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  1. I never expected the bat to be the winner, and frankly I didn't vote for it. Anyway my congratulations for the victory
  2. Will you make a final vote with the 10 most voted creatures like last time, for Fjordur? Will the third creature be chosen from the most interesting suggested?
  3. Relatively small ceratopside found along the beaches in groups of 4-5 individuals. It has an extremely strong beak with which it can extract a moderate amount of chitin, keratin and wood. Despite its small size it carries a lot of weight, and does not lose stamina when running. When in a group of 3, he gains a damage reduction bonus and an increase in damage dealt. The filaments on its tail can be sheared to obtain "ceratopside feathers" which can replace wool and fur. Stool is second only to snowy owl pellets as fertilizer; and if put in the inventory of the dung beetle and converted into a f
  4. Voted the last time. Why not vote this time?
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