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  1. I had my base destroyed by auto decay:(
  2. I am currently playing aberration on single player and am loving it,however it’s extremely difficult and I have been playing ark an extremely long time (not as long as others) so if you’re new stay well away rag is my second favourite than island,than scorched,than Center
  3. I am so excited for all the changes especially the wild dinos not targeting players that are respawning, because when ever I played with my tribemate on non dedi (Xbox so dedicated is annoying) I would die in combat then spend 5hrs trying to respawn and get my stuff thanks Wildcard
  4. Liopleuradons theres all of your memes in one Dino.
  5. What @Royalstar said this is the ark forum one would think its obvious.
  6. Am i the only one who hasn’t heard of skyrim maps in ark... or are they mod maps in which case disregard this I am a Xbox player
  7. Aberration for pve Ragnarok for pvp
  8. Maybe a Rockwell tentacle is present nearby?
  9. I don’t have any stories as I stopped playing with O and J the saved up ones being me killed by ravagers and other creatures constantly nothing interesting. I might start a single player game on abberation but I don’t know.
  10. What other people have been saying and my opinion tianosaur: able to be permatamed if one finds a titan egg in the wild but at weaker stats than cannon tamed one,egg attracts everything around you (including your own tamed) to kill you,removed rocks from back and replaced with proper spikes liopleuradon: a perma tamable one which does what the dossier says but an magical lio rarely appears which does what it currently does Kibble rework player broken bones eg if you fall off a cliff your bones will brake and you have to craft a bandage otherwise you have a stamina movement speed and weight debuff and cannot swim at all eventually bleeding to death with effect persisting Wild baby dinos and fert eggs reaper queen: make it tameable like the store page said and to avoid arguments about new models being worse than the old add costumes of the old skins which get unlocked when you find their specific dossier
  11. I have a bunch of stories saved up as nothing really interesting happened but tonight we are going into the bioluminescent area to scout out cliff platform locations
  12. Just a point for people to consider complaining about the Rex model it isn’t actually a trex according to the dossier but a tyrannosaurus dominium or TDom so they can do it the way they want without being incorrect
  13. I couldn’t post yesterday but here it is: We has decided to restart after the basilisk melted us and we spawned at the river leading down the canyon again without j...again.So we decided that we would just build a temporary house rather than explore for now and we wiped all the dinos from before (i have skipped a fair bit of playing but it was mostly the same as the first post dying to ravagers).J came on after we started making a foundation he made two wooden foundations then went. I made a water pipe up the cliff because the water drain is crazily fast but as I was making it O was throwing glowsticks everywhere I ran from some ravagers into the water and O threw a glow stick after me the ravagers suddenly turned back and I celebrated until I turned behind me to see a massive crab leaping out the water towards me! I managed to swim away whilst O ,not seeing what was going on, managed to stick a glow stick to himself and the crab took immediate aggro on him we didn’t know why until O threw another glow stick at the path to our base and it followed it. So we knew that crabs follow glow sticks so throw one in the ocean and it will follow it right? Wrong because of O,s glowstick trail up to our foundations it was getting up to our base so I did the brave thing and ran under the crab and speared it’s belly and ran into the ocean with the crab following, I swam to the drop off to the deep part of the lake the crab close behind but disaster struck and it grabbed me as it fell off the drop off and my bulbdog and I drowned never to be seen again... until I respawned but the bulbdog was lost forever.O had to go then so I didn’t have time to be upset and I pulled myself up the portable rope ladder and O logged off.
  14. So With j finally on we set off on our new raft to see the sights of... a sarco boarding our boat, J died nearly instantly myself dying next O piloting the raft managed to escape and lived whilst J and I dived for our stuff which didn’t get recovered due to pirhanas,J died and crashed multiple times during this process and his internet caused me to crash fortunately not dying but this still raised tension between me and J, we arrived at the broken obelisk but found it was rather boring and soon left because of ravagers but we gained a bulbdog... which fell in the water and was pirahna food, we decided to go back to the original river as it seemed like the only way out and we managed to sneak past some ravagers(they’re everywhere) and found more pirhanas yay (worst addition ever) but to make light of the situation we found a couple of otters swimming around two male level 90s and a female level 10(my otter army was starting!)they weren’t worth breeding but at least were good companions... until I turned the corner into the face of a ravager RIP lvl 132 L’otter RIP bulberface lvl 12,it was at that point we tamed two trikes and a raptor, i had the raptor J and O had the trikes,I took the bulb dogs (we had 6 extra bulbdogs) and the otters O and J weren’t carrying,we ventured on through the canyon with J and I having more and more arguments whilst O chuckled away and eventually asked us to stop,I did but J pressed on until a disaster happened and J was ambushed by a 150 ravager! I joined in the fight but i didn’t realise J’s otter was still following and it died,this got us so mad at each other we muted each other and O had to relay insults from us to each other,thankfully this only lasted five minutes or so, we eventually arrived at the bioluminescent area and were greeted by Sarcos,piranhas,karkinos and spinos galore O and J ran off somewhere leaving only me to protect the bulbdogs and O’s otter, I wss ambushed by ravagers and O’s 2 high level bulbdogs died whilst I ran with the rest they died hero’s but now O hated me too, O took his otter back as we hid behind a rock unaware of approaching death in the form of an alpha karkinos down river, I took my raptor to go and see what a strange noise was and lo and behold I was dead, the raptor escaped somehow and I respawned on O thanks to the host barrier O in his anger from the bulbdogs tasked me with defeating a pack of ravagers whilst he and J ran, the raptor died in seconds and so did the bulbdogs. We eventually escaped and ran into the mushroom forest which I crashed in so many times from J’s internet he started deliberately attacking me from response to my annoyance O eventually intervened and used admin commands to kill both of us till we stopped arguing,we eventually made it up the cliff side until we saw a strange plant which was three ”fronds”sticking out the ground we learned to not approach it the hard way as the basilisk leaped out the ground spitting poison at J one shotting him and munching his new bulbdog and trike shortly after,I was the next victim as it munched me and spat poison which took less time to kill my lower level new raptor and bulberman my bulb dog finally O was the last to fall to the creatures attack his trike and bulbdog falling shortly after it crashed it was the perfect time for the server to crash due to J’s internet and I have forgiven him however I had to go then but it was still fun despite the arguments.
  15. So this is more of what I did yesterday but aberration finished downloading for me and my tribemate O (my other tribemate J didn’t own it yet) so we decided to dive in spawning in fertile lake 3 (non dedicated by the way) and we started gathering mushrooms and stuff,first thing O did was eat the narcotic mushrooms while staring at the majestic sight that is aberration and ravegers ate him so he had to spawn in and as it’s non dedi I was dragged by the host barrier,we eventually managed to find a small river leading through a massive canyon and that’s when I realised that aberration rivers are deadly because it had a current and it was fast (at least it felt that way) it dragged me into a scorpion which then did its scorpion thing and murdered me whilst O hallucinated on mushroom and died, attempt 2 at spawning led us right into the claws of a karkinos you can imagine how that panned out attempt 3 ravagers attacked until finally we managed to get past them, O decided he wanted to see the broken obelisk thing on the opposite side of the lake so we kept turning left until we came to face with a problem, a giant cliff face. There was only one way round and that was to swim in a pirhana infested lake so we decided that we needed to build a raft, for some reason I got 4 levels out of nowhere so I was level 12 and I had the bright idea of throwing a glow stick at O (pun intended) and it stuck to his face,we decided that glow sticks were actually useless and would never use them again, after a couple of minutes of levelling O came back with a bulbdog on his shoulder with a magic hat on it was named bulby and he had another in tow for me, after a while a earthquake happened and we collected several gems and I saw a mound of dirt with a lot of gems flying out and I assumed it was from the earthquake so I grabbed them, boy was I wrong the nearby roll rat chewed my face up in seconds, after that not too much interesting happened until J came on and I had to log off but the raft was made and we are ready to set sail. New story later hopefully.
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