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  1. Fair point. And again, fair point. PvE sometimes seems to just bring out the worst in people, it's worse when you can *PvP* on a PvE server when your not allowed to, the two examples I know of are, kiting corrupted dinos to other peeps base's, and drowning offline peeps to take their stuff. There are probably others that I'm either forgetting or just don't know.
  2. Well they do allow transfers eventually, all it would take is playing on the new map for a couple of months, breeding said Baboons then transferring them over to other maps once allowed. As for toxicity on PvE servers, that's a whole different story. Ironically enough though, they probably could have avoided most of that if they had made PvP and PvE two separate game modes with different changes for each, instead of changing both.
  3. No mega tribes seems like a good thing though? No one tribe controlling a server. Maybe more peeps would play on official servers if they actually stood a chance instead of being forced of the server by a mega tribe.
  4. To all the people saying that the Carcharodontosaurus would have been better then the Dinopithecus, I have a serious question for you. How would it be better? If it was better then the rex, then people would stop using rexs, if it was worse then the rex no one would use it, so other then being another large carnivore, with maybe a bleed (hello Allos & Carnos) how would it be better? Because as we saw with the Dinopithecus, wildcard wouldn't have given it the abilities suggested & it likely would have just ended up as another dino for meat runs. What I'm saying is, if it's b
  5. Is that the fan dossier? Because if not I might actually have a reason to look forward to that.
  6. I thought so but, the wiki page says that it will be the last & final one so I figured I would ask incase it got changed.
  7. Wait, will this be the last free DLC for ark? Or will there be others later on?
  8. The tek gigas would have been nice to. especially since if you add them in by INI they are tamable, have unique eggs and, have a baby model. Honestly I would have liked to see all dinos on it but since they aren't I'll just add them by INI to spawn them in & use simple spawners for nests.
  9. I was secretly hoping the map would have all dinos on it, minor disappointment but overall I like gen 2 so far.
  10. Honestly I'm a little upset allo's are getting another variant, so many others that could have gotten another variant instead. Hopefully though more then 14 dinos will have a Gen-R version & I hope the Gen-R reapers are tame-able. If not it while be upsetting to say the least but I'll deal with it. Otherwise I'm really looking forward to the armor/weapons and that awesome looking voidwyrm XD .
  11. I'm not gonna judge it, its a space squid XD .
  12. You can stick up for whoever you want to, I was just informing you that they did up the rates to 2x. I provided the link so you may check for yourself, instead of just taking my word for it.
  13. They did up the rates to 2x , if your checking by picking up stone that will not work.
  14. No problem, I'm glad we could work it out. I'm also glad I can get up to date news .
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