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  1. only event where cyan is a thing is getting smudged by all wannabe cyans (Teal, Turquoise,...) why Wildcard...WHY?
  2. Dear Wildcard, You forgot to update NA-PVE-Aberration269 , this one is still on v322.9, while all other servers are on v322.10. This means i cannot travel from this server to another server, and also there is NO event active. Could you fix this pretty please? I have added a screenshot that i just took @Cedric @lilpanda @Jatheish Friendly greetings,
  3. check your main server if there is a character there.
  4. i am afraid that is really the options that could have been the issue. If it is on neutral it fights back. at a point maybe the megalodon swims away and then come back to fight (alpha animals are quick) so yeah it can be in a big perimeter around where you last saw it
  5. it's spastic... I don't know how this is still a thing when y ou have to go to other servers to actually kill bosses.. Aberration for +15 lvls, Gen for +15 lvls, Island for +15 levels,.. and then lose characters... HOW IS THIS STILL POSSIBLE? And if you report you are in a waiting queue for like 3 months.... it's just amazing
  6. characters and transfering server Yes , 2nd char 135 i lost in 2 days... you guys need to work on your networking a bit it seems... how is this even possible? Error downloading character - 007 ... something and GONE! GG Wildcard, you rock
  7. I just think people want to have an easier life in the game (higher harvest rates) during the week because they work, go to school, ... Besides that they want something to look out for in the weekend i guess? Something that keeps them coming to the game.
  8. there is a spree going on of griefers on 494 , who needs more info? the owl is th scout....
  9. DEV ALERT - Base Grief/demolish/raid infestation Devs, please take action always the same... 1 flies around your base with an owl. a bit later you hear them saying cryopods got stolen. PLEASE do something, don't want to lose my collection after lose our big tribe collection of 1k event clonables on another server. this is happening on Extinction494 (EU official)
  10. update: Server is on now, but 180 ping while the server is like nextdoors, that's not rly normal is it
  11. well that will be me on vacation and bye bye base... gg wildcard @lilpanda
  12. EU-PVE-TheCenter348 down... AGAIN .. AND AGAIN??? And yet again this server seems to be down, after it will be back i probably again lose all the stuff and maybe even a part of the base, because there is a rollback to before i refreshed.. i lost already 160 dinos like thi sin cryo for some odd reason.. but i guess you guys have no explanation for that... refreshing a base doesn't seem to be enough because poopty servers.... way to go Wildcard... way to go... yes i have been reporting it already, probably with a lot of other people
  13. said, no sessions found... but now it works indeed.
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