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  1. Still not ammused about the cost but a lot less annoyyed with it now that they are bundled. Also, if a lot of bugs from Ark 1 is fixed I may even get the new version if enough is added that makes it worthwile, not just mostly visual changes, though don't get your hopes up, I'm still hella salty with yall. Edit. Also not ammused at the timeline, 2 years before I can play the maps I like but while annoying I can deal with that a lot more then some other things.
  2. You'll be waiting till a unknown date in 2024 according to the post to hit up a gen2 server before they turn bad & you'll either have to watch them like a hawk or be able to log in quickly, it really depends on how badly this hurts wildcard.
  3. My anger got the better of me there & I'll admit I missed that. Thank you for correcting that for me. I do still stand by my not a joke statement though. We've had nothing but radio silence from them, if it was a april 1st joke they should've said something by now.
  4. Edit. I missed where the Ark 2 Twitter said it's not not affiliated with ark and I edited my post to remove that information. I do however, still stand by my It's not a joke statement.
  5. It's hard to lighten up when they've said absolutely nothing to the massive backlash they are getting for it. So either they meant it & are trying to think of something to save their own skin, or they don't want to admit they ducked up with this *prank* and royally pissed of their playerbase.
  6. If it is it's a ducking horrible joke, hell this crunch alone told me not to buy the second game as they are nothing more then greedy liars. Things like this is how you lose loyal players & keep new players from sticking around for the *it's a joke post* . And if it is actually *just a joke* this tells me they are so out of touch with their playerbase that they would even thing this is funny. All it tells me not to trust a single word they say as they've proven they can't be trusted, and that's not a good thing. When your players stop trusting you & they lose interest in your game, no interst in your game and you crash and burn because of it.
  7. Or the megalodons that are too small & the mosas that are to big compared to their actual size. Though in all honestly pretty much every creature in Ark is either to big or to small compared to the counterpart it's based on.
  8. The summer event doesn't start till the end of June, beginning of July, It's been that way with all 3 of the Summer Bash events.
  9. Other then the bat this is really the only tame I'm actually looking forward to taming. For me most things just sit around till I get around to breeding them, these guys may actually get used by me XD .
  10. It depends, pages with adds always tend to have problems as it scans everything on the page, if even one thing is off It'll flag it. Most times it's actually pretty chill.
  11. I'm using Norton. I figure it's showing that way because it's *new* but, I still don't like taking chances so I'll be waiting for now.
  12. I like the new wiki, it loads faster and plays much more nicely when I've got ark up. However, my anti virus keeps telling me to proceed with caution so despite how much I like it, I won't be using it.
  13. That helps on servers, though it completely screws solo peeps. They really shouldn't be jumping the gun this hard. Honestly I feel they should have either stated after the last Winter Wonderland that this was the last year for events or, just held off until they knew for sure Ark 2 was going to either launch at the stated time OR, until they saw that Ark 2 wouldn't flop.
  14. If they do the same thing they did with this years valentine's day code then you won't be able to have events at all, either on a un-offical server or as as solo peep. I tried re-adding the codes to keep it longer but, it no longer worked. Dino colors didn't spawn & I couldn't craft any of the items so I'm pretty sure it 100% over on all events.
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