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  1. Definitely liking the new wiki more. Loads quicker and the ads are way less obtrusive and annoying. Good choice
  2. Late to the party but if you are planning on doing the story the only advice I might offer is that once you beat a map and move to the next one, don't take anything with you. Sure, take things back to your main base on the island if you want to keep your stuff. But until you beat a map, do it from scratch on each map. Once you've beaten a map, then you can bring things over from already beaten maps to help have some fun and get the things you might have missed. I actually tried doing it with taking stuff from previous maps and you just flew through each new map. It didn't feel right. I'm doing it again but this time not taking things to new maps until I've beaten them and it's much more enjoyable, but that might just be me too
  3. After watch that video of the megatribe base tour, I don't feel so bad about spending a 2-3 hours a night on ark instead of doing stuff irl that needs doing. The amount of time that must go into creating something like that, let alone maintaining it, is insane
  4. It could very well be. One thing the devs have done right with this game is the music. It's first rate
  5. The map isn't real accurate but the little lake around 32/32
  6. Keen to know as well, especially about the server setting thing
  7. The new map (lost island) has a good spot at the base of the snow ruins. The little lake next to the big cave always has a couple there. Kill the low level ones, fly out of render, fly back and there's usually a couple more. The cave also makes a great spot to set up a trap, kite and tame in peace
  8. I never thought I'd look forward to these crunches for the art and screenshots as much as I do. Absolutely love the creativity and talent within the community
  9. This idea had me laughing out loud but in a good way. I'm not going to lie, it's right up my alley for humour so I'd play it for sure and have a heap of fun with it. Your daughter has a very creative imagination. Make sure you never discourage that
  10. The performance in general is absolutely so much noticeably better. But since the release of LI and the WW event these issues have started showing up for me and at least one other PS5 user that I know of. Prior to that I didn't have anything resembling these issues. I'm hoping that whatever it is, it's fixed with the update when the event ends
  11. I'm lucky enough to have snagged a PS5 a month ago. The origami/render issue is happening on PS5 too, well at least on mine and another player's who I chatted with in game over the weekend
  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the WC team Yes, there have been some issues with the game through the year but at the end of the day, it's an enjoyable game that I spend a fair bit of time playing. It's also allowed me to make many good friends from all around the world so I'm always grateful to WC for that Cheers
  13. I have to agree. As far a problems with a new map go they will always happen but so far they've been fairly minor compared to previous releases. The map still needs a ton of optimization as even on a PS5 the rendering is slow and flying anywhere near a cave causes massive loading delays. Dinos are spawning stuck in walls and I'm sure there are more. Still, I'm happy we can muck around mostly problem free on a new map while they hopefully fix a few things
  14. I'm looking forward to the turkey costume a little bit more than I should be
  15. The art work people are submitting is awesome. I really look forward to the community crunch mostly for the artwork now
  16. The admin team go out of their way to make you feel welcome and there's always something fun to do. Highly recommended
  17. Amazing server, been having a blast. Heaps of stuff to do and a great community. If you're looking for something that's equally fun and challenging then you should check it out
  18. Any chance those of us without twatter could win a plushie? I'd be happy to trade one of these for a poop plushie btw XD
  19. Haha, reading the comments here is why software companies should NEVER give an actual release date. Only ever use "coming soon" alongside previews and then drop it when it's ready
  20. Ah, I see. Knew it had to be something like that (I'm on PS4). Cheers for that
  21. I'm probably looking straight at it but where is the setting for single player?
  22. Got it to work the second time by setting the in game time to midnight. Fireworks, check. Metric ton of gifts, check. Surely it can't be that it has to actually line up with midnight on server times to work...
  23. Yep, I even jumped into admin mode and flew around to see if I could find anything and nope...
  24. So it's not just me. That's one of the things I loved about this event last year and it's a bit disappointing not to see it this year
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