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  1. Thats what confused me because it auto uploads you after the boss fight. It made no sense that blocking downloads, especially when you can still upload yourself, blocks the upload on ascension. To read it it sounds like bs, but it actually works lol, and thx again.
  2. No, i understand your steps. I get that, im skeptical of wasting my time. See even with those checked u can upload your character and dinos at obs ect. So im skeptical of how it would work when uploads are still enabled and work with those settings checked. That said i have tested this and for ascension type boss battles this does work exactly as u say, makes no sense, but its 100% effective. Im sorry for giving u a hard time, you never know whos bs'ing you. It was nnothing personal, just skepticism. Thanks for this, i recommend you create a thread for this.
  3. Except skyrim is a large world and im certainly not rewriting the entire map to add a building or terrain. Different engine or not, plopping a couple boxes and creating a ledge shouldnt require rewriting everything. Write the code for the changes and send that to us, not the entire map. A proper patch is a string of coding to adjust what already exists, not to recreate everything, which 99.9% isnt adjusted at all. We shouldnt have to redownload stuff that hasnt change and i know thats possible because ive seen it.
  4. You can add things to a game world without completely rewriting the map. Skyrim proved this by adding completely new areas and rewriting mechanics with a handful of Mbs.
  5. Your very much correct Don. Fact is they wont do it, period. So its irrelevant. Tho i do think its only irrelevant because we allow it to be so. Its a company selling a product. Like cigarettes, if we keep buying it of course theyll keep selling it. Theres enough support from players that despite the games horrible state and the devs doing nothing with it. Thats why i believe these threads have purpose. We need to piss ourselves off enough to tell wc to go F themselves and keep doing it until it hurts wc and makes them pull their head out of their butts. Thats the only thing thatll do it. Agreed. I to believe the game should develop further but there are glaring cracks in the foundation and it seems irresponsible to place more weight on something that could collapse on itself. Fix the giant holes, then start building in balance with fixes on smaller things.
  6. There is no upload option, just download and from what i read online checking these boxes doesnt disable uploads.
  7. "the teams that are fixing bugs are the same teams (that) develop tools for the creative teams to create content." So technically these guys are part of creative process and if wc stops shoving new content these guys could fix their bs. That essentially means kod is right. And lets be honest, theres a lot of short attention span (kids) who scream more more more. These people dont care about the game really. They just want their quick thrill new content provides. "i like pain and suffering especially when it happens to me" is the idiocy of these people. If its such an obvious choice then why are their idiots choosing the blatantly wrong choice? And if that is the case then the poll is completely legitimate. Right @Kodking194
  8. I always like talking to you Zahlea, your always so agreeable lol. Ya your probably right, but the majority of fixes i see are small lol. This is exactly it. I see fixes for things that ive never even heard of like just random as heck small things that almost look made up(besides meshing).
  9. I mentioned the possibility of the uplload not happening 2 posts ago. You did not agree with it or elaborate on that point at all. Did you address whether the upload would happen or not? No. You just said you pick a bed which makes no darn sense if you dont know how the game will actually react in that situation. This is something most od uf haven't seen. You did not elaborate in how the process worked. Of course im going to ask questions, considering the risk and the odd counter its completely logical to. You said pick a bed. When do we pick beds? When we have a downloaded character or when we die. I ascended, am i dead? I dont think so. So that means logically id think of the standard download/creation window. You saying pick a bed pointed at the upload happening. Notice i asked a question asking what would happen. I threw a statement afterwards it might force upload anyways. You elaborated on none of that and im forced to use what i do know about ascension to fill in the blank. You dont want someone to ask questions then properly explain. That said i do thank you for the info. I do see how it would work and helping circulate a work around is obviously good of you. Ill be sure to try this.
  10. I know YT has some of it and on the forums main page they have links to the posts in the news feed.
  11. @Zahlea im not suggesting removing any code, i know how catastrophic that code be. I was was thinking about adding a very specific very simple code to fix the spawn rate for said cave. I know it would become more complicated with other things and increasing risk of producing more bugs the more complicated it got. Of course if they didnt barely duct tape everything along the way, the coding wouldnt get so twisted and youd run less risk of new coding chain breaking. Also higher quality products result in better income. From what you say its snail's big business greed for a quick buck thats shooting themselves in the foot. Im getting word that ascension is potentially broken again since i last tested it. Im going to test it again relatively soon to see. Well idk how "btw your late game is completely broken" and then deciding not to fix it could ever be consider a viable attempt. If it doesnt work, leaving it be isnt going to make it work. Therefore they know its not going to work. I believe full hearted that they are trying to implement working things. Nothing i ever say against wc is against their attempts or initial codings. Its the fact they never do anything about a botched code. They put effort to make things, not to ever fix a mistake they make in good intentions. Obviously we dont know all thats going on behind the scenes, just as u said, but someone somewhere is screwing up, be it smail or wc who knows. That said tho wc had these problems before snail.
  12. And upon ascension your character is removed from the map. You cannot spawn at a bed when you dont even have a character and are being asked to create/download 1. You have to download your ascended player, which by that point would be deleted by the upload. Also if you have downloads turned off you wouldnt be able to access your old, now ascended, character or anything that onced belonged to that character, including beds. Maybe im missing something in your steps but from what im reading its contradictory.
  13. This event blows. The videos linked on the forums main page to the reveal videos wont even load. Videos buffering without even having anything to buffer yet. 0 out of 0 seconds. If its got nothing to load why is it buffering indefinitely?
  14. That seems like over kill considering the upload is what causes the deletion and the only bosses that upload are rockwell and overseer. Theres 0 risk with BM, Mega, Mant, and Dragon. Also what would happen to you if you turn off uploads/downloads and the game tries to force upload you during ascension? To me it seems like it would drop you outside the cave with your tames where it couldnt upload you or completely break the ascension in another way. Of course ascension might hard override your server settings and force an upload regardless. That would break the steps in this process.
  15. I have no idea. Theres been a few patches that have been way to big for the mediocre changes they made. I think wc is stealth patching some things. Last year i found that on the center spinos were capping at 140. I tested it to find that the game was deleting any spino naturally spawning over 140. Yesterday i found a 150. As for the ascension bug, its gone back and forth. There was a moment over a year ago that it was fixed(I believe back then it was even in the notes and then later edited out). Another patch, possibly aberration's release, rebroke it. Its possible fear evolved or the 'small' HLNA patch broke it again. Ill have to test it again and see. Thx for the warning.
  16. Im on ps4 and tested both rockwell and tek cave about 2 months ago. Iv lost my data 2 times to this bug, so i know how painful it is. Im very anal about this bug and everything worked fine for me; 1st time in over a year.
  17. If you played c&c or AoE then you know the npcs start from scratch like you. That means it goes without saying they build, tame, breed, ect. I was also thinking of having npcs on ur side doing the same.
  18. I originally thought ark would have currency, human npcs and cities when i 1st bought it. The SE trailer where u walk into a city and a guy tries to sell u a jerboa is deceiving. Frankly id love some command and conquer coding in the game. Have npcs build strongholds and defenses. Have npcs want to ally and trade with you like in age of empires. Have npcs try to raid you. It would add a lot of depth to SP as well as bring a use to raid dinos and (Anti)raid items. "congratz, u busted your balls to get to lvl99. Heres a rocket turret." "ya, no. I dont need that. What a waste."
  19. I tested it out 2 months ago, ascension is safe.
  20. The note trophies are tied only to the islands notes. You do not need notes from SE, Ab, or extinction to get the ps4/xbox achievement or the skins associated with them. Actually every trophy except the guardians of the center are obtained solely from the island.
  21. Its been awhile for me, but theres 2 settings involving elevation. 1 is how sharp the incline is, the other is how tall it can actually go. I know bringing the max elevation down can submerge everything. If you have the starting elevation close to the max elevation youll basically have no hills.
  22. No, they still dont require oxygen to survive. You just have to deal with the screen effect from my understanding. Im curious, does 'infinitestats' fix this?
  23. @Zahleasome of these bugs dont seem that complicated tho. Like there being about 20-30 megas(In the entrance) accompanied by 1000 insects and snakes inside the artifact of the immune cave on the center. Best part is thats not an exaggeration, i started counting and there was at least 200 insects/snakes outside of the cave near the pond. The inside of the cave was so crowded it wasnt even navigatable by walking. I was lucky to even get in the cave for crowding. Simple fix, reduce spawn rate for said cave from 20 back to 1. As for the skylord artifact, it has been broken long b4 the kibble rework. It was broken shortly after ascension was added. For most of us the NE crawl cave doesnt spawn any loot crates, that includes the artifact. People b**** about this a bit back when, so wc fixed it for official servers. They didnt for SP or unofficial because (assuming) we can cheat the artifact ourselves. Thing is if you were already fixing it why not finish the job proper. Its an insult. As for you, u seem to have rates doubled which is why u might be getting it when others dont. Its also possible they have fixed this without telling anyone or listing it in the notes. Have you noticed some updates are way to big for the 2 or 3 small things listed in the notes? Over the last couple months ive noticed a few bugs that have been fixed that arnt recorded on the notes. Like ascension has been made safe again, and the spinos on center capping proper at 150 instead of 140. I haven't checked the cave recently so its possible its also been secretly fixed. That said my caves are only spawning 1 crate at a time. You also cant adjust crate spawns on SP so its not on my end. That was a few months ago. Isnt poor decision making a sign of lack of care? Carelessness is from being careless which is a lack of care. Also they are slammed on social media and poor reviews. If money is the priority for survival, then wouldn't it make sense to fix the game and pull in new customers? I know people who would of bought this game if it wasnt so broken or poorly reviewed. One friend has a switch and wants the game but the lack of care is preventing the sale. But isnt wc owned by snail? Dont they have backing and funding from their mother company? Even if not, theres so many modders, some of which are highly skilled, that love this game. Im sure some of them would gladly help just to have their name in the credits. Some of arks best content was created by modders, center, rag, val, s+ to name a few. @Kodking194same here, ive bought all the dlc up to genisis. I haven't bought genisis tho because i feel uneasy about it.
  24. Hey Zahlea, haven't seen you in awhile. I do agree they may be slightly better then what they were a couple years ago, but theyre still a joke. Do you look at the actual patch notes? They fix almost nothing or 1 tiny thing, often something that doesnt effect me at all or is basically pointless. Recently its just meshing, more a problem with bs players then the game itself. There are very bad and destructive bugs in the game that are completely ignored. One would be how the argent cant carry anything without being ate alive since tlc2. Anything that forces you to enter a cheat code to counter a dev oversight is a big red X. Extreme over population of cave creatures in and around the center map's caves that literally crashes you even on SP. Inability to get the skylord artifact outside of official servers on the island which could potentially block ascension and multiple trophies(the fact it was fixed on just official is just salt in the wound). Your dinos randomly being deleted when you bring them out of the obelisk cloud storage. These are not tiny work around problems, these are problems that effect most of us and all of our games(We just may not access the same mode of play. Official people wont experience the skylord artifact problem, but it is still a large bug that exists in your copy of the game). WC still only views ark as money and doesnt care about it beyond the money. They dont do enough, theyre constantly working on bs things or money making schemes. They never nurture the game unless it gets so sick it cant be played(Like when the rocks and foundations were adhesive tape to us). As someone else said they should hire more people. WC isnt hurting financially, they sold way to many copies and dlc to pull that 'card'. They got the money to get more help which in turn could increase their sales. Why dont they? Because less employees means they can keep more of the money for themselves. Its greed, the same big business bs thats rottening our world. Heck, theres an entire mod community that could and would help, potentially for free, if wc would just ask them to. Hillary was the baby killer, democrat, remember? While Trump gripes about big business and its greed and how its F'n up the USA. WC a fine example of big business greed and how its F'n up this game.
  25. Same. I think its a forgotten string of coding problem and not a bug. Every time you grab something with another flier it instantly points the creates head away from your bird(Back towards the camera). The argent did this prior to tlc2 as well. Now though, the argent doesnt reposition its carried prey anymore.
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