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  1. invincibleqc

    Would like to offer my assistance

    If you have information about methods that can be used to affect official servers stability, check out the following thread for contact information: Locking this thread now as exploits should not be discussed publicly on the community hub and that, for obvious reasons.
  2. invincibleqc

    dino cant get fibre

    Not sure if that was changed in the mobile version or not, but only a few select of creatures can gather fiber in the base game. You can find a list on the wiki: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Fiber#Gathering
  3. invincibleqc

    EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok434 (SERVER DOWN)

    You guys have to fill the following form so that the server management team can investigate the issues: https://ark.gg/outage
  4. invincibleqc

    boat tribes + tame cap (Center86)

    This is not true. Purposely spamming rafts is against the Code of Conduct and is punishable: @Belayla If there is players doing so on your official PVE server, please fill an Incident Report if you are playing on Steam or submit a Support Ticket if you are on consoles/win10 and the enforcement team will investigate and take action if necessary. Keep in mind that reports/tickets are treated in the order they are received and it can take some time depending of the volume they are receiving but your reports/tickets will eventually be answered. Please, be patient and good luck!
  5. invincibleqc

    Ragnarok Imprinting Kibble

    Same here. But I think that if you breed creatures that are native to SE they will ask for SE kibbles.
  6. invincibleqc

    Tribe issues

    If the current owner doesn't want to give you ownership, then there is nothing you can do. By investing time and effort into a tribe you wasn't owner you accepted the fact that all your progression was owned by someone else and they were free to do whatever they want with it. This is unfortunate, but your only option is to take fertilized eggs along with your stuff and move to your own tribe and raise new breeders. Game masters won't get involved into ownership disputes and they most likely do so to protect their customers, because technically, they would be giving you something owned by someone else. Good luck nonetheless!
  7. Keep in mind that if you dropped eggs before it get changed, their incubating timers won't be updated and you have to re-log, re-render or re-drop them for the timer to gets update on your client. So if you are basing your assumptions that breeding was not included in the event on that, it might explain why you missed it. 😉
  8. invincibleqc

    what would be a fair price for rex fert eggs?

    Discussions regarding trading are not allowed outside of the Cross-ARK Trading & Dinos Breeding sections. As an Early Bird, you do not have access to these sections yet but here is a link explaining how you can become a Member and gain access: Good luck!
  9. This used to happens to me on platform saddle after a while when playing on servers where I had a very high ping. I always assumed it was a de-sync issue and resetting my router always seemed to help; tho maybe it was in my head. 😵 Try it, who knows!
  10. invincibleqc

    Too many pillars?

    You can find what is considered griefing in the Code of Conduct: If you think a player or a tribe is breaking the rules, please fill an Incident Report if you are playing on Steam and a Support Ticket if you are playing on consoles/win10. Provide as much info as you can (screenshots, coordinates, etc, etc.) so that the enforcement team can investigate and take action as they see fit. Good luck!
  11. invincibleqc

    Wedding Anniversary on ARK

    That's awesome, congrats! 🎆
  12. invincibleqc

    NA Abb 409 Loading... Issue (help plz)

    Are the other servers running different map? What you describe sounds like corrupted map files. From your Steam library, right click on ARK, select Properties and in the DLC tab uncheck and check back Aberration for it to re-install and then switch in the LOCAL FILES tab and select VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES. Try to join your server after that and see if that fixes your issues.
  13. invincibleqc

    How to get a account for single player

    Your thread was not in the right section but was then moved by a moderator. In the future, please ensure you create your threads into the appropriate section. Thanks!
  14. invincibleqc

    Hotbar and Stats info disappeared

    From what I observed, this seems to happen when you press ESC while the game lost focus (when you have to click for your mouse to work again in-game, etc.). This seems to be caused by Windows 10 notifications when your game is into fullscreen windowed. The only fix I found to this is to indeed re-launch your game.
  15. invincibleqc

    HACKERS destroying PVE Base

    As @Eanaya said, record videos/take screenshots if you can and submit a Support Ticket with all the info you have if you think a player/tribe is cheating or using exploits. That being said, griefing is against the Code of Conduct on officials PvE so you should report them for that as well. Locking this thread because you are technically asking how they are doing so and discussing about cheats or exploits publicly on the forums is not allowed as this could potentially results into them being spread and used at a much larger scale and should consequently only be reported privately. Good luck!