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  1. If they release a TEK Giant Hatchframe I hope we'll have the option to make it close when passing on it and open when not (to have a bridge functionality ).
  2. Nope, just if it comes from the father's side or the mother's side
  3. Stats: 44 HP, 43 Stamina, 33 Oxygen, 39 Food, 45 Weight, 55 Damage and 35 Speed/Lost Points. So 55 Damage, it's not 71 but MAN, that's an awesome Damage stat
  4. +1 Dododex is good for pre-tame stats, but for post-tame you should use ARK Smart Breeding because every stat with a post-tame extra bonus won't show correctly in Dododex and the likes
  5. What stat extractor did you use cause I'm very sceptic about this melee stat.
  6. If you've got shocking tranq darts in the fridge and the timer almost hits zero, just take one in your inventory, load it in a longneck, remove it using ctrl+drag and merge the darts from your fridge with the dart you've taking out of the longneck because that one's timer will have reset, put darts back in fridge
  7. I think I'm one of the few that doesn't care and tend to my business outside. Was building? Meh, continue building... Was taming? Meh, continue taming... Was flying? Meh... Well, you get my point. At first I just stayed inside, now that I'm well established on SE why is there a need to stay inside?
  8. Common mistake, that's why I asked Guess everything's going well now? ^^
  9. Do you put them in the tribute inventory or do you first click on transmit ark data before dragging them in?
  10. Dinos also stop moving when going into stasis (no players arround), so good luck finding a dino when you died and respawned at your base when the dino started moving before going into stasis ><
  11. Don't think it works on PVE, still not able to grab stuff with them last time I checked unfortunatly No idea for solo non-PVE though.
  12. Got a Jerboa mutation a while back, the Jerboa got the main white colour from the mother and his mutation are the green stripes you see on the screenshot and 2 points in Oxygen. Also got Rex that has an Ashy/White main colour mutation (and got a white spine from one of the parents ^^) and 2 points in Dmg All on PC/PVE
  13. Hey man was wondering if I could propose a trade?

  14. I know this is the Xbox-section but same happened to me on PC today, looked behind me the mosa was there, swam over an underwater rock in the south-west, looked back after a few seconds and mosa nowhere to be found Did you find yours since that day?
  15. Browsing through the trading forum when suddenly sees a profile picture GIF...

    "What is love, baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more..."

    Thanks, now I'm stuck with that song in my head O.o