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  1. Ravagers OP!

    ....anything is not as much a threat as long as you pay attention to your surroundings. If you run around haphazardly, expect to be killed swiftly. I'd rather not see the content get nerfed because people are being buffoons not watching what they are doing. The difficulty of aberration is really nice and freshens up the Ark experience by high magnitudes.
  2. aberration Hardcore Servers?

    You think you want this.... But you really don't.
  3. How to leave abberation

    Bump, also looking for this info
  4. Bee Taming.. Tips?

    Maybe build a small enclosed box and lure it inside, deaggro it and tame it throug a window or something. Myself, I just man up and follow the thing around, you've got ghillie on anyway. Use cactus broth for additional coverage.
  5. Possible solution to Giga rage

    Titans and gigas are still easy kill if you have a vandage point and enough ammo. Not worth the expense that way, but still easy. Flame arrows do well. Can still kill mid and maybe high level gigas with an imprinted giga with a good saddle without it enraging. I ate a 95 last week with ease. 81% imprint 105 armor saddle. Tried a titan but got raged, might have been able to let the raged giga kill it, but it would have been too close for comfort so I pulled him out.
  6. Aberration Boss is a giant Mantis

    its not a mantis. my money is on it being rockwell.
  7. Add a "time-forward" function for single player

    There is a cheat command called "slomo" which somewhat does what you are asking about. You can speed up time with it, not a time warp though, so you would have to wait a bit with it turned up. Usage: Slomo 1 (for normal speed) Slomo 20 (for 20x speed) Slomo 0.5 (for half speed) I am not sure about this, but I think 20 is as high as it can go. Hope this helps.
  8. Yea, some sort of message system would be great.... we have a few tribes on my pve sever who have made zero progress for a year or more, and have empty junk bases everywhere. They feed and refresh, and that is all. It is as if they became so disconnected with whats going on, that they don't even realize legacy saves are available.... -sigh-
  9. Hate to break it to you, but that would not reduce scanning. The turret object cannot know what its target type is without first scanning. Having every possible target saved as a variable tied to each turret would be a very large amount of data to store and cycle through every server frame, which would be even worse. This is why target scanning is better, less data stored and a return of null data when there are no targets around.
  10. Yeah no thanks. I agree that dino hoarding and cap are tough problems, but nobody wants to keep breeding just to keep what they have. If anything, this would result in more dino hoarding, to have young dinos on backup for when the old ones die off.
  11. tek tier Solo Boss recommendations

    I second this. Happened to me once. What was even crazier, was that I did have a friend with me, and we both had power outages at the same time, and we live on opposite sides of the planet..... *cue the x-files theme*
  12. Crafting replicator - in a replicator

    I don't recall having to make my spare replicator in the obby.... pretty sure I crafted it in a replicator I already placed. Was a while ago... damn thing has been sitting in my vault waiting to be used for months
  13. Don't be a boob, just get your milk Wyvern raising is not bad at all, and the baby food nerf made it much less painless anyway.
  14. 3rd dlc guesses

    An open space or moon/toxic atmosphere map would be awesome, although that might limit it to tek tier players, making it kinda impossible for a fresh start. I have also pondered about the procedural ark tech being used for a massive planet sized map (perhaps the ruined planet you see outside the overseer arena. A prodecurally made planet is not as crazy as it sounds, as other games like space engineers and elite dangerous have adopted it into their tech as well. Whatever it is, we do know that it concludes the story arc, so it will likely be heavily tek themed as our "creators" are highly advanced beings of some sort. Speculation is fun