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  1. hate the new UI for cryopods --instead of something useful like does the dino have a SADDLE on it? we get a UI big enough to read from across the zone....
  2. yes and people still can and do take them. I've had it happen to my tribe not that long ago.
  3. I really wish this wasn't a thing but it is. We've had people come along and just munch a few dinos and then stand in the way so we can't do anything. They grief us and take the vein because they can. I don't play pvp because I hate the constant competition for things and the need to be top of the pile. I have no desire to do that. I want to log in and play with friends and enjoy myself. (and that is hard enough on pve with the issues ark brings us daily.) ( not saying pvp can't be fun, I've played pvp in other games- it's just ark is fun for me without that element) I love
  4. This would be so fun, if they worked like rexes. Current thylas are maxed. 2 version out there : Epickarn has them through novus. I'm sure others have them, I just like giving cred to the breeder. The version we have is lvl 377 17640 HP and 1587 MD base. The other version is lvl 377 14k hp 1587md and the only diff is they have more weight 580 instead of 400, We didn't need that so we took the other version. We use them on ext with veins and a giga for each of us. They shred everything they get near.
  5. Thank you! We love them too! started out with normal ones, then AB and now X otters. Never enough otters! Of course I say that about our giga babies too. We just love baby dinos in general
  6. This is my first time posting on this thread. I've read it many times and decided to add my diary of events Log in refresh base and surrounding structures, Go on a meat run with my main giga Ghost, he loves to go find brontos! ( yes my sister and I give our dinos personalities ) We brought back his weight in meat and filled the troughs and then I got berries on our bronto Gloria. ( we keep them separate because Ghost will drool all over Gloria even though he can't munch her up. ) I then put the water babies back out to grow some more. Basi babies, tuso babies, Ich
  7. We have a friend that lost everything on island 341 this way, and we lost everything on ext 458 same way. Server lagged really hard, to the point it seemed everything stopped. We were pushed to the world ceiling and my sister and I both died instantly. Skiff -gone, gear gone- gigas- gone, max asc saddles gone- everything from veins-gone. It's just horrible and nothing in logs to indicate it happened but we were both there when it did.. so yeah. I pray daily to the giga gods, at night, do rituals.. and anything else I can think of so someone ANYONE will make a better wor
  8. THANK YOU WC! I posted earlier about the chocolates and candies not dropping from our gigas. I just came back after the update to do the rest.. We received a chocolate and a candy.. not from the same dinos but within 10 dinos mating where before the update we did 50 and got nothing. I know there are issues with the game, but you guys are really trying to fix the issues. You have our thanks!
  9. I know the announcement says the chocolate drops from mating is random but it's a terrible drop rate compared to last year. I bred 50 gigas for our alliance just now and not 1 chocolate, nadda. And we did this last year so I'm aware of how it *should work* is the drop rate just that terrible this year or? And don't get me wrong, I'm very glad to have the event. This is one of our fav events of all but the candies/chocolates are one of the main things we look for. Thanks.
  10. We set up a base on 552 for a free owl sanctuary-- We've spent countless hours getting it ready and yesterday we put in crop plots and defense plants. They died. No water in the air, nothing. the reservoirs never filled. ( I know to leave render etc and they should fill) we use this system on all of our builds. **note* we have a complete set up on AB that works and extinction-- valguero is BROKEN. We are in the snow area by blue obi. So as a backup, I tried to run pipes from the river we built on. However that didn't work either, as the water seems to not realize it is wa
  11. Cryopods have indeed done a world of good. 1) on all of our servers especially rag, it used to always and I do mean always be slot capped --( cannot tame anything etc). Now it is not. That is a simple Calculable fact. 2) you can actually find land if you move your feet more than 5 meters in any direction. I play ark for the dinos, my twin sister plays for the dinos. My friends.. we ALL play for dinos and for the fun in building. That being said we do cryo most of our dinos as we breed them and put them away. Having started with nothing.. absolutely nothing on ge
  12. yeah we had already done that Before they said anything, yanno to keep the amount of disconnects down?( since everyone says its eggs, or dinos or bases that cause the issues. We were doing our part to keep that from happening. We did this DAYS before anything was ever said. Our server is unstable at best. Not psychic either. Anyway, I came back to say the timer adjusted after the first imprint. Thanks WC!
  13. yeah this happened last year too.. the ones we have hatched prior to this trying to get rdy aren't getting the new imprint timer. However the ones we just hatched have like 45 minutes. soooo yeah. I kinda expected this though. Seems it is the same every time. Shouldn't be a hard thing to get right.. but it seems to be.
  14. you can always just go at night until you find a cave. and it won't hurt you from radiation.
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