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  1. Then you go through all that work just to lose your bling at extinction's finish. Seems so sad really, id rather keep it because it looks so cool. True, helena didnt ascend off of Aberration by killing rockwell. This is a good point and we know from the notes that all the arks have overseers because aberration had 1 too. Also the point of the arks is to preserve life but its also to evolve humanity to overcome harsh conditions in a gauntlet of trials and upon completion you ascend to the next trial. Now correct me if im wrong because i dont have all the notes, the note speaks of the journey to the city but not the ruins themselves until after you get to extinction right? Theres room to add 1 more helena note here about a 2nd stronger overseer. Think about it, even if im wrong, helena wouldnt write about the boss fight after the actual portal/ascension room if she already wrote about it right? So theres room for this to already exist. Lets see, the mountains are in the west, to the west of the southern portion of the mountains is the largest ruins on the map, the colosseum. If its like rome then the colosseum should belong to a huge city. Mabye have the city buried like the 1 you get the artifact in. The colosseum could be on the north end so you enter through it and travel south to match the geography of the note. Idk about you guys but that colosseum always felt out of place/had an important presence feeling but as is its worthless. Heck if you wanted to go lazy they could just make an outdoors overseer fight there that has a manticore form as well(setup like the titans) then the ascension chamber be inside the colosseum with a door that open after you win the fight.
  2. I recommend everyone submit a ticket. Theyll ignore 1 person but multiple people cant be ignored as easily.
  3. Is that even possible on a xbox? Thought ini was strictly a pc thing.
  4. In his original post that you quoted which has the command there was no quotes, just the <>, so likely not.
  5. From what cedric and the other dev said, the 1st part is a simulation. Your either not youre survivor during this, or youre your survivor before your ark trial. They made it clear part 1 wasnt a sequel, thus it taking part after extinction makes lil sense. What i was thinking, since it says a simulation(which seems to follow the ideas of arks) could this be a test trial for the systems before they launched to see if it could work. It be similar how pilots play that jet fighter simulator before they actually fly in combat for real. Then theres the name genesis which would work for this. On the other hand, it could be possible that its a side event after extinction, not the next step in the story, but bridges the gap between extinctions ending with the seeding of earth, and what the next trial is for earth is. Since earth is starting anew genesis works there as well. Part 2 or the 3rd dlc pass is where im most interested. What on earth is so ominous compared to killing godzilla and the happiness of seeding the earth? During the genesis trailer, admittedly i had a hard time making out some of what helena is saying, "the arrival is soon". Arrival of what?
  6. I loved the idea of pga's, but they were a lil to underwhelming when i monkeyed with them. Giving us the ability to add obelisks, bosses, tek, and even dlc areas/items/dinos/bosses if weve bought the appropriate dlc would breath some awesome life into pga's(Plus further promote their dlc). Imagine being able to create a valguero map with extinction dinos and bosses. Add a tek cave option and a bigger, better, and more complete aberration area. To help wc keep their balance though make pgas not able to transfer to anything other than a pga(might already be the case). I feel like even after i beat all the maps pga's would keep me busy all but indefinitely.
  7. Grumpy is right but id also recommend checking the max difficulty box. This doesnt really effect the difficulty. It causes all the maps to spawn dinos up to lvl 150. Without this the island caps at 120. It also causes the drops to give better gear. The command grumpy is referring to is destroywilddinos
  8. Before anyone yells at me about necroing, the rules do say to search for the appropriate topic before making a new 1 right, or at least the moderators make it feel that way. So this falls topic falls under what i want to know. Since z's have been nerfed whats the best method now? My drake has 10k hp and 500% dmg and a lvl 20 queen took half my hp in a slug out. Exactly whats the best way to kill these things? Yes i use a chargelight pet. Yes my saddle is basic but you need around 80 armor to double your resistance from a 25 saddle. Plz help. I dont wana run home after every 1-2 reaper queens
  9. About a week ago i jumped on valguero to check around it a lil bit, see where id want to build mainly. I play SP and i noticed the same issue BUT as i stayed rendered in the cave it start spawning things. I was down there bout half an hour. I ended up running into an alpha mosa trying to leave. The aberration cave did this to me too. It seems the game isnt creating spawns outside of render range for these 2 caves.
  10. Indeed, for you know, balancing purposes XD
  11. Pity about the flier nerf though...Maybe to much creativity lol. Have to admit it was brilliant at the time XD @StudioWildcard how is polishing hlna and making rifles appropriately dmg armor worth 3 gbs of data?
  12. @lilpanda is it possible to reach out to the mod community for help? I know the teams working on new dlc and exploits mainly. Why not ask for help with creating bug fixes or tweaking game content/adding things? A while back you guys announced you want to create an ascension on scorched earth, now you say its complete and you arnt looking back at it. I believe the majority of the player base would/is disagreeing with you. As TheDonn pointed out your likely taking that stance with aberration now too. Considering what has already been said in this topic theres quite a bit of work to be done with aberration. If you cant spare the resources get someone to create a mod, you guys test it for compatibility and required effect, and implement it into the main game like center, rag, S+, and valguero. That way everything gets better and you can keep working on what you need to.
  13. I agree with you 100% with basically everything youve said but i want to point out this part in particular. Pvp players want things nerfed when the only real problem is how they build and their lack of imagination/refuse to use already in game mechanics to counter things. Forgive me for the pokemon reference but if you know and worry about power herb xerneas then its your own darn fault if you dont get a ho oh or steelix to wreck it every time you face one. Same thing with the mana, it may of needed some nerfing, but ive played around with 1 and im so underwhelmed by it. I have no idea why pvpers are crying so much over this trash. Even if its hit and run freezing causes trouble, having smart base building and using microraptors will screw a mana over. Granted ive had 'discussions' with pvpers and its like talking to underdeveloped people most of the time. So its easy to see a laziness/lack of imagination with these people as well as a cry baby mentality because they dont want to evolve. Heck some of them when they are a lil more evolved then others will tell another cry baby to shut up and get good, then they refuse to evolve themselves with something else. Im glad to see someone else with reason and intelligence.
  14. I been playing a few days since i tamed my 2 basilisks and i have yet to get a single egg. My egg rate is bout 5x normal rate too. They simply just dont lay eggs for me. I was forced to make trips to the drake trench to get extraordinary kibble instead.
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