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  1. There are settings that effect this for server performance. Not sure how official servers are setup.
  2. There are lots of weight reduction creatures. Aberration with a bunch of ravagers is great. No flying allowed
  3. Aylana314159


    It's a dino game.
  4. The official settings are 2x from early access. And colors are accessible through mutations all the time.
  5. It's a server setting, unless the server has it enabled changing the client setting does nothing.
  6. Small tribes (run by WC) wasn't introduced as a seasonal server type. Conquest and Classic are run by Snail Games as seasonal servers.
  7. Not true since each DLC assets get added to the base game for purposes of map transfers. Installing the DLCs are just maps.
  8. Do these beta changes effect PvE? I get that they are being tested in a beta exclusively as PvP changes.
  9. Not much of a suggestion. Change how?
  10. Less over pixels and more over the time investment
  11. So you meshed? That's bannable offense
  12. They added a "use single player settings" checkbox that makes single player mode significantly easier.
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