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  1. Spoilers Good theory but the actual reason told to us through notes is that the tek survivors used a tek nuke to destroy the control room of the ark, destroying it. (Or something to that effect)
  2. 774 hours according to my app? Though I swear that I have waaayyy more than that, as my app is historically buggy for hours played(definitely with overwatch as it is different to what the game itself says).
  3. You can get select items from osd however I don’t think you can get them all, so trading might be required if you don’t want to buy the dlc then learn the engrams.
  4. What he is saying is that he cooked up the EXTINCTION kibble on rag and took it to extinction, then he went to ab with a transferred velonasaur egg (something I believe possible on an official) hatched it on ab and it asked for the ab kibble.
  5. I crash when ever I open a terminal or ob on my friends non dedi, which is very annoying.
  6. The planet appears to have become tidally locked meaning that it won’t rotate anymore, (this is a bit lore breaking for reasons I saw in another thread which I will try and find later). The reason the desert still has day and night (probably snow too haven’t checked) is because it is a protoark and it is a simulated thing not the real sun.
  7. I had my base destroyed by auto decay:(
  8. I agree with this but the problem is them randomly coming out of walls in the caves
  9. I am currently playing aberration on single player and am loving it,however it’s extremely difficult and I have been playing ark an extremely long time (not as long as others) so if you’re new stay well away rag is my second favourite than island,than scorched,than Center
  10. I am so excited for all the changes especially the wild dinos not targeting players that are respawning, because when ever I played with my tribemate on non dedi (Xbox so dedicated is annoying) I would die in combat then spend 5hrs trying to respawn and get my stuff thanks Wildcard
  11. Liopleuradons theres all of your memes in one Dino.
  12. What @Royalstar said this is the ark forum one would think its obvious.
  13. Am i the only one who hasn’t heard of skyrim maps in ark... or are they mod maps in which case disregard this I am a Xbox player
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