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  1. Single Player Survivors

    I've had areas where large amounts of wolves spawn in the north, and a large number of parasaurs seem to spawn together. I have also had issues where certain caves don't seem to spawn things.
  2. I've been really looking forward to a collectors edition, really hope I can get a copy in the UK
  3. Sponsored Mod Program: May Update

    Really looking forward to seeing these mods become official sponsered dlc.
  4. Introducing the Yutyrannus!

    Cool, been looking forward to this 😄
  5. ARK Sponsored Mod Program!

    This is going to be awesome, can't wait 😄
  6. Crashing at WorldEnd

    As soon as Microsoft release the update, I plan to drown all those little rats
  7. Introducing the Equus!

    Njiko is right, the Chalicotherium is a part of the order Perissodactyla, which includes creatures such as Horses, Rhinos, and Tapirs. In short it's more commonly related to Horses.
  8. You know you play too much Ark when...

    When you're sat in the office, and the radiator starts to make loud noises, and you think "Who turned on the generator" When you see a shooting star at night, and think "Where the hell is that Dodorex"
  9. Introducing the Equus!

    New creature, new mobile crafting, and lassos, I can't wait
  10. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Do you have plans in the future to add mod downloads onto console, similar to skyrim and fallout. Would really love to use the monster hunter mod, but unfortunately I play on xbox. Thanks in advance 😊
  11. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Will there ever be larger sized walls, so we don't have to spend so many resources on multiple small walls. Some creatures I'd love to see included would be: Saurophaganax: Would be about the same size as the Allosaurus, would be able to harvest larger amounts of prime meat. Would be more effective in packs. Nothosaurus: A small sea reptile, slightly larger than the Ichthy. The nothosaur are commonly seen bathing on the shores or rocks around the islands oceans, when not bathing they can be found out at sea hunting for fish. While very fast in the water, they have a slow stamina recharge, but will gain stamina faster if left to bathe, but at the cost of drying out their skin making them easier to kill. They are also only able to gather fish meat. Proterogyrinus: A large amphibian that lives among the swamps of the island. Unlike other amphibians, it could dwell away from water for extended periods of time it order to hunt. This creature likes to ambush it's prey, normally waiting in the shallows or among the dense undergrowth. The only drawback of Proterogyrinus is that it can not venture into the oceans salty water, without the risk of taking damage. Anomalocaris: A large ocean dwelling invertebrate, this creature has a hard exoskeleton, that protects it from predators. This creature also has an amazing eyesight, as it is able to detect friend or foe, and detect features of the environment. Since it does not detect humans as a threat, it is able to be passively tamed. For some unusual reason, this creature likes to consume pearls, it is believed that this allows the animal to go extended periods without eating. A tamed Anomalocaris can be used to gather large amounts of pearls. Diprotodon: The largest marsupial to ever exist. This animal is very territorial, and will protect its group quite viciously. However, once tamed it can an excellent mount, able to hold multiple people, and having a good insulation, allowing to endure even the harshest of cold climates. Odobencetops: A close relative of the dolphin or narwhal. it likes to live in the shallows of the sea, hiding in the coral and arctic regions around the island oceans, to avoid any predators. Since this creature is quite curious, it will often come to inspect anything within its vicinity. This allows the creature to be passively tamed. Once tamed, this creature is agile, and can evade even the largest of dangers in the oceans. This creature also has a large blubbery body, which insulates it in the cold ocean waters, allowing for survival in the arctic waters. Thanks for taking the time to read
  12. ARK: Fear Evolved 2!

    Just when you thought Scorched Earth couldn't get any more dangerous ?
  13. Introducing the Giant Bee!

    This is going to be awesome
  14. Really looking forward to the Tek tier, can't wait for its introduction