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  1. I play on 693 too and it is the second time to move all stuff and dinos from SE-Server. Last time it was island and center. So total the fourth time. And we always have big "beautiful" buildings and many dinos. And it is not nice to move every time and rebuild the bases and then the server got wiped again. I would welcome it, that you can say, which servers will stay till the end! Not only RAG (with tamecaps). PVE-EU-Scorched, PVE-EU-Island, PVE-EU-Center... I mean there are not many PVE-EU-Scorched-Server left - so how many will stay? And please remove the timers from the servers that will be wiped next month. This would help a lot!
  2. This is the Migration #3 and the 4th server where we have to move our stuff & dinos. When this will end? Why you don't let us play on this legacy servers? We spent plenty of free time near fulltime-job and it is not fun at all to move again. Please can you remove the timer on the ark for transfering things? This would help a lot. And the list of the 30 server... these servers will get full in the next time, and especially RAG with the dinocaps....
  3. Checked the files yesterday from our server which was deleted in march.. This save file seems the old one from last year (november). Where are the newest ones from 10th of february???
  4. Someone knows when the PC legacy server (which will be wiped in march) will be saved for the backups? PS. I see so many new players on our server - can't believe it is a low population server with 0-1 :-(
  5. OMG Wildcard, why do you delete the legacy servers? Now there are 3 servers I play on - one SE at the first migration, and now two (Center + Island).. It is not funny to transfer all the things and dinos to others server. You should think about to remove the timers to transfer the things on the legacy-servers (which will be shut down) till 9 march. This would be very nice and a little help for the ppl who will still play on legacy.