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  1. There will be no EVO event this weekend. We haven't been good bois, bois
  2. Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer! Will it help the performance if every tribe was limited 250 dinos instead of the original 500? (And maybe decrease mating times 50%). Considering the large size of the map, as you said, it's a paradise for breeders throwing 500 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 dinosaurs out to mate them non stop. (An alliance focused on breeding only). Decreasing the numbers of dinosaurs out should help improve that, right? Edit: Typo.
  3. I really like community crunches, but wee bit of information would be nice. Specially about the new evo events. Just a tiny tiny sneak peak would be nice!
  4. "Cuddle Evolution Event" "x2 imprint value" (on x1 rates). "Cuddle+ Evolution Event" "x3 imprint value" (on x1 rates). Etc, etc.
  5. Like I said, they have 500 dinos out, no communication whatsoever, only activity is on 1 server, never saw them in caves, never saw them do anything remotely "FUN" in game. Now You have a gacha tower but: - You buy stats - You have tek teleporters and transmitters to do trades - You pay stuff for dinos that I GUESS YOU USE. - And you replied here. If you want to feel personally attacked that's your call. All Im saying is: Swing to my server, watch the gacha systems and see how the owners of said bases are basically idling in base (using the snow owl glitch too, with proof) doing
  6. Gacha system to farm dust to sell for real money. Because all the people that do it, and I've been personally tracking, do not play the game at all, they don't communicate, they don't do boss fights, they clone and sell, or sell the dust itself. Shrug.
  7. The very moment the guy "who had half the island pillared" went on vacation and his pillars decayed, around 6 box tribes made their way into the redwoods river, and now their only game is staying in their base, farming throughout an intricated system of gachas and selling dinosaurs for money. And the server performance dipped a fffffffffreeeeaking lot.
  8. Crafting system was already nerfed when the 115-123 blueprints would yield a 124 armor saddle. Making all saddle blueprints from 105 to 124 worthless. Since you can just craft a 95-100-105 to get a 124 at a cheaper mats.
  9. I have two concerns at the moment, that would be amazing if you could address in the near future!: 1) Character loss, since its more frequent than i'd like to believe. 2) Support for character loss on genesis.
  10. I'm sorry, but this is a no go. You know what would happen? Tons of ankys on leashes on aberration getting metal, since you only have to go and collect it. Let alone the island or other maps where metal is more scarse. Doed is okay, since stone is literally everywhere.
  11. Obelisk should have a "back up character" option for us to back it up from time to time. I lost mine too, 6 days ago, same error. Same thing as you guys, all the bosses and level 137 (did a LOT of grinding to get there).
  12. They announced they were gonna start the event at 3 pm (My time). It's 3.30 pm. You really weren't expecting a patch? You should've saved your babies. Man, sometimes you start drama just because.
  13. No complains, but only suggestions!: -I thought it was going to be harvesting and experience x3. To keep us entertained in all ways (doing nodes, drops, fishing, hunting for dinos, doing titans, etc). -I also thought it was going to last a few more days, again, to keep our attention away from genesis a bit. (We're a bit unbearable sometimes!) And don't give Taming x2!, that's the whole point/purpuse of the chocolate!!
  14. And i filled a ticket that was never sent, fml …
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