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  1. accept my friend request on discord. waiting for you :D

  2. Well I'm going to use the pokeba... I mean cryopods. Since I prefer to build big but tight bases I have a problem with dinos taking too much space, especially those that aren't used daily, so that'll fix my problem.
  3. Can't wait to buy the DLC as soon as there is a solution for Official PVE, any word on that?
  4. Maedean Shepard


    Feel free to use these images anywhere you like
  5. As usual I like reading through those but get disappointed not seeing how the cap issue and overcrowding of the official PVE servers will be dealt with #SaveTheArkNetwork
  6. Hey man was wondering if I could propose a trade?

  7. Browsing through the trading forum when suddenly sees a profile picture GIF...

    "What is love, baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more..."

    Thanks, now I'm stuck with that song in my head O.o

  8. Thanks for closing my topic, that thing really got out of hand and off-topic o_O

    Leaving it open much longer was not necessary ^^

  9. Sure, will do a vid explaining the build, it's pretty simple actually, easy to imitate if you'd like to build one ^^
  10. Nope, has been built on an official server Built on a raft I used 8 metal foundations, 26 metal walls, 32 metal ceilings, 7 sloped metal roofs, 2 metal ladders, 1 metal doorframe, 1 metal door, 2 sloped metal walls, 1 generator, 1 electrical cable, 1 eletrical outlet, 1 airco, 2 lampposts, 1 bunk bed and lots of navy blue dye. EDIT: Oh yeah, and a flag and an autoturret ^^
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