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  1. As predicted, breedable wyverns means a nerf first.
  2. These events are about the fun stuff and colors. Not rates. Plus base rates were doubled.
  3. Host a dedicated instead of non-dedicated.
  4. Did you already get all the explorer notes?
  5. Breeding was never part of the normal evo events. Breeding events are and should be rare.
  6. Events tend to change year to year. So how exactly would a DLC work, event plus year? Halloween 2018?
  7. Doubtful. WC might be able to add a host tether slider, but I don't think there is a way to only make it available for ps5. Can 2 consoles be used? 1 for server and 1 for client?
  8. Does it just effect you or all xbox players? And this isn't really the place for bug reports, find the xbox subforum.
  9. They were removed to reduce size. More complaints about game size than not being able to enable events in settings.
  10. The main taming setting should effect how much food a passive tame takes, this is how it works on unofficial and single player mode. The setting PassiveTameIntervalMultiplier can be used to effect the speed of taming.
  11. I think passive tames are affected by the main taming rates, but there is another setting for them.
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