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  1. Aylana314159

    Suicide button

    WC will not add a suicide button cause it would make handcuffs pointless for PvP. Remember to eat poop. Pick better servers to play on.
  2. Those players paid for the game too. You cannot control human nature, neither can WC.
  3. You don't have to play official servers. It's your choice to play there.
  4. Aylana314159

    Remove Artifacts as requirement for Boss fights

    Unofficial servers can change the boss requirements. Mosts don't. But it's an option. It's the same code as engram overrides.
  5. Aylana314159

    PVE Servers Crashing

    Crashes are typically player related. Unless 100% of servers are crashing, then it could be attributed to a flawed update. The server saves at regular intervals. Having more saves to decrease to rollback amount, would significantly increase lag. Lag due to server save.
  6. Aylana314159


    The dino storage mod, a very similar pokeball concept, has been around a long time now. It has settings that include no release in caves, no release near enemy structures, and even only released at your base (a terminal structure). Plus blacklist for dinos to not allow trapping at all.
  7. Aylana314159


    So, no surprise WC didn't set checks for the cryopod release to include enemy structures, etc.
  8. Aylana314159

    Centre map FUBAR

    What's wrong with it?
  9. Aylana314159

    Server spawns full of structures.

    Ok. Well your examples were Germany and the UK. Unless you live in a part of the world with only little kids admins. Have fun playing official or wherever.
  10. Aylana314159

    Why is 1/10th of the game focus on?

    The Devs need to provide undo settings when they make nerfs. Like the flyer nerf, etc.
  11. Aylana314159

    Server spawns full of structures.

    What region?
  12. Aylana314159

    Server spawns full of structures.

    Got any statistics to back this up? All the good unofficial communities I know are run by responsible adults with jobs.
  13. Aylana314159

    Windows10/Play Anywhere

    Click the "State of the Game" announcement at the top.
  14. Aylana314159

    Cool down on tribe rename?

    A quick Google search revealed 15 days real time. I cannot confirm. Seems a bit long.
  15. Aylana314159

    Money Back for Extinction ?

    But steam must track it for refund purposes.