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  1. Name: Lupus142 Do you love Dodos?: yes there like a little pet tht u love Why do you want to join the Tribe?: would like to join official pvp with a good tribe Timezone: uk but cn play any time of the day
  2. lupus142

    TLC patch this weekend ?

    when is the tlc patch out ?
  3. lupus142

    video Cathedral of the Impending Dawn- Build Showcase Trailer

    wow thts cool
  4. lupus142

    Fish Tank And Bug Net

    The fish baskets used to tame lamprays i think. also think it would be cool to have a fish tank .
  5. lupus142

    Question about quality

    You get BP's from the loot drops and the difference is the damage and durability. so ramshackle hide shirt will have better armor and durability than the primitive one
  6. lupus142

    Advice to stop aimlessly wandering the map

    You just have to set goals for yourself. i didi the same but i started making a list of things i wanted to do/accomplish and i just work down the list
  7. lupus142

    Community Crunch 112 and Dino TLC Preview!

    is this TLC going to be done for all the other dinos that need it ?
  8. lupus142

    Taming a doed

    fair enough thamks for the answers
  9. lupus142

    Add button combo for real "Transfer all"

    no worries
  10. lupus142

    Add button combo for real "Transfer all"

    and TOGGLE SPRINT is not an auto run it does as it say's and toggles sprint
  11. lupus142

    Add button combo for real "Transfer all"

    that doesn't make you auto sprint though you still have to press "w" . i use toggle sprint as left shift already. i mean like an auto run so i press a button and me character runs without anything being held .
  12. lupus142

    Taming a doed

    so on aberation do we just berry tame doed's or is their something like kibble for them,e.g mushroom or something. or have i just not bumped into a dilo yet?
  13. totally agree they could make them like how they are on the map when you die
  14. lupus142

    Add button combo for real "Transfer all"

    i think there should be a key binding for it but changing it to do everything. if you know it doesn't do armor or hot bar then check them before transfer/fast travel. Also there should definitly be an auto run button