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  1. AGAIN there is a global login lock on servers..... WHY is this happening? WHAT is triggering this? i want to play and i can't even get on a server at this very moment.......... @lilpanda @Jatheish @Cedric
  2. As said before: I rather have it coming out later without too much bugs and performant server, than just drag it in and fix while playable
  3. they heal each other what level was your rex?
  4. same here on Center348, login lock. Thought it was a enforce razzia or something that they locked it i dno haha. Already filled in a few of these report forms. So far no change
  5. they have s+ installed so there is the s+ hatchery. A dodo on a nest. It incubates eggs to 1% So you have your answer
  6. i don't care if they launch it later. As long as servers are ok and there are no mega bugs , i am totaly fine with them being later with genesis.
  7. Aberration 269 running but no one can join Our aberration server is running but no one can connect to it. We have baby reapers (event reapers) that were born not long ago ( green ones) @lilpanda can anyone tell us what's going on?
  8. Aberration 269 running but no one can join Can't login to our aberration server. Got dc'd and saw the server coming back online with 0/70 players. I have a reaper out baby stage... Probably dead already... Was my first event reaper on this event. Server was running smooth when this happened for whatever reason... @lilpanda could anyone give us a heads up of what's happening?
  9. Please tell me it's just the enforcer team that is doing their job and not that you made a booboo for the kazillionest time lol...
  10. @poorMankind 465 is on the same ip, and yes it is also as bad as EU-PVE-Official-Extinction469. @lilpanda - is there any way this can be solved for good? it is pretty obvious there is something really not right... I want to play on my server and do drops and veins... even farming meat is being scared you dc en your stuff gets killed.... and it happened already. There has been reports of all kinds of people. Why is this not being taken care of? I do hope there will be a solution... i cannot play on my server at this moment. The Event is just passing by without any joy... that will be a nice xmas event for all ppl on 469.......
  11. EU-PVE-Official-Extinction469, even after all these reports, has been unplayable since the charity event. We get all kicked from the server, when i am alone on the server i still get kicked out and there is a traumendous lag. i can't even do veins or purple drops because of this issue. Even farming meat is a risk at this point... I loved this sserver to peaces and i enjoyed my time so far, but lately it is just exaggerated how this is. I am sure all 469 players will agree with me. I would like to ask you guys to do something about this server. It is obvious that the hardware where this server is on is just outdated, or just malfunctioning. I been reporting it so many times, as did many others on this server. I hope you guys reach out for your community. Friendly greetings, Mogrot
  12. 469 kicks you every 10 minutes! After filling in several outage reports i suppose i can put this post here. Not only it kicks you off every 10 minutes, but there is also 1-2 ppl who don't get the issue. I would say there is suspicious activity aswell, probably ppl found a new exploit. Lately this server is realy realy reeaaally bad... LAGS and dc's, almost impossible to do a purple or a vein. Got kicked a lot while doing a vein ending up dead and lost a fair amount of element when server goes off aswell while harvesting element. Is there any explanation ? I would love to hear it... put ark on better servers again in stead of swapping to half the cores it was before. it should be quadriple the cores we had before in stead of making it worse for everybody...... First i thought it was the event, but still the same things are happening now.
  13. Not the first case, won't be the last until Wildcard does something about it. I don't even understand why ppl would ruin all the hard work of someone... They can't handlte pvp but grief pve as the best
  14. mogrot

    Valguero and X2

    well we get 2 weeks of x2 breeding... lol
  15. mogrot

    Valguero and X2

    probably if i was stating that it is horrible that x2 exists , these same ppl would saying x2 is the best.. but i suppose you get my point... don't say you will do something to change it loast second even
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