousands upon thousands of hours of work because of the gross imbalance that Extinction brought to the table. It is reasonable to expect Wildcard to see that and want to fix it. And to the people blaming PvP players for dinosaurs being "homogenized." You're asking Wildcard to do a TLC 3, when TLC 1 and 2 didn't bring them any extra revenue. There is a reason they stopped doing TLC passes to make "unique" dinos. It wasn't profitable. You know what is profitable? New DLC.
  6. All of these changes are fantastic, a numeric value on the amount of armor penetration would be nice. (IE: X amount of ignore armor) So we can just do the math on how much damage a Rifle will do either way. Is the Ice Titan Freeze still Spam clickable to get out quicker? This is a good start, but this list needs to be a hell of a lot longer to get people out of Caves.
  7. Need alot more balance changes than the ones you posted....
  8. Damage is already done, people aren't going to stop leaving bad reviews.
  9. So basically, in regards to the duping issue, you basically just said: "Good job if you did it before! All those explosives you still have you can keep, but don't do it again, or else...." "Maybe..."
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