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  1. I had a 145 event coloured ferox despawn at 85% tamed yesterday and just lost a 150 at 75% tamed ? Unbelievably broken like so many things in Ark ?
  2. Which map is this on? I did imprints on a official pve server and it was normal 1x's
  3. It's not fixed no.. My level 3 chibi with 520k xp (so almost level 4) just reset to level 1 after killing a 140 alpha carno.. Such a waste of time
  4. I'm 137 on official pc cos i levelled a Chibi to level 3 which then allowed me to level my char to 137. My chibi didn't loose any xp and i kept my 2 extra levels so maybe you don't loose them if you actually level your char up?
  5. Not mine... Chibi is still Level 3 Alpha xp 412,659 / 540,000 and my char is capped again at 137 with 74,722,951 xp
  6. This on official PC servers? I have 2 level 135 and a 137 character and none of them have lost any levels.. Got me worried now
  7. The first chibi i levelled up re set to 0 so i started levelling a new one instead.. It's now at 3.5 so I've unlocked an extra 2 character levels so far.. Only trouble is the 10 million xp that i need per level
  8. One of the most frustrating things in the game for me has to be when you try to snap a building part to another part only for it to constantly snap to a unwanted snap position. For example: Take a wall, try to place a new homestead triangle ceiling to it and your faced with multiple snap points. So you cycle thru the various snap points until you find the one you want, it’s green so you click to place the ceiling only for it to nearly always snap to a unwanted point. So my suggestion is this.. We need an option to cycle thru the snap points until you find the one you want
  9. In the image above.. Saying that it look's more like a Easter event colour than valentines..
  10. Just copy and paste from a previous week add a new fan art and Community Crunch 167 is done. This used to be an enjoyable feature but it's pretty obvious that most of the development is now focused on Atlas
  11. Instead of officially releasing Extinction on Nov 6th you could have released it to a bunch of 'test servers' for a week like many other games do. 25 test servers running at 5x's would have been full of players eager to explore and find exploits. Many of the major problems would have been found saving everyone a whole load of frustration and heartache in the long run.
  12. Yes the armour set is permanent and yes it's linked to your account..
  13. Happy Birthday Ark and to all of you at WC.. Can't believe i spent over 6k hours on official servers during the last 3 years and my thirst to play still hasn't diminished. Sure the game isn't perfect and i so wish i had the power to make 6 changes that would improve Ark 10x's over but it's still by far the best game I've every played
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