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  1. Whoops, my bad. Thx joe. I was just coming back to double check if i misread something.
  2. 12 new chibis? 5+4Costumed charge pets=9...Or 5+8=13...Either way the info is wrong and leads me to think there might be 3 missing chibis on the list.
  3. I just wish theyd open up mods to consoles like how skyrim did. Obviously there would have to be tweaks to quite a few of them (Pulls out the powder for sonys bum), but id love some simple tweaks to the game to perfect it that the devs will likely never do... Like say make a few more creatures breedable, add a tek binocular(Spyglass for sonys baby bum) to view stats before knock out(Seriously this should been a thing, outside of a mod, years ago), and maybe some rebalancing/bug fixing that the devs will likely never do because they are to busy looking forward to look back at whats been broken or doesnt make sense anymore.
  4. Since work on the game is ending soon, and the devs are actually overhauling important things finally, i figured now would be a good time to suggest tweaks to finalize the overhaulings and perfect the base game. Theres been a lot of controversy about the mana since extinction released. As a pve'er and SP'er, i feel a sadness that i never got to experience the mana in its prime. So my idea is to add a revert button(box) to our server settings for unofficial and SP players that allows us to revert the manas nerfs, at least to some degree. My 1st time i messed with a mana was christmas like 2 or 3 years ago. Back then you could still do as many dashes as ur stamina allowed tho each dash costed more stamina. As extinctions "dragon" tame it felt about right. It got around faster but it paid by being unable to actually hover and stay airborne, having to constantly shift and burn stamina. By that time i think the freeze ray had been nerfed too. With all these insane super beasts and items we have now does the mana still need to be so decimated? As the greatest of the non boss tames of our 3rd dlc, the end of the original chapter of the game, being its "dragon" should it not be an improvement over wyverns and drakes? We have giant "god" beasts and life leeching super dragons. A walking machine gun apc beast and an artillary spike dino. Furthermore all the comparable beasts that used to be the counter arguments for why the mana has to b weakened have also been overhauled to make them even better, Ex: wyverns and drakes gain the manas ability to breed, plus retaining the wild level cap of 190 and access to better wild level spawns on non story maps(Wyvern only). The server option would allow the pve and maybe some of the pvp fanbase to revert some of the manas crippling nerfs without interfering with the official servers and pvpers. Its a win win for everyone that fought over this for a long time. The lil good luck charm sea beast, Leo something, darn thing disappears after 15mins. I dont like hunting an uncommon creature down and taming it just for it to ghost my hindend later. Adding a keep box for server options again would be ideal for everyone again. That way online play wouldnt be bothered by players getting "better" loot but pve and SP players on unofficial could maybe get better loot without going into a coma...Especially where SP cave drops spawn drastically slower. Speaking of that, can we plz fix the broken loot spawns in the caves, esp the SP ones. Afaik the crawl cave still has 0 loot including the artifact. The horridly low cave spawn rate makes no sense for SP as well. We are solo, everything is harder for us because we have no help...Why did the devs create coding to purposefully hinder us further? Its not like we get our good guns or saddles easier... Id still like to be able to breed more of the creatures. The phoenix and basilisk would be awesome. Neither of them is OP and the basilisk has fallen behind badly as ark evolved. Id like a breedable reaper too but i understand if it doesn't happen. To get the word out ima invite a few people @invincibleqc @GP @AngrySaltire@Cedric
  5. Thats actually good info, thanks joe. But i still have to say theyre being jerks here because they purposefully leave SP out, or they go out of their way to make it worse. Since they tweaked it, why did they have to make it harder than what everyone else has? They changed it purposefully which means they put time and resources into it to punish SP players. Things like the cave not spawning, it affected everyone for a time. That means likely the same broken code existed in all forms of the game. If they fixed it for all the others then they know roughly what they needed to do to fix it for SP too so it should have been rather simple and easy-ish to fix. They simply forked us. Not everyone has XBL or PS+, and some people just dont want to deal with other peoples bs game drama (Referring to pvps over gung ho slaughter mindset and pves pillaring/tame capping. I believe uv mentioned this before recently so u understand what i mean). Not to mention they decided to create the SP mode. Well then they need to actually keep up with it. Do it right, period. Dont offer a mode/concept and then fail to properly deliver on it. I believe prim+ players know what im saying there.
  6. That may be true joe (Btw i expanded the 1st post), but they actually took the time to lower our rates and make us different from everyone else on purpose. Its not like letting us get loot at the same rate as everyone else is going to take away from all the multiplayer servers we have no effect on whatsoever. Why not just copy and past everything over? Update both the same should make it easier for them since they dont have to create an extra separate setting for SP.
  7. Sry, I haven't been on the forum for awhile. That said, they made that announcement because they couldnt be bothered. XD I mean they even skiped the summer event. They kinda cant be bothered rn. Its good and all that theyre making a new game for us but are we all certain we even want it? They haven't even fixed this hot mess and we are suppose to buy the next 1 that will likely receive the same treatment as this 1? Broken skylord spawn on the base "main" map...Fixed for multiplayer but not if ur solo. I mean what kinda spiteful bs is that? Or solo players having cave loot spawn at drastically slower rates...I remember waiting half an hour in the underwater brute cave 30mins for 1 loot chest to respawn. Have we forgotten that solo is actually longer and harder than multiplayer (pve wise) because we dont have help...Then we get crippled with trying to get our loot for the boss battles. Punishing a part of ur innocent player base like that is just being a bunch of d1cks. Im trying my darnedest to play this game legitimately and properly in order and thats a massive struggle when ur solo. Solo players dont need to be handicapped even further in an already multiplayer focused game. To expand on that, theres been times thay talked about fixing floating flora...I mean great but is that really something to be making a priority? We have actual bugs damaging the core of the game present for years. A pay to play map has been completely abandoned. Im sorry but we have to buy these maps and new people do buy these maps regularly still. Support for them should be required. I bring that up because of SE and my original part of this post. Cave loot is a core thing of this game. Getting ur high end bps is 1 of the main time sinks and therefore main parts of the game. Therefore the caves working properly should be a priority on all maps for all game modes. The northern snow (crawl) cave having nothing spawn at all and SE loots spawn in death zones...Like wow.
  8. How does the damage with the gun scale? Does damage stat matter or is it purely the saddle quality? I ask because im interested in the hit and run tactic against the dragon since it takes bonus damage from bullets. Ive heard of ppl wrecking it on raptors using shotguns so i feel like i should be able to cream him with a gatling gun saddle.
  9. They didn't even bother to make a trailer. Theres a trailer for everyone of the other FEs.
  10. Kinda stupid that WC has decided to leave out easter items on the very last easter event of ark. Wat if new people joined recently? How are they supposed to get the old items? I had a friend get the game recently and he cant even get the old items. No he has to pay for genesis...Money mongers
  11. Sorry for double post, i cant edit in a quote. Id say it be somewhat like AC Origin's educational mode but probably more free-roamy.
  12. It did take WAY to long for you to do this. That being said im usually the 1 who craps on WC, but i have to say im impressed WC. Your actually doing something really good here.
  13. I like the turret wolf. For those who know where this is from " I HATE YOU ANDREW!"
  14. Sorry i cant edit a quote into my previous post, so sorry for double post. In my follow up post i basically (and do) agreed with what ur saying here. There are much more serious issues that make most of the crying here pathetic shadows. I personally think its boiled down to 2 major issues. 1 we know that they wont answer our legit complaints so we just want the buffer to sustain ourselves (Personally im running a solo with half exp gains because its to fast now, but i could see pvpers legitimate need for better rates under the circumstances.), and 2 because the serious crap is ignored the people just get spiteful over everything. The last 1 is hard for me to decide how exactly i feel about it. Obviously spiteful behavior can be obnoxious and childish, but at the same time if youve earned ur hate and have also been unmovingly unreasonable (which wildcard has been with refusing to fix issues, focusing instead only on their wallet and attention grabbing antics. Not exactly ur typical definition of toxicity, but its still a poison thats killing the game and its d head behavior, so toxic in my book.) than it could be reasonably understandable for ur playerbase to be spiteful.
  15. I to enjoy this game. Its an amazing game. As amazing as it is tho, its insanely frustrating how the devs go about dealing with the game. There are things unanswered that should of been addressed a long time ago that they have refused to fix. They focus on things that arnt really needed right now over important fixes and correcting broken mechanics that theyve known of for A VERY long time. Now, i dont really know exactly what was being said before but u dont exactly seem like a "bad guy". Ur likely calling out the people complaining about no evo and other menial issues...Which i agree with u is kinda stupid when u have a slew of actual important things to worry about. As i said, i was explaining the general mindset, not casting a vote towards u or the other guy...But u have to understand...When u cant even beat the game without cheats because the artifact doesnt spawn on the original/main map...And the devs have known this has been a problem for years...Thats not good. People praising the devs is gonna ruffle some feathers, even if your praising them for something legit. That being said, bringing home a B+ after egging the neighbors car doesnt mean u dont deserved to get punished.
  16. Generally, if ur supporting the "bad guys" u urself are a "bad guy". If the devs behavior is toxic (which it arguably is) than u supporting them is just enabling the toxic behavior. Its arguably more ur fault because u may be why they are doing it, because youve enabled and encourage them to do it with no repercussions. Not saying im casting a vote here, just explaining the mindset.
  17. Ah, i see. Ngl i can understand why for certain people. For instance im on a ps4 typing this out. I have to navigate a keyboard letter by letter. Even something as simple as this takes me a few minutes to write.
  18. Primitive mode. You can switch to it from the main menu. It removes all the firearms and advance stuff, but adds more primitive items and farming
  19. Ive attempted the gfi on a solo. The last 2 generals ive put up got basically no comments. the mods ignored them, even after being invited into it. I didnt want to post a bug without knowing if others have this issue. Chances are no one would listen or fix it if it was just me
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