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  1. It's not going to be just the mammoth, they intend to follow the same path as the last two TLC's
  2. Actually it's up to the consoles owning companies to allow mods, devs and the modding community can really only ask and hope
  3. For everyone containing of open transfers, there is this amazing thing players can do. They can rent server spaces and design the setting how they choose, including the transfers. And if you can't afford it, there is probably a server already made, you just have to look
  4. A problem I've recently come Into is that I don't have loot drops. I don't have drops crates that spawn in caves, or even wyvern eggs. Is there a fix or is there one coming. I'm on rag but it's effected all my single player worlds
  5. This will be the last time I quote you since it's what you request. I know that reporting bugs is what this is for, and I happily encourage people to point out what's wrong and voice your opinions. I'm just pointing out the hippocracy that is occuring elsewhere. I love this game and all the problems it has, yes work needs to be done and there is room for improvement. I'm just saying to those who are always complaining (not you) to appreciate what you got and how hard they are working. I'm just tired of people never being happy with what they have and what is to come
  6. Again, you're right about feedback being necessary, and I understand why people are upset about them cutting corners. They have stated that these false positives are just accidents. Where you're wrong is by saying that I'm yelling at everyone who is pointing out bugs. I'm not, I'm just tired of seeing people complain and threaten to leave. If you think wildcard is crap and that ark is horrible and should die, ok that's your opinion and I'm not going to fault you for that, but when they delay a release to fix the bugs, don't complain about them delaying it because then you get something like extinction. Rushed and very buggy. So by all means point out the problems of ark, just do it without threatening to leave and and try to force a refund.
  7. You're right about the dupers being a massive problem, even though I've never ran into them but until recently wildcard was being yelled for people meshing and wiping people, and now that they're trying to fix it a lot of people are being unappreciative and are yelling at them for targeting meshers. most people bring a valid point, yes wildcard needs to work on fixing a lot of stuff, but to those who are yelling at them for every missing compy and dodo, calm down and appreciate the fact they are doing they're best and realize that yelling at them for absolutely every single problem is not going to get stuff done much faster than it is already going.
  8. No need to get hostile, I'm just saying they probably have a reason not to, and of course they want to punish the people doing it. Why would you not punish them
  9. You can't just disable stuff when they cross the mesh, and if you mean disable them period. Why? Why would they disable those thing just to fix what demolishing and killing would do so much better and be so much faster. Also I imagine that wildcard plans on fixing the duping soon
  10. Not if the problems of the old servers persist with the new servers
  11. Most lag on servers, is either the amount of stuff on the server or the players connection is bad. They can't really do much except try to see if they can make items less laggy, which may not constantly work
  12. If you're so bothered by this then leave, stop wasting time typing this and find another game to play.
  13. If people are so upset with the delays, why don't you guys wait it out for a discount rather than buy the first chance you get
  14. And I understand that, and you make a great point in all of that, but when you get the whiners that when there is a bug they yell at wildcard, so they come out with a patch, then that creates a new bug by accident, then everyone tells wildcard how poop they are for creating a patch that creates more bugs, when in reality every game has bugs and every patch made for one bug is very likely to create a new bug. You are right they need to work harder on player enjoyment and entertainment, but yelling at them for every little problem down to a missing dodo is not going help there case or ours
  15. Why is everyone giving wildcard crap for having a buggy game, some of the best or at least games considered good BY PLAYERS are buggy as hell. Games like CoD, Halo, Minecraft, Skyrim. Those are all broken as hell but most people love or at least deal with them, but "oh my god, I lost a character on ark. Must absolutely hate on the company that made this game."
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