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  1. Look at the summer bash post again it states that valgeuro is released when the venue starts
  2. Actually Minecraft still releases new content it's just along side bug and glitch fixes, also most other games like CoD just release fix the problems then move to the next game. Also wildcard is a relatively new gaming company and they're just trying to find what works best they're just unsure of what to do as you people yell at them for new content and when they reveal the new content you tell at them for not fixing bugs.
  3. Stop criticizing ark for being too buggy, look at Minecraft it's been out forever and yet it still has it's bugs and glitches that come with each update, and now that I think about it so does call of duty, Halo, pubg, mortal Kombat, and literally every game I have ever played
  4. Sadly I am on Xbox and can't get mods but thanks for the advice
  5. I'm not as lucky I had 212 (leveled) equus and had the bug happen, microraptor knocked me off and my event coloured horse just trots off while I'm being eaten( he was on neutral) and he vanished and it was on Ragnarok in the cliff area and haven't found him since and yes I've checked to make sure he isn't dead, so if you could help me find a way to get him back that'd be helpful. Btw I'm on single player
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