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  1. Dont play on crossplay servers. Stick to console only if you don't want to be at a disadvantage.
  2. Could you take some screenshots and upload them so community members and the devs can see? It's an important issue that really needs to be put under the spotlight and addressed.
  3. Yeah that's just sad. All these "changes" that were supposedly coming set the expecations high, especially my expectations. The main deciding factors as to whether id buy this game is that they fixed meshing, added really good collision to prevent pokers, meshing etc and the end of spam by adding very short decay timers for them. And judging by responses from you and others, its still the same as ASE. Not good at all. Really not good. I just wish I could tag and dev and ask them why? Because these things are really not okay.
  4. Well they can't hurt those that won't buy the game at least. Especially if after months of believing and hoping there were alot of positive changes coming, that there are in fact none, and nothing that we hoped would be fixed and or changed has happened. This is a big fat RIP for ASA.
  5. Us console peasants in the crowd: 🙋🏻‍♂️?
  6. Are you kidding me? They haven't fixed or actually added raft collision? So i can make pokers again and poke the raft graphics through someone elses raft and blow it up from inside?
  7. I read a comment earlier on mentioning spamming the map off. I honestly hope to god that spam doesn't return. It's ugly, broken and stupid. I remember before the ASE servers went down, i saw an island map covered with spam. Completely covered. There were no nodes, no trees, rocks, bushes etc. It was disgusting. Spam should not be allowed, make spam decay alot quicker please
  8. I edited the post and at the top there was an option to change the font colour. Which I changed to white. See i was checking back to see if i got votes on my phone, and on my phone, the text for my submission was all white so i thought nothing of it, when you commented just now, i was real paranoid and got on my laptop and saw the font was black. Why the font would be defaulted to black is really silly and annoying but its done now and ive fixed it. I do slightly feel like this issue has put my post at a disadvantage, because i totes understand why no one would read it if it was all black font. Obviously i wasn't expecting a gazillion votes right off the bat, but of course id love for my submission to win, i spent all night writing it down, and i was up til 5am lol. The good thing is there is still time, hopefully now people can read this it'll pick up some votes. Please VOTE for the SEA NOODLE guys! Thankyou!
  9. I think ive fixed it. Thats honestly so unfair. I posted this on the night they announced they were taking submissions. ;( i wondered why i wasnt at least getting some votes. No one could read it. im really upset and annoyed about this
  10. Can you help me. How can i change the font colour. Why is it black? I never chose black i just posted and thats it. I edited it and the last bit of text is white. What is happening?
  11. How do you change your font colour on the forums? My ark center submission text is black. Please help. Its putting my post at a disadvantage. No one can read it. All i did was write it and post
  12. Could anyone reading this post please reply to this comment and let me know if they were able to read my submission? As a previous comment mentioned it is impossible to read because of text colour, and now im paranoid that my post is at a disadvantage because no one can read it. Thankyou.
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