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  1. Whipping Anky Nerf?

    Lag could definitely be the cause yeah. I run my own for a few friends so if the mechanic is changed it should have changed there as well.
  2. Whipping Anky Nerf?

    I haven't tested in a while either, if (big if) I remember I'll check on our server tonight when I get home.
  3. Whipping Anky Nerf?

    Wouldn't call it a nerf, more like a fix, but if true I am sure going to miss that option. Lets hope something is wrong on your end
  4. Auto-decay claiming way too much.

    Doh... Back to finding a friend to log on the I guess.. Get one you trust at least.
  5. Auto-decay claiming way too much.

    I thought it was just that they turned claimable after the 7-8 days, but I haven't played that much official so I'd get a 2nd opinion.
  6. Auto-decay claiming way too much.

    A giant building with a roof would be your only real bet unless you got friends that can log on for you.
  7. Auto-decay claiming way too much.

    Indeed.. At least those aren't in mid air though The torture of ghosting around and demolishing pipes for people... /shiver.
  8. Auto-decay claiming way too much.

    Not to mention pipes and cables all over the place...
  9. Behemoth gates in pve

    and less structures so less FPS hit. This is why I want bigger wall/floor/roof pieces.
  10. Saw some vids last year about using a bunch of turrets and kiting it in there. Seemed a bit costly to bother to try myself though.
  11. I've looked for that before and came to same conclusion.
  12. Stone ramps... are we ever going to get them?

    That would be cool indeed
  13. Stone ramps... are we ever going to get them?

    This over and over... 4 wide would be perfect imo.
  14. No beacon portals?

    We've been using this one: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=760067652 Works like a charm
  15. No beacon portals?

    I just installed a teleport mod and beam the whole blob over