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  1. Other then the bat this is really the only tame I'm actually looking forward to taming. For me most things just sit around till I get around to breeding them, these guys may actually get used by me XD .
  2. It depends, pages with adds always tend to have problems as it scans everything on the page, if even one thing is off It'll flag it. Most times it's actually pretty chill.
  3. I'm using Norton. I figure it's showing that way because it's *new* but, I still don't like taking chances so I'll be waiting for now.
  4. I like the new wiki, it loads faster and plays much more nicely when I've got ark up. However, my anti virus keeps telling me to proceed with caution so despite how much I like it, I won't be using it.
  5. That helps on servers, though it completely screws solo peeps. They really shouldn't be jumping the gun this hard. Honestly I feel they should have either stated after the last Winter Wonderland that this was the last year for events or, just held off until they knew for sure Ark 2 was going to either launch at the stated time OR, until they saw that Ark 2 wouldn't flop.
  6. If they do the same thing they did with this years valentine's day code then you won't be able to have events at all, either on a un-offical server or as as solo peep. I tried re-adding the codes to keep it longer but, it no longer worked. Dino colors didn't spawn & I couldn't craft any of the items so I'm pretty sure it 100% over on all events.
  7. With this being the last year for events are the colors going to be gone for good from them? I play solo and the only reason I play the events is for taming event colors. As the Love Evolved colors stopped working for me after the skins were added to Mini-HLNA, I'm worried these will do the same.
  8. I thought the bison or the charcha would win, I honestly didn't think the vampire bat would. I'm looking forward to it.
  9. That I can, I have no idea why it's not playing very nice, it's frustrating.
  10. Now that I actually could check, I disabled my 1 extension & that didn't help sqaut, so I guess I can't vote.
  11. No, but as the only extension I have is my virus protection I haven't really thought to disable it. It'll be a little weird if that's what's blocking it.
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