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  1. Alright! The Big Croc's coming to ASA at long last! And from the looks of things on Garuga's Discord, Acro is on its way too!
  2. Then you are 100% part of the problem and have branded a rather nasty target into your head. 100% incorrect Mr. "I'm an intellectual there fore I'm always right about everything". First of "Transphobia" dispite using the term "phobia" has nothing to do with fear. its about Disliking or hatred of transexuals, which you have made very clear that you do indeed hate Trans people. Second, it's not being forced on anyone. You are being told to respect them and their feelings like you would anyone ese. You know what IS being forced on people though? F*CKING RELIGION, primarily Christianity. but does anyone bat an eye when Conservatives force religion onto others? Of course not! Because hypocrisy! Third, give up. you aren't going to win this debate. you ARE being Transphobic, period. this is FACT, and as you so BOLDLY say repeatedly, you cannot argue with facts. now unless you want the mods to show you the door (fingers crossed its for good), I suggest you knock it off and just accept that trans people exist and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. No mater what you say about your "Pretending to be something else" or "Pretend" you believe in science.
  3. "Fact" or not, it IS still hateful. Also only people who ARE indeed Bigots don't find being called one "sensible", coping mechanism to fool themselves into thinking they aren't horrible people. Respect Trans people, they exist and ARE real. Don't like it? Hell is beneath your feet, go there if you're uncomfortable (Because god (Who ISN'T real) won't take you in for your hatefulness).
  4. 100% correct. It's funny how conservatives call gender identity "a life long game of pretend", when THEY are the ones using their imaginary sky boyfriend as an excuse to tell people what to do. Hypocrisy to an extent, but child's play to the other nonsense they babble on about (stuff I probably cant say because it involves minors). Anyway, yeah. fire Kitties are cool, and although I don't play official I can get behind these colors. That doesn't make it any less hateful and bigoted.
  5. That's because WC does a better job getting homophobic hicks to shut the hell up here than they do on X. There's a word for that, I believe it's called "Religion".
  6. Good Cruch, gave me all the info I needed. Center is on schedule (For the most part) Cerato and Xiph are now in the game (at last) And above all Premium mods on Xbox on the 20th. (F*cking FINALLY) I've been having a pretty sh*t week, and all of this helps make up for it. Thank you.
  7. All the original from ASE 10. Archelon, Acrocathosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Ceratosarus, Concavenator, Cryolophosaurus, Deinotherium, Deinosuchus, Helicorprion, and Xiphactinus. Premiums are going to stay premium, but there's a chance Dienochirus and Velociraptor will be added when they are closer to being finished, maybe Suchomimus but no word on that crewture yet.
  8. Right, because god forbid you do something productive and risky like hunt alpha's, find explorer notes, or anything that involves playing the damn game as it was intended.🤦‍♂️
  9. I knew Xiph would be the one to join cerato, as it's the only one out of all the 10 that's going to be a 1:1 conversion (safe for the variant which is not coming to base game ). Anyway, happy to see what to expect next week (assuming it doesn't get delayed).
  10. Looking forward to when premium mods come console, I want that Anomalo
  11. As usual, the community is being entitled and toxic... which I suppose is just becoming pretty common place in dinosaur games
  12. Looks just as cool as I thought it would
  13. Flying, Oil Production, A living Crop plot, Disease curing, Injury Healing, AND it can raise the DEAD?!?! This thing's going to be a better mobile base than the freaking Titianosaur! Broken doesn't even BEGIN to describe the Oasisaur! And I love every bit of it!
  14. The 14th? This is excellent news! Finally a crunch with some... well crunch to it
  15. So long as "November" means "Early November", all is forgiven.
  16. Dread looks cool an all, but. Why aren't we learning more about ASA?
  17. Just a little more than an hour until the next crunch, fingers crossed its something good this time
  18. Now THIS is news, almost makes up for that nothing burger of a crunch we got last week. The Utahraptor looks amazing in UE5 and I look forward to seeing it run creatures down on the beaches of ARK.
  19. Welp, this week was a bust, up to two more weeks to go for some REAL info
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