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  1. Fix Raft Collision, End Poker Rafts Seeing as wildcard are hot on anti-meshing (which is great btw, it ruins the game), why is it that poker rafts and raft meshing is still allowed and possible to do? If you pick up an anky and it goes through floor, thats not okay, and it dies from anti-mesh, but rafts can be heavily exploited and you can mesh through other bases, structures and rafts and place C4 or rocket through and that is okay? Raft collision needs to be addressed and fixed, and it is well overdue now. People probably wont want this because its been in the game for so long and everyone is comfortable. The amount of people my tribe have stopped sinking our motorboats and ocean platforms by raft poking is ridiculous. Fix raft collisions
  2. Got a mastercraft bp from rag desert drops on official
  3. FIX TROPEONAGTHUS FOOD BUG!!!! Wildcard, you need to fix the Tropeo food depletion bug. Food goes down very slowly, i've recorded two different feeding interval times ranging between 38mins - 39mins. Dododex community reports 35min and 40min times between feeding. This needs to be addressed. This is on console btw. Im going to post a new thread about this every day until it gets done.
  4. Tropeo food depletion is definitely bugged. Found a 130 female on console rag. It took 38 mins 45 seconds until it was hungry again for it's 2nd feeding. Needs to be addressed. If it wasn't x4 taming, this would take up to 8 hours.
  5. I haven't tried it personally, but the dododex community have said that it works. I don't want to risk affecting this tame, incase wild dinos aggro.
  6. Tropeo feeding intervals bugged? On x4, me and my tribe mate timed the feeding interval for the Tropeo, it took 38 minutes before we could feed it again with yellow kibble. Not sure if this is intentional, its not an endgame dino and on regular taming x1 its almost 10 hours to tame a 145. Just a heads up
  7. Confirmed sightings on ragnarok: 43 LAT, 33 LON - there is a slope leading down from the canyon bridge, i found it halfway down that slope walking around. 68 LAT, 64 LON - in the desert, you will see a crack running across the floor that you can fly down and into the shallow water area inside. It wasn't down in the crack, but on the flats above. Hope this helps guys
  8. There's always whiteknight forum defenders like you that pop up with nothing constructive to say. If you aren't going to provide help and/or information and instead bitch about what i'm saying then i'd advise never to read anything i write because you'll most likely get triggered over and over again.
  9. Finally found a 145. Yellow kibble gives it about 31.2% and feeding intervals are 38mins which seems a bit excessive to me, especially for x4 taming. If it was x1 taming, thats at least 10 hours taming. It's not even an end game dino. Got to be a bug.
  10. Are you capped in the head? Did you not bother to read through the thread?
  11. Thats really dumb, but at least i dont have to worry about one despawning if i trap it with the chain bola. It was a poop level thankfully, as expected though, called it. Only tagged someone who looked official. I don't know who's who and clicked random.
  12. I found one in the canyons on Console Official Ragnarok at 43, 33 and trapped it under my wyvern, and the Tropeo despawned right under my wing. Are you fuc/king kidding me!? I am fuc/king fuming! Got it on record too. @WildcardJen
  13. I honestly cannot fathom why Wildcard aren't doing anything about it. It really really bugs me how it appears that they don't give a crap and ignore you or don't deal with issues like this straight away. I've just turned the game on again and ive started looking again. No doubt it will take hours again to find what I am looking for, and when I find one, it will probably be a crap level, and it will be hours before i find another one. Thats if they are even spawning. Zero word from Wildcard as well. Good service.
  14. LMFAO. Good luck finding one on console. I've wasted hours on official flying around hunting one. They don't spawn.
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