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  1. Bring back Primitive! NOT Primitive Plus. Normal Primitive we had on legacy!
  2. Was just thinking, castles and keeps mod will be a useless feature on official servers because they will be made of stone and get wiped very easily. If you are going to have castles and forts, at least bring back Primitive. Not Primitive Plus though because it sucks and is way too complicated.
  3. Why do I have a respawn timer when I get killed by a Magmasaur? This isn't PvP so why do i have to wait 4 minutes to respawn?
  4. The bears in the Ferox cave are an absolute mess! They are buggy AF and the AI is terrible
  5. Not sure if there is an official submission thread for TLC #3 ideas. But my nominations are Mosasaur: -Movement improvement: Be able to swim straight up and straight down without staying horizontal the whole time. -Strong Heavy Attack: Just like what we see in the movies. I'd love to see an attack where the Mosa comes out of the water with a huge gaping bite attack! -Model Improvement Araneo: - Grappling Hook Web: Pretty much what is says on the tin. Give the Araneo the ability to use it's web like a grappling hook. Once reeled in, you can stick to the wall in a turret mode, recover stamina and continue on. Megalodon: - Blood Frenzy Buff: Deal increasing damage to enemies the lower their health gets. - Ignored by other Megalodons when riding/not riding. -Model Improvement. Giganotosaurus: (unpopular opinion warning) -Melee Damage Cap: There are alot of Gigas in circulation with stupendously hight melee. A cap would add balance across the board and make it an equal playing field. -Mega Bite: An attack the allows the Giga to exceed its melee damage cap, dealing alot of damage but also consumes alot of stamina. Repeated use can enrage your Giga very quickly. Diplodocus: -What can we honestly do with this one? Give it a new siege saddle? Give it an area buff that increases your structure hitpoints? Who knows. Morellatops: -Increase Water Storage: Replace Oxygen with Water. Increasing its water increases the amount it can hold. -Irrigation Buff: Can irrigate nearby crop plots and reservoirs. Useful for cave dwellers. These are mine anyway boys.
  6. You are probably the biggest loser on the internet today *facepalms*
  7. I was in-game earlier when the server message popped up saying genesis launches on 25th february at 7pm eastern time. Im in UK so thats 12am, on the 26th february right? Why is it launching at such a retarded time?
  8. Watch this space. I'll send a pic soon. My gigas have thousands of mutations
  9. On legacy we have god gigas with 1500+ melee
  10. My tribe member didnt merge with anyone. He is still in my tribe.
  11. If that is the case, that is absolutely terrible customer service and support and im uninstalling. Wow i can't even believe this is a thing, like oh my god, why couldn't the game devs actually do something?
  12. Ive done some research and I don't actually think the game developers will even help, because a different guy had the same problem 2 years ago. I would like to think and I hope to god that their support services are not this bad still.
  13. I need urgent help and advice New to the forums, this is my first thread and i meed urgent help from the game devs. If anyone can tag them in this thread so that they see, that would be greatly appreciated. Last night i was playing on official legacy, and my friends in my tribe invited me to a party asked if i wanted to come check out their friends base on official dedicated servers. I wasnt doing anything so I was like, yeah okay. I exited the game on legacy, and made a fresh new Bob on the dedicated server my friends were on just for exploring purposes. I logged off after exploring. The next day (literally right now) i have logged into the official legacy server and the base I owned with my friends now says its owned by someone else in our tribe and despite me still being in the tribe we made, it says everything else is owned by a separate tribe. My turrets shoot me, everything we locked is unavailable to open, tames attacked me. And now I can't play and we have animals raising right now that i cant access. I really need this to be fixed otherwise all the work we have done has been wasted and i dont think i will want to continue.
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