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  1. The 14th? This is excellent news! Finally a crunch with some... well crunch to it
  2. So long as "November" means "Early November", all is forgiven.
  3. Dread looks cool an all, but. Why aren't we learning more about ASA?
  4. Just a little more than an hour until the next crunch, fingers crossed its something good this time
  5. Now THIS is news, almost makes up for that nothing burger of a crunch we got last week. The Utahraptor looks amazing in UE5 and I look forward to seeing it run creatures down on the beaches of ARK.
  6. Welp, this week was a bust, up to two more weeks to go for some REAL info
  7. New Crunch tomorrow, finger crossed we get some ACTULAL news this time
  8. 1. What "Magical animals" are you referring to? I don't see any fantasy tames safe for the unicorn. 2. Doed, Anky, and Argy are all pretty far inland and thus not exactly easy to get. And Quetz's won't be any easier to get either. 3. Rhynia on the other hand will weirdly be possible so long you use a creature with high drag weight (such as a bronto, which spawns just about everywhere). It's getting the saddle that's the tricky part with a saddle that unlocks at an insane level 90... Buuuut leveling is pretty easy if you just rush Explorer notes and kill anything with a pulse between finds, you could possibly get there within 3-5 days with enough hard work. 4. You also didn't have Megatheriums, Frogs, Basilosaurs, Moschops, Microraptor, or A HUGE NUMBER OF OTHER ISLAND NATIVE TAMES on the first day of ASE, but you sure as hell will have them on ASA. 5. ASE didn't have redwoods, The Snow Biome, the active crater in the volcano, or even CAVES when it first came out. So you are factually incorrect with that statement. 6. English clearly isn't your native language, so I can't take you all that seriously with how ridiculous you phrase things. please get better or just use your mother tongue.
  9. You know that sounds sensible. release the trailer next week, release the game on the 27th, dish out some additional info on the 20th, hype of the launch with whatever else they want to add with the weekly crunch on the 27th. I doubt it will roll out that way. but one can dream.
  10. Right, because allowing tames to go beyond the 255 stat limit and keeping the breeding bug untouched is TOTALLY not fair for people playing on their own... (Sarcasm)
  11. Look on the bright side, there's only three more Fridays between now and the ASA's launch (if we take what we know at face value). They'll have to show us something before then
  12. Bummer, nothing special to see in this crunch, cya next week
  13. New Crunch tomorrow! Looking forward to what it has to offer. Fingers crossed for some more info on ASA like the devs did here
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