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  1. Site the rule please.
  2. Are shadow tribes actually against the rules?
  3. Aylana314159

    Dino listing utility?

    If you have the save file, you can use this 3rd party program. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/296791-tool-larkator-standalone-dino-locator/
  4. Aylana314159


    No. Its the Snail run Conquest replacement mode.
  5. Aylana314159

    What do you guys think?

    Maybe like a transformer tek creatures/vehicle. But each form would need strengths and weaknesses, something WC hasn't really figured out yet.
  6. Aylana314159


  7. Aylana314159

    Main base on 375 WIPED with all dinos/blueprints/base

    Arbitrary rules are confusing to everyone. Why no max number allowed? Removing this as a rule that takes enforcement team time and replacing it with a game mechanic is a much smarter option for many reasons. Also, with the Extinction DLC introducing skinning and decor items. Pretty dinos can be displayed without using tame slots, but the downside is more structures to render.
  8. Aylana314159

    Basil, mosa or tuso?

    Baslio. Great resistances, but slow.
  9. Aylana314159

    Toxic community, Servers, and Noobs...

    Consoles would fry without the tether. It part of the console approval process, to ensure that games that don't kill consoles. There are ways to get a tether free dedicated server if thats what you want.
  10. Aylana314159

    Update Regarding Recent Lost Characters

    This is known information. Your save character file is gone. The sleeping body on the map is part of the map save and not your actual character.
  11. Aylana314159

    Toxic community, Servers, and Noobs...

    Tethering is working as intended.
  12. Aylana314159

    What is the Default setting to Ark single player?

    There is a use "single player settings" checkbox.
  13. Aylana314159

    Future of ARK/Studio Wildcard: Will it survive?

    This is WC predominant problem. Also, it seems they don't learn either.
  14. Aylana314159

    Future of ARK/Studio Wildcard: Will it survive?

    This could be brought back to life and actually make WC money.
  15. Aylana314159

    Future of ARK/Studio Wildcard: Will it survive?

    You mean were 'saved' by Snail games.