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Community Crunch 298: Fjordur Creature Vote Winner, Community Corner, and More!


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Happy New Year!

We hope you enjoyed your Winter Wonderland and had some time to spend with your tribes (in and out of game 🤓).  Although we are continuing to focus some development efforts on Lost Island, we want don't want you to lose sight of new content that's to come in 2022! 

In addition to 3 new creatures launching in June with Fjordur, we'll also be releasing Carcharodontosaurus as a separate, free update later in 2022!

Let's take a look at the dossiers of 2 new creatures coming to Fjordur and announce the winner of the second Community Creature Vote.




Common Name: Andrewsarchus
Species: Andrewsarchus mongoliensis
Time: Middle Eocene
Diet: Omnivore
Temperament: Opportunistic

Andrewsarchuses are full of surprises. These ungainly creatures seem sluggish while foraging for a meal, but they can move unexpectedly fast when provoked. Like some other whippomorphs, an Andrewsarchus will aggressively defend its territory against interlopers its size or smaller on sight.

With some distance between you, it might be possible to dodge a charging Andrewsarchus, since they don’t exactly turn on a dime. Just don’t expect a river or lake to protect you from one. If its feet can touch bottom, Andrewsarchus will barely be slowed by deep water.

These scavengers will tear into just about anything if hungry, but they do seem to have a sweet tooth. I've seen Andrewsarchuses pacified by honey and sweet fruit.

Once tamed, Andrewsarchus is a reliably fast beast of burden, as long as you don’t need it to take any corners at full speed. Its density in water also makes it ideal for searching the ocean floors for pearls.

Andrewsarchus is probably most useful for light reconnaissance, once you mount a minigun to the back of its saddle. It can't absorb as much damage as some of the ARKs' larger creatures, but it's great for harassing them.

Some say a gun-saddled Andrewsarchus reminds them of a puma, a walrus, or even a warthog, but I don't see it.




Common Name: Fjordhawk
Species: Parabuteo veðrfölnir
Time: Mid-late Anthropocene
Diet: Omnivore
Temperament: Calculating

Most of the creatures I’ve encountered here have endured thanks to their great size, strength, or ferocity. But the fjordhawk gets by on its wits and by scavenging. The bird also seems to have an almost preternatural ability to predict and avoid danger. Fjordhawks follow predators (and survivors) from on high, watching for their moment to swoop in and snatch up an easy meal. 

Tamed fjordhawks are surprisingly playful, and their favorite game is fetch. Indulge your bird with this play and a bit of patience, and you’ll reap the rewards. Just point out a target, and your fjordhawk will fly off to retrieve it for you. A well-trained fjordhawk can locate injured prey and communicate its find to you.

These clever birds will bond with humans as wholeheartedly as any canine or primate, in a way uniquely suited to this time and place. If you should meet with some grave misfortune, your fjordhawk will immediately fly off with as many of your belongings as it can carry. As soon as you’re respawned by the ARK, your friend will track you down and return your equipment to you!




With over 60K votesDesmodus Draculae wins the second Community Creature Vote!  We're looking forward to sharing a concept and dossier in the coming weeks!

if you're interested in seeing exactly how the voting went, check out the link below to see the results.

Fjordur Community Creature Vote Results



Thank you for participating in the #ARKXmasLoot giveaway!  We'll be giving away over 300 prizes!! The ARK community never ceases to amaze us with your creativity!

We'll be reaching out early next week with a way to redeem your prize.

  • If you participated on Twitter, we'll contact you on the Twitter account with the submission.  Make sure you can receive DM's on your Twitter account.
  • If you participated on SurviveTheArk.com, we'll PM/DM you on your forum account.
  • If you donated via ExtraLife, we'll reach out via the email associated with your donation. Be sure to check your spam folder!




There will be no EVO event this week.




Creator: Shockist

Follow Shockist as he kicks off his latest Lost Island series!  

Creator: Aaron Longstaff

Aaron Longstaff shows us how to create a simple but elegant firepit.


Gas bag lift by @illust_Junk


Helena by IcyHoroku


ARK Traditional Painting by Firefly

download (29).jpg

Chowder the Christmas Yuty! by Sparky16#6587


The herd by Ampraeh


2021 summary of my journal project for my Ark OC Jamie by @Ares33909104


2021 summary by @NeoVanilluxe


Shadowmane by Nachara#7563





@Riinartist (Render)


See you on the flip side!
Studio Wildcard

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Glad to see the desmo got the win but I'm definitely hesitant on wildcard's decision to add in a losing vote twice now. Really not the wisest idea to keep giving runnerups their wishes, as I've said before it both cheapens the effort of a vote and gives the losing camp the idea that they'll get their way eventually anyway if they just make enough noise.

  • Facepalm 2
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8 minutes ago, Samdaman1995 said:

Congratulations you guys let second place go to another large theropod instead of something unique...what a waste

Right? I really can't see how the Carchardo dino or whatever its called is going to be any different to what we already have? I have a feeling it'll be lazy abilities like bleed, or the reaper statue jump animation. I hope i get surprised, because right now, i don't have much hope for this Cardigan dino lol


And it literally LOST TWICE and they are still adding it?? Like what is that? So dumb.

Edited by Chrysa1is
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2 minutes ago, Chrysa1is said:

Right? I really can't see how the Carchardo dino or whatever its called is going to be any different to what we already have? I have a feeling it'll be lazy abilities like bleed, or the reaper statue jump animation. I hope i get surprised, because right now, i don't have much hope for this Cardigan dino lol

There's already a charcar in the AC2 (Additional Creatures 2) mod, and I know that wildcard won't make theirs anywhere near as good as the one from the mod

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