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  1. has anyone said that this is being worked on yet? still no maturation bar
  2. genesis seems to be the exception *for now* I too have gotten decent bp's there but no where else. I REALLy wish WC would rethink the huge nerf they put on fishing and make it viable again. It is really fun, but pointless at this time.
  3. THANK YOU WC! I am SO SO happy with this crunch. I love genesis and I've been waiting for the transfers! I personally am THRILLED Gigas will be allowed, they are my all time favorite dino. Thank you for all of the hard work and time you are putting into this game. And thank you for the x2 to keep us occupied
  4. Everyone is saying things (mainly) that will help. PVP is not really about fair. And even in the best situation you play PVA.. what is PVA? say you don't work out with pvp and you end up going to pve. well it will go well. or it SHOULD but even then, You can get your base wiped. you can get dinos vanished etc. PVP- player vs player PVE - player vs environment PVA -Player vs ark Fair isn't something you will find much of here, Not being snarky or even trying to not understand. I've been through it and seen it. 2 years invested and everyday I wish my posse had wanted to play when I started, would have rented a server sooner and avoided official. We have our own server, but I have dinos now on official that we are attached to, so we stay. I hope you find something that works for you and yours. Good luck!
  5. Add island 341 to the list, raise babies, tame? not happening. can't even farm meat or anything. I'm not frustrating myself further with this fiasco. Have a nice event IF you can play it.
  6. This is my favorite event! Thank you for all of the work that is being done. There are problems but there are good things too! I love having non racing to package type events and more events where everyone can be nice to each other and still get chibi and items. Plus this is my favorite color scheme for the dinos! xoxoxoxox -------> WC
  7. Thanks for posting you guys, now at least I know it's not just me. I hope they get this resolved soon.
  8. Hello!, I logged out for the update that took place not long ago. I uploaded a few things and windowed out to check the wiki. Windowed back in just in time to see the update text box disappear. So I didn't get to see the intend of the update. Is downloading and uploading just offline for now or is this something that should be fixed? I checked both my AB and Island servers and both say the same thing. I have items I uploaded just prior to the update that I really need back. Thanks!
  9. I also cannot use a mindwipe, I made 2, since I crafted some items, wanted to change my attributes back and head to Genesis.. CANT! Please fix this!
  10. After this many dlc's though that type of delay should be expected, figured in and anticipated. this isn't the first time it's happened it.s *every* time.
  11. I agree with the initial post 100% I too heard all of those things on ALL the maps we play on, Island, rag( always rag) ext and AB. We had nightly server outages on 341. My sister and I already have genesis, I too want new contend and I'm a bit of a pessimist when it comes to what WC may and may not fix. At this point it feels like a cash grab with no thought to the current population and the content they already have gotten money for. Eventually this will destroy many people's ability to enjoy the game even remotely.
  12. I too think it should be extended. it isn't because it was too short, it's because for most of the time, the game was unplayable. Server crashes,waiting HOURS for it to be back up, even with us all reporting the issues. Constant rubber banding etc etc. At least give us something that can be looked forward to other than waiting on a server to come back up!
  13. NA PVE Island 341 has been crashing around 10:30 pm for a couple of nights now. The lag/rubber banding is unbelievable, and this is for most of the server populace not just a select few. I really want to like/enjoy the events but it's near impossible! And yes ( people on when it goes down,have sent outage reports every time.
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