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  1. I already reported on the outage report. @lilpanda - some ppl have been talking in general a lot before the crash happened. So there might be this new technique for duping... it was a bit weird that it crashed after a lot of (chinese) people been logging on 20 mins before, spam the global chat and then "break" the server. Coul you look in to this server crash pretty please.
  2. mogrot

    Update Regarding Recent Lost Characters

    Will the dinos food also be frozen? because yeah no auto decay is ok, but they have to be fed ye?
  3. mogrot

    Pc pve extinction 465 still down

    469 aswell
  4. mogrot

    All EU servers seem to be down

    Earlier on this week it was Steam, now it is WC. maybe they have a cooperation now.
  5. mogrot

    All EU servers seem to be down

    still find it catching how oc and most na servers are not down (aswell as asian)
  6. mogrot

    All EU servers seem to be down

    Yeah but the servers were back online. then servers just went down. And now there seems to be something broken lol
  7. mogrot

    All EU servers seem to be down

    As the title says... Stil can see NA-OC-Asian servers online. @lilpanda
  8. Why would you need prime fish meat? https://ark.gamepedia.com/Kibble
  9. You don't need prime fish anymore to make that kibble, but it's focal chilli now. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Kibble The eggs you need are indeed not available on aberration besides the basilisk egg. And that's indeed rare... You will need to have a farm at island for those eggs. Not logical, but ye.
  10. mogrot

    Game freezing issues

    @lilpanda Did you already locate this issue then? Because we can't go out for meat or anything... What now? After extinction issues, AGAIN there is an issue where ark is unplayable... @Jatheish
  11. mogrot

    Ac unit

    tek gen always has ran any electrical thing it has to be in range ofcourse. but yeah.. always been powering my fridges ?
  12. mogrot

    Missing servers

    not 1 bigger update has ever been on ark without they f***d up. always is something that goes wrong...
  13. mogrot

    Tek dedicated storage

    bah i hope you are wrong ? But thanks for the heads up.
  14. mogrot

    Tek dedicated storage

    unlocks? or doesn't unlock? abd how can you know? ?
  15. mogrot

    Tek dedicated storage

    Alpha monkey - large tek wall (beta doesnt give this SIGH) Beta dragon - Fence support, stairs , dedicated storage, double door+ frame (Alpha gives nothing new) Beta Brood - triangle foundation, triangle ceiling, triangle roof(alpha the same)