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      Survivors, We will be conducting maintenance on some of our official servers. These servers will be moved to new machines and will be receiving a hardware upgrade, which will result in better performance.  They will be taken offline in batches and also brought back online in stages. It will begin at 8:00 PM EST and we expect all servers to be back online by 4:00 AM EST (CET: 2:00 AM to 10:00 AM | PST: 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM). Should there be any other updates, we will keep you informed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the update, and we thank for your understanding and patience throughout the maintenance. PC PS4 XBOX  


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  1. Question about this dmg% harvesting deal

    Would a wyvern not be better? Faster to get to your base drop and go again.
  2. Trying to get Rexes to do the bosses but it's hard to find 120+ Rexes and then getting one with good stats is even harder. Never got one yet with "very good" stats yet. I play on the island and my base is on carno island so I'm just killing everything till a 120+ spawns and never had any luck with stats. Any tips or advice?
  3. Breeding apps?

    Has any breeding apps been released? I play on console and would rather nor turn on my PC just for the breeding app. Prefer to have it on my phone.
  4. Can we get a build limit on consoles?

    Yes per tribe. Or even lower the 6,000 so people will be more mindful instead of taking up all parts of the map with no intent to build on the spot but just have it pillered.
  5. It's cool having mega bases but on consoles it gets to the point where it is hard to load or the console crashes. Not to mention the land grabs by everyone. Having some sort of build limit would remedy this problem since people would be more mindful building bases and won't be able to take up parts of the map with pillars and foundations. This would also make the servers more steady with not having so much things to load. On PC you can actually upgrade your hardware but with the consoles it's fixed limitations.
  6. Unofficial Console Christmas Events

    it's live now, just got the buff
  7. Unofficial Console Christmas Events

    So 5am here in Ireland
  8. Unofficial Console Christmas Events

    Is it live on official? Don't notice any difference.
  9. Christmas event?

    Is it live on the official servers?
  10. I play on the ps4 and the only time it was the closet to lag free was when the new servers came. But it's back to where it was before them. You'll get lag like 15% of the time depending on your connection, where you are in the game and how many things are built where you are. I always build on the icebergs up north for lag free area then go hunt on the island
  11. Christmas event?

    The server I play on is being taken down for update.
  12. Christmas event?

    Thanks, really appreciate it.
  13. Christmas event?

    Probably asked and answered already but are we getting an event for Christmas? Stopped playing ark awhile back and now I am getting back into it and as a solo player it's hard. Any taming buffs or anything?
  14. 2 or 3x this weekend?

    More than likely it'll be x2
  15. Rex Vs. Deathworm question.

    Just trying to get to 80 for desert drops, but don't wantto lose the rex