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  1. Your right yek, but to some degree companies do that to us, and usually for good reason. Fact is majority of the playerbase is unofficial. Fact majority of the unofficials are boosted, explain why that is. If it was just duping, meshing, and toxicity then why is the majority boosting? Now iv never played on an official server or online so ive never had the benefit of teamwork or an unpaused world when i log off. For me taming something for 2 hours is bs. Taming effectiveness usually not being able to hit the full 74 bonus lvls is bs. I boost the rates on mine to allow the 74 with kibble, which it should do. I feel rates on official are far to harsh and impractical for most people. That within itself generalizes all of us as children or bums/rich people with all the time in the world. Thing is i agree with you yuk, unofficials are far to boosted. I want the challenge, i want to earn my stuff. Ive spent 2 yearrs breeding dinos for boss fights to legitimately win. Problem is i had to insanely boost breeding, maturation, and hatch just to make it bearable and it still was so horrible that id take long hiatus from the game, id go full days breeding with stupid rates and still have no gain. To put quite a few hrs a day into a game and feel like ive literally gotten nowhere or learned nothing...Thats poor design. But i did do it, i want the legitimacy. I think light tweaks would be appropriate for most of the rates and it would probably draw in a lot more people bbut not ruin the challenge we value. Some thhings are a lil ridiculous, and apparently most of the playerbase agrees with me.
  2. It was merely speculation. What about console players and the nitrado. My other point still stands tho. If everyone hates official rates then obviously theres a problem with them. If your playerbase prefers unofficial theres a problem.
  3. Thats true, and then the majority of your playerbase plays unofficial...Which then proves the point that the grind is a lil much. Some would say its a shady business deal that ark purposefully allows or makes official 'unplayable' just to get revenue from players buying servers. Even if wc isnt getting the money doesn't mean that there isnt some shady business dealing behind it. Of course thats just hearsay, who really knows.
  4. It wont let me summon the dodorex. I have 400 bones and click the option in the pot. It says dinos to close to summon ritual. So i wipe map after i render out my tames and try again with a pot in the middle of nowhere. It still says it cant because dinos are to close to summon ritual...But theres absolutely no dinos, wild or tamed, nearby...
  5. The only real way to lower mating time is to adjust it in the menu. The legitimate method would be to get what it is you want on a male and breed it with multiple females at the same time. Then if needed swap the male with the new male that was born until you have everything transferred properly to the newest babies. Example: You want moms blue belly but dads red body and face. Mate the male with mom. Every time you get a male with all you wanted from dad plus something from mom, swap it with the old male, likewise with the females. So if the babies a girl with dads red body and moms blue belly then swap mom out with her. Now ur guaranteed to get the red body. Mating a male with multiple females just adds more opportunities at getting what you want, or a step to it. The downside is youll need multiple females with whatever trait your looking for, this example's case, a blue belly.
  6. Dont forget the cave and boss fight theyd have to add, tho as stated theres already data for the fight in the game files. I was gonna say something around those lines, i agree with you 100%. I think they f'd up with val tho. The ab area having almost nothing of value makes val obsolete to me compared to rag. I might as well tame things on ab and bring them to rag. Compared to the center being steroid island and rag being steroid island and scorched together, val fails pretty bad as steroid ab/island/scorched.
  7. At like level 10 i tamed the 1st sarco i saw. Had a dodo and dilo too. Chilling at my lil thatch hut beside the beach at night and suddenly battle music and a dead dodo message. Ran outside to have a theri kill all 4 of us because it wandered into my camp. Thus i have a deep hatred for the personal space dinos. Chals, bears, theris, if you want your personal space then dont walk up to me dumbazzes. Seriously tho, they need to modify that AI, they should attempt to not walk up to us either.
  8. After the latest imprint patch, the 1 during Halloween event that wasnt added to notes or wasnt for awhile, even at 1.0 my babies want cuddle a minute or 2 after hatching and its an instant 100%. It almost feels like theyve made it so the intervals are adjusting to the maturation time. Who knows?
  9. Dodorex Summoning Issue Anyone else having problems summoning the dodorex? I have 400 bones, cooking pot far away from my tames (Like out of render range, or all but), light the fire and click the dodorex summon. Game replies dinosaurs to close to the summoning ritual. Also i destroywilddinos, so theres literally nothing in the way dino wise, still get this message. What gives?
  10. On the island the wolf isnt a good choice. You have to bring a pack with you to get defenses and controlling an AI pack with ledges and jumps is annoying and potentially difficult. The water cave on the edge of the swamp is best with a water tame. In particular the baryonyx is capable of soloing most of the caves and is the undisputed king in the water. It can jump and does and has decent dmg and hp with saddles for armor. U can breed baryonyx to have a pack in the swamp cave and own it easy. With extensive breeding it can even solo that cave. The 3 caves your wolves and my bary probably wont work for are the lost faith, lost hope, and snow caves. In faith and hope id recommend a high level squid, or at least large sea creatures, in the lost hope case its advised you bring multiple large sea beasts. Youll need a plesio, i think a mosa fits too, to get the artifact. Squid wont fit to it but will dominate the majority of the cave. For snow, the caves hallway sections are to small to fit larger tames through and the sheer number and level of bears and wolves makes bary or wolf packs pretty pointless. Id tame a decent megalania and cryo it into the cave. You can wall run all the way to the artifact. Bring grenades to deal with narrow halls filled with buried purlovia. The explosion forces them out and removes the stunning attack that would end your cave run. You can use weapons on a megalania as well so feel free to blow crap up while pretending to be batman.
  11. From the removal of megas and z moves, plus only like 100 returning pkmn...Sword and shield are trash. I thought smusum was b4, now i know what true trash is. Dont feel bad, as an original fan i can confidently say you arnt missing anything lol.
  12. Ya i realized how id have to put stam like crazy in it. That probably is a dupe issue, but i see your point. How about equal number of bred boss spinos? Meks can only fly around so much and as stated the meks dont do that much dmg normally and im assuming the pistol does even less. So less then 300dmg shot, doing a quarter dmg from saddle, so below 100dmg per shot, to a 35k hp spino...That can dish out 800dmg witm MB and can run crap down like a boss. I dont imagine the mek hovering around much until the spino can open up on it because of the overheating and its over. Of course im not considering attachments tho. I had the manas dmg at least at 300% and yes i used the beam, no im on the ground. The maximum dmg, which is only achieved at point blank range, is 8 per strike. Now it does strike rapidly but to match a 180 dps the spino has, that 8 is gonna have to strike 23 times in 1 second. Now the lightning wyvern has a rapid dmg burst as well but the numbers are larger and use way less stam. So if i triple the dmg to 900% that number would be a 24 at point blank. 24x23 is 552. Thats IF it hits 23 times/sec, at point blank where ur gonna get hit. Now add saddles and that dps plummets, as well if you add any range. To barely sit outside of a brontos swing reduces the dmg per hit down to 1 or 2. I dont see much use. To a decent level kark i have to burn about 2000 stam to kill it. I mean sure i can breed the crap out of the mana, but i could breed the crap out of any other creature that is already better to begin with and have something even better. All said ill try to create a better mana and see if its mind blowing or still trash compared to what ive already got.
  13. Except ive sat in a cave right next to the spawn spot of the artifact and watched it magically appear in many caves. Players dont block artifacts
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