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  1. Planning some iterations on mating and feeding intervals to improve breeding QoL. I made the programmers cry with the list of changes for this patch, have to space it out a little
  2. Okay team, Much of our work against meshing this year has involved our Anti-meshing Detection System and we’re continuing to see a marked decline in incidents. Countering meshing is not over and, whilst cases remain low and will continue to decrease, we incorporate other methods in the battle including: Fixing mesh method exploits (the ways in which players get in), utilising Level Design to fill in holes or unintended building locations and, enforcement against offending players. We’ve spent a fair bit of time talking about Mesh Detection, fixing exploits, and enforcement this year, s
  3. A core piece of game data was corrupted in the latest patch, which resulted in various issues including the loss of some Aberration creatures (primarily Aberrant variants), incorrect animations, missing item info, and more. We are currently working on a server-side fix for both Xbox and PS4. We expect the hotfix will be ready in approximately four hours, given all goes smoothly. With the deployment of the hotfix, we’ll be conducting a service-wide rollback on our Official Xbox and PS4 servers to the point of the initial deployment, so players can expect a rollback of approximately 8 or so h
  4. We're preparing to roll out an urgent fix for character loss related to Ascension completion today. In the interim, I advise players hold off on doing Ascension until the deployment. Unfortunately, a rollback will not recover lost character data. If you were affected, please contact our GM's via Support for a character replacement.
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