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  1. Not lying, i hvnt ever changed tht idea in my other posts, just elaborated. I hv gvn rsn y it should b ok, because just because i keep my 1 vein doesnt prevent anyone else from getting their own gas. On top of that 1 vein = Infinite gas. So u dont hav to farms multiple nodes making it more viable for this idea compared to metal ect. In my 1st post i clearly stated i agree with punishment for blocking charge nodes. I lik how u cut that part out and call me a liar. I dnt agree being punished for 1 locked node, i explained y later on and suggested a more fair option (which i kinda thot is how it was for these items on pve b4 this topic). So no my viewpoint hasnt changed at all, just explained y and offered an alternative tht was fair. So ur assumption is wrong. If u continue this imma assume that, like from the beginning, all ur doing is looking for a fight.
  2. Actually if u reread my other messages i hav mentioned a change in CoC to allow ownership of 1 locked harvester. Iv mentioned b4 early on i dnt agree with blocking resources. U just misunderstood wat i was saying or just overlooked it. I said, i believe in my 1st post, tht i dnt agree with blocking charge nodes. Nvr hav i said i agree with blocking resources. I dnt agree with it, but i dnt agree that we should hav to craft an item for the whole darn community either. Everyone that wants gas balls should hav to craft their darn own(which goes with the rpg element of pve). Wat iv suggested 2 or 3 times b4 ur reply(there4 i hvnt retracted anything) is if theres ample enough veins for every tribe to own 1, which there is, locking ur harvester isnt rly blocking a resource. There is another vein available and the veins themselves hav an unlimited supply. My viewpoint hasnt changed bc iv spoke of a change in CoC and potential punishment for anyone breaking the 1 limit at least twice b4 ur recent reply. As long as im offering a way for players to all get their resources reasonably, there is no problem and thats not selfish. Evn if theres 100 ppl per server, chances are u hv a couple large tribes on the map. And for the oddball soloers on the map, well most of them either quit or join a tribe. So likely the extra ppl wnt rly require any new harvesters. My idea is fair and evn aids some pve principles. It doesnt take away from anyone and allows us to keep what we earned as ours. Do we rly need to keep this fighting up?
  3. Thus my point of an adjustment to the CoC. I nvr agreed players should b allowed to block resources by penning them in. Allow us our 1 locked harvester and either code it to block being able to place another or destroy punish them for doing it. I hv mentioned this multiple times and u keep ignoring it. There may b a limited number of veins yes, but there is plenty enough for each tribe to hv 1 at a 70 player per server cap. Ppl saying theres a problem with my idea because of ppl hogging arnt listening THAT IM VRY STRICTLY SAYING 1 PER TRIBE AND BAN/DESTROY ANY JERKOFFS WHO DO OTHERWISE. Common sense says that includes penning a vein in aswell.
  4. I think thats the same 1 i hv too lol.
  5. Onimusha759

    Spinosaurus TLC

    This alrdy exists on pc and console. On 2 legs the spino can turn in place and its atk speed and base dmg get better, but it runs slower. It also gains a healing, dmg and speed buff wen it touches water. The buff is permanent while ur in the water and lasts 30 secs after u leave it. Hope this helps
  6. Except, u know tame cap ppl keep talking about. And if its policed lik im suggesting then there "shouldnt" b any real problem. If there is like 30 tribes on a map, pretty sure thts well above average for a server, you know the servers gona b capped. So still everyone gets 1 assuming there is 20+ veins. Im uncertain of the actual number. Now if its not policed proper or somehow the playerbase screws it up, and we all know they will somehow lol, then ya i see ur point. Thank u for being more respectful and not so inclined to degrade.
  7. Its not selfishness, its conservative. R u willing to let ppl use ur vault or ank as they please? How bout ur smithy or fridges? How bout the stuff in ur vault, smithy or fridges? The idea of any of tht seems odd and u know it. Its not selfish to use that mindset and if u disagree by all means go to the volcano or blue zone and unclaim ur ankylo so everyone can use it. Technically its the exact same concept, u allowing strangers to use ur thing to gather resources. I know ur not gona do that so dont call my mindset selfish when ur doing the same darn thing. I would gree with u if it wasnt for my counter offer u keep ignoring. Make a limit by codeing or a CoC that restricts how many veins u can hav. Then if they break that u can punish them. Its not selfish wen with that CoC everyone on the server could hav their own. Its selfish if a tribe would hog all the veins, not if they just want to keep their 1 lil vein. If this is such a problem or selfish then remove the need to use a planted harvester all together. Replace with an equipable item that u can use lik during quakes or something to harvest gas balls. That allows ppl to hav to get said item at the appropriate lvl (which is part of the pve immersion of growing and unlocking things, kinda important) instead of a lvl 1 getting an item he shouldnt b getting yet by accessing someone elses work. If this is how CoC is gona treat these harvesters then they never should of existed to begin with. Anyone who wants to dispute that, by all means unclaim all your dinos and allow anyone to use them. If u cant do that then u see my point and therefore shut up.
  8. Onimusha759

    Favorite Dino?

    So r u a day 1 player? And oh ya spinos rule lol. But the real shocker here is...Omg ur A GIRL!!! Dng i thot all tht time we talkd bout breeding u wer a dude XD. Sry bout tht, and nice spino btw.
  9. Or u could just hard code 1 or 2 limit per tribe like iv said twice now. Ppl are suggesting removing the lock function which invites messing with the coding anyways. Truly this is just stupidity by the devs. The games designed to horde and your containers to be your own. These particular items go against the concepts we embrace usually in this game with these rules. Now ill give you the problem with ppl going to other servers and claiming would b trouble and hrdr to fix. Ppl/tribes who horde ovr multiple servers or to many on a particular server should b punished. Whos to keep a large tribe from going to all the collectors on the server and constantly pulling all the gas out so no one else gets any? A mega tribe could evn do that on multiple servers, pve hording is still a potential problem. Thats a threat we face with open collectors.
  10. I never said it did. Im not disagreeing that the nodes shouldnt b blocked. What i suggested is a reasonable solution tho. If every tribe has their own collector, and theres def enough veins to do that, then why cant we? Instead of a hard no lock, we should instead b limited to how many we are allowed to hav, either by an actual coded limit, or enforced by GMs with punishment for hogging. Its not right someone else is using your collector. Its even more stupid wen u hav a low lvl player getting a bunch of free gas balls when you should hav to b a much higher lvl to get that. That destroys the rpg element of pve which is part of its main attraction. And just so u kno, im not arguing for my sake, im arguing for everyone elses. Im a solo player so none of this actual effects me. I just see something thats clearly wrong and im sticking up for whats right. It isnt fair in many ways and iv offered a legit and fair counter argument.
  11. Thus y i suggested a limit. To how many gas veins 1 should be allowed to own. This is fault in design not player
  12. I dnt gt y its wrong, i claimed this gas/oil vein, my thing i built is harvesting it. Go gt ur own gas/oil vein. It seems stupid tht we cnt lock an item that is ours. Ur da 1s forcing us to put an object tht is ours on a vein to collect from it. Those item r there4 mine and i dnt c y i shud b forced to share thm. Theres enough veins tht evry1 shud b able to get 2 or 3 veins per tribe. I see a rsn to get huffy if a tribe claimed all the veins but locking ur 1 or 2 seems fair. So shud we leav our fabs and smithys open 4 ppl to take our weapons and armor we earned? If u didnt want ppl to get lik that thn u shudnt of forced us to create an item to get gas balls or oil. @Jatheish @Jen
  13. Onimusha759

    Dino download problem

    Thank u 4 bringing this bk to life. It really needs addressed. I agree, how is there any interference in singleplayer
  14. Onimusha759

    Multiple Single Player Save Files

    I been wanting this since day 1 lol. Good suggestion angrysaltire
  15. Onimusha759

    Reaper King = Strong?

    So ya i watched it agn and i hv to admit i was wrong. The gigas dmg output is around 1800-1900 per bite and the reaper with 0 imprint is only receiving 373-383 per bite. Thats a whole lot of resistance lol. Tbh im glad im wrong, now i can look forward to taming 1 of these. The tail whip does do more dmg then the bite tho to the giga