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  1. At least forcing banned players to buy another account makes WC money. Really they need to work on the game mechanics to eliminate the ability to cheat and exploit. Which really should have been done in the EA development period.
  2. Official servers aren't for the average player. WC needs to make tribe management better and increase tribalism.
  3. People just buy new accounts. And what about Ark being offered though subscription gaming services?
  4. Not everyone has a static IP address. Also there are shared IPs like apartment complexes and university dormitories.
  5. So your suggesting mac/linux users stay on official even though they don't have access for weeks when major updates happen? That's real smart. Unofficial servers aren't ALL horrible. While there are bad unofficial servers out there, they aren't all bad. Linux/mac users could form a cooperative community and control server updates, instead of letting the server auto update and cut them off.
  6. Sounds like you missed multiple wakeup calls to not play official servers. This wouldn't happen if you played a server(s) where the update cycle was controlled to match linux/mac version.
  7. What unkillable beast are you even talking about?
  8. I don't think it really matters, there will be people who don't see the messages or log in just before the servers go down. Until these last 2 events, WC has been very good about Tuesday being patch day. It was predictable. Not exact time, but you knew not to do anything important on Tuesdays.
  9. With the recent changes that are coming, it seems they are continuously decreasing the challenge. Making the game easier.
  10. So like the taxidermy stuff, but tek?
  11. Think of all the requests for subscription based higher quality official servers. While these might have money for better support, still dosen't fix the underlying issues of the game. Servers aren't free. You either have to rent (managed or unmanaged) or buy/own physical servers and pay electricity and internet bills. I would say that most unofficial servers accept donations. Plus if you want will run servers you might have to play for things like plugins. Here is an example of an excellent PvP plugin (paid plugin). I am just taking at face value that it works. https://arkserverapi.com/resources/no-more-undermeshing.138/
  12. I am going to revive this suggestion. With issues like character loss during transfer, it would make a lot of sense and remove some of the burden from the support staff if player accounts (steam and console) had a way to claim a tribe that they owned with any other character tied to their account (existing or deleted). I think the simplest way would be to tie tribe ownership to account instead of character. This has also been requested for imprints and skins to be tied to account not character.
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