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  1. Lol are wildcard serious? This week's community crunch is dreadful. No evo event. Links to youtube videos of some dude accompanied by SWEET CAMERA STRAFES telling us what we've already seen on Lost Island, AND (my favourite), a video on how to trap a t-rex... ... ... Silly drawings. Some random dude's screenshot. Wildcard scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to find something to post. Personally i think they shouldn't have even bothered. It's so bad.
  2. Why was the Car dinosaur even in the polls if they planned on releasing it later anyway? All those wasted votes on the Car dino could've changed the results and we could've had a different winner. Wildcard IQ is shockingly bad.
  3. The bison is far superior than the Charizardsaur dino or whatever it's called. Id rather milk, epic insulation and unique fertilizer, than another boring carnivore dino.
  4. Right? Shouldnt have been in the vote at all if this is what they had planned anyway
  5. Right? I really can't see how the Carchardo dino or whatever its called is going to be any different to what we already have? I have a feeling it'll be lazy abilities like bleed, or the reaper statue jump animation. I hope i get surprised, because right now, i don't have much hope for this Cardigan dino lol And it literally LOST TWICE and they are still adding it?? Like what is that? So dumb.
  6. "Vote for the winner to be added to the game" "Adds a dino that lost last time, and again anyway" Tell me, what was the point in voting if you are going to add a dinosaur that lost the vote TWICE?
  7. Amargasaurus is overly complicated and very irritating to tame. Whilst i appreciate the devs trying to make this taming experience different, it is not worth the stress and hassle getting one of these. They need to change the way you tame this dino.
  8. The extra life event is going to be completely undermined by the god mode glitch and new item dupe method circulating on youtube. Why would anyone care about the event when they can just cheat? Not like it will get fixed. You'll just get banned, because, that fixes everything. Wildcard, how on earth are your head's still above the water? I'm astounded!
  9. this game dude Wildcard don't know what balance is at all. You can't even make this stuff up. Their poop for brains will 100% carry over to Ark 2.
  10. The Maewing steals offspring? Unless you can literally steal other peoples babies while they are out (which is impossible), my guess is that it can auto-claim babies when they hatch or are born, because they are red-tagged (enemy) until claimed, but, who would the baby imprint to?
  11. Just did the console update (xbox), but all server transfers have been disabled? Why?
  12. They already exist. Electronic binoculars blueprints are a rare reward chance from loot crates on genesis. Apparently you can't take the binoculars off genesis servers though.
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