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  1. I think the missions are lit. My only issue with them is that (in Genesis Part 1 at least) there are only about 5 different mission types, with them all being used multiple times across the map. Like having multiple races, or multiple hunts, all of which are pretty similar. I don't really understand though how someone dislikes the missions, just because there are missions.
  2. Singleplayer. This is the way.
  3. Then don't. Nobody is making you buy the DLCs.
  4. Yes, purchasing the Genesis season pass will give you both expansions.
  5. If you kill a creature and don't get its tribute drop, make sure to check its inventory.
  6. For me, it seems like the downloaded creatures disappear if you take your items out of the obelisk first.
  7. Maybe the colony ship is where the OSDs came from?
  8. Well the Rock Drakes sorta have wings on there arms.
  9. Is there a way, be it mod or messing around with the game files, to make HLNA talk more? Please, any help would be very much appreciated!
  10. For the eggs, I think that mate boosted creatures lay more eggs, so as long as you have 1 male to boost the females, you should be good. As for the dododex rates, somewhere on the app, you can put in your rates, and/or enable singleplayer settings for it. And that should give you the proper amount of tranqs required. Pretty sure you need to download the app for that though.
  11. So after some time of playing Genesis on singleplayer, HLN-A's animations when she talks to you stopped working, along with her emotes. Like when you start a mission or fix a glitch. Is there a way to fix this? I recently had to reset my Genesis save data, and that fixed it for a little bit, but that method also resets your mission progress, along with your glitches. So I'd like to find a more practical way to fix it.
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