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  1. Cryopods have indeed done a world of good. 1) on all of our servers especially rag, it used to always and I do mean always be slot capped --( cannot tame anything etc). Now it is not. That is a simple Calculable fact. 2) you can actually find land if you move your feet more than 5 meters in any direction. I play ark for the dinos, my twin sister plays for the dinos. My friends.. we ALL play for dinos and for the fun in building. That being said we do cryo most of our dinos as we breed them and put them away. Having started with nothing.. absolutely nothing on ge
  2. yeah we had already done that Before they said anything, yanno to keep the amount of disconnects down?( since everyone says its eggs, or dinos or bases that cause the issues. We were doing our part to keep that from happening. We did this DAYS before anything was ever said. Our server is unstable at best. Not psychic either. Anyway, I came back to say the timer adjusted after the first imprint. Thanks WC!
  3. yeah this happened last year too.. the ones we have hatched prior to this trying to get rdy aren't getting the new imprint timer. However the ones we just hatched have like 45 minutes. soooo yeah. I kinda expected this though. Seems it is the same every time. Shouldn't be a hard thing to get right.. but it seems to be.
  4. you can always just go at night until you find a cave. and it won't hurt you from radiation.
  5. I think you are missing the entire point. crafting those was a part of extinction. That's why the engram is there. yes, give perks without buying the content.. (no)
  6. I was thinking the same thing. We have been looking forward to extra life all year, but with everything *planned* it is bound to be a fiasco. I am so sad right now, I could cry.
  7. I agree the rates for the collected event items is low. I purposefully went out to collect them, and all day I found 2 pumpkins and some bones ( meat run for the bones) and a tombstone. I went to Island, AB, Gen and Valg. The dodorex was said to not be spawning because people couldn't find it. However I disproved that one when I walked into our backyard and it said Hi to me with fire!
  8. They are working on the meshing and have been for awhile, I doubt they can fix* all of that* in a short time period. And wipe all servers are you ??? Some of us have worked super hard to be where we are and just because someone else isn't there is no reason to impose a penalty on everyone else. So no please WC don't do that for 1 beach bob that can't cut it.
  9. I've been trying to play all morning. Silly me I wanted to prep for the event. Buuutttt we get disconnected every few minutes on 341 island. I posted on another thread that we are getting disco'd a lot, We have been kicked another 3 times since I posted that less than about half an hour ago. Guess I'm skipping this event. *submit a report on server blah blah blah* that is just noise, we report them ALL the time and 341 is STILL crap. Fortunately my tribe has a private server we can play on in times like these. Official progress is halted which sucks buckets. Thanks WC.. for what I am not sure
  10. If only this were the case! it *might* supposed to be just a server save and last only a few seconds but that is hardly HARDLY the reality on many servers. I am not even looking forward to the events ahead (which kills me because I love them) but our server saves on NA island 341 and extinction 458 to name 2 are horrid. To put it in perspective- I've been online an hour and 20 minutes and the server has disco'd us FIVE times already. Not just me. ALL of us. So yeah.. not really hearing the event over the noise of the disconnects. And they last a minute sometimes and sometimes if we a
  11. We have out 30 snails right now, we build a lot with metal, I always tame a lvl 5, it tames out to lvl 7 and then we just clone them. ( we tame pretty colors during the events to have variety- only technically need 1 to clone and they are cheap too. 2500 shards. They gather points fast and soon they are able to go a week without feeding. So taming high levels is a waste of time IMO, but everyone has an opinion.
  12. I find it funny tbh that everyone is wanting another evo event. We had x2 x 4 etc so much that it's expected. I remember going MONTHS without an event in sight. Ark isn't supposed to be EASY. It technically is anyway. We all decide where we spend our time. If you spend time on kids.. well that's a life choice ( you had em!). You can't use that to say gimmie an event.. No time to raise a giga? Make friends to help or use something else. These aren't WC issues. They're personal issues. I'm partially disabled. I don't ask for an event because of my life issues or choice
  13. erm second life is a different game, don't you mean the Extra Life event? Combining the two would be fun though ?
  14. I knew this would be hard for some to conceptualize. X# events are events. The BASE rate has been adjusted, this is so events can still be included later. So the base used to get (insert random number.) . 240 stones per swing of a doed. Now with the rates changed you would get 480 per swing. it has nothing to do with the individual stone you pick up. This is only for events, which we are NOT on. The BASE amount was adjusted.
  15. NA 341 Island and oc 880 crystal isle is also on the list of cannot connect. We are all in discord and upset because many of us have babies now dead that we can't get back. And we know a decent bred dino is something we won't get replaced. I waited 6 weeks for eggs that I finally get .. today of course and I had to get notified on this forum that my babies were born and I'm sure died by now and we have ALL been trying to get in for HOURS. This is so sad and I am so sad. I know they are just pixels to some. But many people play to deal with stress and other issues. I being o
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