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  1. I love the leed eating a raft in the background, that some classic ARK lol
  2. Fix De-Syncing on Projectiles So many times ive shot a person or dino and the arrow sticks out of their skull, YET THERE IS NOT HITMARKER NOR DAMGE TAKEN! I just want this to be fixed or at least optimized because its seems to happen 50% of the time. =_=
  3. Bugs generally fly just outside of the hitbox of certain creatures which is what allowed them to kill ur dilos and also makes flyers chase them into the skybox, they do not need to be nerfed u just need to create a larger damage hitbox such as a spear, raptor, bow ect.
  4. Add Reaper Turret Mode The Reaper King's alt attack is quite helpful for downing those pesky scout flyers so what if it could be automated. The projectile speed is slow making leading targets a necessary thing and since turrets do not generally do that, this should not be game breaking but convenient.
  5. Create Chest Piece Mesh for FPP The current FPP only has the gauntlet mesh which is generally all you see if you have a low FOV but when its larger you can see your upper arms but they are naked despite having a chest piece equipped. If they added a chest piece mesh using weapons in FPP would look much better as there would no longer be 2 drumsticks on either side of the screen. Most of all it just does not make since that you would see naked arms in FPP but clothed ones in TPP.
  6. You are missing the point it is not that the wild dino kills me(as you infer they are generally easy to kill) and then kills the tame, it is rather the issue that the newly tamed creature gets caught in battle and dies to the wild dino/spike wall, BEFORE the wild dino is killed. This situation I recall is also unlikely as it only happens within a 10 second window but if you forget to whistle passive it is much more likely to happen.
  7. Make Default Dino Stance=Passive Ever tamed a dino then a random wolf bites you and you try to kill it but then your newly tamed sheep tries to help and kills itself? This has happened too many times with too many different types of dinos and it is beyond annoying, so just make dinos come out tamed/fully grown as passive so all that can be avoided.
  8. maybe allow spiders to also produce silk
  9. That glowtail one is pretty cool although i wish they could glide/climb in game like the draco lizards they are based on
  10. Yeah that is a sabertooth not a thyla even the saddle is that of a sabertooth
  11. Not necessarily, the owl for instance was not added
  12. I think scorched earth would benefit if all non-native creatures were not allowed as with aberration because the kibble tree is functional, but my primary focus is managarmrs as they are too good at stealing eggs and do not give incentive to even get wyverns. For those people who still want to breeze through stealing eggs they can still just go to ragnarok. I feel the ARK player base often forgets what this game is about and just wants it to be easier so they can focus on something else but its supposed to be difficult just to survive. With non-natives removed from SE it would become far more difficult as the only thing u could use to steal eggs is pretty much the moth, argy, and phoenix, all of which present a far greater challenge.
  13. Let's face it, PVP is not for everyone. NPCs would give incentive to build like you would in PVP but not require the same insane time commitments.
  14. Wyverns have been neglected due to the Mana spam on Scorched Earth. They make the map too easy. Let Scorched Earth be the place where Wyverns can be king again.
  15. They take away from the Rock Drakes that were designed to rule the map and make it so painfully easy to survive now. Aberration is my favorite map because it is so very difficult but with the addition of Managarmrs that rush of survival has been dashed. I found myself fleeing to classic just to evade Manas but Aberration could too be this haven free of Mana spam pvp. Remove Manas from Aberration and let the Rock Drake take back its spot as ruler of Ab.
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