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  1. leave alone the fact that locations that spawned coels a ton under regular circumstances now have a massive amount of piranhas and the few coels that do spawn have a bite rate that is ridiculous. not to mention that only few of the aforementioned actually are 'event coels'
  2. 'cause they're too busy padding themselves on the shoulder for what a great work they did patching this or that or how great the artwork was or because Vin Diesel said they're cool
  3. i might have to practice sarcasm a bit more, maybe. considering what was needed to cook chibis during the most recent event compared to what you got ( green chibis galore) I'd say it was crap. And even when you can melt the green ones in the forge chances still were minimal to get anything better than green, leave alone any of the event ones. with all the benefits that come with the event(s) i got better things to do than click my mouse to cease function opening, transfering, and closing loot piles. Easter might have been way too easy to collect eggs for chibis, summer event was
  4. @StudioWildcard based on experiences made during the last two events : How many hundred special items (wishbones) do we need to collect to get the chance of cooking / crafting a green chibi ?
  5. yeah, was thinking the same until i figured that the Stomp Attack is triggered using SPACE on PC. still a decent wood farmer though.
  6. leave alone the pain to retrieve amounts like this from a dedicated storage (without tek leggings)
  7. nope as that 'consistency' is unreliable what makes it inconsistent again
  8. thx to the prolonged harvesting animation harvesting wood now takes ages. the good thing about it: you don't have to move the mammoth as wood respawns faster than you can harvest.
  9. yes, i just noticed it since i was on the road and had no need to check on or pin-code anything. the radio silence bugs me even more
  10. please see my answer above. in addition to that the Generator can't be pin-locked anymore as well. and although I play on Legacy mainly pin codes are gone for the mentioned devices on Official as well (tested on NA PVE 49, Island).
  11. no, nothing i want in return. i got a few of them and they produce plenty of eggs. i'd just would ask you to come pick them up.
  12. you want some fertilized Deinonychus eggs ? i could spare some for sure. hatch them and raise the critters to lay eggs. once you started on that you may wish you never did let me know and we can meet in-game
  13. PC, Official Legacy: The Center 628, Crystal Isles 940, Extinction 919, Aberration 904, Scorched Earth 692. I haven't checked on Island and Genesis as of yet as i got babies to take care off.
  14. let me rephrase: when did pin codes get removed from workstations of all kinds, from Smithy to Cloner (Transmitter included) ?
  15. when got pin codes removed from workstations os all kinds, from Smithy to Cloner (Transmitter included) ?
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