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  1. spawned on val got set up then by the the end of the day had killed 13 raptors
  2. i lived in a little cove mixed with red wood and swamp somehow my tapejara survived the all the kapros and leeches and thylas until a gun crazy admin came along and destroyed all my dinos and base. the tapejara name was jarley quinn.
  3. the swamps have no pegos but they have everthing else
  4. Fulton


    great, flying jelly fish
  5. this one is my personal fav so far
  6. that looks pretty cool with the black
  7. the thing that makes this one great is that you took the time to breed for mutations
  8. best mutation Iv'e been wandering what is truly possible with mutations both stats and color. I have been looking around and have found nothing. i'd love to see what everybody has done.
  9. do you have a otter? if so they can hold tons of artifacts.
  10. the admins on the server probaly wont let me do that but its worth a shot
  11. i normally play pve but may go to pvp soon
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