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  1. OMG with the Bloom!?

    On PC you can turn it off in the graphics options, if they haven't got that on Xbox they really should add it.
  2. There seems to be no crystal

    Resources are a lot more spread out, apart from caves, than we're used to on the Island. There is a rather huge chunk of crystal up in the volcano area though, it's my go to spot when I need to restock.
  3. Then again on Steam they complain that they update here first... Can't really win, I just make a habit of checking both.. Not really worth getting frustrated over.
  4. GLITCH! - Help Us!

    Press "G" (If I understand the issue right.)
  5. Both good ideas, a que would probably ease up on the servers as well. Less spamming connections is always good news.
  6. Please let me tame aliens

    Getting a pet drone after beating the end boss and spawn back would actually be kinda nice
  7. Would you pay a subscription for Official?

    Would need a separate cluster test project I guess. Say 15+ servers of different maps with support + sub. If I had the spare time for official rates I would probably have been interested in that tbh.
  8. Would you pay a subscription for Official?

    It would make the officials a lot more attractive, hard to set a price and all that, but from the 6 months we had a medium populated PvP un-official server running, I can for sure say it takes a lot of work to support. Was at least half my playtime spent in misc issues. Also why its now a password PvE server instead
  9. Would you pay a subscription for Official?

    If the money went towards proper in game support and active official admins I am pretty sure it could be a viable model.
  10. Does the wind turbine work in the island ?

    It was in the UI for a while, but vanished for "reasons" I guess... Probably an oversight I guess.
  11. Does the wind turbine work in the island ?

    Does on Ragnarok as well while we're on the topic.
  12. Ragnarok deep sea lootcrate experience

    Yup that works like a charm now and a good change for sure.
  13. Imprinting on Ragnarok

    Maybe the Ragnarok SE dinos use the other list?
  14. Patch notes?

    They are out now.
  15. This for sure... If nothing else by how annoying the cannon is to aim