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  1. You could just ruin all spawns around your base in PVE with foundation spamming like you do on PVP, so the only way something would happen to you would be from other players luring stuff to your base like I said before. There are nearly no dinos that can destroy your base or would just randomly attack it. The only way your big stone base will get destroyed is by people luring rock elementals, gigas or alphas to your base and even then they don't just randomly attack your structures unless you placed turrets and plants which people would use to aggro those dinos on peoples bases, destroy them and loot what they can, nothing good would come out of it. I can only suggest to play on a private/singleplayer with those rules or PVP.
  2. How is it a challange when you are not even online? Are you challanging yourself by building your base in a way that it can't get destroyed ''BY OTHER PLAYERS'', why not play PVP at that point? There is no good reasoning for PVE without ORP other then destroying other peoples bases/killing dinos and you can do that on PVP. also @ThePryBar you know that it's against TOS to lure dinos to others and destroy their bases, so you want to foundation wipe others by breaking TOS on PVE?
  3. @Joebl0w13 I think it depends on the place you build and on the person. People pull wild gigas on other maps, build teleporters near your base and teleport like 20 rock elementals just to grief you. I personally do not want to log in every single day to check on my base, IRL is always first, why should people be punished on PVE for it. There was a very, very good reason to implement ORP. The only option I see is to offer a PVE cluster without ORP for people that don't want ORP because I'm 99% sure that most people are happy with ORP and play PVE for another reason then to worry about your base and the thrill of it.
  4. People that wan't ORP off are people who want to grief others and destroy their bases. I don't see a single reason for someone who plays PVE to not want ORP other then destroying others stuff because they are not happy with people just logging in to load bases or pillaring. Pillaring can be reported and you just want to ruin others bases because they only load them, this is not a valid reason to turn off ORP. People that play PVE play it for a good reason and the only thing that can actually threaten your base are other players.
  5. It would be great to disable the option to teleport wild/corrupted dinos. People use them to trap reapers in their bases and disable a spawn with it during an event. Some teleport wild gigas and rock elementals into/next to other peoples bases on PVE. Others use them to destroy bases with corrupted gigas on Extinction which happened recently on our server and the GM's won't do anything because pictures and videos of them looting the broken base are not enough evidence. -> Easy solution: Disable wild dino teleportation
  6. The easy solution is to change something about it, the hard solution is to hope that people educate themselves like @SaltyMonkeysuggests. You shouldn't always see things out of your perspective and think of it as the only solution. I don't use any alliances on PVE and if someone wants to trade with me, I'll make them a little place to build a very small building with a bed and vault but others use it and most people do alliances. Because most players on PVE use the alliance system without fear in their mind, which should be the right way (You shouldn't have to fear about such things on PVE) the best solution would be to change the system just a little bit. The war system is an old useless leftover mechanic with no use on PVE other then griefing like most old mechanics are. (Teleporting wild/corrupted dinos).
  7. They can report you and a GM would probably remove the building but you won't get banned/wiped.
  8. We also have PVE griefers on our ext server atm. A new tribe who pulls corrupted gigas over every open teleporter, destroyed some bases and stole tons of stuff. I made videos and tons of pictures but the enforcement team just closed my ticket some days ago and didn't do anything, they are not wiped and still playing. They even pillered off their teleporter in the giga area they used to pull all those corrupted dinos and the teleporter still stands on a second tribes name they used to build it. They don't have any fear of anything happening to them that they even pillared that tele with their main tribe and no one cares... Not much you can do about such things other than switching servers, not accepting any alliances and pillaring very well around your own base.
  9. @Aylana314159 I would assume that was pre Extinction, now people lure corrupted gigas around the whole map and destroy everything with it. Yes, PVE.
  10. Thank you very much @Sphere I hope this doesn't require too much of their resources and it could be fixed somehow because this has been a huge problem. People just wiped other tribes out with the use of teleporters and it's just horrible and sad
  11. I plead for help to Cedric Hello @Cedric Wildcard and Ark Players, we have had a gigantic problem on our Extinction. I won't name tribes or anything because those are all in my report ticket, I'm just asking @Cedric to please do something about the possibility to teleport corrupted dinos. I'm fairly new to Ark and I never understood why wild dinos were portable with a tek teleporter. I really hope that you could help us with this @Cedric tons of people got raided and this happens daily/weekly. Thanks for reading and hopefully for the help.
  12. You get bonus stats for each imprint and I think it caps at +20% stats at 100% imprint. You also get up to 20 movespeed for every dino that isn't a flyer.
  13. They are breeding for mutations with those low lvl dinos. That's how modern breeding works.
  14. Well let's hope they help, good luck with it.
  15. that's really, really unlucky, I just don't understand why you didn't hear anything, the drops are normally loud as f***. You could try writing a support ticket if you have pictures of it and explain the situation to a GM, maybe they can help, doesn't hurt to ask.
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