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  1. So can we transfer out of valguero now?
  2. In the snow dome near Blue obi are two little lakes/ponds I built a water pen there and raise basys there
  3. That does happen lol
  4. Body bags did they patch body bags? i made two about 3 months ago and they still dont work
  5. Thanks for the replies
  6. does everyone need to meet the level requirment or just the person activating it?
  7. lupus142

    cryo pod bug

    cyroing a dino makes its tribe rank change to 0 after releasing it please fix this
  8. is this TLC going to be done for all the other dinos that need it ?
  9. Wow that looks like the thing you get when you've killed a boss
  10. Is this the glow bug thing? and it would be good if they were tamable for like 24hrs so u dont have to go to them in the wild for charge as much
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