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  1. Will my baby Dino's make it?

    They were in the 20% area. Yeah I'm using my wyvern and rare flowers to get meat to fill them all
  2. Will my baby Dino's make it?

    Well that was a waste of staying up for a whole night to get them into juvenile
  3. Will my baby Dino's make it?

    Well the last one hatched is at 22.4% rest are around that. Well I'm only using 4 out of my 20 troughs. Well I'll be offline 10 hours. Non Tek and raw meat if I'm online, cooked when I go off. Official server.
  4. I hatched alot of rexes and they are all juvenile and have 17 Rexes left. 4 just literally just starved to death with food in the trough. I'm solo so I'm pretty much staying close to base incase the trough goes dry. Will they survive the night?
  5. Are all bosses soloable?

    Yeah you've been very helpful, thank you very much.
  6. Are all bosses soloable?

    That's where I get my Rexes from. Got like 20 scorpions in a farm for eggs and only tame on weekends 😂
  7. Are all bosses soloable?

    What stats would you recommend for medium monkey so I can get Tek gen/trough?
  8. Are all bosses soloable?

    Some crazy stats.
  9. Are all bosses soloable?

    Can you get a 655 melee on hatch?
  10. Are all bosses soloable?

    So the ideal stats on Rexes would be 30K HP and 655 Melee to kill alphas?
  11. Are all bosses soloable?

    I'm playing official on my own and my trex line is 449melee 13k HP hatched.
  12. Are all bosses soloable?

    I play solo so it's one of the risks I take. Have my main rex breeders away so it's just a matter of raising another 19.
  13. Are all bosses soloable, I play solo and have only farmed easy brood to build the replicator. I have it now I want to focus on doing all bosses all diffcultys. Will I be able to do it solo with the right setup?
  14. When servers are close to cap, the Dino decay should be increased. This is so people won't store Dino's on a backup server that the only use for Dino storage.
  15. Finding a PvP server?

    Didn't buy it.