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  1. As predicted, breedable wyverns means a nerf first.
  2. These events are about the fun stuff and colors. Not rates. Plus base rates were doubled.
  3. Did you already get all the explorer notes?
  4. Private servers can actually backup and restore character files. And honestly it rarely happens in unofficial well run clusters.
  5. You bought a game. Not official servers. If you want real support, find a community that gives real support.
  6. I have enjoyed many hours of Ark in single player mode and on unofficial servers. If you want to play official servers, you just have to deal with all the official problems and poor customer service. Playing there is a choice not a requirement.
  7. Breeding was never part of the normal evo events. Breeding events are and should be rare.
  8. Maybe they should do something in the server browser for all the different specialty servers. They aren't really 'game modes', like Primitive plus that requires switching the client to a different mode.
  9. The bottom right of the screen is for total conversions not different rule sets.
  10. Events tend to change year to year. So how exactly would a DLC work, event plus year? Halloween 2018?
  11. You aren't required to play official servers.
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