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  1. Onimusha759

    Velonasaur Stats

    Go to the wiki page and find its base stats and how much it gains per wild point. Do some math, (Gain per point x 30)+ the base stat. Knock 1 out and see if any of its stats are equal or better then the math you do. Its a keeper if yes. Do more math, (Gain per point x 45)+ the base stat. When it wakes up if its stat is equal or greater then the new math you have a decent breedable dino. Do this for all the important stats and breed em together to get that really good dino(Pre mutation). If you wana be more picky like me aim for 50 points when it wakes up instead of 45. Also note some creatures get a bonus to certain stats when tamed, you will have to calculate that in as well. Example, rex with 250% dmg has 30 points in dmg. Knock it out and tame it. If aiming for 50 it would have 350% dmg. Problem is rex gain bonus to dmg when tamed. +7 to dmg making it 357% and then a multiply bonus of x1.176. So it has to have 418/419% dmg when it wakes up or it doesn't have 50 points. So base is 100+50x5(50 points x the gain per point)=350. 350+7(Add bonus that rex has)=357. 357x1.176(multiply bonus rex has)=419. Also note the multiply bonus scales with the taming effectiveness percentage when the creature wakes up, so crappy taming at 50% effectiveness will cause the multiply bonus to be halved
  2. Onimusha759

    Community Crunch 177: Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow!

    Indeed, a lot of people do gripe over small details. I can understand frustrations boiling though. Its like when you have a bunch off real problem because of jerkoffs and then some store clerk smarts off to you for no reason and you just flip on him. Was it important, no, was it the last straw because of some careless d head, yes lol. Wc is super careless and they F sith us by doing so. So, they still deserve crap thrown at them because they throw it at us. Now idk the picture your talking about, i was just agreeing their coding is crap and the likelihood of it actually being the color coding screwing up the s+ which with all the extra coding they actually did its more likely not the color coding. Back on to how people keep coming back, i think its because theres nothing like ark, even with all the bugs its still amazing. The bugs being unaddressed simply because they dont seem to care though is unacceptable. Theyve had more then enough time to address old game breaking bugs. They just dont, and they wont until we kick em in their rears enough times to motivate them. Thus people cursing em out. We support the game and want it to be better, we do the only thing thats available that they seem to somewhat listen to.
  3. Onimusha759

    Basalisks and drop speed

    Your also on a modded server and because you guys hacked the game you want the devs to help you cheat your hacked content more easily...Rag doesnt spawn ab creatures, if your playing like that then thats your problem because its not supposed to be there to begin with and core mechanics should not change to fit non legit gameplay. If you can hack those ab creatures in then hack the drakes and eggs too. That said if crystal isles does get added i could see what your asking becoming a possibility, since its rag and ab fused together so to say.
  4. Onimusha759

    Community Crunch 177: Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow!

    1, nice english lol 2, you also said the color was broken, implying we are worried about the color when we arnt and you should of known rather obviously. 3, you then replied like a lil salty weenie under self induced false pretense, so you had your own lil off the handle going on there. True, theres bigger problems, like artifact issues and that horrific ascension glitch, but the initial point, which stands, is wc broke some decent semi important stuff with their patch AGAIN, showing their coding sucks. If you actually reread my 1st post i actually tell the guy it wasnt the colors(most likely).
  5. Onimusha759

    Community Crunch 177: Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow!

    You replied 1, before i was finished(reread dude) 2, you dont read, hes complaining the color coding caused s+ issues. We arnt complaining about the color, hes complaining the color coding broke other, more important, coding. That should of been obvious even with the part you quoted before i was finished. Way to fly off the handle with sass without actually reading XD
  6. Onimusha759

    Community Crunch 177: Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow!

    Hes got a point though, how can such trivial coding break more core mechanics? It would have to be 1 extremely unorganized and knotted code. Of course thats assuming the colors actually did it, theyve added new items, temporary creature variations, temporary eggs, special effects, a nerf for a creature, fixes for descriptions, meshing issues, and the environment itself. In all likelihood it was the more advanced stuff @Dzieciak that caused these bugs. Though your still right, they suck at coding because they always break something XD
  7. Onimusha759

    Community Crunch 177: Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow!

    Says the governments and society that wants everyone against religion. Christianity is the extension of the hebrew religion which is 1 of the oldest religions
  8. Onimusha759


    I do, he'll reply back 1 time with a really stupid response then if you reply back with legit info he ignores you instead of testing it himself. He acts like your stupid. After i reported the mosa and he replied to it, hes ignored both the ichthy ticket and mosa reply. Its not doing 700, its doing 699. So its actually slightly below 400.
  9. Onimusha759


    More misinformation, dododex says ichthys gain 5% speed per invested point, it only gains 1.5%
  10. Onimusha759

    Alpha Rockwell

    Just so you know smart azz, im not whining because it hasnt happened to me, so i stated this solely for the benefit of the guy asking, because apparently he doesnt know about it. Wouldnt you want to know? I mean who would want to do a boss battle to ascend just to lost the very ascension you got plus all the rewards youve been working so hard for? All you can do is facepalm because you know im right. Shame on you for being silent about this and judging me like a prik for doing whats right.
  11. Onimusha759

    Alpha Rockwell

    Cmon vac, we been kinda friends on here for awhile, you dont got to be a jerk. Fact is its broke af right now. Anyone who is even semi decent would urge anyone asking about it to not do it. Its like 99% chance you lose your character, map discovery on all maps, your in game achievements for your profile meaning all your rewards from trophies/achievements dont spawn for you anymore plus you lose all your notes for all maps. Your aberration base and tames wont even belong to you anymore after you beat rockwell. Your going to facepalm me for warning a guy of this when hes asking for advice about it, its basically guaranteed you do this you are F***ed. The 1st advice veterans like us should be telling him is dont do it right now, thats good advice! Its also constructive because 1, its advice 2, its a warning against losing your hard work 3, its just the right thing to do, im not gonna be a dik and convince someone to walk into a dam trap. So you can take your smart azz unnecessary remark and shove it.
  12. Onimusha759

    What can make a rex instantly disappear?

    You said it was pvp, in pvp grabbing is enabled. Yes tames can be grabed. Tuso also have long reach able to grab and strike at the tips of their tentacles it not slightly more. If theres not at least 8, thats probably still very well inside their range, walls between the ground and water it could do it
  13. Onimusha759

    What can make a rex instantly disappear?

    Tusoteuthis, giant squid, can grab and carry rex. You said your in a cove, coves have water. How far are you above ocean level? Is it possible they undermeshed a squid and grabed the rex from below? It would make a woosh sound, turrets would ignore it, no stomping noise, would make it disappear and be able to be killed later.
  14. Onimusha759

    ragnarok Dire Polar Bear (ps4)

    Idk if its still possible but back before the 2nd half of rag was released the frozen pond near viking bay had like 2 inside a lil cave. I think they were polar bears.