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  1. Grandta

    Blinding light all of a sudden.

    Could it be over switching between PvE and PvP? I've always noticed on PvP servers that it is brighter and has more light glare thing. Maybe when you switch between it keeps the PvP settings like the way you could go into single player and use the lighshaft command and it would reduce it and you could go into online with it but reset after relogging/restarting.
  2. Grandta

    Small Tribes Experience

    My experience is the same as normal servers. Less tribe mates but still have alliances with other tribes. Sure you might not be able to alliance with the through the options, but you can through talking in global.
  3. Never had it this bad on Aberration before, I mean when I went down to get rock drake eggs I could see clearly down when gliding down into biohazard zone, but for some reason now all the toxic water is leaving off a blinding light. I didn't change any settings. Does anyone know how to fix this, I play on console.
  4. Grandta

    Why are Spinos so bad?

    I don't see how spino was the most dangerous, where did you get this fact from? Hope your facts aren't from Jurassic park 3, I mean the spino lost that battle once the trex bit its neck. Only reason spino won was because it was the poster child for that movie. Gigas hunted in packs and would take titans and either take big chunks or kill them, so the spino would be out numbered and if it was lucky to come against one then it would be unlucky, since it would be alive while being eaten.
  5. Grandta

    Small tribes servers and friendly people?

    Players don't make the rules though, you can't enforce player rules. I'm not going to argue, your comparison is not comparable since it's data Vs reality. You call people bad because they play a game as intended. Just because it's unliked doesn't mean you can create your own rules to stop.
  6. Grandta

    Small tribes servers and friendly people?

    I don't personally don't kill passive tames or anything, but people have the right to and doesn't make people Satan. You're creating personal rules that you onforce onto people and treating to harm a person over them playing the game as intended. Yeah it might be a sausage move but they have ever right to do it.
  7. Thought I'd be in for all out warfare but people complain because you attack them and ask why you did it. I mean it's PvP and they complain they were attacked.. Seems like these servers are just friendly servers with tribes helping and trading with eachother. Isn't this considered teaming, I mean all tribes should be against eachother. Global chat should be disabled, since it promotes teaming and tribes working together, but that can be worked around since PSN and gamertags. Seems just like normal servers.
  8. Grandta

    Can you report people for pillaring?

    Found the problem, doesn't work on the mobile browser, had to switch to desktop view to get the upload field.
  9. Grandta

    Can you report people for pillaring?

    Do you have to upload the images to an outside source and add the link? I don't see anything about uploading images or videos.
  10. Grandta

    Can you report people for pillaring?

    I'm only seeing pc reporting, no PS4 support?
  11. I made a metal farming base on Aberration and I come back the next day and pillars have been placed around it and I can't build any onto my base. Can I report the tribe?
  12. Grandta


    The Devs are trying to slowly phase out legacy servers, so I'd say they'll be gone in time and ain't worth the investment playing on
  13. Grandta

    Question about donation packs

    Do people actually do this sort of stuff?
  14. Grandta

    Air conditioner set-up.

    Does anyone have a good set-up or know of one with air conditioners under the floor? Pictures or videos would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Grandta

    Where you can see if there is a event?

    http://arkdedicated.com/dynamicconfig.ini Best way to check is it live