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  1. They are probably too massive to run as single player. You probably need to run as a server.
  2. I think it's more an issue that the pipeline was long and didn't get rendered.
  3. Check the decay timer. Make sure to render the pipes to refresh the timer.
  4. If that is the criteria, then official servers aren't appropriate for your play time anyways.
  5. That would be fine for a private server or single player mode. But official servers are different, certain things should be kept special like breeding events or colors. Plus colors are available at all times through mutations.
  6. No guarantee that 2 different mods will be compatible.
  7. Easiest solve is to use a stack mod that allows transferable element. Like stackmemore.
  8. Event colors should be special, instead of being available all the time.
  9. Non-dedicated is basically sharing single player mode. The client is the server. Dedicated server is a real server.
  10. Yeah, so true. Ark as a game has some bugs and issues, but addictive and customizable. Official servers aren't required.
  11. Official servers aren't the only way to play.
  12. Most have limits on size, number of mods, and must go through a specific platform. Look at how skyrim or fallout are modded on console.
  13. You think additional events won't cause over crowding?
  14. If you found a spot where creatures fall through, why would you repeat that mistake more than once or twice?
  15. The Switch version of Ark was outsourced, its not directly from WC.
  16. I think that mod author was hired. She made a map for Atlas.
  17. YouTube could give you all this info. But we don't know what will get changed or nerfed from the mod map to the DLC.
  18. Yeah. It's a popup from the radial menu with lots of options.
  19. Dino storage v2 has a structure that can enable mating with a slider bar for range upto 15 foundations
  20. I prefer the baryonix for caving. Phlinger Phoo on YT has some for science caving video. Testing the Island caves with different creatures.
  21. Never officially canceled. Just dropped all info and communication, so the assumption is its abandoned. Honestly its probably a waste of the devs time. They could possibly make it a stand alone game, but there are many things in Ark that need to be fixed first.
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