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  1. I think the Baryonyx is pretty good. Although do to the vastly different environments, I'm not sure you really could put one creature at the very top.
  2. Becoming worthy to wield Mjolnir is the reward for reaching max level.
  3. I agree with pretty much everything here, except when you said how your not against the LGBTQ, whether you are or not. Unfortunately people who write a post on any site talking about something LGBTQ related always seem to start with something like "Before you read, just know that I have absolutely nothing against LGBT people", or whatever. Seemingly trying to avoid being labeled as any of the phobics. But unfortunately, its futile, because unless you accept it blindly, no amount of asking for forgiveness will grant you any. Your already a bigot of the highest degree. So I'd say, just own/ignore it. They made up the words, so they can make up the definition, and if the definition of homophobia is not wanting a character to be drastically changed from who they are, then I guess we're homephobic. ... Other than that though, you pretty much hit the nail in the head. (And I'll join you next to your throne in hell if that's ok).
  4. Thing 1: How to fix the restarting thing. Solution: Don't Thing 2: Transferring. What I did is transfer to whatever non-canon map I felt like, but I wouldn't use the creatures/items I got there on the story maps, until I beat them. For example, if I hadn't beaten The Island, I would allow transfers off of the map, but not onto the map. But when I beat it, then I could transfer stuff onto it. Same would go for Scorched Earth and beyond. Plus, that way you don't have to worry about beating a map too quickly.
  5. Just to be sure, it hasn't figuratively been down all day, right?
  6. Probably better to send in a report about it, rather than complaining on the community forums to people like me.
  7. I was a Carcharadontosaurus voter during the lost Island election. I support his slogan of Make Ark Great Again, and judging by his abilities, I think he will be able to make good on his promises during his term. Seriously though, I think it's really cool. I am pretty surprised about the boosting roar though. I'm intrigued to see how it's going to differ from yutyrannus. Also at first, I wasn't too keen on it being potentially as large as a giga, but I've kind of warmed up to the idea. Since both are from the Carcharodontosauridae family, it seems to make sense.
  8. Still upset that this thing was added ey?
  9. If you are truly crashing every 2-4 minutes, it might be something on your end that's doing it. Cause you can look up videos about Ark on the PS5, and at least to me, they all look to have pretty good performance. Quite a few are on servers as well.
  10. The PS5 released on Nov 12, 2020. Which is approximately 662 days from then to today, which translates to about 15,888 hours. Assuming that you reported every single crash, and played nonstop from then to today, and you only sent 10,000 reports (despite you saying at least 10k, implying that you think you sent more), you would've had to send a crash report roughly once every 1.5888 hours, on the absolute lowest. I'm not really sure why I did this, but I thought it was necessary.
  11. Because that word is incredibly offensive! Honestly, I'm shaking just writing this. As someone with hemophobia, you saying that is a direct act of violence towards me. It's pretty insensitive and ignorant of you to even question this, and also my legitimacy as a human! This was a joke btw, don't get confused.
  12. If you think the game isn't worth playing without an event active, its already dead.
  13. Yoos gotta beat them bosses if yoos wants to get the tekgrams.
  14. You think that 1 fur hat would be enough protection against nearly sub zero temperatures? You're lucky your just cold, and not freezing to death.
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