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  1. The Maewing steals offspring? Unless you can literally steal other peoples babies while they are out (which is impossible), my guess is that it can auto-claim babies when they hatch or are born, because they are red-tagged (enemy) until claimed, but, who would the baby imprint to?
  2. Just did the console update (xbox), but all server transfers have been disabled? Why?
  3. They already exist. Electronic binoculars blueprints are a rare reward chance from loot crates on genesis. Apparently you can't take the binoculars off genesis servers though.
  4. Problem after problem *facepalm* Can't change my dino names at all. I enter the name (the name is their stats, consisting of numbers and letters), i hit enter and the 'NAME YOUR DINO, ACCEPT, CANCEL' name entry box stays completely blank. Ive left it to maybe load in for 20mins and still nothing. Not submitting a ticket, because the ticket system is crap. I'm just going to leave it and hope the right people see this. Not sure if anyone else is having the issue. But it is happening to me and my tribe mates. Sick game lol. EDIT* Just discovered that
  5. Im on single player just doing some rail gun science. And the range of this gun is confusing me. I am aware that a triangular looking symbol appears in x ray mode telling you that your target is close enough to hit. Im aware of the scope toggle, im aware of how many structures you can shoot through etc etc. On ark gamepedia it says in the notes that the railgun has a range of 33 foundations. Ive tested this out on a skiff, and i could only shoot the skiff from 7 foundations away. Tested it out on random wild dinos and the range varied between 7-17 foundations. Tried shooting from h
  6. You can use Crystal Wyverns to fly on genesis part 1. I got killed by people riding them. This was on an official xbox server as well. Unless these guys knew the admin password or had some hacks i have no idea how they were able to fly with flyers disabled.
  7. This was on official xbox as well
  8. You can fly crystal wyverns on genesis. Just got killed by people on there. I thought flyers were disabled on genesis?
  9. Rock Drakes take fall damage when exiting climb mode. They whelp and yes, their health does go down. Try yourself, climb around on rocks, trees, cliffs when the ground is literally right underneath you, exit climb mode and you receive damage. Might not happen straight away, but it happens very often while i travel. Ive taken damage 3 times from this and lost 900ish HP in total. Please fix.
  10. It seems that the best course of action would be to make heat waves longer, and more frequent.
  11. Before i start, yes the phoenix is rare and yes its supposed to be hard to find, and yes i know 3 spawn now instead of 1. But the phoenix needs to be looked at and tweaked. The problems you face when looking for the phoenix is/are: -very irregular heatwaves- Heat waves need to happen on a more regular basis, and the heat waves themselves need to be much much longer. You can't afford to stop flying around during the heatwave time window as it is a very short amount of time. Its betweem 3-5minutes i think. Get rid of the pointless rain and thunderstorm weather events as they reduce hea
  12. Launching ark on xbox is fine. When i pick my server and join, the following loading screen takes ages. Not before the screen goes black and shines white and goes back to black. I can pause the game and the pause menu pops up but i literally cant play. There some bug out there or?
  13. Fix Transmitter Implant Bug Everytime you open or access a tek transmitter inventory, the game adds an implant into your own inventory which you cannot drop. Sent a video to my tribe mates showing them loads of times, ive now got 16 implants in my inventory that i cannot drop. Console.
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