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  1. From the looks of it, mobile is doing just fine. Switch though? that was murdered and left for the crows during the 2nd week of release. They give 0 craps about the switch version. Honestly, they should just allow the mobile version to be ported to the switch, and let that team take care of it, just so they are getting something.
  2. The Mystery... The visitor is Snail Games. They are shutting down Ark to focus on PixArk, or w/e it is. The red hand is coming to pimp slap all players, as a show of gratitude for giving them money on a broken game. J/k, it's most likely a new map, but, I wouldn't be surprised if it were an Ark 2 announcement either, although that's a stretch at this point. *EDIT* Completely forgot about the "This is not Ark 2" hidden message, although... maybe it's a diversion...?
  3. Don't want to sound rude, but, did you know it's not their choice that people try to make money off of streaming? Also, here's a better way to look at PC... they get timed exclusives. This is no different than map packs on CoD dropping earlier on one console than the other. Console streams know what they are dealing with already, and if they don't, well, shame on them for not paying attention. If you really want to make money in streaming, you should invest in a PC anyways.
  4. You failed to say that you're sorry in your post, you are not a true Canadian. On a related note, happy to get some faster breeding, assuming it includes the whole process.
  5. You seriously don't understand what they've done with the Switch version, do you? They haven't gotten any updates outside of the initial release patches. Zero, zilch, nada. The only time you see it acknowledged is when they are removing official servers. Abstraction wants to fix it, but WC wont even respond to them. This isn't merely "they didn't get 1 or 2 features and are whining", they have legitimately gotten nothing since release... If I'm not mistaken, they don't even get the holiday events. Switch was purely a cash grab, and they don't want to own up to it, so yes, people are pissed off.
  6. WC cares so much about the Switch version, that they delete comments asking why there is no mention on the Switch version. Kudos WC on your outstanding customer service!
  7. It was mentioned in the last CC As for as the treehouse, put in a ticket.
  8. Ab is such a beautiful map, too. I could just explore for days and not get bored, haha.
  9. Not yet. It'll probably hit in the next big console patch, whenever that may be.
  10. Nothing has been sold since then has it? They have at least been giving updates and trying to fix issues on PC/Xbox/PS4. The switch was release and completely abandoned, except to remove servers (which wouldn't be needed if they fixed the game).
  11. When can we expect the optimizations on console? Also, as a Switch owner, I would love to get Ark for it, but, the game just feels like it was a quick cash grab, and now you guys don't care about it. You guys really owe them some sort of compensation, or one massive update. I understand it's a smaller community, but it's a community that trusted you enough to buy the game, and you guys have failed them.
  12. So, I'm no programmer so correct me if I'm wrong, but, could the coding be so messed up from the start until now that a fresh game could help a lot of the issues they are having? It just feels like too much breaks when they have an update, that there has to be a bigger underlying issue. Obviously expanding on the current game would be preferred, but, if a new game/fresh start could fix a lot of the issues, I think it would absolutely be worth it. There's so much potential with this franchise, they just need some more experience in the studio.
  13. Nintendo Switch =/= Mobile. Might want to post in the correct area, lol
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