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  1. They failed heavily with the corrupted dinos. It's like no one at Wildcard/Snail Games thought about griefing, kiting, stealing and everything else you can do with corrupted. How is it even possible to ignore such a major flaw? It's such a gigantic flaw considering that the fast majority of players are on PVE. Not only didn't they think about the possibility, they nearly did nothing to change the issue and left it just as it is. The only thing they have actually done is disable the wild dino teleport. I'm not even sure if they did it because of the griefers on Extinction but at least
  2. @BearmainI suggest to tweet at some of the devs. None one of them ever write in this forum and I'm not even sure if they even read anything here. But they tweet all day, they tell us over their personal twitters about changes to the game and even respond to issues and requests, really amazing, I can only suggest tweeting them.
  3. ARK would be one of the best games if the servers weren't lagging. I can handle all bugs, even baby dinos randomly starving doesn't matter to me BUT the server lags and saves are unbearable. I loved Aberration because it nearly never laged but even that map has started lagging some months ago... This game without 15min server saves that ruins your mood or kill you and without the horrible rubber banding and lags = 10/10 But those 2 issues ruin the experience and gameplay.
  4. @NZScruffydo you run around on foot when you play? I'm 99% of the time on a dino when I leave my base. I could understand this if those old ''super prim'' servers were still up where you weren't able to ride dinos. IMO 1500 is more than enough for any normal ARK player unless you go around punching dinos to death or facetanking them like in World of Warcraft... Cheaters and dupers abused this way too much, some tribes had multiple vaults full of crazy high dura Tek armors which this restricts.
  5. Maybe someone will make a MOD for the tek armor on unofficial. As for official all the nerfs are amazing, the MEK and Tek suit wipes will cripple the huge dupers, at least for some weeks. They should have put a limit on the MEK stats to prevent further abuse. I can understand the frustration but 1500 is still a lot if you play PVE this will nearly never break unless you crash in the middle of 10 dinos attacking you. Like I said, maybe someone will bring out a MOD to fix this for all unofficial players unhappy with the changes. I can only talk from an official few and welcome all of t
  6. @Gunner120mmas soon as the servers open up and people bring in rexes everyone will destroy the boss easily. Why suffer and waste your time by losing boss armies when already super mutated dinos will easily beat the boss. This game is not Dark Souls, I play Souls games if I want a challenge ^^ or Rimworld on the hardest difficulty and random mode
  7. I just hope they won't use the Hexagon shop as their start to microtransactions...
  8. All the OSD/Veins vanished from Extinction. They are just not there anymore. @Cedric @GP
  9. @Swordguythey won't ever region lock ARK, it's owned by a Chinese company - Snail Games. Why would they lock out their own players?
  10. I have reported our Ragnarok server daily during the whole event and nothing ever happened. I told others to also report and some have probably done it but nothing helps
  11. I would rather have the event end...the constant server crashes and 255+ ping is just garbage. We had 30-40 players before on our server and it was laggy but now we have 10-20 because no one wants to deal with this game anymore...
  13. I have no idea how or why maps are open to 70 players. They can barely handle 20 players...
  14. @namelessNo, I'm saying that you want the wipe to happen now because of selfish reasons. I'm saying that you want the wipe to happen to put everyone on equal terms if that even means anything on PVE. I don't understand your reasoning for wanting the wipe and the few people that dupe on PVE do not influence me or most people there. I would bet that most people on PVE don't even think about dupers because it doesn't influence them in any way. You on the other hand think that those duped items are ruining your game? I'm trying to understand the reason for it. This is a totally differen
  15. @namelessthe game will also be not supported anymore at some point. Wildcard will not be able to stop duping as long as you can transfer, upload or download. You even randomly dupe items intentionally when you upload or download them or dupe your character. This has always been an issue but you still haven't answered my question: Why do you want that partial wipe? To prevent wildcard from fully wiping in the future? That's a really, really bad reason (or excuse for your real reason) to wipe NOW and not in some years/never. Look at the PS4 or XBOX PVP servers, they were and still ar
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