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  1. P R E A C H. I missed the entire Love Evolved event last year when I suddenly broke my leg that week. It was painful and depressing.
  2. WildCard studios; As if you couldn't stoop any lower, you took a piece of someone's culture that's sacred to them, and you reduced it to a offensive joke. And one of the new chibis you put the Native headpiece on is a bloody MONKEY, of all the animals to choose from it had to be a bleeding MONKEY. Enjoy getting cancelled, WildCard. Good luck trying to justify this. You'll need it.
  3. I may have lost my gear, my podded tames, and items that were in my inventory, it was all worth it in the end. At the end of the day, money was raised for sick kiddos. And a surprising huge amount too. I'm proud to have played Ark Official in it's glitchy state during a important annual event. Next year I'll start contributing to this noble cause.
  4. Am I seeing it right? Are we getting a X-Thylacoleo too? To me, the patterns appear to be rosettes. Similar to that of a ocelot or clouded leopard.
  5. I thought the Maewing was going to be small. Small enough to be picked up. Not sure how I feel about it in general though.
  6. I'm excited for this event. Now this begs the question... will holiday themed events still happen on Ark 1 after Ark 2 is released?
  7. I'm excited for this! I love Christmas, and I'll join a PVP Extinction server just to watch players endgame each other over the loot Raptorclaus drops. Like chaotic last-second Christmas shopping.
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