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  1. if you want a higher lvl don't wait for it to come to you but fly around and look for one
  2. it would be nice to add IGNORE also as I'm tired of all the characters i only see as legos and all the spamming in the aforementioned style. just turning off auto-chat renders me unaware of tribe and ally chat so it's not an option
  3. Kizmiaz

    Zip-Line doesn't work

    yeah, that might be a nice way to get the motor working nonetheless it would be appreciated to fix it or admit that it got nerfed intentionally (which hardly would happen even if true)
  4. the worst part of it is is that the sound keeps going on and on and on - just like the chainsaw once did
  5. Localization Full disclosure: The localization sucks big time. I don't know what you used to translate the Genesis DLC but it's an utter mess. This includes French Russian German and many more. Single words are ok but when it comes to entire sentences or short phrases the translations are lacking grammar and worst of all: Sense. But the main complaint about the localization is that for the last four years volunteers translated ARK, the main game and all DLC that got released so far excluding Genesis and you simply ditched and ignored them. Using Google or whatever to translate Genesis is a slab in the face. Considering that there was no communication between you, Wildcard, and the volunteers on Crowdin for a year at least this move isn't too surprising although the outcome is disgraceful. A fully translated DLC at release, that's what you claimed to deliver. What you actually delivered is a pile of localization crap barely anyone can make head or tail from. No one is perfect and neither are the teams that translated so far. There might be people who are not happy how dinos got named in their localization or how single strings or items got translated. But you can't do right for everyone. This move to localize using a machine translation was just wrong and shines a light on the DLC that ain't too bright. You, Wildcard, didn't care too much about the people translating. You barely ever explained your strings when there were questions from several countries about what you mean by this or that string or phrase. We discussed issues cross-language on Crowdin and agreed. We even corrected your typos or grammatical incorrectness here and there. You set us deadlines that we made although you didn't. Yet you didn't care. And you barely ever did thank the teams on Crowdin for translating. Yes, at some point in time you graciously rewarded a few translators but the rest had to go without even a Thank You and that is the majority. The credit string in the main screen got removed some time ago and the Crowdin project got mentioned in the Community Crunch one time over all these years as far as I know. One more time you prove that communication dwells in the basement of your skill set. Thank you Wildcard but no thanks Kizmiaz backed by the managers and proofreaders of the Crowdin Project for ARK - Survival Evolved
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