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  1. Thank you so much for saying this! sometimes we forget! I went to do a vein on ext and my whistle aggressive wasn't working. I was so so disappointed and I decided to see if it was an issue. And here is the solution! I had forgotten about groups! xoxoxoxoxo tytytyty!
  2. well after reading this I'm really bummed because I used to get twins and triplets ALL the time, like out of 25 gacha females I had 4 sets of twins, 4 magma eggs 2 twins 1 triplet and 1 single etc. that was standard and I miss it so much! And now I've hatched hundreds of eggs and live births since egg incubator and 0 multiple births. PC official.
  3. yeah I already replied but thanks for echoing what someone else said. and as I said well you are right there. I didn't think of that, we raise them on island and the tribe member raising them on gen2 isn't me I can totally get that! Thanks for reminding me. I do have to add to this however, I've raised 4 on gen2 now and I haven't used a maewing. our server has been decent lately. I just plan out what i'm doing ahead of time, and I build etc. It's not like there is ONLY 1 way to do something. So yeah. have a nice day doing paracer run 4 mil times to feed them. *unfollows p
  4. reporting with evidence is the best thing you can do. WC does clean up messes like this pretty quickly much faster than they do character or dino issues. So cross your fingers and wait. sadly that is about it. There isn't much you can do when a jerk does crap like that esp on a pve server. I'm really sorry you're having that problem too. good luck.
  5. I would just like to ask WHY CAN'T WE FIX CRASHING ON SERVER SAVE??? I mean how hard can this be? you've fixed it before and yet it keeps coming back. Usually when there are bugs you spray and they stay gone. we have been getting kicked the entire event but as of the last 2 days we are getting kicked literally every freaking raptoring save. At this point I'm pretty numb to the bad performance but ffs enough is enough fix this already. (NA Official island 341) -- oh look -- we were kicked in the few minutes it took me to post this.
  6. that is terrible. I have had this happen. Unfortunately if a server crashes and rolls back to before your char was there, (there are other ways but I'm not versed in them all just ones that have happened to me or friends.). If this is what happened to you then your character is gone and you need to file a ticket. This will be a time consuming process and they do NOT replace the character they will give your unlocks back ( if you're lucky) but be prepared for a long wait. I didn't bother to get anything replaced on my char, I just remade her and got my unlocks myself. I don't have months t
  7. this isn't a bug there is a limit to how many platform saddles can be on a server, also how many dinos can be out on a server. Our server on gen2 hits this constantly and as long as it exists you can't build on them. Since stryders are platforms as well this causes gen2 to cap out quickly. If you are on a private server and not official you can adjust this. MaxPlatformSaddleStructureLimit sets the maximum number of platforms & platform saddles allowed on the server.
  8. This is quite common there are tons and tons of discords with people and dinos even base building services. You totally can do this, the only thing is at some point you have to go to other people, rarely do people come to you. Of course this doesn't apply if you're always on the selling end. But eventually you will want something from someone else. I have a trade alt that I send out that keeps my main character safer from accidental transfer deletion. Either way good luck!
  9. I also am having this issue and ONLY in Gen1 Lunar biome. My sister is having a similar situation her screen is somewhat comic book effect, really high gamma and nothing in the game settings changes it. Even changing the gamma in game, will change the character inventory and hotbar only to a darker but not the actual screen. Mine is completely white except for the hotbar and my character inventory. This is on 3 different computers with 3 different setups. all win 10. No other map has this issue, we play on island, gen2,AB,crystal isle annd uhh extinction for now. None
  10. Sadly this is nothing new, it's just the first time you are seeing it in it's entirety and it's a surprise. I'm really sorry for your losses in Ark, I'm sorry for MY losses in ark, and my tribemates and anyone else who reads this. But the sad truth is most of us that have played awhile - we kinda are numb and yes we just accept certain things now. I went over 10k hours without losing a character once, when all my friends had already lost one. Then it happened to me, now I have a char on every map and a trade mule that does off server trades. You learn to make more than one
  11. no twins or triplets here since incubator and I used to get them all the time, to the point it was a running joke in my tribe. (official PVE)
  12. Hello!, I love love love the maewing, it is probably in my top 5 dinos I love the most. So firstly thank you for making it! However there is 1 thing I would like to see added-- as it stands now mating them is painful if mating more than 5 or so. Why? if you've never done it then you may not see the issue. Maewings can mate with each other without gender bias, which is awesome. I get 2 eggs the first go round. The problem is my primary that has the weight stat I want to breed with everyone else ( traditionally the male role in dinos) well even if I breed that one first,
  13. well you are right there. I didn't think of that, we raise them on island and the tribe member raising them on gen2 isn't me I can totally get that! Thanks for reminding me.
  14. dimorphs are fun, current melee on them on the trade market ( cross ark, discord etc) is around 600 md. or close. and that is base no imprint. I think they are too squishy to do any real damage. they're like dumbfire pets. send them in say good bye make more. So I think they would be obliterated before they endured long enough to kill a boss. *any* boss. But kinda like the lvl 100000000 dodo vs the lvl1 giga someone did a vid of ages ago, it's fun to watch! I'd watch the dimorph test. So if you try it, make sure to capture it!
  15. why do you guys bother to feed them??? if you put a baby gacha in render distance and give it nothing, no poop nothing, it doesn't need food. OR another adult gacha, nothing. It's really a waste of time to feed them. (have raised a few hundred for our alliance, this works 100%) ( I guess to leave render but they eat so much, I just raise them when I'm building etc)
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