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  1. Using game mechanics as intended isn't abuse. WC could lower tribe tame cap, but after all these years they haven't.
  2. Rules don't work unless actually enforced. The WC devs could/should create a game mechanic to restrict pillaring. But there would probably be issues, loopholes,and exploits.
  3. Its really just that most people are spoiled by the level distribution of modded maps like Ragnarok. There are mods and server plugins that adjust the level distribution.
  4. You can set your ini files to read only, then do all settings from the files instead of the UI.
  5. Or forgot the blacklist the normal ones.
  6. Not ever unofficial is run that way, some are run by person(s) or teams that don't play on their own servers for PvP no admin abuse. I am not against your idea, but WC/Snail Games ended that game mode. Its likely a seasonal cycle with the Conquest servers. There is always primitive plus official servers if you want primitive.
  7. This would be a terrible business decision,unless there was a requirement to own ALL DLCs to actually play. Also BIG maps = easier to LAG server out. Honestly, WC should spend more time working on the core backend of character transfering between maps to completely eliminate character file loses.
  8. The bottleneck for Ark updates through Steam typically isn't your internet speed. Other games download and update quickly, but Ark is significantly slower.
  9. It's a little late to remove a core game mechanic now. Maybe for Ark 2.
  10. Dosen't fix the HLNA skin duplication.
  11. You always have the option of private servers. If there is a big enough niche for truly primitive gameplay then there are better configurations than what was chosen by Snail games for the seasonal Classic servers.
  12. There are already ORP (offline raid protection) official servers.
  13. You should change the title to something like PvP cryopod balance. I guess what you are suggesting is adding an additional timer for cryopod deployment based on transfering servers. But I don't think that would work, what about people who are moving to survive or farm resources. If this timer was based on a specific creature, people would just fill up on multiple creatures.
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