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  1. Outgoing reliable Buffer Overflow

    I got this on one of mine just before 263 as well. Managed to get on once after verifying files, but back to same again now.
  2. [SOLVED]Crashing on speceific spot?

    Never mind the spam, but maybe for others: Validated files, 1 fixed and now back in... Game logic I guess, but at least got on.
  3. [SOLVED]Crashing on speceific spot?

    Hmm not to needlessly bumb, but did this go away permanently for you? Cause my base is pretty much right where you circled and haven't been able to log in today.
  4. bAllowUnlimitedRespecs is not working

    Weird, I tried on the Island and no effect there
  5. New Rex "capsule" and Dinosaur gates

    A 4 wide 8 high midle option is still on my wishlist though
  6. What happened to 2x breeding this weekend?

    No prob, quiet day at work
  7. There should be no building at obelisk on PVE

    Yeah its more of a workaround than a good solution, unless you happen to have a beacon dropping in your base, even then you might have to add a while to get that actual beacon to drop
  8. There should be no building at obelisk on PVE

    While I can't see any issue with adding a no build area round the obelisks you can use regular beacons for your boss needs.
  9. Anyone else get bored at a certain point?

    All games have a limit for when they stop being entertaining, that time varies a lot from person to person. Maybe try some unofficials or other games for a while. 6 months on official would drive me away lot quicker than it did you though
  10. Stone RAMPS please...

    Wasn't there something about it not looking right? Haven't read anything on it in ages though, so memory might be fuzzy.
  11. Stone RAMPS please...

    That or change the snap points on sloped roofs so we can use those without adding the sloped walls.
  12. Prevent Accidental Destruction of Costly Items

    Not talking about admin rank, tribe ranks. They can be customized and just a +\- to increase decrease it without affecting admin rights.
  13. Prevent Accidental Destruction of Costly Items

    Might be able to set up something with tribe ranks though, not at home so can't really say for sure, but would mean you would have to jump up and down in tribe rank as you need to really demolish stuff.
  14. So far I can't remember seeing anyone that would be opposed to some sort of cooldown instead. Not letting people swap 10 times a day is fair enough for sure, even if someone don't like it they should be able to accept it.