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  1. @crasht01 he send the dinos inside a bossfight. I have done the same before because people keep leaving their dinos on the obi, go offline or just don't want to move them away. ARK players are extremely selfish and you only have 2 options to deal with this situation; 1: You write a ticket and wait days to weeks. 2: You start the bossfight and get rid of the dinos yourself. The 2 options are only if the other tribe is not responding, not willing or offline since there wouldn't be a problem in the first place if the other tribe was considerate. What you are now trying to accomplish is him agreeing to your view that he is also toxic without every giving a solution to the issue at hand. (what is usually called a ''big talker'') You are going into a philosophical debate about fixing injustice with injustice. There is an enforcement tool ''ticket system'' that works very sporadically, leaving everything to their judgement takes the ''guilt'' out what he did but he would have been forced to wait days/weeks for help. In this whole thread you have not a single time stated how you would have dealt with this situation and only attacked someone. You called others snowflakes and insulted them further those snowflakes have taken action and solved the issue which Wildcard and YOU seemingly can't. I gave you the 2 possible ways of how to solve this issue if the third way was not possible which seems the case here. If you can't hold a civil debate with someone without insulting them after a few exchanges while writing and having enough time to formulate your thoughts, I don't want to know what kind of person you are IRL, your poor surroundings.
  2. Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask how big your ARK folders are because 208 GB seems ridiculous... Is there a way to delete maps like Crystal Island and not be forced to download it again? I'm not sure where the gigantic amounts of GB come from but 200+ GB for a game is just crazy. I saw people complaining about the 100GB from the newest Call of Duty while ARK just silently fills up your space with their game...
  3. That's sad to hear...I have no idea why they have enabled the pregnant reaper transfer in the first place o_O
  4. I don't even care about bug fixes anymore unless it's something game breaking. If they ever fixed the lags/crashes on officials and optimized the older maps a little more, this game would be way more enjoyable. We should probably be already happy if a ''fix'' doesn't break anything else for weeks or months.
  5. @parazightsorry the ''mutton OP'' thing was more aimed at other people who think that PVE ARK is competitive I mostly play PVE but played PVP a couple times. It's an unbalanced and laggy mess that is filled with cheaters and dupers but can be fun for some hours if you don't invest too much into it. I was rather arguing the points of some main PVP players here that got attacked by pure PVE players for their outcry. I'm glad to hear that this was just a mistake by Wildcard.
  6. @parazightsince you play alone you take out the issues PVP players have. You don't have time to set up a nice little spot with a nice little garden and cook some tasty veggie cake to tame some sheeps which you would have to lvl/breed to get some good amounts of mutton. You are in the constant fear of someone discovering you and wiping you again after you just starting freshly after a wipe. Someone even provided a picture of him talking directly to Wildcard and them stating that this was a mistake on their side while trying to fix an exploit. This heavy nerf was never intended it seems like. Also saying mutton is/was OP while playing PVE or PVE unofficial would really interest me on the reasoning. If the game is too easy for you, why not increase the difficulty on unofficial or singleplayer and reduce the gathering rates heavily? Why drag everyone else into this mess? Are this the same people that think PVE is competitive? Do you want your effort put into the game to not be diminished by others having access to easier methods? Does taming with mutton destroy the balance of the game on PVE where the few pro-nerf people come from?
  7. Why not just do a single imprint? Multiple imprints in such a short time just get annoying and since you are mainly only aiming for the end product I would go with a single imprint in those minutes. Think about later on when you have multiple dinos and you would have to run to each of them imprinting them multiple times, that sounds horrible. I'm annoyed beyond believe by having to imprint every 8 hours and on some dinos for days/weeks on official. Having to imprint only once would be amazing, so I can only suggest that
  8. @Zahleathe biggest point is that a game shouldn't revolve around how much you would have to mindlessly farm an early game resource to progress. This nerf only hits new players and PVP players that have to build up new. If someone says that 2 weeks for raising a Giga that you have to imprint every 8 hours is too much and you counter with ''oooh but we had it way harder back in my days'' I would declare you as game addicted. No one in their right mind with a real life going on, with responsibilities would be against nerfing/reducing something like that. I saw people before arguing that they had to raise Gigas without cryos and saying ''that was real work''. Whoever says something like that is not in the right place in their life and shouldn't be taking seriously because he is in the very minority of the whole playerbase. Making senseless things like stone, wood farming or early game taming harder has no reasoning other than to artificially increase the game time. The game does NOT become harder that way it becomes more grindy. Make bosses harder, make dinos stronger, give them abilities. Other games have shown how to make great bossfights or give dinos/enemy monsters some nice abilities. The raptor pounce was such an ability but it was removed. (to be fair, it was a buggy mess but instead of a fix they removed it.)
  9. @TheDonn I's doable but this only hurts newer players or PVP players that have to start fresh after a wipe. Everyone else will just use kibble because they give the better result while being easy to make if you are already set up. This patch has hurt new players and freshly starting PVP players and no one else sadly. IMO this nerf is complete nonsense, this is not 2015-2016 ARK were jobless or game addicted people spend all their day taming a theri or griffin with normal meat for 20 hours... Is Wildcard trying to cater to that group of gamers? If that is the case I would really enjoy a statement from them saying it
  10. I'm sorry for all the oldschool ARK players that you had to spend 24 hours taming a Theri but that is just simply stupid. No one in their right mind would ever do that unless you have no responsibilities IRL. I'm pretty sure that the majority of the playerbase are happy with the rates right now with the ongoing 2x event and you ''oldschoolers'' stating in every thread where Wildcard clearly ruins something that ''OHHHH but in my daaays we had to farm on 0,5 times the rates and raise gigas without croys''. Please stop, it is horrible and only for actual giga nerd gamers with no life other than ARK. I don't mind your playstyle but it has NOTHING to do with today's official servers where most of the playerbase plays on and rightfully protests here on the forum against such baseless changes. I bet most of you arguing with official players don't even play with 0,5 farming rates on unofficial or without cryos. So why keep mentioning ''we had it so hard back then'' (This simply sounds like boomers being angry at the younger generations just that real life boomers were able to tame 1 dino with 1 mutton in their economy while today's generation would have to spend 20-30 mutton to tame 1 dino ) The game has forever changed and evolved, don't hold on to the nostalgia. People wished for WoW classic and most had fun for some weeks/months until realizing that the endgame is horrible which were happier times in their memories. An wild Ovi giving 2 mutton is just wrong considering that they are very rare on some maps. PVE or even worse PVE Unofficial players with boosted rates arguing over this with Official PVP players which are 2 different worlds, 2 totally different playstyles of the same game is not right. Those players are denouncing the others while trying to gatekeep the artificial level of difficulty in ARK that is tied to increasing or decreasing the amount of resources you get which ONLY increases the time you are forced to farm. If the game difficulty is only tied to how long you have to farm a low tier resource there is simply something wrong with the game and if the increase of the rates ruins your gaming experience you should hopefully know that you are probably in the very minority of the playerbase that enjoys such things.
  11. I respect your work but the issue with a trading website outside of the forum is that you would be forced to give away your informations to someone I don't know/trust. (1 post on the forum) Some might say that we are already transparent in this day of age but I still try to protect my data as best as I can. Even Discord trading is already something sketchy. If you could work your way into this forum by talking to Wildcard and implement a trading section here, I would recommend it to everyone but a 3rd party website which requires probably my correct e-mail, steam account connection/name or other things is already too much for trading. This is clearly just my opinion and people a free to give away all their data as they want but I would recommend to everyone to think twice, trice before signing up everywhere just for convenience reasons.
  12. @cwbhif you want to come back for official PVP I would highly recommend to not do so unless you have a connection into a bigger tribe. PVE could become boring for you since there isn't much to do other than breeding endlessly or doing endless missions on Genesis and the same bosses over and over again. It would probably still be fun to reach that certain point but after you reached it there is nothing to do in PVE besides mindless grinding, breeding or trading. Private PVP for a while could be fun if you manage to find a good server without admin abuse or control freak admins this would also highly help against any forms of hackers or cheaters. Just be aware that many, many official servers have been struggling for months with heavily lags, rubber banding, weekly/daily and even hourly crashes and that you will spend a lot of time being frustrated not because the game is hard, mechanically difficult or punishing but because you will stumble through lags, glitches, crashes, bugs, dupers, cheaters and griefers. If you don't mind all the things I listed, I wish you fun on official. PS: I don't think it's worth it to come back to ARK because this game is a time sink and the decay timer could hold you hostage as I have seen it on many people. The game is like crack to some people, you pay a harsh price for the enjoyment. (I say this while remembering an old friend in WoW days who stopped leaving his house to play tirelessly for weeks) ^^
  13. @covenantgruntit's not really passive since you have to pick up the crystals every 15 minutes ^^ It is also not possible to have owls on Aberration which makes that gacha tower not valid. Transferring element dust or owl pallets requires some effort if you are alone and a small chance to lose your character by transferring which I'm not a fan of. I'm just someone who want's to put as little effort as possible for a somewhat good result and I don't see a better way than using a crab+anky on Aberration. Everything else requires more effort which I'm personally not interested into putting in ARK. Let's be real here, this game is not worth that much time and effort. ^^ The Skiff method would also require a second person and I would assume that most people solo farm resources just casually from time to time. For 2+ people that don't have any issues making element on Aberration the Skiff is maybe a viable option but for everyone who just want's effortless metal without much else around it the crab+anky combo is the only reasonable strategy
  14. no but you can build on a mosa or on a raft and have it inside.
  15. @Badcompanydjhave you submitted a video in the ticket? They normally don't care for pictures. Sadly it's very possible that still nothing would happen but I would just keep submitting tickets with video evidence of the whole thing happening. Maybe you get an Enforcer one that which will care and help you out. Sadly the quality of the GM and Enforcers is not up to a standard. Some will really try to help you with everything possible while others will just brush you off to get the workload done as fast as possible it seems.... I wish you good luck with future reports!
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