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  1. Rixsta

    Global ban

    Hi everyone, WTQ - Want to Quit I know first of all this post should not be here but I just cant wait 14 days to admin to reply to me, please don't move this post I am here to talk with my friends. My base is got wiped no dinos no base everything got wiped my 5100 hours played gone now, no warning or nothing I just saw the message in the server now says '''Please Consider the Code of Conduct'' Ok you guys might have lots of *questions so I make it simple. * Are you had rafts? Yes I had rafts * Why you having Rafts its under code of conduct. I know and my server is capped always and I have tribe mates but they offline so basically I play solo so I tame breed build everything but here on this server Center (100) there is 5 to 8 people each one guy have 500 dinos they all each other friends and they had rafts before then they removed and they brought Rexs and gigas from another server to this and capped the server. So how I play tame or breed anything here? so I build the rafts and when I breed I destroy the rafts even if its not capped. You guys can ask me that I can just tame from another server like dilo or etc small dinos and bring to this server and when ever I want to tame or breed kill the dino or upload the dino well I tried I don't like to cappe the server so I tried to do with at least 10 dinos but its not working for me I cant just download dinos because of capp. Ok below this message to Admins, (GM) who ever reading this post. You banned me for Rafts right? you just can set the Rafts limited to 5 at least to a tribe so then people can't make rafts, people only use rafts in early game maybe late game to trap some dinos that is also now not doing much or you can just remove rafts counting value as tamed dinos. So you think I misused the code of conduct ok then check this screen shot see this guy have 100 gigas and 200 rexs in my server so what you gonna do to those people? you wont to anything just sit and watch. And you know how many people have more than 200+ Rexs or Theris or like this gigas in so many servers so what you gonna do to those people? its also like spam so what is the different between 40 rafts to - 400+ dinos? which is big 40 or 400? I gave my precious time to play Ark 5100 hours now everything gone and I am so disappointing of you guys, you guys banned me ok lets say that is for a reason but then what about others? they play peacefully think one guy have 500 dinos cant even say that is a tribe its a single person and 70 slots have every servers so you really think people can play 70 in one server? not even 50 with this cappe. If its comes to rules should affect everyone but this is not fair at all so people can keep 500 dinos with 200 rexs but cant keep around 30 rafts? I just hatched Bert's eggs to breed but nope ok then Good Bye everyone thanks to everything gonna miss you guys, I had a nice traders all over the world some are girls also ok then take care everyone
  2. Rixsta

    New Extinction Teasers!

    Oh my god!! this looks so fking awesome and beautiful I am really hyped and time to get a better VGA now and there is a PTE in the picture nice!! so we get to fly in Extinction that's perfect
  3. Ah dark blue? Wow great! can't wait to see dark blue mosa
  4. Rixsta

    Describe Aberration in 3 words or less

    DC DC DC
  5. Rixsta

    ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack!

    First GG wildcard <3
  6. Rixsta

    Community Crunch 92!

    Nice stuffs, well done guys!!
  7. Rixsta

    Evolution Event: Permanent Double Rates

    No words to tell man, really appreciated!!! now I don't need to farm Narcotics, Arrows and kibbles on week days to prepare for weekends, so now and then always TAMING TIME!!!!!
  8. Rixsta

    ARK: Fear Evolved 2!

    Hi guys, is that taming a snake in island is permanent or temp?