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  1. It works! The issue I had before was that it was in the gamesettings.ini and the command line prompt, causing a conflict. Now that the script is only in the command line prompt it works perfectly. No more HLNA introducing me to genesis for the billionth time
  2. I hope Rock Drakes become breedable soon too! Especially considering that they are a crowd favorite, it would generate a lot of hype
  3. SNAPPY! The taming HUD was a really good idea and looks very convenient(cant say how many tames I've lost throughout the years). Keep up the good work devs!
  4. I tried that and its still occurring
  5. @bobeeb what is the server setting to disable this?
  6. Creature Ideas A light beam creature(Prism something) -has prisms on its body that can focus light into projectiles similar to velo -Stronger during day, weak at night due to lack of light -Flashbang effect that it can charge up at varying ranges(similar to magmasaur attacks) -Has a large charge radius like light pets An anti stun land creature -Does not get stunned or dismounts player similar to basilo -Has spikes/plates that surround the player similar to stego but even moreso -Defensive creature(maybe a carnivore since nearly
  7. For some reason my chibi's total XP is greater than its possible XP. It should be lvl 4 right now but its stuck at lvl 2. I haven't seen anyone else with this issue yet but im curious if anyone has a solution. Is there a way to reload the chibi or something so it renders the mistake?
  8. This update provides a lot of QoL fixes, great job devs! Some of you reading through comments might find that most people seem very negative but in reality only people that have a problem make a comment. People that love the game are playing it, thats over 40k people at this moment alone!
  9. Nope, this saddle belongs to the Magmasaur(check out the trailer), the multiple straps go to multiple spikes, not heads.
  10. PVP in subnautica (but ARK players). 2 tribes speeding towards each other on seaglides, suddenly one member of tribe A dismounts, pulls out stasis rifle and stuns his entire tribe from behind. he keeps stunning them until tribe B catches up and thermoblades his tribe. Tribe B: Thanks for insiding them for us, heres the coords to that mesh base location to get into the skybox, as promised.
  11. Tek wyvern saddle Was added to the dev kit but.....that was a really long time ago. I wonder if they will correct the third seat on the tek rock drake saddle.
  12. SNAP! 200 community crunches so far, well done devs! Choosing to release Genesis Chronicles on the 200th was probably planned wasn't it?
  13. I love the leed eating a raft in the background, that some classic ARK lol
  14. Add Reaper Turret Mode The Reaper King's alt attack is quite helpful for downing those pesky scout flyers so what if it could be automated. The projectile speed is slow making leading targets a necessary thing and since turrets do not generally do that, this should not be game breaking but convenient.
  15. maybe allow spiders to also produce silk
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