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  1. Congratulations on your 5th birthday, let's get the party started :)
  2. I had a 145 event coloured ferox despawn at 85% tamed yesterday and just lost a 150 at 75% tamed ? Unbelievably broken like so many things in Ark ?
  3. Which map is this on? I did imprints on a official pve server and it was normal 1x's
  4. It's not fixed no.. My level 3 chibi with 520k xp (so almost level 4) just reset to level 1 after killing a 140 alpha carno.. Such a waste of time
  5. I'm 137 on official pc cos i levelled a Chibi to level 3 which then allowed me to level my char to 137. My chibi didn't loose any xp and i kept my 2 extra levels so maybe you don't loose them if you actually level your char up?
  6. Not mine... Chibi is still Level 3 Alpha xp 412,659 / 540,000 and my char is capped again at 137 with 74,722,951 xp
  7. This on official PC servers? I have 2 level 135 and a 137 character and none of them have lost any levels.. Got me worried now
  8. The first chibi i levelled up re set to 0 so i started levelling a new one instead.. It's now at 3.5 so I've unlocked an extra 2 character levels so far.. Only trouble is the 10 million xp that i need per level
  9. Nope i'm on official server.. After killing loads of Alphas Instead of the chibi increasing to level 2 and me to 136 the level up bar just started again. I guess it was just a bug so i'm currently levelling a different chibi. I just wanted confirmation that i could level above 135
  10. Can someone confirm that you can level your char up past 135? I levelled my Chibi up but instead of it going to level 2 and me to 136 the process bar re set to 0 and the chibi stayed at level 1
  11. As long as you've learn't the engrams you can make both the cryo fridge and the pods in loot crates on official servers..
  12. This happened to me today on Official Island map. The manar and the gear i lost is irreplaceable but i'm more concerned that it's been nearly 6 months now and still not even an acknowledgement that's it's being looked at. I wasn't even flying on my manar i was running along the ground when it just disappeared and after a short freeze the spawn map appeared. My manar had a tracker node on it but there's no notification of it's position, nothing in the tribe log, it just vanished.
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