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  1. NA PVE Island 341 has been crashing around 10:30 pm for a couple of nights now. The lag/rubber banding is unbelievable, and this is for most of the server populace not just a select few. I really want to like/enjoy the events but it's near impossible! And yes ( people on when it goes down,have sent outage reports every time.
  2. I win 10 bucks yay me! I bet my sister Genesis wouldn't be out anytime soon. In addition to the horrible chibi experience at Christmas,(turned everyone on my servers into a pvp attitude) now the expansion we already paid for is delayed AGAIN. We get thrown the *fixing stuff* that's why it's late. But these are things that should have been fixed by now. I'm really glad there are improvements coming but it in no way changes my disappointment level. I feel that these changes are like.. basic liberties.. something that we as paying players are entitled to (A working non extremely buggy game). Not dangling it in front of us like a prize. My sister and I bought genesis the day it was released because we love Ark, but I'm not falling into the oh I'm so happy because things are being fixed so the delay is ok because it's not! I can't do anything about it but I can voice my extreme disappointment.
  3. I was hoping to find a thread like this so I didn't have to make one. Almost ALL of my servers have had issues. about a year ago 341 was so bad they FINALLY gave us a new IP. After everyone on the server came together and reported it daily. But it took weeks to happen. And that wasn't the worst part. The worst part is they simply assigned that IP to ANOTHER server. We had people coming over from 342 asking if we had lag issues etc because now they were having them.. of course that was a great fix! .. not. And now? well it's laggy and rubberbands and the 2 delays that seem to happen back to back on server save. My main ext server is unplayable, the constant log outs and disconnects etc. I used to do game support for another company and I thought we had issues.. WC and Ark take the cake for bad servers and performance. I have almost 8k hours invested in this game AND my sister and I both have genesis but I am seriously thinking of just playing on our private server and saying raptor it all to the public servers.. not worth the stress or hassle. Or I may just not play at all, there are so many other games I like and have been playing Ark less and less. ( added pic of my adventure trying to play on a rag server.. I know rag is worse than most, but this was almost 3 minutes of delay.. constantly) Flying fish.. so fun..
  4. I have had this happen only twice in the time I've played but it's brutal to see it happen, I am sorry to hear it's happened to you. No they won't replace anything most likely. You just have to eat the loss. I hope perhaps I'm wrong and they will help. But I don't even bother with support anymore. It's basically useless.
  5. I and several others have the same issues. I lost ( and when I say lost- I mean gone.. with a glitch not lost as in cant keep up with my dinos.. since some don't seem bright enough to get the difference.) So far a gasbag , featherlight, giga and other dinos, I have had 2 replaced and NO IMPRINTS were given. they added themselves to my tribe and replaced the dinos and left them where I indicated but no.. no imprints. I don't even bother asking for help or replacements. when I have an imprinted lvl 300+ ANYTHING why would I bother when all they give you is basically a wild tame 200 dino? it's stupid and pointless and I have proof of my dinos and levels since I bred them myself.
  6. I was on when this started for NA servers and it took about 6 HOURS to get it actually up and running without going back down over and over. THEN today they say.. EU servers are getting the update. And this will NOT effect other servers.. guess what? IT DID! So that's basically 2 nights of play time during a maturation event, almost as bad as the raptoring ups with the extra life event. I had to wait until the servers came back up AGAIN to make sure my baby basilos were actually cryo'd. I'm not complaining about patches I'm complaining about an update that was supposed to take 15 minutes and is now taking HOURS. Totally unacceptable, except WC likes to jerk us around often.,I should be used to this but I'm not. I'm used to playing games that at this point are more stable. I don't plan to read this and I'm not following it so any salty comments save for your fries. This is my opinion and I'm entitled to it. STOP THE RAPTORING PATCHES DURING A MATURATION EVENT FOR THE LOVE OF GIGA!
  7. I've had this happen with dino doors as well, I have 2 sets on either side of my hatchery and you can pick them up through the door. Fortunately I made my hatchery inside of a larger building, we had people meshing in on large mounts and snagging eggs, so that is the only thing now that keeps the eggs safe. A box within a box. Sucks and should be fixed!
  8. I completely agree!! I planned for about 6 weeks and then this crap happens I spent a month before that harvesting and building a new baby barn, the entire tribe is let down, simply because we all were going to get a new giga. I feel really badly for the servers that did not get to participate at all. I at least got a little time in, but the imprints were all messed up. Only 1 giga had a timer that worked properly.
  9. I had 1 giga imprint properly the rest are on the old timers and they were all done together, so 1 out of 10 gigas got proper imprints. I looked forward to this event since last year. I must say I am VERY disappointed and even having the genesis pack already I may not even play it. I'm to pissed off to care. I WANTED THIS AND I WANTED IT TO WORK RIGHT! ... oh wait silly me.. this is ark and wild card, nothing works right...
  10. I am so relieved to find out I'm not the only one, this is so frustrating. My map coverage, pins and explorer notes have all been reset. Now I have to find all of the locations again for 5 maps.
  11. One of the main reasons for different maps is an abundance of different resources. Crystal? plenty on center. Metal? plenty on AB etc etc. You can't stop people from making bases and you aren't likely to get someone to wipe a base for a pillar you *think* is keeping you from resources. I've been playing*almost* a year, And I've had to make do. Find work around's and explore new maps which is part of the fun of this game. If you want endless resources play single player or get a dedicated server, I have both and I still play on official. Be proactive and not want to wipe people just because you are a tiny bit inconvenienced. Wait to you play on extinction and the people really don't give a raptor about your spawns.... Have a nice day. Oh PS--- The homestead update that just came out.. well it's all about making bigger and better bases. .. sooo yeah. And nope I won't look back at this post to see a reply because I've said what I had to say. I doubt it will make much difference in your universe. Good luck. You are gonna need it.
  12. **slightly off topic but needs saying*** Meshing is an issue, but right NOW, my server's biggest issue is since the last update our server is basically unplayable. Homestead has ruined NA 341 people don't even want to log in because we can't raise dinos or tame or even walk down the beach without huge rubber banding, disconnects and extra lengthy server save times. Most of the senior players on the server report this constantly and still nothing is done. I've worked for a game company in the past for several years. I've been a gamer even longer. Having played games from Most if not ALL of the major companies. I do love ark but your support and repair, fixes etc are truly the WORST I have EVER seen. The fact meshing is still an issue this long is just a sad thing. ** they're working on it** ...... that's WC for we don't care. Or our server wouldn't be basically unplayable after almost 3 weeks! we get a bonus on the weekends, so what?? we can't USE it!! I am also very glad they unbanned H.O.D Gaming, as it was unfair to start with. Ban mallet at it's finest.
  13. ( I am adding this to the already open thread on the subject because I feel it is directly connected. --------------------------------------------------------- I have reported this on the server outage page, however I wanted to post it here as well because I have visual proof that the server page would not let me upload. My main server 341 has had issues since the update, this is the 2nd week-end that the bonus will go unused by most of us. The rubber banding seemed better a day or so ago, but it's worse again. Also logging in today. I thought I was clicking my private server because I was being asked for a password. Now having been in technical game support, my first assumption was I needed to check and be sure I was clicking the right server etc. I did and I was still asked for a password. I logged out.. restarted etc all of the basic steps. I tried to log in again. The connection timed out. I was however able to log in on other servers. About this time, the most obvious thing finally dawned on me. My official NA server was LOCKED. why? no idea. But is is locked on and off for awhile now and this means, I can't raise eggs or do anything meaningful because I don't know when or if I can get back in. (blocked my personal server name only on pic-- doesn't matter it can be seen in the vid) I made a vid shortly after this to show the details. ***UPDATE** as of 11:33 PDT I am able to log in. Thank you so much! *crosses fingers it stays up***
  14. I must disagree on the lag this time around and here is why. lately the lag is different. Since the update there are huge chunks of lag and server disconnects and roll backs. It's not just " oh we will fix this and people put out more crap." NA 341 was *fine* minor lag when the server saved. nothing out of the ordinary a crash during maturation to be expected etc. But now? a week ish after the horrid update and the lag is terrible, friends losing animals due to flying into the ocean.. flying megladons. I do have a pic I'll have to dig it up, it's on my other computer. my AB server -- log in farm metal.. server crashes.. rolls back to when I first got there. so 1 hour 45 minutes wasted. My center server.. everyone is like (chat .. 1 ( lagggg) Rag Se it's everywhere and it's better than at release but far from where it should be. And yes whenever it happens I fill out a server form, most of the people on my servers do, we are a good community. So it's not just random lag because people have out too much stuff or dinos.
  15. looking for this fight also for my sister,she needs the engrams.
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