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  1. for me and maybe for all other players i found a solution. as many players describe, they try to connect to a official server and they cant login they only get the message "unable to connect/timed out" i started the game wanted to join a official server and i could not.... then i played singleplayer (the island map) for about 2mins, after that i left the SP and tried again to join a official server.. and i could join wihtout any issue... i test it a second time, restartet my pc, tried to join server .... could not join.... then SP for 2mins... then tried again to join server and it worked!!! well iam not 100% if this is the solution for this super annoying bug, but for me it worked and hopefully for anyone else as well... so survivor if you have the same issue, try my strategy and pls let me know if it worked Tahnk you for your attention! Keep Surviving
  2. Community Crunch 100!

    after the last patch, 2 f*cking titanos spawned directly in my base (on the dead island)!!! it really sucks devs. Please, please remove the titano spawn from the dead island. it make no sens that a huge dino spawns on a little island. iam always scared if a titano chill next to my dinos... horrible experience!!! i mean you already remove the spawn from herbivore island, so please removed from carno island as well!!! i think everyone, who has a base on the dead island, hate the titano if he directly spawn in the base. i already build a wall (11 walls tall) but it dosnt help me, if he spawn 2 meters next to my cute dodos ^^
  3. Let us grow redwood trees!

    it would brake the game mecanic if redwood trees would grow imo
  4. Armour and accessories

    more styles would be great
  5. Bandage

    in my eyes useless, medical brew is fine
  6. Griffin nerf Petition

    i like him how he even is
  7. Pve resource blocking prevention

    imo its fine with the pillars atm (patch 264)
  8. Show Post-Tame Stats

    would be helpfull, my tribe even makes folders in the dinos, thats good for us
  9. Level Up Notice Top Of The Screen...

    would be nice if in the settings you could change it
  10. Non-transferrable PVP servers

    i understand you, other alpha tribe's transfer much stuff and killing other player, who even started with ark
  11. Wyvern in other maps

    dont know if its a good idea that they spawn in the volcano, near would be enough i believe
  12. Mushrooms + rare flower seeds

    think so too
  13. Upload all and download all buttons

    It really suck to wait for each item transfer, even if you play on a server with high ping it takes years!