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  1. ARK would be one of the best games if the servers weren't lagging. I can handle all bugs, even baby dinos randomly starving doesn't matter to me BUT the server lags and saves are unbearable. I loved Aberration because it nearly never laged but even that map has started lagging some months ago... This game without 15min server saves that ruins your mood or kill you and without the horrible rubber banding and lags = 10/10 But those 2 issues ruin the experience and gameplay.
  2. All the OSD/Veins vanished from Extinction. They are just not there anymore. @Cedric @GP
  4. I have no idea how or why maps are open to 70 players. They can barely handle 20 players...
  5. @namelessNo, I'm saying that you want the wipe to happen now because of selfish reasons. I'm saying that you want the wipe to happen to put everyone on equal terms if that even means anything on PVE. I don't understand your reasoning for wanting the wipe and the few people that dupe on PVE do not influence me or most people there. I would bet that most people on PVE don't even think about dupers because it doesn't influence them in any way. You on the other hand think that those duped items are ruining your game? I'm trying to understand the reason for it. This is a totally different matter for PVP where heavy duping exploits should be a reason for a wipe because they directly effect everyone playing there.
  6. @namelessthe game will also be not supported anymore at some point. Wildcard will not be able to stop duping as long as you can transfer, upload or download. You even randomly dupe items intentionally when you upload or download them or dupe your character. This has always been an issue but you still haven't answered my question: Why do you want that partial wipe? To prevent wildcard from fully wiping in the future? That's a really, really bad reason (or excuse for your real reason) to wipe NOW and not in some years/never. Look at the PS4 or XBOX PVP servers, they were and still are heavily dupe invested. Some tribes have hundreds of the same MEK and they still didn't wipe, why would they wipe PVE with the few dupers, why do you think it will happen? Do you know why legacy became legacy?
  7. @namelessit will but you want a fresh start with everyone on the same terms? Why do you want such a thing on PVE, why do you care about that? It's PVE, you are not in competition with anyone but yourself...
  8. @namelessyou asked yourself some questions but missed the most important one: Why do you even care what others have on PVE since it does not influence you. You can chose to play without bred lines from other people and still do bosses, you can farm your own stuff and play for yourself. The reason you probably care for such things on PVE is that it's an egoboost, don't take this in a bad way, we express ourselves ingame if we miss this IRL. You could be happy with what you have since it's PVE but you don't want others to have things which they got with an unfair method. But why is that method unfair on PVE? It doesn't influence you or your gameplay. I despise cheaters/hackers and dupers and they all should be steam banned on all their accounts but asking to wipe PVE servers because some people hack/dupe and wipe everyone away because you yourself find it unfair is a little selfish, isn't it? I can only look at a good friend of mine, who has the same issue. He constantly complained about the OP breeding lines that make everything so easy but when I suggest that he should just breed his own lines, play at his own pace and do bosses without any help, he refused. He enjoyed the closed Valguero servers because he had good rexes and could do the boss on beta as one of the first on the server which boosted his self esteem and made the game more fun for him. This can turn very quickly as soon as the servers opened, everyone was suddenly able to do the bosses easily and he stopped playing because people wouldn't come to him anymore for tips or dinos. He needed the recognition ingame to be happy and have fun, which is not a good thing IMO. I find this very sad and would encourage everyone to not seek recognition in a video game. You should play it because it's fun, set yourself tasks your want to do or reach like in IRL or to find friends and play with them. (Even if ARK has horrible, horrible gamebreaking issues, it's still a fun game.)
  9. @Lycan187uI have build big turret towers all over the area with multiple lines of walls, gates and HP golems and rexes to tank the corruped until the turrets finish them off. Still, they must have pulled so many corrupted gigas that they killed a rex with 100k+ hp, the corrupted don't have the bleeding effect thankfully, so it must have been quit a lot of dinos. I know how degenerate Extinction makes people and multiple tribes on our server have been wiped out because they can pull endless amounts of corrupted. The corrupted gigas keep respawning infinitely and the best defense can be cracked with enough time. The thing is also that's it's PVE and people don't want to be forced to play like on PVP. Everyone should protect their stuff from trolls but if you can teleport corrupted dinos, it's just a matter of time until someone cracks open your base if he manages to build a teleporter close to your base. ^^ I just think/hope that disabling the wild dino teleport could already fix a major chunk of the issue.
  10. @Cedricthanks for the pvp fixes, good work there but corrupted on PVE are still a big issue on Extinction. People teleport corrupted gigas to others and try to steal what they can.
  11. @StudioWildcardI'm happy for the ongoing mesh fixes and the new protection. I don't mind a DLC being pushed back if it quality get's improved. The only issues that are still top prio for me are lags AND griefers on PVE Extinction. It's way too easy to attack someone on Extinction, you can even use corrupted pteras. I tested them on my own base, 3 lvl 15-25 pteras dealt insane amounts of damage to nearly every metal structure they attacked. People will find a hole in your defense, crack open your base and steal whatever they want. The corrupted giga teleportation is also an ongoing problem if you have anything valuable in your base, people will come from your server or others, build 1 or 2 teleporters and start teleporting endless amounts of corrupted gigas to your base. They monitor your on/off times just to steal from you. It's a big issue because you can make huge amounts of real money from some things.
  12. @Cedricteleporting corrupted dinos is still a huge issue on extinction, players have lost their whole bases because others griefed them with corrupted. You would have to put out endless amounts of defense to protect yourself and even then, a small hole in the defense can break open your base for griefers/thiefs. They build teleporters above other peoples bases, you are forced to pillar gigantic areas and can get reported for it. The corrupted take no damage from normal turrets, so you have to set out dinos which you have to feed over big areas and plant turrets which you have to fertilize. This is not PVE anymore, Extinction was and always have been griefer invested. It would already fix a lot of issues if you disabled the corrupted/wild dino teleport. Thanks for reading.
  13. @Cedric I really hoped for an extend of the event because of all the gigantic problems people had during the event. We had tons of server crashes, constant max pings and many other issues (chibis resetting and so on). There was nearly no support because you guys probably took a vacation which is more than fine but some more days with higher rates would be a good compensation for having ALL your imprints over the whole event delayed by 1-4 hours because of lags and crashes. We had way less event time because of the horrible lags and crashes is what I'm trying to say. Happy new year to everyone.
  14. @Cedriccould ''no wild dino teleport'' be added to the list? Some extinction PVE servers are unplayable because people keep teleporting corrupted gigas around.
  15. I just don't understand why you guys don't want to bother farming eggs on Abe? Because the red zone is a horrible place? Yes, that makes the eggs worth it and abe has lower levels which also makes the eggs rarer. You guys want the ALL IN ONE package ''Give us rock drakes, give us all wyverns and reapers all on the same map because the MODDED MAP also had it''. It was a modded map with ext dinos/abe dinos and everything else on one map with higher levels.... Don't you guys see anything wrong with that?
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