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  1. Onimusha759

    A message from Studio Wildcard

    They may of came up with the idea(w8 didnt we hear they stole the idea somewhere and got into a legal problem wen they 1st started ark? Im not 100% certain but im pretty sure thats true), but they screwed it up massively. Take the exact same ideas and give it to capcom, bethesda, square enix, or ubisoft and the game would be functioning evn better then it is now with probably evn more goods. Wc limit and destroy their own game evry day. The only reason the game is alive at all is bc the idea is so amazing. So yes ark is popular despite wc and survives despite a team that doesn't know how to handle it. Those who know me may remember this, ima quote walter from fable3, "Smart enough to use magic, not smart enough to wear their pants rightway forward. Explain that."
  2. Onimusha759

    Extinction Lacking in Endgame Tames.

    Idk dude, i think the wyvern kicks da crap out of the mana versatility wise. I hvnt tamed a mana yet but i hear it cnt stay up vry long and afaik it cant grab things. The freeze bcums less effective the bigger the creature(so basically worthless because the only time u need it it dsnt work. tht game design is bs and i h8 how common it is now). Thn add that extinction is an aboveground map with actual fliers and i feel insanely ripped off the new dragon cnt do basic flier things and is worse thn the dragon i payed for already. Endgame dragon shud b btr then halfway thru dragon, especially wen i paid evn more irl money for it. As for story/lore evry1 keeps talking about...I mean common, this is a game tht story = nothing, only thing tht matters is gameplay. Trading gameplay for story(and thts a joke) is bad. This isnt a 1p style game, this isnt zelda or skyrim. Story does all but nothing for the game and the result it has on us.
  3. Onimusha759


    I lik how all my dudes (except riprav and waz) r here lol. Shout out to vac, angrysalt, d1nk, and charge lol. Hw bout instead of refunds we just demand they fix their game lol. Keep the money, fix the broke crap. Seriously tho, a petition isnt gna do anything unless it gets on the news XD
  4. Onimusha759

    Has the sword been nerfed?

    Im curious, or maybe im just wrong, but has the sword been nerfed? Sword is supposed to hv 90 base dmg. My dmg stat is 200%, so my hits shud do 180. Its only doing 144. Ik tht dinos hv a lil resistance to projectile atks, but afaik melee atks are supposed to do the full dmg to dinos. So am i wrong and they resist human melee also, or is something not right here?
  5. U dnt gt 2 b a jerk, and i nvr said i use the settings. I said i dont use them. In singleplayer mode the only adjustments iv made r to maturation, incubation, dino food drain(so to keep me from cheating amount of resources i need but speed up tame time. Con: ur dinos eat more 2), and tame speed to allow perfect taming of certain dinos tht u cant evn with kibbles which is bs. I dnt tuch harvest, xp, or the actual dino stats. With those settings, and all by myself, iv killed bosses and built every industrial item plus the replicator. The things i adjusted also wernt changed bc im alone, i feel there bs hw long they take in general for any game mode. I do aggree with some of the sp settings boosts but the xp, harvest, and dino stat boosts r deal breakers so i dnt use the setting. All iv adjust is sitting for hours twittling my thumbs. I hvnt cheated the power of my dinos stats, or the speed at which we(dinos and self) gained pwr or resources. Its not tht hrd to gather enuf stuff without boosting ur pwr or harvest. Theres a dif between correcting wc mistakes thus making the game liveable for small tribes or soloers, and flat out cheating. Xp, engrams, harvest and dino stat boosts is the latter.
  6. Y did u bring up official if ur not on an official server either? Since ur on a dedi thn u cud just boost maturation and incubation lik i did instead of boosting ur dinos stat growth and xp gain. Im pretty certain theres actually a few more things that setting messes with and its all unnecessary evn if ur solo. Within a week of breeding without hving server time flow wen ur offline i hv a team bred tht im pretty certain can take gammas. So no, the setting isnt needed and anything u may want from it, lik boosted tame speed and boosted breeding u can do separately without cheating their stats, growth, or engram points.
  7. Oh no, i thot me talking bout my settings wud make it obv im not on official lol. Ik the bosses on official r tougher thn the sp or dedi bosses. But a team of 18 100% imprinted bred spinos/rex/theriz (take ur pick) with a dao and a yuty to heal and buff can(depending on the boss and lvl of breeding) handle most things. Its time consuming as heck but its doable. Obv i sped the process up with maturation and incubation bc it just takes to long. Now on official it only impossible bc no1 is rly gna want to spend all tht time breeding urself into a coma XD
  8. Onimusha759

    ark Where to have a base in single player ragnarok

    I actually stayed on viking bays beach, next to the lil stream on the west side. U gt ocean 4 ur aquatic tames, plenty of stone, trees and bushes. Theres lots of metal nearby and evn a bit of obsidian. Theres a ton of pearls east of the bay. Rareflowers vry close by. Beaver dams r relatively close by 4 mushrooms and cp. Vry gud spot, and only a few dilos spawn nearby...May hv to pop a seagull frm time to time too.
  9. Onimusha759

    Reaper King = Strong?

    Dus the reaper poison spines atk or watevr it is slow alpha and bosses?
  10. Onimusha759

    How to get Titanoboa eggs.

    Not ur fault dude, im surprised it actually works. Any other wander based action lik breeding or dung beetles converting poop wont work if theyre encumbered. So im surprised it does lol. Like my posts if i was helpful
  11. Onimusha759

    How to get Titanoboa eggs.

    In extinction theres new kibbles. Theyre more lik class based thn dino specific. So far tho only the extinction exclusive dinos can use thm effectively.
  12. The bosses r soloable, iv done a few solo. See its not the taming rate tht bothers me, its the xp and vry much the stat growth boost. It takes from a part of the game, bc ur supposed 2 hv 2 breed to kill the bosses. As for xp, iv killed enuf things just hunting for good dinos tht its nvr a problem. Now ill admit i hv my tame rate at 2.5 but since iv been missing the events iv got it at 5 rn. But i leav the stats and xp alone bc they feel lik cheating. Boosting maturity speeds and tame spped dsnt bc 1 it takes way to long, 2 any dino unable to b perfect tamed feels wrong. It feels lik an ovrsight or bug almost. Got the perfect food u shud gt tht +74 on tht 150.
  13. Onimusha759

    Griffin breeding

    Ya i wasnt trying to b a jerk, it just sounded so ridiculous tht i was just lik wow really. Now ill admit tht i didnt realize it was the mobile section, the recommended topics/new topic or watevr it is on the right side of the screen on the main page doesnt distinguish between any platform. So sry if wat was said here was actually legit. I mean it sounds ridiculous as heck but who knows. I wudnt think there would b huge changes to certain things tho. Lik ik ud hav to die dwn the game to fit it on a phone, but to add breeding to a creature that u cant breed on console or the original pc platform sounds vry odd. So it sounded lik ppl wer trolling to me. Sry if i came off as a jerk
  14. Onimusha759

    How to get Titanoboa eggs.

    Easiest way is tame a few and park a tamed oviraptor nxt to em. Set it to wander and load him with stone so he cnt move. U tame snakes by dropping eggs in front of em and they eat em.
  15. The singleplayer settings also make ur dino stats higher, makes u lvl up faster, and tame things faster. If u h8 cheating lik me then ull want to avoid it. Now wen the games being crap, lik bugs, lik titan starving, ill gladly hop on my titan, infinitestats it on and off to refill its food. I mean afaik on SP u still hv to spawn in the skylord artifact on island bc it dnt spawn in the cave. If a GM would fix things for u it b the same thing so ya lol. They evn use the same commands. As for engram problem, thats were blueprints fill in the gaps for u easily. U can own a full set of chitin, flak, and ghillie armor with almost all the melee and guns pretty easily by raiding purple and up drops. Ull evn gt full sets of structures. By far tho its the saddles this saves with, u can save so much engram points with saddle bps.