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  1. People also use teleporters to raid others on ext. and every time I write about it here the mods move it to the dead ext. section in the forum were no one sees it. A new Chinese tribe on our server started teleporting corrupted gigas to every base that was near an open teleporter by building a teleporter in the giga area. It's nearly impossible to report someone for this because you need video evidence of them actively pulling corrupted dinos into your base. They do it very professional and use second tribes for their teleporters with an open tek gen but nothing will happen to them unless you have the video evidence. (them looting or standing near watching is NOT enough) Teleporting Wild/Corrupted dinos needs to be disabled, also corrupted dinos entering the ''save'' areas like the city, forest, desert and snow should either not be able to enter them at all, instakill them or despawn them.
  2. true, I don't understand why it's such a bother to Wildcard to fix this.
  3. I have written about this problem before but the forum mods keep moving this thread to the ext. posts even thought no one really reads it here. I have given up trying to bring this matter up. The mods know themselves that everything in those sections won't be seen by many, the Forum has lost of his active users and they still move such an important matter out from General where it could have gotten traction because many people have experienced this happening or heard of it. It's not a problem bound to ext. even if it's the worst there. I have seen people teleport wild gigas or tons of golems just to grief others on other maps. But moving the post into a dead part of the forum is like the old saying ''out of sight, out of mind''.
  4. Teleporting Wild Dinos (Corrupted Gigas) Hello everyone, I would love to talk about the possibility to teleport wild dinos. IMO it has become a huge problem since Extinction. While it was and is prohibited to lure wild dinos into other bases and grief them, there is no way to really enforce this. For the Wildcard-Enforcement team to act you would need clear video material of the people luring the dinos to your base. This is nearly impossible, since the people who do this prepare themselves, do it when people just go offline or when they know that they are not around their bases. I have also noticed that those people just leave corrupted Gigas at offline bases, which the gigas chomp on until the person comes online and they DO NOT despawn for whatever reason. It's also way too easy with the possibility of building teleporters in or near the corrupted giga spawn areas. I have reported people before for this but no one will enforce anything unless you have video material showing those people luring those wild/corrupted dinos. I have talked to some people on different Extinction servern about this matter and mostly everyone has experienced something like this happening to them or someone they know. It seems to happen a lot over all the Extinction servers and even on normal PVE servers I noticed people teleporting Golems or even wild Gigas. I don't see any benefit from teleporting wild dinos, unless you want to trap a wild reaper queen inside your main base which I think is against rules (ruining a spawn). I have no clue how the ruling on PVP about this matter is but I would assume that it's also forbidden because you aren't allowed to lure wild titans into other bases even on PVP? What do you guys think of this? Have you experienced this before?
  5. I wouldn't even care about the bugs anymore if the servers would stop lagging... Also the 15min server save, was there really no better way to handle that? Instead of freezing the server for 20-80sec every 15 minutes without even a small warning beforehand. I would be really interested in a statistic on how many tames and how much gear people have lost to this.
  6. Ark PVP is every Narcissists and Sociopaths wet dream. People that can't live out their degenerate fantasies IRL can in Ark PVP. It's just how it is and seeing someone defending this aspect with ''The same stuff happens IRL'' concerns me on how much some people solitude themselves from the ''Normal, real society'' and make up a fantasy on how that ''Other society'' actually is. Normal people do not make schemes to exploit, hurt or take advantage of their fellow human being @melissa4963 explained the post pretty well: he for no reason other then to feed his own degenerate fantasy did this and came here to brag about it how @TheDonn very well stated. Please stop trying to make this look normal, it seems more like a mental illness and is striving away from anything that could be called ''normal''.
  7. The mana was beyond broken and people got so mad about the nerfs. You could shoot at anything from the furthest range, freeze them forever, dismount them, instantly kill people with the charge. The breath was so strong that you could kill a normal titan (not ext) in 2-3 minutes or a wild giga 80k in under 1 min with a tamed mana around 600-700+ meele leveled. They are breedable and people still use them like crazy for pvp because there is nothing that can match them. The nerfs were all rightfully and I wouldn't mind if they got nerfed more because the whole idea of them was broken to begin with.
  8. This happened to our ext server as well. New Chinese tribe on the server, 2 weeks in, starts teleporting corrupted gigas around. They had a teleporter with a second tribe in the giga area but forgot or left the quetzel from their main tribe there. I recorded them standing on the roof of a building that gigas were destroying and my friend made pictures of them stealing from a cracked open base. I send in all of the videos and pictures but was told that I need to have a video of them luring the gigas, ''everything could have been just a huge coincidences'' was what I was told and my 2 tickets got closed. Nothing ever happened from all the people that reported them. I would also like to ask @Cedric and the Moderation team to leave this post up because were else can we discuss matters of the report system that are not going right. If no one points out mistakes nothing will ever change, so please do not close this. And for everyone posting, do not call out names/servers, keep it civil so we can actually have a thread left open for discussion about such a matter that affects so many!
  9. it's your opinion and you have all right to have it. I'll just buy the addon when it releases.
  10. @BertNoobianssadly they often don't even get banned because you need a video/picture of them being in the mesh. If they are already inside your base, nothing will mostly happen sadly. @ScOpEzZKinq I can only recommend to not play on official because meshing will always be a gigantic issue unless they set up kill areas.
  11. I just play other games, watch streams or do follow any other hobby.
  12. But how does the lag on officials work? I have a 150-200+ping on our ragnarok server over the day but at nights when nearly no one is around the ping goes down to 20-30. I once read that the ping is more affected by rendering and only shows effect if the person/tribe is online and in render range of those dinos/structures. So with only 10 and less people online at night it's way less rendered dinos/structures the server has to struggle with than in top times where 30-45 people render everything. So heavily reduced player numbers could help overall lag IMO?
  13. They are a pain to tame even with kibble. I wouldn't try taming it without.
  14. they can only respond to things that get reported. I personally use Bandicam since a dev came to my server and punished us for something which was a repercussions to the other tribe trying to wipe us when we had nothing. Film everything and report it with evidence (video)
  15. Formally I would have said write report ticket but myself submitting 2 instances of heavy griefing. One with so much video evidence that a tribe was griefing a tame, leading golems and wyverns to a giga tame. Nothing happened here. They probably got a warning because they were never banned, writing every day on the server. The other one of a new tribe on Ext. who started pulling corrupted gigas over teleporters and looting the destroyed/cracked open bases. I sadly had no evidence of them pulling but they had teleporters in the giga area with second tribes and pillared them with their main tribe after I tried to close them off with behe gates. I only had pictures and videos of them looting and standing on top/near bases the gigas were destroying but was told that it all could have been a big coincidence and that they could have been there just by chance looting. So I would suggest to switch the server or build up so many defenses that nothing can ever happen to you. GM's will only do something if you get build in or if they leave dinos inside your base on PVE, otherwise I wouldn't even bother. Submitt a abuse ticket AND a normal ticket and pray to god that the GM doesn't close it instantly. If someone comes to help you start pillaring a big area around your base to be save from such griefing.
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