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  1. 0 servers? I don't know if I'm the only person but PS4 has 0 official servers.
  2. Base has decayed. So I went to check on my island base as my character is still stuck on Ragnarok and my whole base and dinos have decayed over this. I haven't been able to play since Valentine's day event over this. I tribe has pillared off this area now. What will WC do about everything I lost?
  3. Doesn't help anything as timers are counting down. 1 week has passed and another will pass before the fix. Decay timers need to be reduced to help those that won't be able to login for 2 weeks.
  4. I don't think it would matter if they change it for a week just so people won't lose stuff because this isn't fixed yet.
  5. Reduce decay timer speed for blue screen people. Are you going to lower decay times on all maps for PS4 blue screen users? I don't want to lose my abberation and island bases over this.
  6. I've been playing since early access on PS4 and it's lagging more than ever and I have to admit that bigger buildings were around during early access and kibble farms every where. Now I see less buildings on pve servers but more lag than ever and my PS4 blue screens 4-5 times a day.
  7. No fix yet, haven't played since Tuesday.. This has been ongoing since Tuesday and it's Thursday now and no update and what's going on. I sent in a ticket to ask a GM to move my character away from the crash zone and they said they can't unless I'm online. Are you using a primitive system or something? If this was another game they would of move my character or killed it without the need for me being online. No update on the situation or anything that's going on.
  8. Yeah, if they wipe the servers but it will be lagging once people start building and taming. Haha.
  9. Coming up on 24 hours and no blue screen fix. We're coming up on the 24 hour mark and we're being told nothing what's getting done to get this resolved. I created a ticket to get my character moved but they gave me a clipping on how to report outages and completely ignored what I was asking of them.
  10. Ongoing for 19 hours and no fix only we're looking into it.
  11. Still down I see. Almost 12 hours and no fix.
  12. Tried to submit a ticket but it was auto marked as resolved...
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