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  1. I am so excited for all the changes especially the wild dinos not targeting players that are respawning, because when ever I played with my tribemate on non dedi (Xbox so dedicated is annoying) I would die in combat then spend 5hrs trying to respawn and get my stuff thanks Wildcard
  2. Maybe a Rockwell tentacle is present nearby?
  3. I don’t have any stories as I stopped playing with O and J the saved up ones being me killed by ravagers and other creatures constantly nothing interesting. I might start a single player game on abberation but I don’t know.
  4. I have a bunch of stories saved up as nothing really interesting happened but tonight we are going into the bioluminescent area to scout out cliff platform locations
  5. Just a point for people to consider complaining about the Rex model it isn’t actually a trex according to the dossier but a tyrannosaurus dominium or TDom so they can do it the way they want without being incorrect
  6. I couldn’t post yesterday but here it is: We has decided to restart after the basilisk melted us and we spawned at the river leading down the canyon again without j...again.So we decided that we would just build a temporary house rather than explore for now and we wiped all the dinos from before (i have skipped a fair bit of playing but it was mostly the same as the first post dying to ravagers).J came on after we started making a foundation he made two wooden foundations then went. I made a water pipe up the cliff because the water drain is crazily fast but as I was making it O was throw
  7. So With j finally on we set off on our new raft to see the sights of... a sarco boarding our boat, J died nearly instantly myself dying next O piloting the raft managed to escape and lived whilst J and I dived for our stuff which didn’t get recovered due to pirhanas,J died and crashed multiple times during this process and his internet caused me to crash fortunately not dying but this still raised tension between me and J, we arrived at the broken obelisk but found it was rather boring and soon left because of ravagers but we gained a bulbdog... which fell in the water and was pirahna food, we
  8. So this is more of what I did yesterday but aberration finished downloading for me and my tribemate O (my other tribemate J didn’t own it yet) so we decided to dive in spawning in fertile lake 3 (non dedicated by the way) and we started gathering mushrooms and stuff,first thing O did was eat the narcotic mushrooms while staring at the majestic sight that is aberration and ravegers ate him so he had to spawn in and as it’s non dedi I was dragged by the host barrier,we eventually managed to find a small river leading through a massive canyon and that’s when I realised that aberration rivers are
  9. Did anyone notice that amazing saddle on the creature in the rings screenshot edit: and otter mask!!!!! (I want to put one on a otter
  10. I might join this thread once abberation releases in celebration of 50! Pages
  11. Most of the world doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving and it also means you can spend it with your family I think the bridges are coming to abberation
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