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  1. Thanks goodness. I thought I might just be going crazy... Figured out how to get screenshots so I went in to get some snaps. First one is underwater next to one that went normal as I got close. Second one is standing out on the ground above the pond with the artifact. Both have gamma set at just over half
  2. Bright seaweed in underwater caves? Just did the the two underwater caves on the island (Lost Hope and Lost Faith) and the large yellow lighted seaweed almost blinded me. When I got close to them they reverted back to normal but as soon as I moved away they went blindingly bright again. Gamma was at around half and I'd done the caves before on single player and it wasn't an issue. Tried with and without scuba goggles, first and third person and even the gas mask with no differences. This was the first time I'd done the caves on a rented server so I'm wondering if it's a setting I've missed. I had a look and couldn't see anything so I'm thinking it might be a bug of sorts. Anyone else confirm this is happening on their servers? Cheers
  3. There could be a couple of settings that might need tweaking. Post your game ini settings (minus any sensitive info like passwords) and I'm sure someone will pick up on what might be happening
  4. Updated with new settings/rates and recently wiped. Perfect for those that like to get in on the ground floor
  5. Any updates on the ping? A mate jumped on the other day and said he was getting the same ping level. It's a good server with levels that balance work and reward but the half second delay on a lot of things is making things difficult. It's not game breaking but it the slight rubber banding takes away from the enjoyment. Cheers
  6. A good server is one that has sensible rates that still means a challenge, around 3-5x is good. Any more and you may as well start everyone with tek and wyverns as soon as they spawn on the beach. A good admin that doesn't abuse their privileges. No toxic players. Players that are fun to interact with and don't mind helping out if things get tough. Offline raid protection. Yes it's a game and people play for different reasons but those are mine
  7. Been mucking around the last couple of days and setting up a base but I'm a bit concerned about the ping. Being relatively new to online gaming I'm not overly familiar with what the best standards are but when I was on my ping was constantly around 95-99 and that was when I managed to log on at times when I was the only one there. My previous server was around the 25-30 and was great but on this one there was a noticeable half second delay when trying to fight/shoot dinos or sprinting/flying/landing which made things a little awkward. So I'm a bit concerned about how that might worsen should I get on when other players are online...
  8. Might work on xbox but not on ps4. "Console" doesn't always apply to both...
  9. Small fresh wiped server Ragnarok & The Island cluster PvP 5x Harvest, Taming, XP Small tribes 2 x Mature, hatching Max dino level - 150 ORP Anti-collision off Modified stack sizes Player weight stat boost Anytime pickup of structures G-Portal server (Australia based) Friendly and active admin (admin command logging in chat) Cave fliers Discord or post below for any questions The Lords Of Ragnarok - 5x Tame,Harvest,XP / ORP / Small tribe / Aussie server The Lords Of The Island - 5x Tame,Harvest,XP / ORP / Small tribe / Aussie server This is a game and people play for different reasons whether it be PvP or PvE orientated. Either way you will get a lot of slack but there is still a line that you need to be mindful of. You don't have to interact with other players and you are welcome to raid to your hearts content but you still need to be respectful and fair. Eg: no pillaring. No blocking of obs or artifact cave entrances. With the stack sizes and player weight slightly boosted you don't need more than one oil pump. You get the idea. Obviously there are certain toxic behaviours that WILL see you removed and banned so consider this as the official warning. Anytime pickup of structures implemented so there's no reason to leave temporary structures and taming pens lying around the place. Please pickup any taming pens and other temporary structures when not in use. You'll have a fair bit of slack but there will be regular clean ups and repeat offenders may find themselves being asked to look for other servers Beginners welcome. Admin and some of the senior players will try to help teach you (not do for you) the basics and, some more advanced aspects of gameplay if required. It’s a game and we want your experience to be fun and enjoyable but the server philosophy is “you earn what you keep” Other than that I hope you have a lot of fun and feel free to say g'day if you see me online Cheers The Cap'n
  10. I want them to bring back the poop plushie...
  11. Flying back to base and spot a lone Daeodon. I'm at the stage where I needed to start thinking about getting troops ready for boss fights so I pull out the spyglass. Level 96 (max 120) not too bad, I can work with that, base is just over the hill so I scoop him up with my argy and drop him in the taming pen. Open up dododex (2x taming) and...yeah, nah, not even close to ready to have the stuff needed for the tame. Greedy bl**dy pigs...
  12. Fix dinos not respawning in single player Single player, PS4 I know I can use destroywilddinos but getting tired of having to do it every couple of days just so the game doesn't look like a wasteland with very few dinos respawning. Having played online and having no issues it's always disappointing when I go back to SP and run into this issue...
  13. Good thing we didn't get up and going this weekend given all the problems with the latest update
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