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  1. Still waiting on that Extra Life badge from last time ><
  2. Maedean Shepard

    Equipment lost after fast travel with bed

    Oh, saw the topic on the side of the main page but didn't check where it led me Still gotta get used to the whole Mobile thing since it's different from PC and Console ><
  3. Maedean Shepard

    Equipment lost after fast travel with bed

    Premium? Ads? You sure you're posting on the right forums? Isn't it the Asian version of the game you're talking about? If so isn't there a website set up by Snail Games for this version of the game?
  4. Maedean Shepard

    Meat runs on Ragnarok

    Ah yes, the open refrigerating units in supermarkets must be working with future tek
  5. Maedean Shepard

    Ice Wyvern Egg Spawn: Does gender REALLY matter?

    My ally tranqed Drakes and Wyverns to check for stats once (females and males alike and both layed eggs) and took the corresponding lvl eggs to see what would be the result. They always ended up delivering the exact same Drakes/Wyverns stat/colour-wise, so it's basically an exact copy of the Drakes and Wyverns that "layed" the egg, don't know about gender though. Of course it's not an exact science, cause the lvl that layed the egg might've died and it could happen that a Drake/Wyvern of the same lvl is flying around when getting the egg.
  6. Maedean Shepard

    Seagull problem

    Got just the perfect song for your problem SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)
  7. Maedean Shepard

    Build an Industrial Grinder!!!???

    You're missing another usefull functionality of the industrial grinder, leveling. If you're a solo player it can be used to get xp by grinding up wood while under the influence of some xp-buffs. If you're in a tribe it can be used to level up dinos since the tribe-xp goes to the dino the tribemate is sitting on.
  8. Maedean Shepard

    Will my baby Dino's make it?

    Without prepping and without a 2x event I never go above 4-5 Rexes as a solo player. 17 is just overkill doing it solo, getting the necessary meat sure takes a while.
  9. Maedean Shepard


    Ingots or Poly are generally a good currency mid game.
  10. Maedean Shepard

    You ever got merged trolled?

    Someone runs a red light and gets into a car crash. The person running the red light is a victim, but isn't it his fault for running the red light? You can be a victim and at the same time be the one to blame for running the red light. Literally something from the support page: " Tribe merging is a big deal. It's like getting married except you cannot have your things back unless the tribe says so. Be forewarned we are unable to assist in tribe merges that have an unsatisfactory outcome." All this doesn't mean it's not sad for the victim, just that the victim should have been more cautious. Been playing with an ally for over a year and it's only now that I'm considering merging tribes on certain servers with him. It's a big deal and merging shouldn't be considered lightly. Joining a tribe is something entirely different, you can always put new members in a low rank position.
  11. Maedean Shepard

    Any good Lightning wyvern names

    I always go for Zat'nik'tel, that Stargate weapon that shoots some kind of electric beam ^^
  12. Maedean Shepard


    Fertiliser is not hard to get so I wouldn't see the point. I kept 6 plots going without a greenhouse using only a toilet and a beehive (or anything that gives you damage) at first. Minimal effort really, just stock the fertiliser in one of your low weight dinos that you keep around and all's fine
  13. Maedean Shepard

    How did you die last?

    Poison Wyvern blast to the face while egg-hunting
  14. Maedean Shepard

    Greenhouse Glass Demo-Timers

    Lost my greenhouse on Aberration just because I was a few hours late for the reset, it really needs to be at least comparable to the wood demo timer. I'm ok with thatch remaining on 4 days, even though a sloped thatch roof always looks good in the snow biome ^^
  15. If I ever go unofficial I would probably join your servers