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  1. I just wish that Andrew's saddle comes in a no-minigun version as well and not like the mammoth only with drums, minigun respectively
  2. anti-mesh destroys bees stuck in redwood tree on Lost Island, 953, Legacy no matter whether Legacy or not, it just shouldn't happen
  3. it would be so cool if anyone in charge actually would read this thread but .... :(
  4. whoever provides the servers and relies on WC doing a good job maintaining them for a good reputation better looks for another partner
  5. this entire overhaul / nerf / fix or whatchamightcallit is just blowing sand into our eyes. no more popping out stacks from the dedi to reduce server load - right. grab akk from dedi, pop out the amount you need, get the rest back into dedi and use your whip on the file in front of you. that's 2 mouseclicks or key strokes more than it was before and the stack splitting is done on your machine. great increase of server performance since it still needs to render/locate the stacks on the floor. nice job WC
  6. the entire server network for Official and Legacy is just pathetic.
  7. true. a single pillar (no attachments) is gone in 7 hours, an abandonned campfire or a spikewall stays forever and a day. limiting pillars sounds good but is not feasible as some structures might eat a lot of them. so where to set the limit ?
  8. "We are currently working on some additional QOL changes, which will enable players to pull out 1,5, or 10 items at a time if an entire stack isn't needed (You can press/click these buttons multiple times to get your desired quantity). " 1, 5 or 10. that is quite some low options ? why not add an interface where you can choose how much of 'the item' you want to pull from the storage ? just like for crafting where you can enter the amount to craft (give you got the resources) ? And why can't we, the players, use the T key to pull a stack from ? the radio button 'remove a stack' or what it's called, basically does the same.
  9. i don't get why they removed the T option, popcorn O got disabled and Take All ignores weight limit. OK. But why remove T ? Now T goes from your inventory to the dedi = same server load as the other way around. BS.
  10. a simple interface where i can enter an amount to withdraw would have been nice but I guess the devs empty their bank account first when they want to withdraw $20. way to go.
  11. these changes to the dedi storages shows that they don't play their game and is a prove that something like QA, which they always claim to have, simply doesn't exist. I have to admit though that filling forges now is done in two clicks. But other than that these changes are beyond annoying. And i seriously doubt that it will contribute to increase server stability / performance since it even is more access to the database due to transfering back the amounts of resources you don''t want in your inventory. Not thought through and simply lame, Wildcard style.
  12. pathetic Legacy Gen2 server: 946 and it's offline again for 3 hours by now. I know that no one at WC cares but i got it off my chest
  13. [ ..., and more will give everyone something to enjoy this holiday season! ] It would be enough to fix some EU Gen2 server (official and legacy) issues and maybe enforce the CoC there as well. What's going on there especially in PvE is far from fun or joy.
  14. I play ARK since day one and been through quite a bit of ups and downs considering that I play on Legacy. But this particular server is the most pathetic ... I don't know ... hardware ? It basically requires a reporting page of its own where you report its uptimes as oppossed downtimes. The Legacy Sister Server, 947, ain't that much better as I can't see it when waiting for a reconnect to 946. @StudioWildcard I don't know what you have in mind when it comes to Legacy. Most players arranged with the fact that there is no support and that Legacy servers basically are a lawless zone where any dimwit can harrass and insult other players. Blocking mission terminals or passages that are crucial for gameplay is being tolerated also as there's no way around it. The CoC has no impact on Legacy. I admit that i know of two cases where people got globally banned but I think that only happened due to the fact that a player on the server in question had a hot wire to the Devs. So what's the deal? Do you plan to shut Legacy down but instead of simply announcing it you keep them running until even the last player is so annoyed from the performance that he leaves ? 946 is online for 10-15 mins and then crashes staying offline for 30-45 mins if not longer. Is it the 60 cloners running in ONE base that crash the server or is it all the pillars ONE boxtribe plastered half of Eden with ? The players on 946 Legacy just want to have fun. They're not complaining about lost items or dinos but a server that literally became unplayable due to either hardware issues or dupers. Of course none of the players can bring a proof of either.
  15. the building the shodowmane spawned in was and still is on pillars, 3 layers high
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