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  1. Considering how well this game sold, and the fact its now owned by a larger company, i highly doubt resource is the issue. I got a bat sh!t crazy idea, how about wc/snail actually take some of these millions this games generated and hire a proper team. Even companies with horrid reputations for bugs, like bethesda, haven't done this bad of a job, and when they do they fix it. When you cant even complete the game because it deletes your character when you do, your game is broke as heck. They try to say its a hard fix, BS. Its the character upload that likely deletes your character when you ascend. Simple solution, spawn with your dinos outside the arena/cave, remove the upload. @Jatheish
  2. I dont really think separation is needed really. I think more BALANCED nerfs would make sense. Im a pve and a solo guy. I know a huge reason why flier nerf was implemented was because players on PVP were uping their argys speed to 300+% making them move faster then the auto turrets tracking mechanism. Obviously something had to be done. Their choice was to completely lock the stat, highly unbalanced nerf decision. The intelligent choice would of been cap the speed at around 200%. Fixes the auto turret issue as well as keep some speed for getting around keeping pve happy. And lets be honest the majority of us still mostly use fliers despite the nerf. Im still flying a bird 90% of the time. As for mana nerf, yet again stupidity in the nerfs. Yes it was stupid op, to op for pve even, but the nerfs went a bit to far. Add a cooldown to freeze, yes because its the only rideable dino that can 'stun' anything. Reduce range, sure but overall, not just the dmg. Heck i here more ppl complain about the actual freeze, not the dmg...Reduce both to lightning wyvern lvl, u dont really need more, even on pve. Reduce speed if its going to fast for turrets, otherwise leave it be. Its the extinction dragon, end game, pay to have, actually requires u to achieve a specific lvl dragon(thats also part tek). It should maybe b allowed to out do wyverns a lil since wyverns are midgame, free, and a lvl 1 that gets lucky could ride tame(highly unlikely and maybe to extreme on the lvl but you get the point). Its breath should be strong enough to match a lightning wyverns breath(considering the duration of the attack) maybe slightly weaker to balance the freeze effect from your initial hit. Thus lingering balance on stronger enemies u cant refreeze because of the cooldown. Needed nerfed yes, but allow it to still b worth it as an endgame tame. End as end of ark, tho it is the highest lvl to ride extinction added creature which technically still makes it the final tame. Gigas are available on island, wyverns on scorched, extinction is after so anything it brings is technically more endgame. The lore also backs this considering extinction is the end of the story, and the end stuff is supposed to be better. You dont get the master sword midgame and upgrade to rusted sword at the end. But 1 point im trying to point out is i dont think we need a separate layout for both, the devs just need to actually think before they nerf. As i said above there could of been better nerfs or adjustments made that could of pleased everyone, except of course those few hardcore ppl lingering on the edges wanting permanent god mode or dark souls on expert.
  3. It used to do that but since extinctions release it refuses to show or play any theme except extinctions. I hvnt played extinction in months and its still showing extinctions background and playing extinctions theme music. Ive only been playing island and center which should be the original.
  4. Pity because it would definitely be my favorite map. The fact it isnt finished would partly go with its lack of optimization. As it would get worked on naturally it would also get work in that area too. Its sad because it has the potential to beat out ragnarok for best map on console. Heres to hoping it gets some love
  5. This, every breedable dino should be imprintable and the imprint timer should be based on a tames maturation time and not set to 8 hrs for everything.
  6. Id wager next map is crystal isles. When center and ragnarok were added as official mods wc hired the maps devs and created a wiki page for the maps. Wc has hired the crystal isles dev and it now has a wiki page. Also the mod maps that are added seem to have a potential theme. Center was the 2nd map and was basically island on steroids. Then SE released and after SE was ragnarok. Ragnarok combined both official style maps with the added steroids of course. Then we got aberration. Even though we do also have extinction now crystal isles is basically island SE and ragnarok fused together with a healthy dose of steroids. Also, since crystal isles is still very incomplete atm and it does feature overworld bosses like extinction its very possible it could get fitted with extinction content as well.
  7. The only resource thats completely specific to water on island is black pearls, everything else is harvestable from dinos or nodes. The real problem for you is the actual endgame. 2 of the artifacts are in underwater caves in the ocean. Even if you jump maps/import artifacts you still need ocean animal trophies for the boss battles.
  8. Hey dude, i just realized my math was off. I didnt calculate the chance of the 2nd mutated stat failing to be pass to the baby which doubles eggs needed under ALL circumstances involving impure lines. You definitely want pure dmg line and a pure hp line separate from 1 another.
  9. You cant beat the wyverns speed or combat versatility tho. Even if the stats are same as the argy its still a powerhouse and way faster. Go from the footpaw or herb island to the frozen tooth or whitesky with your argy...Now do it with your wyvern. I think anyone who actually does this will love their wyvern again.
  10. It still b nice for the dinos to face backwards like they used to, like theyre supposed to.
  11. Thats wrong, a wolf, thyla, bary, and raptor have all shredded my argy to near death while carrying it and some players have reported actually getting pounced off their argy from a carried raptor. Either ur glitched/modded or ur 1 lucky bas.
  12. Then ive been misinformed and i can see your argument of the mana being op as more practical. The range still seems stupid, if it does a stupid amount of dmg the power should be nerfed though i think lightning wyvern should be as far as a breath attack should reach. Beyond that i think the range should be nerfed down to a lightning wyverns. I thank you for letting me know this tho, it makes me consider the mana again and is good to know, so thank you. And irl if i raised an animal and then released it into the wild anything in the wild that wouldnt screw with a wild 1 still wouldnt screw with it. Your point fails there. A shark WILL NOT attack a killer whale, it doesnt matter if its Bubba the eskimo been hunting all week or Shamoo born and raised in sea world then released into wild, shark wont F with it. So you have to be arguing game logic, which ark doesnt have, so you cant prove its not apex. It can be speculated and with nerfs may be the new objective to make it not, but nothing 100% full proof. Frankly something that can fly, freeze the biggest beasts, and shred things would realisticly be the apex. Your still avoiding the fact some creatures domesticated have their safety from being higher on the chain. Some just dont care because of game "logic". That in itself destroys half your argument and my whale example destroys the other part. Whale argument forces your argument to be game logic to stand, then the fact ark doesnt have proper game logic because of what ive said and contradictions means you cant effectively argue that. To argue what you are wild raptors would have to attack tamed rexes, which they dont, wild rexes would have to attack tamed gigas, which they dont, and wild dilos would attack any tamed carni raptor sized or bigger, which they dont. Then you throw pegos and anglers doing the opposite, this proves apex has nothing to do with it, its just wc twisted logic of how things should act. Thus because of the games contradictions you cant argue mana is below wolf on food chain based on the wolves attacking it. That was my point, your argument cant stand because of how ark is, apex wise. Let me ask, can a mana outrun turrets? If yes then its speed needs nerfed, absolute must. Can it freeze beyond the range of a lightning wyverns breath? If yes that needs nerfed to a more appropriate level, like somewhere between fire and lightning breath range. Its dmg shouldnt be just a few feet infront of it, beam needs brought to wyvern distance and dmg range buffed to the new limit. It sounds like maybe wc is nerfing the mana the wrong way. Why not slow it down a lil and reduce its freeze range instead of reducing its dmg range? That is your problem with it right, the actual freeze? If it has a lil too much power then nerf its actual dmg output. Would it be acceptable to you? To nerf its speed some, nerf freeze time a lil, nerf freeze distance to wyvern range attack distance, allow the full beam to do dmg, nerf dmg some if needed(does it strike multiple times or once? If once it should be pretty heavy to compete with a wyverns multiple striking breath)?
  13. @TheDonn ive already replied to your 1st point before so ill start with the others. "Outruns rex" i was literally saying since the raptor can run faster then the rex it needs nerfed by what you pronerf players are saying. What brought that up was because you pronerf players saying its ability to freeze things is op, which is bs. The larger the target the dramatically smaller the freeze time. The only time its op is against small creatures that its overkill to while against actual combative creatures like the rex and giga it lasts less then a second. Then theres a cooldown before it can be freezed again anyways, which i agree with, but it does make me ask why bother having a freeze at all since against things that actually matter the freeze effect itself is a fat joke. Thus me joking and saying you get maybe to press 1 button before it unthaws so a raptor which can run and let you have up to 10 secs to push buttons deserves nerfed because thats "op" compared to the manas actual freeze ability. So pvp players are crying because a mana can guerrilla warfar things effectively? Cant most creatures with range attacks be lvled to outrun anything and shoot at a target without ever getting hit in turn? I mean sure the mana starts with that ability but since its lobbed in with fliers it cant get any faster right, that is a form of balance. Now for the real point, its a flier, i can take a ptera and peck a rex, maybe even a giga to death without ever taking a single hit. All fliers when controlled properly have this ability. 2 words buddy, lightning wyvern. Can use a long range dmg attack from safety of the sky to shred a giga. Any flier can flee, sit for 10secs, and be ready to continue destroying that rex or giga. The only thing youve accomplished with your 3rd point was the manas abilities to the rest of its category is mostly standard. Mosas are attacked though by everything. Before you say its because its domesticated, lets not forget the game seems to lob dinos into teams rather then im bigger then you. A lot of the time carnos and rexes work together in harmony and wont attack each other though realisticly a rex would go after a carno. A dilo will go after an ank and doed, and get creamed in the wild. The wild creatures work more as carni team, herbi team with carni team attacking herbi team. This leads also to your pego argument, your full of it. Most creatures wont attack a rex or giga when domesticated. Certain creatures simply just dont care, like the pego. Wolves will attack almost anything which was my point. You cant determine if something would be apex simply because other things attack it. Theres things in this game that absolutely makes no sense like a pego attacking a giga, wolves attacking a mek, anglers after a mosa. To further my team argument, manas are lobbed into the flier team. Flier team is also attcked by every creature just about. I think some things do ignore the wyvern but for the mana and wolves, wolves are rather ballsy. They attack creatures much larger then them anyways so it makes sense theyed go after the mana in the wild. Really because how odd ball the game is we cant really use the behavior of anything to determine apexness, since the game breaks its own rules and even changes behavior of creatures in different areas(Like rex ignores wild raptors in 1 region and eats them in another). Thats my point though, you cant say manas not an apex because something hunts it when plenty other odd ball no sense things are happening. Your point that wild is apex to tamed gets thrown in the undetermined category too because rexes and gigas are ignored but mosa is attacked. The game isnt credible here. By highest lvl nonboss creature i meant its the strongest and highest lvl unlocked saddle that extinction added pointing to its extinction apexness, since its a standard that a new apex is released with each story ark. So to recap, weve proven manas dont really have anything over other creatures in its own category, and proven we have to establish apexness on our own because the game is unreliable in this way. So if the mana just does whats already available and doable by other creatures in its category, how is it op...? Especially when wyverns do it even better(destroying from safety). Truly the only thing op about it is its speed but thats not exactly completely game breaking. As others have said, its a survival game, adapt and overcome like forza and salt like to use. It sounds more like pvpers didnt like a new creature shaking up the meta which was the point and a good thing. Theyd rather be lazy and not adapt their defenses, and cry because there was something new. With every new map theres new challenges both in pvp and pve. Im sure theres plenty of people who cried over the snow cave, adapt to it, grow your tactics...Your very pvp statement is what your forsaking. I wont say original mana didnt need nerfed, it might of, but to put its frost dmg range to almost bite range is overkill. I can deal with stat nerfs, done it with wyverns, no big deal, but the nerf of the dmg range is bs. At least let us have fire breath range, maybe lightning breath if you could be generous. Compared to this id rather just have normal frost breath.
  14. Yup, @TheDonn has a point, wyverns are the best transport creatures in the game. Just lvl weight and farm the map lol
  15. Well the center is clearly unfinished as you said, the southeast area of the ocean is creepy due to 0 life in it. You got oil and clams but no animals in a rather large area starting from the south part of the trench to the redwoods.
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