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  1. Are the skins/costumes permanent & able to be gotten at any time, or can they only be gotten till the 11th? Because I can't/won't play ark ascended right now but I do enjoy collecting all the skins/costumes that I can.
  2. It seems like something i would use as a solo peep on this map so I could build some where other then the beacons for a water source to breed water dinos in, or frogs. The way the worded makes it sound likes it's made more for PVE then PVP, at least that's how it comes across to me. Which in all honestly. if that's the case it'll be a dino I actually have a pretty decent use for.
  3. I know that, I was commenting on the the peep saying others were spoiled with maewings on so they had to change which dino is coming with The Center & prioritize the gigantoraptor for it instead.
  4. Thank you. If I knew they were just gonna change it I'd have gone with the hermit crab instead, my vote was in part because of the map it was on.
  5. It was supposed to be with the center, that was the entire point of of using voting on it. If they aren't gonna hold true to their word here what reason do we have to believe any of the other votes matter? Why bother voting at all if they can just be changed at will. As for the saddle if it was being such a problem they could've held off on that one & split in in two like platform & non platform saddles, that way it could be released with the map It was supposed to be released on. ne that peeps were expecting & a normal one for now. I'd think so but why not lie to your playbase instead, that always goes over great doesn't it?
  6. I get not wanting to rasie baby dinos without maewings & that's from someone who plays solo. But It's still bull, if they can change this one they can change the rest, and tha doesn't exactly make me wanna vote on anymore from here on out. If not having maewings or something like them was such a problem they could've released Ragnarok before The Center, then they wouldn't have needed to change anything.
  7. Wait, I thought we voted for the Shastasaurus not the Gigantoraptor to be on The Center??? What's the point of us voting on it if your just gonna change it & none of them are safe?
  8. I was really hoping they'd follow through that but it's been almost a year since the last event & the only one that works correctly is the winter wonderland event. So at this point while I wanna have hope that they are gonna stick to it & actually add the events to the game, I very highly doubt they are gonna hold true to their word.
  9. As someone who plays nothing but singleplayer the only time I've often crashed when logging out is either because my computer couldn't handle running ark for long periods of time, my save was corrupted somehow. Using the saveworld command before logging off can help with that : . Now onto some ASA questions. Will transponders actually work on single player? And, will dinos load in before buildings? Because I'd really love to have dinos wandering around & not have to risk them getting out of a walled in area because they load in before the walls do. Edit. Removed some un-needed spaces.
  10. Maybe, there are ways to do both & work with that rule. Like If they made it to where the one per creator rule was only for each set. So if someone won the real world creature vote, they could win in the mythical creature vote but, they could only win once. That would leave the rule intact, allow for more varity of dinos & hopefully reduce any problems. I honestly don't really think they'd do so but I can hope.
  11. Say what now? I only play solo so please tell me I'm reading this wrong & I'm not gonna be forced to buy a server just to play ASA by myself?
  12. Maybe I'm miss-reading this but, does this mean as a solo peep I'll have to use Nitrado to change my mod INIs around? I always save a copy of my INI so don't have to reset everything up when I restore my computer. I don't want to have to re-add everything to the game after any restore & if that's what this means it's not gonna help my lack of desire to get the game.
  13. I've been saying this since the vote for the center was announced. The center feels like a unfinished island compared to all the other maps & it's upseting. The map has so much potential, I really hope it doesn't get left in the dirt again.
  14. It was, that's also part of my reasoning. All of the other maps are amazing & stick out in there one way, the center is just sort of bleh compared to all of that. Now this isn't The Center exclusive, but it also be amazing if each non-story map got their own obelisk bosse(s), like the Crystal Isles with the wyvern queen, along with a unique dodo varient to pair along with the dodo rex & dodo wyvern. Plus making everything tameable-breedable, at least for solo peeps if it be to OP for anything else.
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