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  1. Bark

    Missing servers

    No idea but i do know that over half of the pc servers that i play on are also missing so they seem to be having some issues..
  2. Bark

    Missing servers

    Don't play on these server but this may be the issue? Jen ‏ @bubblywums Following Following @bubblywums More Heads up to our PC Prim Plus users, P+ update will be delayed until later today due to some recently discovered compatibility issues. Our official P+ servers will remain offline until then. This issue only effects PC P+.
  3. In the image above.. Saying that it look's more like a Easter event colour than valentines..
  4. Just copy and paste from a previous week add a new fan art and Community Crunch 167 is done. This used to be an enjoyable feature but it's pretty obvious that most of the development is now focused on Atlas
  5. Instead of officially releasing Extinction on Nov 6th you could have released it to a bunch of 'test servers' for a week like many other games do. 25 test servers running at 5x's would have been full of players eager to explore and find exploits. Many of the major problems would have been found saving everyone a whole load of frustration and heartache in the long run.
  6. Bark

    Update far too large

    I started with 50 GB free space, downloaded 15 GB / 17.4 GB and then ran out of space??? I deleted a bunch of stuff to create another 30 GB but steam then started the download from 0 again
  7. Yes the armour set is permanent and yes it's linked to your account..
  8. Bark

    Mutations help

    It's possible but unlikely that all the mutated stats would be in speed. The best way to keep track of and plan your breeding is to use the 'Smart Breeding' app https://github.com/cadon/ARKStatsExtractor
  9. Bark

    A question for ark devs...

    Not sure i understand the xp required to level up now.. From 119 to 130 required 400k xp per level. Then from 130 -131 900k xp (makes sense) But i now need to earn 10 MILLION XP to get from 131 - 132 and another 10 mill to 133 ? Seems a little odd that the required xp has increased by over 10 'xs? for 1 extra engram point ?
  10. Bark

    PvP vs PvE, which is played more?

    Which part of 'I've played Ark since day one on official PVE servers' was too hard for you to understand? I played on EU PVE 116 from June 2nd 2015, i was one of the very first players on that server and remained on it deep into legacy. On the first day and for a few days that followed the servers were virtually unplayable due to lag, disconnects and just not being able to connect. So i know for a fact that your wrong claiming that all servers were PVP, maybe you should consider that as a PVP player you didn't even look for the PVE servers? Either way the fact remains ARK was NEVER 'strictly PVP for the first months'
  11. Bark

    PvP vs PvE, which is played more?

    I'm not getting into the which is better ect ect but one must remember to check some basic facts before you present a one sided opinion. I've played Ark since day one on official PVE servers so Ark was never 'strictly PVP for the first months' nor was a watered down version created for those of us that couldn't handle the full experience.
  12. The number's add up so looks good to me..
  13. Bark

    Growing babies get stuck in ceilings and foundations

    It's always been a problem on other maps... I believe it's caused when they are too close to each other while they are growing. If they are touching each other they get pushed down into the ceiling/floor so try and leave a reasonable gap between them and you should notice this problem less.
  14. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, after all he is offering this advice for free