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  1. The entire game is pvp focused and every nerf that hits us hrd is pvp focused bcus the lil girls on pvp cry a lot. It wudnt b a problem if ppl on pvp werent all schoolyard bullies picking on each other or acting lik a spoiled brat watching the other kid build a castle with his blocks and thn running over and kicking it down. Pvp in general is just bad blood and ill feelings, any1 who actually openly enjoys destroying others hrd work is saying, hey im a D head irl lol. That said i agree the parasaur was the worst choice ever. Theres no point in a tek version with btr lvls bcus it dsnt rly gain anything from it. Extra hp, y it cnt fight, extra dmg, it still cnt fight, wild speed dnt help, oxygen, it cnt swim worth a darn, stamina, it dsnt need anymore. U do realize every tek dino they released has a bionic skin already? Rex is a trophy reward, stego, raptor and parasaur are buyable lil skins from the store. WC is only releasing already existing tek/bionic dinos. That said trike, giga, mosa, quetz should all b on the list too since they all hv bionic skins.
  2. Onimusha759

    Giganotosaurus Stats

    Basically if after taming ur giga wud hav 280% dmg it gets hit by the -80% leaving it at 200%. If it has 200% b4 its tamed it may say lik 160%-220% after its tamed bcus it gains bonus lvls from TE on tame but thn it gets hit by the -80%.
  3. Onimusha759

    Are all bosses soloable?

    Sum creatures also hv an hp bonus, add and/or multiply. Afaik dododex dsnt hv the bonuses listed to hlp us calculate tho iv only monkeyed with the taming calc, but it does show stat gain. I use the wiki page for the dino to see its stat bonuses. The dao gets bonuses to its food stat. If uk the points u take (the base stat at lvl 1+(evry lvl put in wild stat x the increase per wild lvl)+the add bonus if theres 1) x multiply bonus if theres 1. Remember TE effects the multiply bonus so 90% tE on a 14% bonus is .9x14=12.6. so wen calculating it in it b 1.126 x wat ever u hv with lvls, base and add bonus. Also remember domestic lvls are different thn wild 1s. If u place a point by xp it is a domestic lvl and follows its own increase system based on wat the dinos stats was after it was tamed.
  4. Onimusha759

    Are all bosses soloable?

    1st id stick with 1 team bcus u can only use 1 wen u fight the overseer. The overseer versions dnt hv the weaknesses the normal 1s do (megathers dnt do bonus dmg to overseer BM form). Stick with 1 strong group, rex, spino, or theriz. Ur 4getn the most important dino, the lone yuty that buffs ur team. Get the highest yuty u can. Also id bring a dao with rly hi food. It heals ur team passively. As for ur stats, b sure u hvnt monkeyed with the stats in the menu b4 u launch the game. Hp and dmg are suppose to b dramatically lower thn 1.0 in all 3 tamed sets. B sure ur singleplayer settings box is unchecked, it boosts almost everything 4 u in da game. Lastly sum stats get a lil bonus wen a dinos tamed depending on da dino breed. Rexes get an add bonus of lik 7 added to watevr there supposed to hv after taming. Example beinb 350% at 50 wild points but it wud b 357% bcus of the add bonus. On top of that theres a multiply bonus added to rexes dmg, i believe its 14%. So 357x1.14=406.9. The multiply bonus is affected by TE tho so if the TE is lik 90% wen he wakes up u hv to apply the 10% lose to the 14%. If i help like my post lol
  5. Onimusha759

    Too few tamable dinos

    Everytime an egg is generated theres a 1/180 chance of the egg hving a mutation. Every mutation gives a +2 wild lvls to 1 of its stats and a changed color on 1 of its color regions. The system can fail tho bcus wild lvls in speed do nothing for a dino and theres 6 color regions hrd set but not all dinos use all 6, most use only 3 or 4. So the color change cud b in an unused region. To make it worse the change in color can pick literally any color in the pallet including the 1 it already has. If u or @CadieStarfire want more detailed info i can go into more advanced detail. The baryonyx was undisputed as the cave king til the 1 update that blocked him in his most important cave. Direwolves are btr cave mounts once u hv a pack anyways.
  6. Onimusha759

    Too few tamable dinos

    Sry my bad didnt this was a mobile thread. Ya im on ps4. I just saw the topic on the recents, and couldnt tell it was specific to mobile users.
  7. Onimusha759

    Dino's in the radiation zone

    Go to know lol, still tho how on earth is the boa ok but the basilisk not?
  8. Onimusha759

    Too few tamable dinos

    Mine says 600 is the cap.
  9. Onimusha759

    Dino's in the radiation zone

    To make it evn more screwed up the titanoboa is immune to radiation...So the normal everyday snake is ok but the aberration specific giant snake isnt??? Feels lik a dev screw up lol
  10. Onimusha759

    Pick up dinos with Argy

    Let me help with that @Jatheish @Jen. This should help em see...Maybe lol
  11. Onimusha759

    Giga implant is missing after we knock it out

    And not to mention any item left in a dinos inventory wen it wakes up(untamed) will b deleted from the game.
  12. Onimusha759

    Giga implant is missing after we knock it out

    Dinos dnt hav implants, wat r u talking bout???
  13. Onimusha759

    Dino's in the radiation zone

    R we talking mounted weapons on it? Im assuming lik tht tek saddles? Those r kinda a joke 2 lol
  14. Onimusha759

    Reaper King = Strong?

    Reaper resistance is 15%, rex base saddle gives 50% resistance. Mate boost also adds lik 30% to dmg and lik 25% to resistance for rexes aswell. Reaper is best as long as breeding isnt implemented. If boss lvl breeding is implemented all large carnivores surpass the reaper eventually sadly.
  15. Onimusha759

    Dino's in the radiation zone

    I agree with u, upgraded versions wud make it useable at least. I do believe the helmet needs the goggle effect and the suit shud provide ghillie/fur lvl protections at least once u hv a set. Instead of a sucky punch my green lvl sword can out do(without hvin to charge up while standing still) how bout a 10x(or watever the difference is between a norm punch and a full charged tek punch) multiplier to all ur melee dmg(each swing uses charge). Op, mayb, but it is an alien spacesuit tht the creators of everything we are standing on and using would of worn rite? Not to mention the effort to get this stuff is extreme without cheating, reward shud b likewise.