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  1. Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer! Will it help the performance if every tribe was limited 250 dinos instead of the original 500? (And maybe decrease mating times 50%). Considering the large size of the map, as you said, it's a paradise for breeders throwing 500 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 dinosaurs out to mate them non stop. (An alliance focused on breeding only). Decreasing the numbers of dinosaurs out should help improve that, right? Edit: Typo.
  2. I would say: Second hand: i3 8350k (a 8100 should do okay too). 16gb ddr4 1060 6gb / 1070 8gb SSD That would give you solid fps if you sacrifice some detail on some unnoticeable things.
  3. MIcrotransactions will bring a huge revenue into the game. "Exp x2 Implant" "Breed x2 Implant" Things that won't matter to the hardcore user but will bring some sort of boost/kickstart to new players.
  4. I really like community crunches, but wee bit of information would be nice. Specially about the new evo events. Just a tiny tiny sneak peak would be nice!
  5. Okay. But take into account this: It is still possible and absolutely within the game to find a high level point hp / stamina / weight / melee creature, and then mix those stats together. So, say. You find a 60p hp wyvern, mutate it only on HP and bring it to 100 points. (20/20) You find a 60 stamina wyvern, and repeat ^ You find a 60 weight wyvern, and repeat ^ You find a 60 weight wyvern, and repeat ^ Then you mix all that poop together and end up with pretty much what's around these days, a pretty op wyvern. Now, if you don't want to do raising because you want to defend y
  6. "Cuddle Evolution Event" "x2 imprint value" (on x1 rates). "Cuddle+ Evolution Event" "x3 imprint value" (on x1 rates). Etc, etc.
  7. Antidote Nerf: From Beautiful to Brute Force Hey everyone, good morning! I'll be short and to the point. The Antidore Nerf killed beautiful crafted strategy and now the meta is bruce forcing the boss fight. Like everything else. Now hear me out. Master Controller Alpha was thought with a purpose. To assign roles. To listen to your tribemates. To pay attention. Stay sharp. That would mean a team of 1 ferox and 7 rexes, 8 people. Plus 2 runners. Ferox would deal with drones and the eventual giga. Rex riders would care about dps and covering their asses with antidotes. Runners would
  9. Like I said, they have 500 dinos out, no communication whatsoever, only activity is on 1 server, never saw them in caves, never saw them do anything remotely "FUN" in game. Now You have a gacha tower but: - You buy stats - You have tek teleporters and transmitters to do trades - You pay stuff for dinos that I GUESS YOU USE. - And you replied here. If you want to feel personally attacked that's your call. All Im saying is: Swing to my server, watch the gacha systems and see how the owners of said bases are basically idling in base (using the snow owl glitch too, with proof) doing
  10. Gacha system to farm dust to sell for real money. Because all the people that do it, and I've been personally tracking, do not play the game at all, they don't communicate, they don't do boss fights, they clone and sell, or sell the dust itself. Shrug.
  11. Stuck/Glitched Skiff Hello! Very good afternoon to everyone. I will be short and to the point. I was driving my skiff on The Island when a server crashed occurred. I came back to the server to find myself on the skiff but it's stuck in the sky. Things that i've tried: 1) Press "E" and try to move it. Doesn't move. 2) Press "E" and press "X" to land. Doesn't land. 3) Whistle "Land this Flyer". Does deploy flaps, but doesn't land. 4) Relog and Log back, several times. Doesn't land or move. 5) Remove Dust/Shards. Doesn't land. 6) Whistle "Land this Flyer" then "Nudge". Doesn
  12. When you get 1000 raw mutton and 15000 pelt on x3 from ONE Ovis you know its broken. Was it seriously broken? Yes. Did they nerfed it too bad? Yes.
  13. You can use its weight reduction and a high leveled spider and you can basically move 6k raw metal from the top of the snow mountain. Useful useful.
  14. You can still mass breed/raise 100 rexes in 2 days.
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