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  1. Wildcard is a Chinese owned company, this all may be just a joke but who knows what happens to your data and which data they collect with Snail Games owning Wildcard. Same with Tencent, who knows what happens with your Riot Games (League of Legends) or Grinding Games Gear (Path of Exile) data.
  2. Collecting Plant Z Seeds Hello everyone, what methods do you guys use to collect Plant Z seeds? I'm currently using a Gacha filled with fiber but I can only collect up to 14-19 seeds before the gacha eats them for some reason which he normally shouldn't because of the fiber. I would be interested to hear if anyone had a better method.
  3. @GrumpyBear I only switch from abe to ragna or ragna to extinction and back. I had it happen multiple times but I only have one backup char at this point and IMO everyone should have one because it would solve a lot of issues for Wildcard and I can't see it doing any damage. I had 3 at some point because of server transfers but after the whole huge rollback in april and the gigantic issues Wildcard (Chinese Snail Games) had they for some reason deleted all the clones. I was just lucky because some weeks prior, I had lost my main character and just used another one. I'm currently not transferring to any server anymore and if I have to trade, I just make level 1 characters on other servers. One thing that always makes me laugh is that some people actually believe that they can prevent such things from happening and that they only do ''smart and safe transfers''. My character got deleted at 4 in the morning with no players on both servers. Those idiots really believe that they understand the servers and that it's not based on luck. How do you foresee the one time your target server crashes and you also miss the server save, laughable.
  4. @GrumpyBearthe good thing is that you sometimes get a duplicate character from transfers, just hold on to them. Those duplicate character are 1000 better than anything a GM could/would restore you.
  5. They don't even restore tek engrams anymore @Cedricmade a statement some time ago when the big rollbacks happened but the policy seems to have changed. The only thing you will get back is a lvl 105 character without anything IF you have proof you had a former character. It's probably is too hard for them to check the tribelog and pull out what char you had before the game deleted him. /sarcasm
  6. @Pubbyxd you can message me in DM's or Discord and come to my server. I'll show it to you in person, that's probably easier
  7. @Kiddkidd125I'm not sure if you are on single or multiplayer but write a ticket here https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/requests . The GM's will help you, just fill out everything.
  8. @Cedriccould ''no wild dino teleport'' be added to the list? Some extinction PVE servers are unplayable because people keep teleporting corrupted gigas around.
  9. @Pubbyxd I can just say it again, it's not hard to get a reaper queen on a Spino. You have a 1200meele spino, so probably the bred ones. We used garbage tamed spinos with primitive saddles... There is no way in hell that you will die unless you get kicked off into the pink river, disconnect/crash or get bugged under the mesh which is so extremely rare on a Spino. We had 5-7k hp Spinos and the 7k hp Spino (already leveled stats) was a bred one which my friend brought from another server. The method I posted above works and we have done it like that. After we got our reaper we started collecting drake eggs because it's so damn easy on a reaper, we have done it before on Spinos, walked all the way down to the nests and used climbing picks to steal some eggs. You can just jump from nest to nest on a reaper and kill all the drakes in seconds. The surface was the very last thing I have visited in Abe and in the time you get your first good rock drake blueprint or spino you will probably have an army of reapers.
  10. @GaretI was just addressing some people that said and keep saying that breeding ruined the difficulty. The point is that someone who want's hard bossfights on official doesn't have to use the OP lines from others. He can simply tame for a while, combine stats and breed himself until he has a line who can defeat alpha bosses. That actually sounds like a good adventure. So why do those people not do it? @Joebl0w13you as a moderator think that luring wild dinos to others WHILE they are offline is a fun thing in PVE and adds that touch that is missing? As I said before, only griefers would enjoy no ORP and the only people you could grief are small/new tribes unless you lure titans to the big bases. Instead of griefing people while they are offline, why not play PVP where you can actually grief or foundation wipe people? Is the answer maybe because those people could retaliate easily? You play inside a big metal base and grief everyone on PVE who has not set up a fences, behe gates or a huge base to protect their tames while they are working or sleeping? Why not do that on PVP, where people have every possibility to grief you? Is it because you don't like to be an easy target? It's easy to protect yourself even without ORP, IF you have the resources for it. People who do not have the resources will suffer because griefers will have the time of their life without ORP.
  11. I have said this before but the only people that do not want ORP are griefers. No sane person wants ORP off, this would only hurt the new players that are not living in big metal bases and as soon as you reach the point of having a big metal base, nothing on PVE will be able to kill you even if ORP is off. (UNLESS! another player lures a titan to your base, knowing you have turrets set up like some people here suggest for PVE players. The turrets will shoot the titan and the titan will destroy your whole base, really nice. Players will lure gigas, teleport rock elementals and do everything they can to destroy someones base or tames when they are not around because it's so easy to do. This will only hurt the people who don't have much because everyone else sits in their metal/tek base. So now that we experienced ORP off, people who do not grief others will remember why ORP was such a good idea in the first place for PVE. The griefers will have the time of their life and experience the ''fun'' they seeked for so long because they are not capable enough for pvp but are able to come up with ideas to grief PVE in any way possible. If you seek for accomplishment by building your base ''against wild dinos'', why not just do it? Are you happier when you see others struggle or being forced to play the way YOU would enjoy? Why don't you be happy with how you yourself build your base instead of wanting everyone else to adept to your playstyle. Same goes for breeding lines, NO ONE forces you to use them. You can play official and never use a bred line ever, why don't players who complain do it? Is it because you want to show off with how well you do the beta or alpha boss with your own dinos? Why not just do it and be happy that you have managed it? Be happy for yourself and don't seek recognition by others it will make this way more enjoyable if you like to accomplish things on your own, everyone else can also just keep playing how they want to, me with ORP and bred super dinos who destroy the bosses in minutes. (also as Cedric stated in some thread a while ago, ARK has way, way more PVE players than PVP. Search it up.)
  12. @Pubbyxdgetting a reaper with a Spino is very easy and you won't die ever unless you dismount, crash or disconnect in the middle of the red zone and let everything attack you. We lured our first reapers with Spinos and it's very easy. There are probably reaper traps at cords: 60/70 outside of the red zone. You will have to walk with your Spino into the red zone, down the path from 60/70, there are multiple queen spawns there, so you kill the low lvl queens directly in the red zone while always having a wall behind you, so you don't get thrown away too far by the reaper queen. Do it until you find a high lvl queen, lure her out of the red zone, up the path (there are 2 paths leading up to the blue zone from there). Never dismount in the red zone because of the Purlovias and check your hazard suit from time to time. A basic hazard suit already lasts a good amount of time unless you get hit, which should not happen. When you lure the queen back always move on 2 legs because you will probably have to clear the way and it could happen that a burrowed Purlovia is going to jump at you if you hit another one near it but if you are standing with the Spino it's nearly impossible to get hit by the jumping Purlovia. Be careful when the queen comes to near while leading her up because she will use her knockback attack first and you will get hit away, sometimes pretty far. After you have lured the queen of your desire into the blue zone, you can put her into the trap by running quickly around the trap while she follows into the trap. Close the trap while mounted, have the doors open inwards so you can walk against the trap wall and close the door in first person while on your spino/megalo or ravager). Have 1 or 2 sleeping bags somewhere near if something happens. I would suggest using a Megalosaurus after this point because they are smaller, easier to handle and deal way more damage than a Spino. (And one other very important point which I'll mention later) You will now need a lightpet and a magnifying glass at this point to be safe because the queen only impregnates players when she is under 2k health and starts glowing when no light is near her. So you now do damage to the queen until she has under 2k health. Check the HP while mounted on a dino that allows you to use it (I used a Rock Drake but a ravager, lvled in HP works as well). Keep the area clear from Nameless because they will spawn after you turn off your lightpet but if you kill all the spawning ones there will be a good chance that no others will spawn after this point. Now that the queen is glowing and no nameless are spawning anymore it's time to get impregnated. DO NOT!! do it with a shield, no one should use that method anymore because you can get impregnated while sitting on your dino which is endless times saver. Dinos I suggest for this are: Rock Drake, Megalosaurus, Ravager. You go with either one of those dinos to the queen, she will use her knockback attack a couple times and whenever she does it, dismount and mount again (very important). A Rock Drake doesn't get knocked back very far so walk 1 or 2 steps back, dismount and mount before walking in again. Now it's just a matter of time, your dino will mostly have to take some damage if the queen doesn't do it instantly. Just keep dismounting and mounting your dino until she stops for a moment, screams and picks you up with her tail to impregnate you. It sometimes bugs if it works you will see the reaper baby icon in the bottom right. I suggest to use a 2x exp brew at this point and kill the queen afterwards, done. You can at this point only lose your reaper baby to radiation or by uploading your character, normal deaths, spores or anything else won't do anything to your baby. Do the missing levels you need to reach the +75 by killing spinos and crabs in the river (green zone). You can collect one of the notes, use a x2 exp broth or even use the toilette which gives +33% exp for a short time. Have fun with your new Reaper.
  13. @slapdashgamer unofficial has their own big problems: Admin abuse, p2w mechanics, server stability and some others. I like the mods and reasonably increased rates on unofficial servers but even if I have to deal with a lot of garbage on official, it's not comparable to having an admin who freely reigns over his domain without having to fear any repercussions. (other than players leaving) I have experienced it in other games what admin abuse does to a server and I'll gladly deal with the hot mess officials are. Alone the possibility to come here and talk smack about ARK without instantly getting banned from the game is more than many people on unofficial have. There are probably tons of good servers out there with great admins but from my experience such things can turn around very quickly if one of them comes up with a ''great idea'' (p2w mechanics to carry server costs etc.) and the community is not happy about it.
  14. @invincibleqc that's why I gave them so much evidence. They could have just waited one week and seen that the tribe owner (different steam account) has changed to someone that has never had anything to do with the tribe or even the server in general. I don't think it would be unreasonable to check such things. I'm not saying to ban someone because of some pictures and I have stated before that they should check the tribe owner change.
  15. @Azmeaiel they don't even care about real money sellings. I have reported a guy selling his base for real money before and got told that they won't do anything because he was not selling it ingame. It got sold on a different platform and the GM told me that they only care if it's ingame over the ARK client. They have no intentions of stopping such things happening, it would be so easy to verify the owner of the tribe after the selling. Some guy even told me that he makes banks building bases for people. A report for real money selling in ARK does nothing because they only act if it's over the client but who would post over Global that he is selling his base for cash... Also, just as a reminder ARK is owned by the Chinese Snail Games and ARK in China is free to play with P2W. Maybe we will also get some P2W one day to counter the IRL sellers like World of Warcraft now sells ingame gold for money.
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