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  1. Aylana314159

    Disabling spawn entries

    You can remove spawns from the spawn entry.
  2. Aylana314159


    Or get together with a few people and host a server, once the files are released.
  3. Aylana314159

    Player Dedicated server list

    I play pc, so I don't really know how Xbox servers connect. There are server admin help subforums too (I think).
  4. Aylana314159

    Player Dedicated server list

    There should be a platform specific advertising subforum. Check out other ads as a guide for what to include. For Reddit ark server ads just post there.
  5. Aylana314159

    Player Dedicated server list

    Did you advertise here and Reddit?
  6. Aylana314159

    Are we done with dinosaurs now...?

    Mutation could be removed from the breeding mechanic. And replaced with something that dosen't rely on dino hoarding. Something more mmo like. A complicated recipe that includes new rare drops. Maybe different teirs. Like rare drops from an alpha raptor as teir 1. Or some form of an evolve creature mechanic.
  7. Aylana314159

    The snow biome needs a change

    Have you tried a fashionable otter scarf?
  8. Aylana314159

    Dino collection hibernation - solve tame cap

    Unofficials have a dino cap also. But since there are active admins and rules like cull breeding projects caps usually aren't reached or are quickly rectified. You are making suggestions for dino cap solutions. You don't think it's vaild to look at mods to see what is possible within the unreal engine?
  9. Aylana314159

    Dino collection hibernation - solve tame cap

    I don't know how often you guys check out mods, to see what ideas mod authors come up with and actually implement as a mod. I think it's more likely to get WC to incorporate a mod than make a new game mechanic from scratch. I personally use the dino storage mod. Great mod. Lots of mod configuration. Great mod author. Similar to the many previous pokeball mods, but lots of redundancy on the saved dinos. A new mod just came out that actually might be more applicable to vanilla game play. Here is the link. It's another way to storage dinos and help reduce cap. I could see lowering the tribe limit to 250 active dinos and 300-400 stored dinos. I know in my solo game I have boss theriz. 20 ready for the bosses plus 5 females 1 males breeders plus 2 harvesting ones (spec for power and dedicate harvesting). That's 28 of 1 species for me. If this were a tribe there might be imprinted dinos that are personal. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1498412390&searchtext=Garage
  10. Aylana314159

    Why Do PvP'ers and PvE'ers Clash??

    Unless you build on the beavers spawns and make an endangered species extinct. Or build right next to someone else, to the point where neither can place structures.
  11. Aylana314159

    Why Do PvP'ers and PvE'ers Clash??

    PvE is basically an incomplete game mode. There are no in-game methods to setting land disputes or dino hoarding. There is war, but both sides have to agree. It's a tribal game and PvP is the only mode that is actually realistic. PvE could use more diplomacy mechanics and some limited PvP.
  12. Different people play the game different ways. Collecting colors from either events or the massively time consuming mutation process are both part of the game a some people enjoy that. Just because you don't dosen't mean it's not valid. I moved to unofficial and private solo LAN server once I started working a full time job. I just didn't have the time commitment for official servers. What you are suggesting with removing feeding trough would increase the time required to play and just for mundane dino feeding. There is no challenge in that, no survival elements, it's just grind/time. I use the dino storage mod on the unofficial servers I play. You basically pokeball dinos and store the in containers. I did see a new similar mod, but it was more like a dino parking garage. Both of these remove dinos from the world and cap. The cryo things coming with extinction probably will not help cause they will be locked behind tek and not accessable to everyone. The tame cap problem is basic math. It's like birth and death rates. Too many births and no death, population explosion happens. In nature and with wild animals when this happens resources are used up and die off happens. For Ark official PvE there isn't enough to remove dinos from the game actively. WC needs to remove offline damage protection. Require base defences, it a survival game after all. Not a dino hoarding sim. Then TLC some dinos to actively attack bases, structures. Another similar suggestion is to add diseases to the game. Or just make all official servers PvP.
  13. Aylana314159


    Only the windows store version of Ark. Not the steam PC version.
  14. Aylana314159

    PVE OfficialServer32 is locked and is PVP?

    Did you use the server outage system to report it?
  15. Aylana314159

    Aberration on Ragnarok?

    This is exactly how Ragnarok was created. There are several mod maps that have all the content. Do you watch the sponcered mod program and the current mod contest?