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  1. In all honesty, I didn't expect this bug to make a reappearance in the creature vote. I almost forgot about it, but I hope it gets to have the motorbike-themed saddle when it's added. And now I need to address something: A lot of people wanted or voted for the Atrox or Cave Lion, first off: Most of the votes are somebody's simps. And the taming method makes the creature untameable on PVE official servers. (You can't tame baby animals on official servers) So it's a relief it got eliminated. I'm still salty the bison lost, but the giant mosquito won so that's okay in my book. Though I wonder how useful the Hatz would have been for egg production.
  2. As someone who grew up with animals, learned about farm animals in kindergarten and pre-school, this will be a game-changer for us breeders. And, I get to build a actual farm in Ark. Also I'd name a bison after my late grandmother in memory of her. Knowing she loved them. A lot of us PVE players have commitments, we don't get a lot of spare time or have inactive tribemates. And EVO rates are almost bi-weekly. I work from 9 to 5, so please give us this. And PVP oriented creatures get nerfed anyway. I asked help from my communities if they can vote to get the actual Ark cow in the game.
  3. Ok, let's be real here: Regardless of how you feel about the bison or the other creatures, the Bison may win this time. I mean, we got the Carchar, and I'm relieved it wasn't as bad as I feared it would be. Maybe the Bison won't just be useful to Ark breeders, but surprisingly to some PVP players as well. Think about it: Tek weapons are expensive to craft and rather OP imo. And most PVP-based creatures tend to nerfed to Hell and back. And as far as I'm aware, the Gorgo wasn't considered or brought up in the last creature submission vote to begin with.
  4. THANK YOU. If it does end up in the game, I hope it becomes useless in either PVE or PVP situations.
  5. As the title says; Maewing Milk. According to the HLN-A dossier, the Maewing is genetically designed to be the interstellar wet nurse and surrogate parent of all kinds of baby animals on the Arks. The dossier briefly mentions one major key word: Milk. Here's a brief synopsis of this could-be TLC for the Maewing. Maewing Milk is a consumable similar to special food such as Wyvern Milk and Nameless Venom. It can be crafted when the Maewing is equipped with the saddle, and nursing is enabled. To craft is by simply "milking" the Maewing by clicking "Milk' in the radial menu. Maewing Milk can be warmed up in a cooking pot for the insulation buff, or to mix it with ingredients to make formula for special creatures. There are three types of baby milk formula. The Wyvern formula, Rock Drake formula, and Crystal Wyvern formula. Let's start with the standard Wyvern one as an example. This type of milk can be fed to Wyverns. However, the Wyvern will still ask for regular Wyvern milk. So you'll have to acquire it on maps where standard wyverns spawn. Either get the milk from Scorched, Ragnarok, Valguero, Lost Island or Fjordur. Or, if you have access to cryopods, you can use the cryopod method to reset the imprinting prompt by podding it and then tossing it out again for a different prompt. (Like cuddle or a walk) Ingredients for the Wyvern formula: 5x Maewing Milk 50x Sulfur/Gasoline 3x Full waterskin/canteens/water bottle. * Can only be crafted in the Maewing's inventory Rock Drake milk formula: In the lore it's stated that the Nameless venom containts hints of Element. Again, with the Wyvern, immature Rock Drakes will ask for nameless venom. Nameless venom can only be acquired on Aberration or on Fjordur. You'd want to reset the imprinting prompt with the cryopod method. Ingredients for the Rock Drake formula: 10x Maewing milk 80x Element dust 1x Full waterskin/canteen/water bottle * Can only be crafted in the Maewing's inventory Crystal Wyvern formula: Same deal with the other special creatures on the list. Might ask for primal crystal, which you can only get on Crystal Isles by pelting a crystal wyvern with tranq darts, or to kill alpha blood crystal wyverns. Ingredients for the crystal Wyvern formula: 5x Maewing milk 150x Crystal 2x full waterskin/canteen/water bottle * Can only be crafted in the Maewing's inventory --- And that's about it for my take on the would-be TLC for the Maewing. WildCard/Snail Games probably won't consider, or even THINK of adding this to the upcoming batch of TLC updates, seeing that Ark 2 will be coming out next year. I'm submitting my suggestion because the Giant bison SHOULD have won the community creature vote given that it received nearly the same amount of votes and hype as the Charcharodontosaurus did. And, WC/Snail Games SHOULD add the bison alongside it. Or at least consider the Maewing milking option for the next TLC update. A good compromise goes a long way. Afterall, Ark 2 is coming, so this is a good opportunity for Wildard studios to take a look at this. There won't be any more TLC updates when Ark 2 is dropped. (But I could be wrong!)
  6. I was salty when the giant Steppe Bison didn't win, and I'm still pissed about it. I was dreading how awful the Charchar would be if it had the previously-speculated bite cooldown. The Charchar is the final creature to be added in Ark 1, I hope the people who voted for this guy are happy now. And the lot relentlessly bashing this dino on Twitter can stuff it. Ark 2 is coming, but that won't be until 2036.
  7. P R E A C H. I missed the entire Love Evolved event last year when I suddenly broke my leg that week. It was painful and depressing.
  8. WildCard studios; As if you couldn't stoop any lower, you took a piece of someone's culture that's sacred to them, and you reduced it to a offensive joke. And one of the new chibis you put the Native headpiece on is a bloody MONKEY, of all the animals to choose from it had to be a bleeding MONKEY. Enjoy getting cancelled, WildCard. Good luck trying to justify this. You'll need it.
  9. I may have lost my gear, my podded tames, and items that were in my inventory, it was all worth it in the end. At the end of the day, money was raised for sick kiddos. And a surprising huge amount too. I'm proud to have played Ark Official in it's glitchy state during a important annual event. Next year I'll start contributing to this noble cause.
  10. Am I seeing it right? Are we getting a X-Thylacoleo too? To me, the patterns appear to be rosettes. Similar to that of a ocelot or clouded leopard.
  11. I thought the Maewing was going to be small. Small enough to be picked up. Not sure how I feel about it in general though.
  12. I'm excited for this event. Now this begs the question... will holiday themed events still happen on Ark 1 after Ark 2 is released?
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