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  1. Have you tried breeding? And getting better saddles and saddle blueprints? Beginner servers are meant to learn the game then move on to the main servers. 3 month wipe cycle.
  2. Aylana314159


    You already got Homestead. That's all WC deemed acceptable for the base game.
  3. I save colors and breed different color combinations separately from the main breeding project. At the end when you are done with stats. Merging everything colors and stats is the last step.
  4. That would be cool. And yes. The Center map needs more of an complete overhaul than just a quick TLC.
  5. If this is the real issue, then it should be be addressed.
  6. official PvE servers originally had wild dino carry ON, you can thank griefers for getting it turned OFF.
  7. The whole tribe management system could really use an overhaul.
  8. What's the real issue? You don't like that players can refresh their bases, and not play much or maybe are playing on different maps.
  9. That still dosen't entitle you to free servers forever. Without having a cash shop or subscription fees, Ark's buy to play model isn't the best monetary scheme from a business point of view. Running the servers isn't free. I wonder the difference in server requirements to run a game like Guild wars/Guild wars 2. Mostly meaning # of players per physical server.
  10. Honestly if any DLC (paid or free) needs a TLC it's the Center. Its basically just the Island with more water. Both Ragnarok and Valguero free DLCs has at least 1 unique creature. Create a unique creature for the Center. It could be an ocean creature. Or even a hybrid land/water platform creature. And fix the meshing holes.
  11. I think feed troughs should have dinos inclusion and exclusion list (structures plus does this). So you can set them for different customizable subsets of your creatures.
  12. Games don't last forever. Your progress isn't lost, it's contained within the legacy save files that everyone has access to. People are able to setup a legacy cluster if they are so inclined.
  13. Just wait for the wyvern drake mana version on Genesis.
  14. Legacy was created instead of a total wipe when the game was released from early access. The devs were clear that legacy would receive 0 support and would slowly be killed off. If you kept playing on legacy that was your choice. The official servers are free to play on when you buy the game, but the servers aren't guaranteed. Solution given: server save files were/are available
  15. While I don't disagree with it is insane to join official servers. Moving to another legacy server is just going to delay the inevitable.
  16. I didn't include this option. But yeah, sometimes its time to move on. But I will say that single player mode is a great way to play with whatever time allotment you want, just adjust the settings. Insanity...repeating and expecting different results.
  17. What's the 1%? Cause all mods from the steam workshop have to be downloaded and installed on the client side.
  18. Not sure about the console implementation of servers, but steam version can run plugins. These aren't mods and are server side only.
  19. @AdcfTM1234567678 those are just the migration instructions that are always included. If there are no servers that you can transfer to, meaning NOT on the list, then that's it. If your legacy server isn't listed, then you are safe till next time. Options: You can get the save files to host a server without losing your legacy progress. Or move on to official, unofficial, or single player.
  20. So a crossark is just 1 of each map right? That would be perfect to convert the save files over to an unofficial community. Get a discord going. Gauge interest and financial support. But 1 or more people will have to take responsibility for being in charge.
  21. More isn't better its just more. Just adding more choices and either making older creatures (orginal creatures) obsolete or redundant isn't a good thing. There needs to be balance. Combat dinos, harvesting dinos, other utility dinos. But so far we are just getting power creep with each new DLC. Balance is needed. We already have sabertooths, do we really need lions. Same for mammoth and elephants.
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