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  1. Aside from the absolutely invincible graphics, it basically plays the same as the original game, just with a few quality of life updates here and there. For me it runs pretty good, haven't had a crash in a long while, which is much better than when it first came out, where it crashed all the time.
  2. Can someone who knows how to mod, make a mod to fix the sarco's broken attack? I imagine it couldn't be that hard to do. I'll give you a dollar if you do it. (Disclaimer; I won't actually give you a dollar. But I will give you my gratitude, of which their will be a lot.)
  3. In ASA, my character has stopped making any sound. The audio returns if I die/respawn, but disappears again when I relog. Is there a way to fix this so that I don't have to kill myself constantly? My character has the 2nd voice if that matters.
  4. You don't, you can load the game without launching battleye
  5. I assume that the majority of the servers are crossplay, but a few will be dedicated to ps4 and xbox.
  6. I rekon they should. It wouldn't make much sense for them to go and redesign everything down to the trees but not at the very least update some of the creature designs.
  7. When I started playing ark properly by beating all the story maps in order, it was around the time when Extinction was getting announced. So I was able to play The Island through Genesis without having to wait for the next DLC to drop. But now that I'm having to wait for Ark Ascended to release, let me tell ya, I now know the pain of having to wait for the next piece of content.
  8. From what I saw from the trailer, it looks like Victoria dies, and then Helena being depressed, ODs. I thought at first that the reason for Helena having a spouse was to give her additional motivation for escaping the Arks and getting home, but if she's dead, that goes out the door. She might also end up on the Ark with Helena, but I don't see the reason for that. To me the most likely reason is to show the wokeness of the show. Which is foolish given that every piece of woke media without fail, has always flopped. What's more strange is that if you want a lesbian relationship, you already have one in the source material with Mei Yin and Diana. I hope I don't get banned for this.
  9. Thank you for being one of the few people out there that are suggesting ways to make Ark Ascended good. As opposed to complaining that it existed. To add an idea of my own; I think they should rebalance the player xp system. As it currently stands, its very easy (a little too easy in my opinion) to level up at the start, but obscenely difficult at the higher levels. It should definitely require more xp the higher you go, but not to the extent that it is now.
  10. If the official servers are shutting down, it probably wouldn't matter (as much) if cheaters could use it. Since that's the place they typically inhabit.
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