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  1. I couldn't agree more.
  2. How can I get rid of the giant crosshair when you pick up a noglin onto your shoulder?
  3. And what's stopping you from dismounting and then using it?
  4. I play on singleplayer if that matters.
  5. Go onto steam and browse the game's local files, from there go to the folder "ShooterGame", then "Saved", then "LocalProfiles", and delete the file "PlayerLocalData.arkprofile". Note however that this will delete ALL the explorer note data, from every map. And also your minimap data, from every map.
  6. The Shoulder Cannon's firing seems a little off to me. It will lock onto a creature, but then only shoot it when I either attack or press H. And then after a few shots, it'll stop and require me to attack or press H again. Has anyone figured out how to use it properly?
  7. Pretty sure so. The whole "you can only use it if you have the engram" thing only applies to the tek stuff. But if you want to be sure, you could go onto singleplayer, and see if you can spawn it. If so, place it and see if you can use it.
  8. You on official? Cause I did it on singleplayer.
  9. I'd have to disagree and say that you are wrong. I love that DLC. It's not perfect, but it is a lot of fun. Although I do agree with you on some aspects. I would prefer if the quality of life stuff was in the base game, and have the DLC stuff be more suited to be used on the map that its found on. That's what made Aberration hands down the best DLC. Despite that I still bought all the DLCs not for the Exo Mek, wyvern, or the easier element, but because they provided their own different, and awesome unique experiences.
  10. surly someone knows about this?
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