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  1. Grandta

    Code of Conduct - Oil pumps (PvE)

    From the coc PvE Specific Griefing Game Blocking - you are not allowed to block other tribes from playing the game on PvEservers. This can include but is not limited to: Blocking access to important resources (ie. charge nodes, gas nodes, etc)
  2. Grandta

    Where are Jesse and Jeremy ??

    Prepare for trouble and make it double
  3. Spawns at red and fly's towards swamp. Spawns above hidden lake and flies towards snow biome. Spawns around Northside of red wood and east of volcano and flies to red wood. Spawns around west three near the beach were it goes from beach to snow biome and flies towards volcano then makes its way to red wood. Seen one above carno island once and one across from carno island on that metal mountain.
  4. Grandta

    Has there been changes to taming bee

    I've come across alot of hives with no bees inside and then when I do find one and attack it the queen gets stuck in the hive and if I attack it then she dies. I got lucky and broke two hives and both queen's got stuck on a wall, easy tame lol.
  5. I want to get the Tek transmitter and as a solo player it will be hard to do the dragon on the island. So my option now is to go to Ragnorok with 19 Rexes and a yuti. What kind of stats would my Rexes need just to get the dragon down, I really don't care about losing them. I just want to unlock the transmitter.
  6. Grandta

    Argentavis/Rex saddle

    The island under water caves. SE red drops in the desert. Ragnorok the ice cave lava Golem. Not sure, never played it. Center caves? Not sure
  7. Does it only work when it wants to or is it bugged? I mean I have it enabled and thought I'd look for max level ravagers and raptors while my Dino's mature. I ran into a pack of raptors and didn't see the yellow buff icon and just killed them all, yet one was a 150. How does it work?
  8. Grandta

    Tek transmitter and solo play.

    I'm kinda doing a solo play through, so I want to try it myself. I hear it's better to do it on Ragnorok, is that true?
  9. Is it possible to unlock it as a solo player on PvE? Life is hard on Aberration without it and it would be nice to have.
  10. Grandta

    Community crunch?

    Has there been a community crunch this week? I checked the home page and don't see any.
  11. Grandta

    Daeodon instead of milk

    Why would you need anything with x5? I raised a wyvern on official with x3 and didn't feed it once
  12. I'm playing solo and one of my goals is to solo all bosses. I tamed rex after rex 130+, then breeding took a good while and I couldn't do over two without everything dying. So I just bought one from another tribe and now I got Tek troughs and are breeding more. You can do gamma brood with tamed Rexes and a yuti. That's what I did.
  13. Has there been any talks about small tribe PvE servers? Would be nice to have smaller tribes with increased rates in PvE.
  14. Grandta

    Rockdrakes in metal?

    Are they official stats? My 202 spino has only 4k hp and 336 melee.
  15. Grandta

    Rockdrakes in metal?

    Tried a lot of times to solo get on e with wingsuits and climbing picks but every time seems to fail. So I was just thinking of buying my first rockdrake just to be able to get rockdrakes. What would be the cheapest going price for one on PvE official?