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  1. You can use its weight reduction and a high leveled spider and you can basically move 6k raw metal from the top of the snow mountain. Useful useful.
  2. You can still mass breed/raise 100 rexes in 2 days.
  3. The very moment the guy "who had half the island pillared" went on vacation and his pillars decayed, around 6 box tribes made their way into the redwoods river, and now their only game is staying in their base, farming throughout an intricated system of gachas and selling dinosaurs for money. And the server performance dipped a fffffffffreeeeaking lot.
  4. Ask someone to let you use their grinders. Fill them up with wood, and grind. You'll get to level 85 in around 4 minutes. (Grab a 200% and 400% explorers note)
  5. I believe the reason you can't transfer is because of the duplicated clothing / items. Drop those or put them in a vault and try again. I've seen plenty of LUCKY A** people duplicating their characters by accident (Lucky backup... jees) and being able to move freely from server to server.
  6. Is it preventing you from building?
  7. GM's should have the power to spawn the boss fight in front of your base and let you kill it on the spot. With several conditions of course. But should be doable. Either that, or him joining/summoning the fight and killing the boss himself for you to get the engrams.
  8. March 7th-ish patch buddy. I got you. No one read or answered to my topic.
  9. Crafting system was already nerfed when the 115-123 blueprints would yield a 124 armor saddle. Making all saddle blueprints from 105 to 124 worthless. Since you can just craft a 95-100-105 to get a 124 at a cheaper mats.
  10. Throw everything into an organic polymer gacha. The stuff you get from the gacha (riot gear) you grind. Easy as that. I've already dropped around 4 vaults of gear into the gacha already.
  11. I have two concerns at the moment, that would be amazing if you could address in the near future!: 1) Character loss, since its more frequent than i'd like to believe. 2) Support for character loss on genesis.
  12. Goes like this: 3,6,9,11 14,17,20,23,26,29,31 34,37,40,43,46,49,51 54,57,60,63,66,69,71 74,77,80,83,86,89,91 94,97,100. 35 imprints, with 35 minutes leadway. You have 1 minute per imprint. The hardest choices requires the strongest wills.
  13. I'm sorry, but this is a no go. You know what would happen? Tons of ankys on leashes on aberration getting metal, since you only have to go and collect it. Let alone the island or other maps where metal is more scarse. Doed is okay, since stone is literally everywhere.
  14. To be honest levels need some sort of adjustment. I can understand 131 to 135 being difficult when it was the meta, 3 months ago. But since the chibis, the requirements have increased A LOT. What's more inconvenient is that if you lose your character, they can't restore the chibi levels, let alone the future "3 bosses" that unlocks 15 levels each. "Oh you have to re-do alpha rockwell, alpha tek cave, and the power ranger evil computer from genesis".
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