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  1. So if Ark was to get an improved combat system, that involves parrying and blocking, what are your suggestions for some creature classes, that would affect these new abilites? And maybe some creatures that would fit them?
  2. then just play one of the more simple maps
  3. dude, the base rates where doubled PERMANENTLY and you still need more? 1:-What the honk do you think they've been trying to do this whole time? Its not that simple. 2:-As for insiding, sure it sucks when it happens to you, but that seems like how it would be in real life. 3:-I feel like wiping all there servers would do WAY more harm then good.
  4. I recently defeated Rockwell on singleplayer, and my army spawned at the portal.
  5. Is there a mod out there that makes it so that when your jumping into a body of water, you actually get a splash sound and effect? Cause I think it looks very boring the way it is. And a mod that improves the Mek's running animation. pretty much all the visual changes from the "better meks" mod, without the gameplay changes. And if not, it would be incredible if someone could make them!
  6. a robotic fabricator creature would be kinda cool for genesis 2
  7. could you rephrase that in english?
  8. assuming that a "rathole" is a place under the mesh, or somewhere else that your not supposed to go, your 100% in the wrong here. try playing singleplayer
  9. they said it's coming some time this month.
  10. I think your the only person I've heard complain about the fight lacking content
  11. I have no clue what your talking about. When I did the Overseer battle on my singleplayer, it was the most exiting and intense fight I've ever done! seems like you just lack the skill required.
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