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  1. All servers are 70+/70 on ps4 Also we can't transfer to Gen2 or off Gen2
  2. Is it normal to disconnect whenever you do element nodes or OSD? Ive disconnected on every single one I've done today on official. Get a massive lag spike then disconnect, and it's not just me. Everyone on the server disconnects.
  3. Just reinstalled to see if that was the issue and when I try to run single player Genesis it says It's not been installed and prompts me to visit the PSN store and when I visit it, it brings me to a Genesis page that says it's not available for purchase.
  4. This is what I see on the store ingame and online
  5. I just reinstalled the game on my ps4 and I'm character was reset to lvl1 no bigger I have the points to lvl it up again. However some of my tek engrams are gone. Its asking me to pay full price again for the Genesis season pass even though I already paid it and played genesis part 1 when it first came out. Does anyone know how to fix this? Edit: I've tried deactivating and setting ps4 as primary and restoring licenses and it didn't work. When I got to the store it has two genesis for me the season pass which costs the original amount and ark gene
  6. I'm reinstalling ark on the ps4 and all dlcs but the season pass is still displaying full price. I have bought the season pass before,is this an error?
  7. Thanks for the discord link, I'll have to join.
  8. I haven't played since after a couple of months after Gen1 and thought about coming back for Gen2 but seems like Youtubers are gone, even this forum seems dead. Whats the game population like at the moment?
  9. It's still crazy they didn't wait till after Gen2 to announce it. We get no info about Gen2 but let's announce a new game which will make Ark 1 completely irrelevant. They shot themselves in the foot.
  10. Tek pods/fridge or a nerf to raising/breeding. I don't know why they want to go back to an unhealthy system and a bad gameplay design of having people sit for hours watching and feeding baby dinos. Standing next to a dinosaur and holding a button to put food into it's inventory is bad gameplay.
  11. Grandta

    Gen 2 Transfer

    I think they learned after AB. Just look at ext and Gen, both easy to transfer off. If they didn't then they need better game designers.
  12. Already bought the base game on ps4 and all dlcs,I'm not dropping that again to play on pc.
  13. I was thinking about jumping back into Ark but this time on pc as I've always played on PS4 but the price point still being around 60 is abit much especially at this point. I had the game and all the expansion passes on PS4 but can't justify paying around 60 just for the base game again. Any word on epic giving away again for free? Haha
  14. You're being forced to use gigas because the fact they are an option. Why use anything other than super bred dinos. It's easy to say don't use them but the fact they are there will be a force to use them.
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