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  1. @Cedricthanks for the pvp fixes, good work there but corrupted on PVE are still a big issue on Extinction. People teleport corrupted gigas to others and try to steal what they can.
  2. @Thomas180990there is a button to show or hide engrams.
  3. @sjskdjkfayou also can't upload ice wyvern eggs from valguero. I don't know if this also happens when you want to upload them from ragna servers but they just vanish from Valguero...
  4. @StudioWildcardI'm happy for the ongoing mesh fixes and the new protection. I don't mind a DLC being pushed back if it quality get's improved. The only issues that are still top prio for me are lags AND griefers on PVE Extinction. It's way too easy to attack someone on Extinction, you can even use corrupted pteras. I tested them on my own base, 3 lvl 15-25 pteras dealt insane amounts of damage to nearly every metal structure they attacked. People will find a hole in your defense, crack open your base and steal whatever they want. The corrupted giga teleportation is also an ongoing problem if you have anything valuable in your base, people will come from your server or others, build 1 or 2 teleporters and start teleporting endless amounts of corrupted gigas to your base. They monitor your on/off times just to steal from you. It's a big issue because you can make huge amounts of real money from some things.
  5. There should be a freeze state for dinos, no wiggling around, no tail movements and nothing, like the ''No ally looking'' option. Maybe such an option could help the servers/players? I couldn't care less about the ''immersion'' in this game if PVE would become more play- and enjoyable. @invincibleqcMost players are playing on PVE servers as Cedric once stated, solutions which could help everyone would still be the best option but the majority on PVE is suffering from lags. Someone suggest once a resource drain for bases like in Rust. The bigger your base is, the more resources you would have to fill into some kind of structure to hold everything else together. Also a flag like in Atlas could help but give tribes only a very limited amount of flags. The thing with dinos is an issue because people can just have 2+ accounts and ally with their own tribe to exceed any dino limit. I have talked to a guy that has 3 allys which are all his and his tribemates with 1200+ dinos outside for breeding purposes and since they aren't breeding small ''easy tame'' dinos this wouldn't be against the rules. Some other guy told me that he has 400+ deinos autside all the time because the eggs lay there for 7 days, so he always has endless amounts of eggs for kibbles... You can also exceed the dino limit with cryopods I believe. (not sure if this was fixed but it was possible in the beginning)
  6. I'm sure there could have been way better ways to handle the server saves. Is it not possible to constantly save like in other games? How have way, way older games/mmos handled to constantly have their servers save without the huge freeze every 15 minutes? ARK would be one of the greatest games if the lags and server saves were gone. Just calculate it up, we have 35-45 sec server saves each 15 mins on ragna and 50+ seconds on island. While playing this game is already a ''waste'' of lifetime, the server saves make it so much more miserable. There is no way that there isn't a better way to handle this issue, how does Rust or Conan Exiles do it? I have never seen a 40+ sec long freeze which appears every 15 minutes in any Rust stream. Also the game doesn't freeze everything, you get f***** if want to land on the ground, the game will make you hit the ground as if you fell down from the top of the map. Mana related issues have gotten better but I still vanished from Scorched Earth on a Mana because the game doesn't seem to stop your jump if you hit it shortly or right into the server save. One time pressing the jump button and you will get boosted so far into the air that you will land outside the map, gladly you can't hit the roof on extinction and just got pumped into the air half the highest towers height. I don't want to speak about the other issues the server saves brings because there are just too many and nothing positive besides ''uploading'' and ''saving'' your character which I believe could be handled in another way. It could already help a little if we would get a 30 sec warning before a server save...
  7. It's crazy IMO to expect people to mature a dino for 12 real days and imprint every 8 hours with such a tight schedule. I wish they would implement the ''training'' option the mana has for every dino...
  8. @Cedricteleporting corrupted dinos is still a huge issue on extinction, players have lost their whole bases because others griefed them with corrupted. You would have to put out endless amounts of defense to protect yourself and even then, a small hole in the defense can break open your base for griefers/thiefs. They build teleporters above other peoples bases, you are forced to pillar gigantic areas and can get reported for it. The corrupted take no damage from normal turrets, so you have to set out dinos which you have to feed over big areas and plant turrets which you have to fertilize. This is not PVE anymore, Extinction was and always have been griefer invested. It would already fix a lot of issues if you disabled the corrupted/wild dino teleport. Thanks for reading.
  9. @invincibleqcI fully agree that claiming tons of land and pillaring should be removed but the guy I reported on ragnarok who has a gigantic wall aroound 1/3 of the highlands and pillar spam inside the whole area didn't get his removed, should I report this issue again? I would upload a picture but it's so much land that I can't even render it with a single pic.... Maybe it wasn't removed because his walls build with stone walls instead of just gate spams. @LazaaRI don't know how much land you claimed but it must have been a lot and on many different spots when the enforcer just does a 2 clip wipe because they normally ask for exact cords for many of the pillars to remove them. I can understand your reasoning but claiming land is a horrible issue in this game. You can build a real wall with stone/metal or tek walls around a huge area and claim land it seems but simple pillars are an offense. A lot of people also build small buildings here and there instead of just pillaring because it also seems to prevent a pillar wipe if you place a small building from time to time. You should't think of ''owning'' this land because you were there first. Claiming land simply to have it or because you want to have meat farm areas is not really reasonable. I knew a guy who pillared a whole square on the map on Valg. from 10/10 to 20/20. He also thought that he ''owned'' all that because he was there first but a simple report would have gotten all of his pillars wiped. He also kept defending all his land claiming with ''I don't want people to build too near to me'' or ''I don't want anyone to build in the blue Obi'' which are very unreasonable.
  10. @invincibleqc sadly people sell spots for IRL money and this is very, very common in the chinese trading markets. I have reported tons of people for pillaring and often they got removed but it seems to depend on the enforcer taking up the issue sadly. I won't name people but some seem to take issues like building in Oil Veins or pillaring not as an offense against the code of conduct maybe because they think it's too small of a violation? Some enforce the issues, it's like a gamble and you can't send in the same issue multiple times because the GM could ban you from using the ticket system. So you are just left to deal with it, the same issue reported, handled by 2 different enforcers and 2 different outcomes shouldn't be normal. If someone builds in major resources like oil veins, city terminals (not a resource but it goes in the same direction) or pillars random areas without ''real'' buildings, they should always be handled the same way -> removal of the pillars/blocks and a warning. The ''real'' building issue is also a big problem because those people aren't stupid, they build a small 1x1 or 2x2 building with a bed to refresh those pillars and the pillars won't get removed because those people have a ''building'' there. The spot selling is also an issue of this game and since you can make pretty good real money with it, you can build a huge metal box building and leave it empty for months until it's sold. I bet everyone has seen some gigantic metal base somewhere that got build pretty quickly but never used, no dinos, nothing. This is also not fictional because you can talk to those people pretty easily on some trading sites or discords and they willingly explain such things...
  11. Yea, the fog is horrible, everything was so clear before the last patch and now we have to deal with this...
  12. Disabling Fog on official? Hello everyone, is there a way to disable the fog on official? I didn't have it before but it seems the last patch has ruined my graphic settings somehow and now I have this milky white horribleness that ruins my fps and makes everything look horrendous... I have only found ways to disable it for unofficial.... If someone knows a way to disable this on official, I would really appreciate it, thanks Edit: It's probably the skybox fix mentioned in the last patchnotes which seems to make -nomansky as a startupoption useless...
  13. If this game was bug and lag free it would be a great game. I don't need anything else. (Oh, maybe not being able to lure corrupted into bioms would also be nice)
  14. @monkeyclimber I know how you feel, when I started out on abe I got killed by those flies that spawn on corpses haha. I would suggest taming some vultures, they are very easy tames with spoiled meat and you can carry one on your shoulder on aggressive or even have a whole pack follow you around and kill everything that attacks you.
  15. @Thomas180990 the game has more serious issues than the snow owl glitch and they don't address them, like being able to teleport wild/corrupted dinos and luring corrupted into bioms which makes a whole map unplayable if you get griefers on your map. I agree that the snow owl glitch is game breaking but for PVE I couldn't care less anymore because the game has way worse issues. The snow owl glitch should be an instant ban for PVP because it breaks balance even further, what accomplishment do you get from killing an enemy dino if he can restock them with the glitch so easily. For PVE the glitch is nearly meaningless IMO, it may make it easier for big breeders or traders but that's not really game breaking. I wouldn't expect them to fix the glitch since it was around for over a year now and just changed a little after former attempts to patch it. I would much rather prefer them to fix Extinction because it has always been a heavenly place for every griefer and thief.
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