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  1. im exited to try out the bloodstalker myself. that thing looks crazy. cant wait to find out how you tame it
  2. looks like 4 biomes are being cycled up above. if i had to guess from the icons and what the windows above are showing we are looking at a volcanic (flame icon), arctic (snowflake icon), deep sea (water drop icon), and some kind of twisted toxic biom (poison icon)
  3. hi I've been dealing with some bad bugs for a wile on single player and single player split screen. mostly wile split screen I've been having random crashes on extinction setting my progress back 30 min to a hour, anything could trigger the crash too not just one thing. one time my friend and i were just standing there waiting for stuff to prosses in the mortar and pestle when a crash happened, after one of these crashes i tried reloading the game and the menu bugged out bad I've attacked related files. but during single player and split screen I've been having one bug killing me on all maps. wile i'm walking or running around as a player i get stuck floating on rocks, terrain shifts, and foundations, and I've be left floating fro minimal of 10 seconds but I've seen my friend on split screen be stuck for up to 2 minutes and the only thing we found that woks for getting unstuck is 3 things, 1) mount a Dino, 2) climber picks to another surface, 3) get picked up by a Dino that can grab you
  4. ya having the same problem ob Xbox and its not just on the structures but on the small harvest able stones too. ant time im going from one surface to another, boom floating mid air for 30 sec to a minute
  5. you need to also download the 40gb update to play aberration, just reboot if its not showing up
  6. if that's right then this "dossier" may be of the Ark it's self. does this mean the broken ark is sentient?
  7. just realized the mystery creature this week is the one from the trailer. you know the big beast that crawled out of the ground near the end
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