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  1. I had this happen as well, I killed my character when I got back to base, and when I revived the implant was there. Not sure if the same will help you it IS ark. But can't hurt to try. Good Luck!
  2. As the title says our server NA 341 finally works! our other maps are also much much better. The sad part is we fought SO hard to stay in the game and do anything this event. We ( our tribe, friends, other tribes, people we don't even know.. this applies to SO many people) Not trying to speak for anyone other than those we have talked to in discord etc, but I just wanted to say what we've all been talking about. It may be posted somewhere else but I do not see it. Anyway now that I said that qualifier, .. The event is almost OVER, through no fault of our own, the event end
  3. Each main map has something that you need, that is kinda the point. I was really hoping this was a justified post. But the only thing I see is complaining. What about trading with other people? Are you disadvantaged because you can't get them all to come to you either? I've lost a character, so the people that say it's not as scary as all that. Well yes and no. I played 10k+ hours and never lost one. Then I transferred just like this poster is saying and bam, char gone on rag. I was sad but she wasn't my main so I moved on. I now have played over 13k and not lost another one. So
  4. NA Island 341 kicking every 10 min tops. has been for 2 days virtually non stop, and gen 584 was offline 14 hours yesterday and at least 5 hours today.
  5. We actually get Master Crafted items regularly out of them, we use seeds nothing fancy, iguan and berries and owl pellets of course., Gachas were really nerfed but you can get decent stuff if you don't have BP's to craft them, like Rifles, and shot guns , flak, riot etc. Have a vault we put all MC in and give to new players when they stop by.
  6. I think they finally have it right? maybe.. I just logged in and I see a new new box, that is half the size and easy to read I like it now. I have to take back what I said. WC managed to take a dead whale and make it something decent. WTG WC keep it up, may bring back a little faith yet.. now pls fix something that matters instead of tweaking something that wasn't critical. But this is mainly to say thank you! for fixing that horrid first and second attempt at the cryopod UI. I must admit I am really surprised that it turned out so well. I made this a new thread because I
  7. I love ark, Not fond of wc but hey it's a package deal. I have almost 13k hours in Ark but I doubt I will pick up Ark2 not getting hooked on something that has a parent track record for being crap. Ark is crap, the dlc's are crap, atlas is a steaming pile of crap( of which I have all listed) ( gen 1 servers ran flawlessly for ages then slowly declined, now they disconnect, kick and crash like the rest) I do not in any situation think WC has learned anything. Nor do I think Ark 2 is going to be a dream come true. I will keep slogging away in Ark 1 and waiting on something be
  8. We are here because we love the game, does not mean in any fashion that we cannot voice our opinion also. If you don't like it ... don't read it maybe? and the truth is still the truth, the delay was expected, there is ALWAYS a delay and a sad apology. ...
  9. So you make it HUGE and then to FIX something you make the males BLUE and I am guessing the females will be PINK? what if someone is colorblind? how will this work? I'm not but my fiance is and this is a big issue. ALSO the females are all spayed, how do you implement something SO POORLY??? just PLEASE throw out the new UI and put it back the way it was. I absolutely hate the new one and no amount of tweaking will change it from a dead whale to something I will ever find enjoyable to look at. IT IS HUGE.. I mean WHY?
  10. hate the new UI for cryopods --instead of something useful like does the dino have a SADDLE on it? we get a UI big enough to read from across the zone....
  11. yes and people still can and do take them. I've had it happen to my tribe not that long ago.
  12. I really wish this wasn't a thing but it is. We've had people come along and just munch a few dinos and then stand in the way so we can't do anything. They grief us and take the vein because they can. I don't play pvp because I hate the constant competition for things and the need to be top of the pile. I have no desire to do that. I want to log in and play with friends and enjoy myself. (and that is hard enough on pve with the issues ark brings us daily.) ( not saying pvp can't be fun, I've played pvp in other games- it's just ark is fun for me without that element) I love
  13. This would be so fun, if they worked like rexes. Current thylas are maxed. 2 version out there : Epickarn has them through novus. I'm sure others have them, I just like giving cred to the breeder. The version we have is lvl 377 17640 HP and 1587 MD base. The other version is lvl 377 14k hp 1587md and the only diff is they have more weight 580 instead of 400, We didn't need that so we took the other version. We use them on ext with veins and a giga for each of us. They shred everything they get near.
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