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  1. Like I said, I have no clue why people believe I am the only one "complaining", as again I am no doubt the most vocal be not the only one. you and cosmic are prime examples of that. Congratulations, you missed the whole point... AGAIN. It is not the fact it is getting added anyway... it's W-H-Y it's getting added that has people upset. If WC TRULY wanted to add this animal WITHOUT causing an uproar, they should have announced it AFTER the release of the new map AND make it a surprise update. THAT would be doing fan service, THIS is just caving to entailed children.
  2. Titian maybe, but I'm not so sure about a giant bug. From the sound of it it's just a living version of the Skiff
  3. There is no "or". Period. It IS being added because people kept complaining. The reason is because WC is incompetent and wouldn't know how to fix their game or what the best direction to go would be if they had a detailed instruction manual. Also if you are aware that people are going to complain about anything, then why are you trying (and failing) to stop it?
  4. I honestly don't know why people think I'M the only one with a negative opinion. The Most Vocal sure, but the ONLY one? I laugh at such thoughts.
  5. Eh, not to be political but so do most republicans... And Politicians in general.
  6. You are half right, adding it will keep it off the ballot if they do another poll. But if anything it's because people are going to keep complaining if it doesn't get added and people will just get over it if it does.
  7. I think we already established people are going to complain regardless of what you do, so don't pretend like you are doing anything to quell the fire. Unless WC comes down here themselves and give a full explanation of why Carchara is being made, people are going to make (Quite accurate) assumptions.
  8. It is because people complained as to why it's being added, let's be real here. It was in two ballots and it lost in both of them. if it was "because WC wanted to do it" then why not do so in the previous vote? Because they didn't want to do it then? Doubtful.
  9. THIS is why I am against Carchara's inclusion. because it feeds into that entitled mentality, and makes people believe they can get what they want just by bellyaching loud enough. It just takes agency away from the voters, primarily those who didn't vote for it. BUT that said WC is fighting a losing battle regardless of what they do, people are going to be mad if it gets added or not. The solution SHOULD be what causes the least amount of damage. Not what makes arguably the smaller chunk of the community happy. I don't mind that we are getting a 4th dinosaur, I don't even care that its Carchara... It's WHY it's being added that I take issue with.
  10. That's not what it means at all. What they are saying is WC loses either way.
  11. Sure, but it's the WHY Carchara is being added that's got people questioning. No he didn't, you just don't like bats.
  12. Yeah, rexes are great and all but to be stuck with them for the majority of the game? It's a bit dull and bland to say the least. I honestly think the game will be fine without another big carnivore, but if it HAS to be in the game like many believe then it better be good without making other animals obsolete.
  13. Could be worse, they could make Carchara a day version of the Megolasaurus and make it only active when the sun is out.
  14. Nope, it's getting added to shut up the fans who bitched about it losing last time. They knew the same would happen here so they chose to nip it in the butt. WC is a Business , you got to remember that.
  15. Yeah, would have liked one more giant insect but the bat is a welcome addition to our flyer roster.
  16. And with that I refuse to ever take you seriously because you play in cancer land. Now the question becomes what flavor of JERK are you? Are you a PvP THUG and persecute people the nanosecond they spawn in? Or are you a PvE TROLL and hog the whole map and prevent new players from building a base? We don't need another big Carnivore, full stop.
  17. 1. it is a reason, and its a garbage one 2. it is a reason, and one you should be deeply ashamed of. 3. it's called mods, get some.
  18. I have, just want to remind you that 1. this animal is only getting added to silence the whinners from last poll 2. its about as needed as you need a bullet to the head. 3. WHEN it gets added it's abilities and saddle will not be what the community wants but what fits in the game.
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