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  1. Thats awsome to hear that there is a chance, ill be rooting all the way lol
  2. I was wondering if creatures that lost in the creature vote will have another chance in the future to be put in the game, I would absolutely love to see a creature like the pyroraptor make it into the game and I feel like several creatures could make both pve and pvp better in many different ways, I personally fell in love with the pyroraptor after seeing its potential and would be ecstatic to ever see it in the game
  3. it can but to me it just dosnt feel near as unique as some of the other options
  4. i agree, its just another rex/allo/giga to be honest, i would much rather something else get in, thats not the bison because at this point we have too many animals like the ovis and stuff like that
  5. i feel like the bat and pyroraptor would have been an amazing combo, and the pyroraptor could support pve players too, not just pvp
  6. I was really hoping the pyroraptor won, i think it could be useful for both pve and pvp and be just all and all cool in the process, i was looking in the comments on the pyroraptors page and one dude had come up with a concept for it that i had absolutely loved
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