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  1. Can't transfer When I use my transmitter on official,I type in a serve and click "join with survivor" nothing happens other than the button greys out. I tried restarting the game and my PS4 but nothing.
  2. If you mate with something that has a mutation, it will keep the counter in the child. Mutation counter doesn't matter once you females with under 20. Male could have thousands but once the female is under 20 then you can still mutate stats. Tame a lvl 5 female Rex and clone it as many times then breed your best male against them. If you get a better male then replace old male. If you get a better female then breed only that female against the male till you get a male with the new stat then breed that male against the clones.
  3. Dino's render before buildings, it walked right out. That's why when you aren't there when eggs hatch, they end up in the floor.
  4. You're being forced to use gigas because the fact they are an option. Why use anything other than super bred dinos. It's easy to say don't use them but the fact they are there will be a force to use them.
  5. Dollie said : I expect I'll have it finished and ready to post tomorrow. We're a little spread thin as we cover extra roles at this difficult time. I tend to write a lot so I hope players find it informative haha so today
  6. Dollie said there would be something in the community crunch about it on Thursday... Still no sign of it
  7. This event ruined Chibis, before they were rare and since this event came along. Where's the community crunch Dollie said it was today
  8. Still stuck on login lock
  9. When you reply to your own ticket you create it goes to the bottom of the queue.
  10. Mining drill doesn't work on lunar? I can harvest the red at Volcano for element shards but when I got to lunar biome and try the element rocks all I get is stone from the drill. Is this a bug?
  11. HLN-A Bugged stats on scan On the PS4 after you scan with the touch pad it doesn't show the Dinosaurs stats. I've asked people on official PC and they said it does indeed show the stats when a dino is scanned.
  12. Yes it does So it is bugged on PS4.
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