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  3. We're preparing to roll out an urgent fix for character loss related to Ascension completion today. In the interim, I advise players hold off on doing Ascension until the deployment. Unfortunately, a rollback will not recover lost character data. If you were affected, please contact our GM's via Support for a character replacement.
  4. Hope you guys find this Crunch informative as Jat and I dusted off our CM hats.
  5. Binaries are now updated and you should be good to go! Thank you for your patience.
  6. Working remote is new for our engineers and having to remote in to the build machine isn't typical, no. Yes, someone made a mistake. It isn't an excuse, it's being transparent with info.
  7. Just following up to let you all know that the Linux binaries are being updated now. (please be patient with us, everyone adjusting to working remote and social distancing can be tough for us too )
  8. I'm aware. Hope to get it sorted soon. Hang in there, guys.
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