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ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack!


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Hello Survivors!

Today Studio Wildcard is proud to announce ARK’s second expansion pack, “Aberration”! 


Steam on PC/Mac/Linux/SteamOS:

Microsoft on Xbox One, & Xbox One X, and soon Play Anywhere:

Sony's PlayStation Network:


Survivors will find themselves waking up on a derelict, malfunctioning ARK with an elaborate underground biome system, where they will face exotic new challenges unlike anything before: extreme radioactive sunlight and environmental hazards, ziplines, wingsuits, climbing gear, cave dwellings, charge-batteries, and far more, along with a stable of extraordinary new creatures await within the mysterious depths. But beware the ‘Nameless’: unrelenting, Element-infused humanoids which have evolved into vicious light-hating monstrosities! You’ll uncover the ultimate secrets of the ARKs, and discover what the future holds in store for those strong and clever enough to survive!



Aberration places survivors on a damaged ARK: its internal atmosphere has leaked away, resulting in a harsh surface with intense radiation, and a plethora of lush biomes underground. With the maintenance systems of this ARK malfunctioning, the many hazards, creatures, and nature of the environment present a thrilling new world to explore and master.




The intense radiation of Aberration has led to incredible genetic mutations, resulting in new creatures with amazing abilities! Among others, clamber up walls & glide through the air on the back of a camouflaging chameleon-like ‘Rock Drake’, keep the dark at bay with a friendly ‘Lantern Pug’, grab and toss multiple creatures simultaneously with a massive ‘Cave Crustacean’, or -- if you are talented enough to tame one -- command the vile ‘Nameless Queen’ to impregnate your foes with a horrifying reproductive chest-burster!




New tools are on-hand to survive in the world of Aberration, while opening up many possibilities for new competitive and cooperative scenarios. Traverse the ARK using cave-climbing picks, gliding wingsuits, and ziplines. Learn advanced engrams to dominate the harsh environment, protect yourself with hazmat outfits, charge lanterns, batteries, glowsticks, railguns and much more. Thrive by gathering new resources, using fishing baskets, gas collectors, fortify your home within the caverns using cliff structures, and much more!




Earthquakes, radiation exposure, gas leaks, and Element chambers are among the many hazards that survivors will learn to grapple with Aberration’s varied biomes, both aboveground and below the surface. But among the greatest challenges on this ruined ARK is the hierarchy of unrelenting Nameless, requiring constant vigilance & Charge Energy to defend against!


And in the deepest depths of Aberration, their terrifying -- yet somehow familiar -- master awaits… will YOU be among the survivors powerful enough to face him?


Working on Aberration has been a challenging and exciting time for us here at Studio Wildcard. Aberration is filled with new world building techniques and new mechanics that have never been seen in ARK before. We hope that you all enjoy playing in this new expansion pack, and we look forward to seeing your reactions, posts, videos, streams, artwork, and feedback as you explore the world of Aberration.

Thank you for your continued support, we would not be where we are today without you!


Best of luck conquering Aberration!



ARK is currently on sale!

Steam base game for 60% off: http://store.steampowered.com/app/346110/ARK_Survival_Evolved/
Steam Season Pass for 33% off: http://store.steampowered.com/app/696680/ARK_Survival_Evolved_Season_Pass/

Xbox base game for 40% off: https://www.microsoft.com/store/p/ark-survival-evolved/bnblc4zgfnkb
Xbox Scorched Earth for 40% off: https://www.microsoft.com/store/p/ark-scorched-earth/c38qj88199vp
Xbox Season Pass for 30% off: https://www.microsoft.com/store/p/ark-survival-evolved-season-pass/brz8b5rstkcg
Xbox Explorer’s Edition for 35% off: https://www.microsoft.com/store/p/ark-survival-evolved-explorers-edition/bpp79rsdn892

Much love,
Studio Wildcard


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Dragon family is rising. We have dragon boss (a bit smaller, than in early access period, but still big), wyverns, rock drake and basilisk. Only multi-headed and asian dragons ar eleft. Maybe next DLC? Anyway, according to youtube videos, all new creatures are great. To devs: good luck in further development/bug fixing!

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Is aberration covered in the season pass I just downloaded the update on ps4 hoping to play aberration but it says I have to pay for it when I have a season pass


ok Just found out online that you have to buy it separate if you didn’t buy the season pass on its own what was the point in paying £80 for the game and season pass if I don’t get to play the dlc’s

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