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  1. ziplines not attaching to railing title. Is this because of the recent patch that prevented climbing picks from attaching to rails? does anyone know how to make it work again?
  2. why not try singleplayer?
  3. TimeBomb2003


    tame an argentavis, fly in, grab the egg, and bounce
  4. you could do the destroywilddinos command
  5. what is the purpose of this comment?
  6. so just because it was pushed back a little bit means that you all of a sudden don't want the content in the dlc?
  7. if you went outside and looked in the sun's general direction, would you be able to see better than in ark?
  8. I'm just waiting for when I beat aberration and extinction, then I will 101% buy it
  9. all the mini problems might be gone, but then one GIANT one will arise, that being the fact that NO ONE who actually likes ark will be able to play it anymore!
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