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  1. Thx GP. So it just adds a few new dinos with associated items and a boss with its associated items. New creatures are always a good thing, provided they dont break crap.
  2. Care to elaborate on the mod's details? Sorry your link isnt clickable.
  3. U kinda basically just agreed with everything i said, but iget the impression your taking an argument stance with me. If you read my posts before that 1 you can clearly see that i said the same thing as you, as well as in my later posts.
  4. Im hoping so lol. That was 1 of the 1st things i noticed about the trailer. Id like to see how, even in the modern day, your gonna get into a base/fortress without breaching the walls. Above no good because AA(Turrets), and below would be antimesh so no tunneling for you. Even if you would tunnel, youd still have to breach the floor/basement wall...Theres no conceivable way to infiltrate a base from the ground without blowing a hole. Its been that way through all of history and will be until someone comes up with a teleporter XD. Do remember that ark1 released and adve
  5. I agree though i would like to experience some form of pvp with the computer. When i initially bought ark i was mislead by the trailers, especially the SE part with the merchant, into believing there was npcs and towns. Tribe warring with the npcs would make this so good lol
  6. That kind of pvp i wouldnt mind, if ark wasnt so grindy. Most grindy pvp games dont have the looming threat of ruining everything youve done over the last half year lol. Frankly with the level of commitment needed to play this game...Im surprised we haven't heard of a murder related to this games pvp yet. But ya, a friendlier pvp like u describe, possibly similar to nooblet's style would be quite rewarding. I completely understand the sentiment of building those bonds. I do believe though that the majority of servers arnt that way. I believe you got lucky with that. I agree pvp should r
  7. Tho im an SP player i understand the thrill concept of conquest. A huge war is always epic. That said, consider the drawbacks of this. You have rather naz1 like gustapo running about torturing the crap out of anyone they dont accept over multiple servers, and thats with just 1 mega tribe. Imagine multiple of them. This leads to a nasty chunk of players forced to over populate other serves because the playerbase cant fully utilize the servers given to us by the devs because of all our lil h1tlers. This can even force people into a video game "slavery" to these tribes just to be able to pl
  8. To be honest joe, when i first read his post i stopped and reread that part lol. I thought about teasing it but let it go. Im just happy someone had the same thought as me XD @Logan96 I like your imprint idea, but if thats gonna happen we need to be able to see base stats. Id be pissed riding my tame home just to be like "crap what stats were what again" when the ride home imprinted it. The transfer idea would be great if it wasnt a major killer for pve and SP people. Sure you can say hey separate the mechanic between pvp and pve...But we all know the devs wont put that much effort i
  9. Ya...*walks 10ft, gets jumped by purlovia, walks 10ft, gets pounced by thyla, walks 10ft, gets heat seeking missiled(that needs redesigned so it can actually miss) by a micro, walks 10ft, gets pounced by an eagle, walks 10ft...Stops and takes everything out on Cedric lol*
  10. As pve player i agree with the need for progression based design...Im kinda pissed my extinction "dragon"(Ok wolfdragon android) sucks compared to the normal dragons on SE...Not only should there be progression on the map, but map to map as well. That goes with the story as well because things got more advanced and dangerous, on purpose, to test you and push you to be strong enough to solve humanity's crisis. The manas power loss has gotten so bad that its no longer that role...And i paid extra for it...And i never even got to play with it when it did...
  11. Thats actually something i to wish was in ark. Half the engrams are worthless to me because of the pvp focus. Iv never once walled my "yard"(Frankly my perfectionism annoys me to no end when it comes to building. i hate the unperfect, lack of seamless construction because of the odd ball parts you gotta throw together because the terrain is slightly uneven. So building an imperfect wall would just make it worse) or put up turrets...Iv never built a turret at all. Iv only built cannons/catas for blunt force trauma taming lol. Iv never built spikes...All just seems like a waste to me as a
  12. Biotoxin only means its torpor drain needs to compensate for the rifles SLOW reload. Cool dino
  13. Crap my bad, the way you replied to joe's post i thought you were the guy joe replied to XD. His(the original) idea was to merge the 2. My bad man. Then ya, your idea is actually good. A tutorial area would benefit everyone.
  14. I dont see how that works. If the home is the only safe place from pvp then everything else does not follow pve. Its all pvp except the home under that logic. If we are forced to pvp with others to acquire any ground or progress/resources its no longer a pve game. Its literally full on pvp at that point. Also remember the pve mindset. Pve is about collecting "trophies" to display at "home". If my rex is stuck outside of a safezone, its not fitting the pve mindset. We dont want to waste hours upon hours of our life grinding items, babysitting a KO'd animal, training said animal, bre
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