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  1. These events are about the fun stuff and colors. Not rates. Plus base rates were doubled.
  2. Host a dedicated instead of non-dedicated.
  3. Breeding was never part of the normal evo events. Breeding events are and should be rare.
  4. Does it just effect you or all xbox players? And this isn't really the place for bug reports, find the xbox subforum.
  5. The main taming setting should effect how much food a passive tame takes, this is how it works on unofficial and single player mode. The setting PassiveTameIntervalMultiplier can be used to effect the speed of taming.
  6. I think passive tames are affected by the main taming rates, but there is another setting for them.
  7. The base rates were doubled, so it like permanent evo event. Also, the rates have been been doubled since the coronavirus started.
  8. 2 games out of thousands are exceptions. Most console games don't have mods and those that do have limitations to what's allowed by mods.
  9. If its unofficial it might be down. Was there a discord? Its best to pick unofficial communities with a discord or another way to communicate.
  10. Robbed isn't the right verb. Console players don't have mods. Very few console games have modding and its very limited. Most of the suggestions forum is QoL things from mods like picking up poop and eggs. I think even ark mobile gets this stuff but for real money.
  11. Only the map itself was promised by WC. Valguero spawns were altered once WC made it a free DLC, but the original mod author created a map extension mod to restore it to the modded version. I would imagine Iso, author of CI, might do something similar if she has time, but she never released a stand alone version of her creatures.
  12. The base rates were just doubled, so it's like an evo event all the time.
  13. Pillaring is the only way to protect natural resources, since they don't block spawns. So unless you want servers with no metal, no creatures like beavers then pillaring is really the only way. Each map would need an extensive overhaul to expand the 'no build high resource' areas. But still the question of what about existing bases. Official PvE is mostly about patience.
  14. Every timezone cannot get amazing release time. WC operates on PST, so that's when major patches happen.
  15. That's never going to happen on official. Use the tools available to create what you want.
  16. Make them while you sleep. Make multiple at the same time.
  17. Customer service is poor for everyone. That's why unofficial communities are popular.
  18. Character files are separate from the map save file and not effected by a rollback.
  19. Dev trackers helps stay upto date with info. https://arkdevtracker.com/
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