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  1. That's PC only mentality. Sadly console players are like second class citizens. And the Switch dosen't even get a seat at the table.
  2. A toggle for leveling speed on flyers has been asked for since the nerf. Either an ini setting (only applicable to PC) or a checkbox in the SP interface (applicable to any platform).
  3. How? Settings exist for a reason. Don't get a lot of play time, play with higher rates. Problem solved.
  4. This would encourage more alt accounts.
  5. As stated, to break this rule you have to be motivated by disrupting other players. What about pillaring for protection?
  6. There is legitimate reasons for pillaring. The devs cannot eliminate pillaring without destroying players ability to protect servers. Pillaring is necessary. Want to be able to finish building your base? Better pillar a buffer zone Want to feed your dinos? Better pillar a meat run Want to ever see wild beavers again? Better pillar Resources like metal? Better pillar Now WC could make large regions of each map designated high resource areas and therefore no build. But this takes away from the open world nature of Ark.
  7. The fact that people still play official PvE implies that it isn't dead.
  8. Players are responsible for pillars (both good and bad pillaring), therefore players have killed Ark (really just Ark official).
  9. Multiple single player saves. Better backup and restore functionality. Fix resource and artifact spawns/respawning More ini settings to the interface for console players. Promote and demote mods in the active mod list. Multiple saves for settings and mod lists.
  10. Unofficial Ark and Single player is great.
  11. Now imagine that ability is gone and now people are intentionally leaving unmovable bodies everywhere. Ark already provides tools to protect your offline bodies. Build a house and always logout in a bed.
  12. For a game designed for tribes, solo players are going to have to play smarter. Make alliances. Or Choose the ORP servers.
  13. It's not meant to be storage.
  14. Not sure what the real issue is. That people refresh timers on bases they aren't currently using but spent the time and energy to build. Or, that they are being technologically efficient about it.
  15. Its really subjective. Completely fresh starts on the DLC maps are challenging and can be very fun.
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