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  1. Kinda stupid that WC has decided to leave out easter items on the very last easter event of ark. Wat if new people joined recently? How are they supposed to get the old items? I had a friend get the game recently and he cant even get the old items. No he has to pay for genesis...Money mongers
  2. Sorry for double post, i cant edit in a quote. Id say it be somewhat like AC Origin's educational mode but probably more free-roamy.
  3. It did take WAY to long for you to do this. That being said im usually the 1 who craps on WC, but i have to say im impressed WC. Your actually doing something really good here.
  4. Likely not. Did u happen to ascend before u left? Its well known that ascending can wipe ur character progress. Tho if i remember correctly ur base and tames remained with that bug.
  5. I like the turret wolf. For those who know where this is from " I HATE YOU ANDREW!"
  6. Sorry i cant edit a quote into my previous post, so sorry for double post. In my follow up post i basically (and do) agreed with what ur saying here. There are much more serious issues that make most of the crying here pathetic shadows. I personally think its boiled down to 2 major issues. 1 we know that they wont answer our legit complaints so we just want the buffer to sustain ourselves (Personally im running a solo with half exp gains because its to fast now, but i could see pvpers legitimate need for better rates under the circumstances.), and 2 because the serious crap is ignored the people just get spiteful over everything. The last 1 is hard for me to decide how exactly i feel about it. Obviously spiteful behavior can be obnoxious and childish, but at the same time if youve earned ur hate and have also been unmovingly unreasonable (which wildcard has been with refusing to fix issues, focusing instead only on their wallet and attention grabbing antics. Not exactly ur typical definition of toxicity, but its still a poison thats killing the game and its d head behavior, so toxic in my book.) than it could be reasonably understandable for ur playerbase to be spiteful.
  7. I to enjoy this game. Its an amazing game. As amazing as it is tho, its insanely frustrating how the devs go about dealing with the game. There are things unanswered that should of been addressed a long time ago that they have refused to fix. They focus on things that arnt really needed right now over important fixes and correcting broken mechanics that theyve known of for A VERY long time. Now, i dont really know exactly what was being said before but u dont exactly seem like a "bad guy". Ur likely calling out the people complaining about no evo and other menial issues...Which i agree with u is kinda stupid when u have a slew of actual important things to worry about. As i said, i was explaining the general mindset, not casting a vote towards u or the other guy...But u have to understand...When u cant even beat the game without cheats because the artifact doesnt spawn on the original/main map...And the devs have known this has been a problem for years...Thats not good. People praising the devs is gonna ruffle some feathers, even if your praising them for something legit. That being said, bringing home a B+ after egging the neighbors car doesnt mean u dont deserved to get punished.
  8. Generally, if ur supporting the "bad guys" u urself are a "bad guy". If the devs behavior is toxic (which it arguably is) than u supporting them is just enabling the toxic behavior. Its arguably more ur fault because u may be why they are doing it, because youve enabled and encourage them to do it with no repercussions. Not saying im casting a vote here, just explaining the mindset.
  9. Ah, i see. Ngl i can understand why for certain people. For instance im on a ps4 typing this out. I have to navigate a keyboard letter by letter. Even something as simple as this takes me a few minutes to write.
  10. Primitive mode. You can switch to it from the main menu. It removes all the firearms and advance stuff, but adds more primitive items and farming
  11. Ima add a bit of info. I bet u always approach the area from the same direction dont u? Bet the wyvern laying the egg is the 1st 1 rendering in. See im an SP player, so i save before i dive into the trench. 1 thing i learned is the wyvern i get rendered 1st almost always gets the nest. I can load back and reroll the same part of the trench ovr and ovr, get the same exact egg. Now try flying over the trench and coming straight down on the wyvern ur targeting. BOOM it lays the egg. I will say the game kinda seems to prioritize new wyverns over pre existing 1s. Also, rag and any non story map is the best choice for hunting wyvs. More eggs, better level chances. Story maps are horrible for hunting tames.
  12. Tbh, i dont know how. Ive spawned an asc mek just to see what the hype was about. I was highly disappointed by its power/abilities. Its hp and dmg was a joke. Ppl on tried telling me my boss spino with 40k hp and 1000%dmg wasnt better than a mek...Im thinking, ok lets see u try kill my spino with ur mek. After ur thrusters over heat ur mine B****
  13. Ive attempted the gfi on a solo. The last 2 generals ive put up got basically no comments. the mods ignored them, even after being invited into it. I didnt want to post a bug without knowing if others have this issue. Chances are no one would listen or fix it if it was just me
  14. After that patch like 2 days into the event i stopped getting event colored wyvs
  15. I want to bring it to everyones attention. 1 of the fear evolved skins is no longer being supported by the data files. The reaper swimtop has been removed from every 1 of my systems accounts and commands to return it are not working. To be specific im referring to the swimtop, not the shirt. Can anyone else confirm this? Im on ps4
  16. Hmm, ud think theyd have to fix Ab considering its a paid dlc.
  17. Ya, why did they skip the dung beetle when they opened insect breeding? I mean ya, it be pretty worthless to breed em, but likewise what would it hurt? With all the crazy bs thats going on with Ext and Gen...Theres really no reason to not open up breeding for basically everything. Also consider the phoenix, SE has trash spawn levels. Ur likely topping with a lvl80 if ur insanely lucky. It be nice to breed these trash leveled "special" tames. It be cool to breed and level our basic fish too. How about a box we can check to perma tame a leo, so it doesnt leave after 15min...
  18. To get a lil help... @GP @invincibleqc sorry to call u guys, but ur reliable and may have some insight.
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