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  1. do red or purple drops on extinction. I don't think there is a faster way if you have a giga who can do it.
  2. The higher rates just increase issues that were already there. I remember how greatly our ragnarok server ran before april 2019. Two weeks before the event in April and all the massive issue with the rollbacks it started lagging and only got worse. I don't know what the reason for that was since there was nothing big before the event. The servers don't only lag on event times, it just get's worse and that's why I would implement methods to keep the servers somewhat healthy. Reduced structure limits, reduced dino limits could probably already help with many issues. An upkeep system for bases like in Rust could also be of help. There needs to be restrictions to unburden the servers since the servers are very likely not going to improve....
  3. I would be fully for a stricter dino and building limit. Official servers can't handle gigantic buildings and massive amounts of dinos and they don't need to anymore since they introduced cryopods. But people are very selfish and will want their 500 dinos on display and their over structure limit build base. Such things do not belong on official anymore IMO, they can be on privat or singleplayer. When the mass is suffering because of some few individuals, it's time for a change. I remember that one guy crying here some time ago that the GM's wiped half his base that caused server crashes because he abused the structure limit, such bases are on some servers and need to be taken care of. Also a heavier limitation to the dino limit and structure limit would be very welcoming to me. If you need/want such big things, please build them on private servers or in Singleplayer, you are hurting everyone with what you are doing, it's not your fault but Wildcard not being able to handle the issue but there is nothing else to be done until they maybe change something in the future...
  4. ''a lot'' is always very exaggerated when it comes to VR. VR is still very niche. A big issue is also the game itself, it's an unstable, stuttering mess running on an exhausted, outdated engine. They don't seem to have enough resources to even fix the older maps, so I wouldn't count for VR, ever. If you still have hope for it, try asking one of the Dev's over their Twitter accounts. They often answer questions there. There is nearly zero chance to get a Dev response here in their own forum.
  5. I have a pretty good PC and we had one guy who is thankfully not playing anymore on our server who had all his dinos on display. Probably 400-500 spinos and wyverns, every time I came across his base my FPS dropped heavily. This should be good enough of a reason to limit dino limits further on officials since Cryopods are available now. I understand that everyone enjoys the game differently and that is totally fine but those people are affecting others as well. Some people crashed when the flew over that guys base and such things shouldn't really be a thing anymore since you could just cryo them. He wasn't even playing the game, he logged on to feed his dinos every few days, logged off and that over 8 months. I have probably seen him online 4-6 times over 8 months. His base was what OP probably meant, an abomination of old ARK days, where everyone had their dinos outside and used them as base decoration. Times change and pods/updated made it possible to not have 500 dinos outside your base who DIRECTLY affect other players on your server. This is just my opinion and I don't really care if it get's changed or not because everyone can play how they want but it's an abomination in my eyes to see such a base and those people should maybe think about the others on their server.
  6. @MasuraoI also haven't bought Genesis yet, there is not a single reason to bother with so many issues unless you are bored out of your mind and really have nothing else that you enjoy, which would be a whole other devil. I would rather pay for a ''DLC Ragnarok lag fix'', to be able to play that fun map...
  7. @NZScruffydo you run around on foot when you play? I'm 99% of the time on a dino when I leave my base. I could understand this if those old ''super prim'' servers were still up where you weren't able to ride dinos. IMO 1500 is more than enough for any normal ARK player unless you go around punching dinos to death or facetanking them like in World of Warcraft... Cheaters and dupers abused this way too much, some tribes had multiple vaults full of crazy high dura Tek armors which this restricts.
  8. Rhino is still strong, people used to kill all alpha bosses with just a couple Rhinos and that will still be possible. The nerf is fine IMO since the bred Rhino lines are nowhere near where they could be.
  9. they put a limit on the suits, which should have gone down to 600 dura or left it as prim IMO. Also a limit for MEK stats could help greatly with making duping not as valuable.
  10. Maybe someone will make a MOD for the tek armor on unofficial. As for official all the nerfs are amazing, the MEK and Tek suit wipes will cripple the huge dupers, at least for some weeks. They should have put a limit on the MEK stats to prevent further abuse. I can understand the frustration but 1500 is still a lot if you play PVE this will nearly never break unless you crash in the middle of 10 dinos attacking you. Like I said, maybe someone will bring out a MOD to fix this for all unofficial players unhappy with the changes. I can only talk from an official few and welcome all of the nerfs/changes, they are amazing and will better the game!
  11. I hate the idea of separated bioms and hope this stays as a one time thing. They could have easily thrown the missions into such separated areas (like boss encounters) but kept the map as one. The rendering issue is more an issue with the base game using an engine not made for what this game is. IMO the only reason flying is not allowed is because the bioms are way too small for it. I don't mind it not being there but forbidding it was just a way to artificially make it seem bigger. This facade will instantly fall as soon as you can take manas/rock drakes to this map. It was a nice test, people tried it, nearly no one liked it judging by the reviews and I hope they don't include this mechanic in the upcoming map.
  12. @Gunner120mmas soon as the servers open up and people bring in rexes everyone will destroy the boss easily. Why suffer and waste your time by losing boss armies when already super mutated dinos will easily beat the boss. This game is not Dark Souls, I play Souls games if I want a challenge ^^ or Rimworld on the hardest difficulty and random mode
  13. While I normally don't care for such exploits on PVE, I still think that it's somewhat stupid to not remove the reapers until the servers open. For PVP this must be broken beyond believe, how do you even kill a reaper in PVP without charge light? You would have to kill the rider and take your time with the reaper which is still stronger than any normal or bred dino on genesis to this point. I don't understand the decision to not remove them but Wildcard was never into punishing exploiters. All those dupers are mostly unpunished, they started removing MEK's but what about whole tek storages full of tek structures, endless amounts of duped dinos, saddles and blueprints? They are still in the game and will stay there sadly since Wildcard only punishes the action but not the outcome...
  14. you need to pinlock them, people can just hold e and withdraw stack otherwise...
  15. fire wyvern are also not immune against it's fire...
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