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  1. dinovart

    Brand New Extinction Teasers!

    First picture, right corner - dilophosaurus evolved into primal zerg-like creature.
  2. This creature is probably Zilant. Maybe ice subscpeices. Actually, wolf-headed wyverns were the heraldic creatures of some dynasty near cnetral Russia and Mi ddle Asia. For example-modern flag of the city Kazan.
  3. dinovart

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    Main titan is basically Baragon from old Godzilla movies. Earth dominated by titans reminds both attack on titan (story-wise) and Godzilla:planet of monsters (creature-wise), with some elements from aliens and terminator. ARK becomes even mre interesting that ever. I hope oneday japaneese Godzilla will roam the Earth, maybe brought to life by modders. Anyway, I will ride the modded titans, like I always do with modded bosses, and these feeleings are unique for ARK, making it the first open-world game with artificail, yet functional and balanced ecosystem.
  4. Rock drake is very nice addition to the huge "dragon family" of ARK, but without breath attck it feels a bit strange. In my opinion, rock drake shall have gas breath attack (25-50% stamina cost, instant disruption of camouflage and setting of cooldown period until next use of camouflage; like ice wyvern`s breath, this ability shall seriously slow targets (about 50%) and cause very small amount of damage, but over long period of time - maybe 15% of allosaur bleeding damage within the same time period). Also, the center is now a single official map without custom creatures. Ragnarok have 4 with 2 unique models. I suppose that 2 absolutely new creatures could be enough for the center. They can be mythological (hydra and pegasus or some of dragon species - feathered winged serpents from african or american legends, or even true chineese dragon) or based on extinct animals (any huge pliosaurus and sivatherium or embolotherium).
  5. dinovart

    ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack!

    Dragon family is rising. We have dragon boss (a bit smaller, than in early access period, but still big), wyverns, rock drake and basilisk. Only multi-headed and asian dragons ar eleft. Maybe next DLC? Anyway, according to youtube videos, all new creatures are great. To devs: good luck in further development/bug fixing!
  6. New boss looks like human reaper from Mass Effect 2, as well a sarena. Mutated elder survivor - great choice for new enemy. I will definately enjoy the fight. Godzillark will test the power of this boss. Nice coincidence: Aberration hopefully comes out at the 25-th wedding anniversary of my parents.
  7. dinovart

    Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???????

    This creature strongly resembles Jörmungandr. Base model is deathworm, but final choice is wonderfull. Modders will definately make it rideable and tameable.
  8. Heterocephalus glaber. I,m glad to see this creature in Aberration. In real life this rodent can`t die or even suffer from cancer, and have lifespawn at least 8 times longer, than most of other rodent.
  9. I like ARK primarirly because of such creatures like this cave drake. There are a few PC games where giant mammals, dinosaurs and dragons can met each other to survive or fight.
  10. Maybe I,m wrong, but these creature strongly resembles jacalope - mythological "horned bunny".
  11. Any news about TEK sword/shield update? It was delayed for 2 weeks, the game isn`t in early access already.
  12. Mysterious mysteries: wingless Nargacuga.
  13. I bought the game in June, 2015, and Scorched Earth at September 1, 2016. I need to pay full price for both after release, or part of price?
  14. Exellent update, just in time and with 90% of promised features. Sorry for little off-top, but I hope that there will be no more explorer notes, it`s just too many of them right now, or make some kind of "ruined forts/shrines/houses" where lived authors of explorer notes and place most of the there.
  15. dinovart

    Introducing the Yutyrannus!

    We can. There is a giant crab (approx. broodmother-sized) in mythical creatures mod.