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  1. Aylana314159

    Need Guidance for underwater exploring

    Use the bary to get a basilo. Bary spin makes killing mantas easy peasy.
  2. Aylana314159

    Solo Servers of Ark survival evolved.

    I dont see official servers ever adding a solo tribe PvP ruleset.
  3. Aylana314159

    Spawn Weight on the Island, is it adjustable?

    There is a server plugin that works for this. https://arkserverapi.com/resources/better-spawn-distribution.42/
  4. Aylana314159

    Item stack muliplier on console

    From the patch notes: Experimental Added [ServerSettings] ItemStackSizeMultiplier to allow increasing or decreasing item stack size Added [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameMode] ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity to allow manually overriding item stack size on a per-item basis The headings are in brackets, telling you where in the ini file the code goes. I think you probably need a server with ini access.
  5. Aylana314159

    Spoiled meat on private server

    There is a setting to change the global spoil timer.
  6. Aylana314159

    Pheonix Coding (Nitrado Server)

    I think the Phoenix requires a special trigger to spawn.
  7. Aylana314159

    Why is Wildcard deleting my support tickets?

    Really? Imagine all the bugs that would come of that.
  8. Aylana314159

    Mating not working anymore

    it could be that they are mating, the UI just dosen't update. Have you waited to see if they get to the next stage?
  9. Aylana314159

    How rare is my Argy

    Event colors. Not very rare.
  10. Aylana314159

    looking to setup servers

    Nitrado and g-portal are cheap and easily to use. Nitrado servers were slower and so was support. I like g-portal better.
  11. Aylana314159

    You can't succeed in this game.

    Maybe you, the OP, cannot succeed. But thats your problem. If official servers aren't fun, play unofficial or SP.
  12. Aylana314159

    What is wrong with this game?

    Great game, if you avoid official servers.
  13. Monthly (apocalypse or old extinction servers) never really took off. Either seasons every 3 months or 6 months would be excellent. WC could even do different things each time. Like limited creatures. Like start with a nostalgic Island only (pre-wyvern, etc) set of servers.
  14. WC could figure out a way to have long term PvP servers with leader boards. But at some point no new players will be able to join, survive, and actually get anywhere. Never letting possible competition grow to be competition is a good strategy. But it dosen't make for a very fun game.
  15. I think these are some interesting ideas for official servers. I think more cross clusters of just 1 of each map would be good, but they probably need a wipe cycle. Like 6 months or yearly. I think a set of non-clustered single servers could be interesting. But also needs a wipe cycle.