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  1. I've waited since day 1 to have a giant ridable vampire bat in-game. Finally, my crazy dreams come true
  2. OMG! The Net Projectile is finally coming as a finished product. Been waiting for that far too long
  3. YES, Spino, Carno, Raptor, Sarco, Plesio, Argy, Megaloceros. All things I would love to see improved upon, and already loving the new designs for the others. Some Suggestions: Araneo - This has been suggested by a few people now, but I would love to see the spider gain the ability to climb walls/ziplines, and be able to make ziplines out of its silk. Baryonyx - Please make the Bary be able to gather prime fish from salmon, after all it is a piscivore. Turtle - The turtle should gain the ability to hide in its shell when threatened. Dunkleosteus - The dunk is one of my favourite dinos, and considering its one of the few that can gather large amounts of oil, maybe give it reduced weight on oil. Megalodon - The shark just needs a complete visual rework, its one the first dinos introduced and still has been given any love. Morellatops - A cool idea for the Morellatops would be the ability to use its inventory as a cooking pot, as long as it has stored water. Mosa - The Mosa needs to be updated so that it needs oxygen to breath as stated in the dossier, this would definitely help to balance this ocean powerhouse a bit. Oviraptor - For the Oviraptor, make it so it won't eat any eggs once tamed, and give it the ability to gather any eggs around our base, to help with this mediocre task. Parasaur - The Parasaur is so under used mid-late game, giving it the ability to act as a living trip-wire alarm would definitely keep this classic dino used by many in late game. Phiomia - All I will say is, I want my Bacon. Scorpion - I think the scorpion should get a secondary attack that does no damage, only torpor as they are no dinos that do this, and would be a welcome addition to any tribe. Raptor - Raptors really need a visual overhaul, but they also need to gain the pack buff, and possibly give it the ability to latch onto larger prey such as Trikes & Stegos. Spino - The Spino is an all time favourite for many, and giving it a visual improvement would do it wonders. Giving it a better roar, and the ability to gather prime fish from salmon would be amazing aswell. Trike - The Trike is another that really needs a visual improvment, but it also needs a goreing charge attack similar to the Rhino. Maybe even improve both so that the charge attack impales smaller creatures similar to the kentro. Trilobite - Last but not least, the Trilobite. Now that we have the ability to tame these, maybe give them a use, such as generating oil over a period of time. Thanks for all you have done WC, really looking forward to the future of ARK
  4. BASILISK, please gods of Ark make this rideable ?
  5. Awesome new Turret, and Finally Aberration release. At last my reason to live again
  6. OMFG I can't wait for this DLC, the hype is real ?
  7. OMFG I can't wait for this DLC, the hype is real ?
  8. Incredible can't believe it's been two years, absolutely love this game. Sooooo excited for the full release, ready and waiting to uncover the truth behind the ARK ?
  9. I've been really looking forward to a collectors edition, really hope I can get a copy in the UK
  10. Really looking forward to seeing these mods become official sponsered dlc.
  11. Cool, been looking forward to this ?
  12. This is going to be awesome, can't wait ?
  13. Njiko is right, the Chalicotherium is a part of the order Perissodactyla, which includes creatures such as Horses, Rhinos, and Tapirs. In short it's more commonly related to Horses. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chalicotherium
  14. New creature, new mobile crafting, and lassos, I can't wait
  15. Just when you thought Scorched Earth couldn't get any more dangerous ?
  16. Really looking forward to the Tek tier, can't wait for its introduction
  17. Really looking forward to the Tek tier, can't wait for its introduction
  18. Been absolutely loving Scorched Earth, and really looking forward to what the future holds for ARK. Keep up the great work guys
  19. Been looking forward to something like this woohoo
  20. This new creature is going to be amazing, minefields galore
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