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  1. Spoilers Good theory but the actual reason told to us through notes is that the tek survivors used a tek nuke to destroy the control room of the ark, destroying it. (Or something to that effect)
  2. The planet appears to have become tidally locked meaning that it won’t rotate anymore, (this is a bit lore breaking for reasons I saw in another thread which I will try and find later). The reason the desert still has day and night (probably snow too haven’t checked) is because it is a protoark and it is a simulated thing not the real sun.
  3. I had my base destroyed by auto decay:(
  4. I am currently playing aberration on single player and am loving it,however it’s extremely difficult and I have been playing ark an extremely long time (not as long as others) so if you’re new stay well away rag is my second favourite than island,than scorched,than Center
  5. I am so excited for all the changes especially the wild dinos not targeting players that are respawning, because when ever I played with my tribemate on non dedi (Xbox so dedicated is annoying) I would die in combat then spend 5hrs trying to respawn and get my stuff thanks Wildcard
  6. Liopleuradons theres all of your memes in one Dino.
  7. What @Royalstar said this is the ark forum one would think its obvious.
  8. Am i the only one who hasn’t heard of skyrim maps in ark... or are they mod maps in which case disregard this I am a Xbox player
  9. Aberration for pve Ragnarok for pvp
  10. Maybe a Rockwell tentacle is present nearby?
  11. I don’t have any stories as I stopped playing with O and J the saved up ones being me killed by ravagers and other creatures constantly nothing interesting. I might start a single player game on abberation but I don’t know.
  12. It’s okay but you will eventually need something more but they are so cute I still only use them,the insulation they give also helps tremendously
  13. What other people have been saying and my opinion tianosaur: able to be permatamed if one finds a titan egg in the wild but at weaker stats than cannon tamed one,egg attracts everything around you (including your own tamed) to kill you,removed rocks from back and replaced with proper spikes liopleuradon: a perma tamable one which does what the dossier says but an magical lio rarely appears which does what it currently does Kibble rework player broken bones eg if you fall off a cliff your bones will brake and you have to craft a bandage otherwise you have a stamina movement speed and weight debuff and cannot swim at all eventually bleeding to death with effect persisting Wild baby dinos and fert eggs reaper queen: make it tameable like the store page said and to avoid arguments about new models being worse than the old add costumes of the old skins which get unlocked when you find their specific dossier
  14. I have a bunch of stories saved up as nothing really interesting happened but tonight we are going into the bioluminescent area to scout out cliff platform locations
  15. Just a point for people to consider complaining about the Rex model it isn’t actually a trex according to the dossier but a tyrannosaurus dominium or TDom so they can do it the way they want without being incorrect
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