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  1. SCAM Attempt

    Had the same thing on EU-PVE-Theisland77, yesterday evening
  2. NA-PVE-Ragnarok70 has it every 10 minutes, it is unplayable, been taming a nice pterra with op stats 6 times now....
  3. Ragnarok servers that crash every 10 mins for a long time now, Island servers that lag like mad. Every server seems to suffer it. Why does it go like this? Is there an explanation? Could we get some info on that subject? I just want to play a game and enjoy the x2 event, but it isn't even possible...
  4. Every so often just random disconnect. Hardware issues? 3rd crash in 15 mins? Rip hatched babies
  5. Would be nice to see a different forum for Legacy traders and Official traders.
  6. Official SurviveTheArk Community App

    I am logged in on steam on this forum. How you want me to log on then on the App?
  7. Sigh

    Then add each other on steam , the majority of people do not want to see this rectangular language. There is no need to prove me wrong... Half of the server reacts when they see it... I am just 1 of them who speaks on the forum
  8. Suspension Bridge

    with mods?
  9. Sigh

    Well it is still a problem, wether you like it or not. They can talk in alliance or tribe or local in that language. This game is made in English, after that they asked for translators. Global is a channel everyone wants to understand. Language packs etc , tried and not working. Lack of respect for other people is what i think this is when you do it for like an hour long.... I can understand you answer to someone in your language, but after that it should be brought in steam, local , alliance or tribe chat. Wichever is possible. I don't talk Dutch in global either. I respect people that want to read global. Learn from it, ask questions in it. In English... Seeing the rectangular spam is not really fun an hour long. Or make servers for those languages i don't care. As for Chinese or Japanese ppl on EU servers... that is really weird tbh
  10. Sigh

    Madness goes on for like 50 mins now
  11. Sigh

  12. Hey, I found out that walking on rafts currently is so glitchy. When i walk on it it is like an earthquake is going on... Something with colissions?
  13. I tames 3 Ichthyosaurs and alle 3 are stuck above the water. Tried to punch them and nothing. They were on follow on lowest following distance
  14. Are the moderators on?

    i doubt they do that
  15. Are the moderators on?

    rest assured you can't, i know that well enough They even delete posts of someone i want to report, saying i should use the form... And when i go to the form it is even not included.... like deliberatly left out.. so ppl can't report