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  1. I'm not gonna judge it, its a space squid XD .
  2. You can stick up for whoever you want to, I was just informing you that they did up the rates to 2x. I provided the link so you may check for yourself, instead of just taking my word for it.
  3. They did up the rates to 2x , if your checking by picking up stone that will not work.
  4. No problem, I'm glad we could work it out. I'm also glad I can get up to date news .
  5. I did. I was asking where I can find the patch notes so I can bookmark the page. I didn't even know that seeds had a spoil timer until seeing the comments on the crunch.
  6. Thanks, I tend to go overboard if squids are involved . I didn't no real squids did that. Docile/cautious makes much more sense for a squid temperament then what I suggested .
  7. Where did you find that? I checked the gamepedia page but It doesn't say anything about that. If that's not up to date I would like to know what page is so I can bookmark it . I don't really use seeds for anything more then a couple of crop plots, but this just seems like a unneeded annoyance.
  8. I like the idea of a space squid however, to me it seems a little weak. I would suggest one of these or a combo of them to go your current idea 1. Giving it a small healing beam attack. It would do little damage but restores somewhere around 5-10% of health with a cooldown somewhere around 15 seconds. 2. Splitting it's Element Cannon into two options. The first is it's beam, it would do a large amount of damage, at the cost of hunger & tons of dust. It not closely watched it would starve & die very quickly (like 15 seconds top), as the more you use the beam the
  9. Then put metal/tek armor on it. It'll look like what you put on it, you know? You don't see the Tek mannequin to the left? Or chitin to the right? Um, putting chitin or Tek armor on a mannequin doesn't make actual the building look less like a pile of horribly placed sticks : / . It will look quite, derpy in anything other then a wooden base, and that's someone who plays solo using stone/metal. I can only guess that on PVP servers on if It would actually be used because, as it is made of wood I can almost guarantee it will count as a wooden structure.
  10. I'm pretty sure he was talking about ARK: ARKaeology which started the Extinction Chronicles. You went around picking about dirt piles to get bones & some even gave some gear/saddles. I got a pretty decent tusi saddle out of one.
  11. You do realize there are multiple shades of black right? It's not just a WC *version* of black, there are over a dozen of shades of black. Just because you learned about one shade of black in kindergarten doesn't mean that its the only color of black there is.
  12. A little bit but not as much as the bunny tail skin. I'm worried it will be a chest piece skin, instead of a pants skin.
  13. I did as well. I added the code and , and nothing happened. I was really looking forward to this and got pretty much screwed over because it never triggered, so much wasted time waiting on it. My parents couldn't even get it to work with the server they bought, and they tried with both with the code and without it.
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