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  1. Yeah. Official servers really should go back to the original rates. I also think the top creatures from each DLC should be map locked, black listed from other maps. Not all DLC creature, just the top over powered creature(s).
  2. Honesty Survival of the fittest was Ark PvP for busy people.
  3. No one is acting on it, and especially if you're not upvoting and using the already made thread. I think official servers are being downsized, so I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  4. Why not search? This suggestion has already been made.
  5. Lots of survival games have blueprint systems (not to be confused with the gear/saddle blueprints), that allow players to save and share designs. It would be interesting to have something like this. There is a mod called structure saver and the newer version structure saver 2.
  6. If you don't like the rates why play there? Honestly, breeding rates should be special events not every weekend. Valentine's day coming up, typically has breeding increased.
  7. It won't work as long as exploits exist. So other than creating sets of seasonally wiping servers, not much you can do other than accept official servers for what they are.
  8. The files would have to be added to the base game or there would be decorations not everyone could see. I think cash shop are the opposite direction from where Ark should be going. Now getting Ark mobile (different game and developers) ported to console could be interesting, it has a cash shop and lots more decor stuff.
  9. a) not sure about this, since the level limits which beacons you can open b) the servers reset (wipe) every 3 months, to remain intended as beginner servers
  10. Not sure WC can just take mods and sell them. Most people don't want cash shops. Plus all content would have to ge added to the base game, increasing its size.
  11. Have you tried breeding? And getting better saddles and saddle blueprints? Beginner servers are meant to learn the game then move on to the main servers. 3 month wipe cycle.
  12. Aylana314159


    You already got Homestead. That's all WC deemed acceptable for the base game.
  13. I save colors and breed different color combinations separately from the main breeding project. At the end when you are done with stats. Merging everything colors and stats is the last step.
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