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  1. Claims he/she Plays ark for 2 years... Doesn't notice all the optimizations that actually have come.... It runs much better for me than it used to.... MUCH better. Consider that maybe your hardware isnt meant for max/high settings, or you have other stuff running in the background clogging up your ram and cpu usage. It is not always the games fault you know.
  2. Tek Tier = waste of time

    1% of pvp players, sure, but a lot of people can get tek tier much more easily in pve, or on an unofficial server with high rates, modded servers, etc. -sigh- another case of someone thinking that Ark is strictly designed for official pvp..... spoiler alert, it is not.
  3. It is actually BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier, and setting it higher than 1 will decrease the time it takes for it to mature. FuelConsumptionMultiplier is the same way, if you want gas and such to last longer, increase it.
  4. Daeodon instead of milk

    I know OP said its not about doing milk runs being faster buuuut..... Doing milk runs is easier and less worrysome anyway
  5. Please remove compost bin sound effect

    Just get some dung beetles Just one will do the work of like 5 composting bins lol
  6. Do not forget that The Center basically had it all (brood + ape, and dragon) and dragon was removed later. The devs intend for The Island to be the location where you can get all your tek unlocks in one place. I wouldn't hold my breath for ragnarok to be treated any differently than the center. Right now, there is a lot of hype for Ragnarok because it is still new, but don't forget that this was the same case when The Center became an official map. It is better that you adjust for this now and be glad you didn't spend all your time on the center/ragnarok just to learn that they are an afterthought at best.
  7. To add to that, be sure to leave some berries/meat in its inventory along with the extra kibble, so that it doesn't eat more kibble when its max food increases once bonus levels apply.
  8. Legacy servers with new DLCs

    I think there very well could be fresh legacy servers for Aberration, but I doubt they will go up the same day as the DLC is ready for the public. If you are still on legacy (like me), just keep your expectations low
  9. A bit of positive vibes :)

    I have nearly 5 thousand hours on pve official alone. It seems that most players in my niche will not agree, but I have been hoping they would pull the plug and wipe old servers for launch for quite a while now. It is much better for the game going forward. It is still tough for me to walk away from/not log in to my home, keep dinos fed and timers fresh, but I am very close to doing it. I look forward to doing a fresh start on aberration, as a challenge to all my experience playing Ark
  10. True yeah, definitely raise awareness for it. From what I've seen, people are generally approaching that with anger and bitterness, so that is not helping either.
  11. Meanwhile, all the people who don't play on official (which makes a huge portion of the playerbase) is unaffected by most of these issues. Relax people, I'm sure they aren't intentionally trying to screw people over.
  12. ARK rip-off

    Yeah the console store(s) are showing the wrong price, hang onto your money for now, they are aware of it, but it isn't something they have direct control over.
  13. Whats your favourite new feature?

    Nice clickbait, OP 😂 I love how the lore is unfolding finally. I also love all the cries about it being "not a dino survival game anymore", when it was pretty obvious there was soo much more going on all along 😉
  14. I always say this "The voices of the hateful speak the loudest." I believe wildcard understands this quite well, because despite all the backlash they get, their spirits remain high! You can see quite clearly how much they love their game and the work they put into it if you watch the pax streams on twitch