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  1. Grandta

    The island base.

    Yeah probably a smart move, especially with higher level dinos. I play with only a few things increased. I might try Rag, any good base spots recommendations?
  2. Grandta

    The island base.

    So I've played PVP, PVE and not just want to relax on Single player and just do my own thing and whatnot. Since I have the whole map to myself, I can build anywhere. But I don't know where to build. I'm thinking maybe near the middle of the map so I have equal distance to almost everything. Anyone got any advice?
  3. Grandta

    SP settings help.

    I'm playing on Single player and the dinosaurs are spawning at low levels like 1 or 4. Anyone know the settings to change it to like official settings? Going from 5-150?
  4. Grandta

    Can't transfer?

    Can anyone else not transfer? I click join with survivor and nothing happens. I tried both a drop and transmitter and nothing happens.
  5. Grandta

    Empty nests?

    So I've been trying to get rockdrakes eggs for the last two days and haven't come across any. Working as attended or bugged?
  6. Grandta

    Cyropod and babies.

    No choice when you're solo, they are a godsend
  7. Grandta

    Cyropod and babies.

    When you take a baby out of a cryopod do they start maturing straight away or after the sickness?
  8. Grandta

    Snow owl

    I'm wondering if you can shoot from them like a Griffin. I have yet to try it, has anyone done it?
  9. Grandta

    Mek on other maps?

    How do you power something you can't deploy? Yes I know you need element to run it, but the question is why can't I deploy it from inventory.
  10. Grandta

    Mek on other maps?

    I just crafted it on Aberration, the primitive unassembled mek and try to use it and nothing happens. Is it only usable on extinction?
  11. Grandta

    No rain on extinction...

    So I'm not getting any rain and I'm far from any water near my base. Will I have to run piping around the map just to get it?
  12. Grandta

    Can't join?

    Why do we allow ourselves to leave them do this to us, I mean we know better from previous releases that this was never going to be smooth. We'll complain till it is in a working state and just go back to leaving them get away with this stuff. We can blame Wild card till the cows come home but it's our fault for leaving them to keep doing this. Look at the lootbox stuff going on, it has been going on for to long till we made the stand against them and now they are being dealt with. At the end of the day it's our fault for not standing and saying no, this is not acceptable. You're meant to learn from previous experiences, but wildcard seems to not learn at all and just wait it out till we stop complaining.
  13. Grandta

    Are my babies dead?

    So I could have them feeding out of a Tek trough before I go play extinction.
  14. Grandta

    Are my babies dead?

    I hatched babies this morning and now the game is down for three hours. I'm guessing they have starved by now...
  15. Grandta

    Can't join?

    Anyone else crashing back to the main menu when joining a server on console?