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  1. TEK Wyvern Saddle?

    You unlock the engram after an alpha ascension in single player so it IS part of the game progression that you obtain in vanilla ark; just not on multiplayer for performance reasons.
  2. TEK Wyvern Saddle?

    The dune buggy made its way to the game. You can unlock it in singleplayer and has been marked as "work-in-progress" for multiplayer due to performance issues. Pretty sure I saw jeremy talking about the Tek Wyvern somewhere and it will most likely be released at some point (once they done with Aberration maybe?). They would not spend time and resource on models just so they are in the dev kit for modders to preview/use unless they have plans for it in the future.
  3. Feeling utterly defeated

    I would have expected to lose my progress if their final word stated last year was not no wipe:
  4. To be released Patch Notes - I hope this is a joke

    Don't listen to rumors.
  5. Where is Legacy Ragnarok 35 server?

    They are not ignored. Follow thelilpanda on twitter and you should be updated of the progress. But there is not much he can do remotely when it come to hardware issues since this need to be dispatched to the hosting compagny, etc. And if I had to guess, since more than one servers is affected, and that all of these servers are in the same IP range, an entire machine has issues and the hosting company should get to it eventually.
  6. [Game Breaking Bug][Critical] Broken

    Contact them by email: info AT jat AT He is right by not putting game-breaking exploits publicly.
  7. Then all left to do is be patient. Last time it happened on XBOX and they rolled back within few hours. They also enabled a Evo+++ to all servers at the time to compensate.
  8. You mentioned posting here on the forums and submitting support tickets, which won't help. Server outages need to be reported here and incorrect settings here. Now all you have to do is be patient, last time it happened for some XBOX servers and they rolled back within few hours.
  9. Craft from container inventory

    You can, if you have a blueprint for the items you are looking to craft.
  10. Please allow vaults on boats (again).

    The problem is that you can abuse the "no-build" areas (enemies' structures, protected caves and the like, etc.) by placing a vault on a moving platform/raft, kill/destroy that dino/raft to gets the vaults dropped on the spot. This was abused and totally make sense to be disabled in my opinion. Tho, this could be allowed, if the "dropping" was disabled and that vault placed on platform/raft get demolished instead.
  11. This need to be reported there:
  12. Where is Legacy Ragnarok 35 server?

    This need to be reported there:
  13. This need to be reported there:
  14. There should not have any limit on PVP at all. Devs always said the limit was not for PVP, but PVE. Servers are probably wrongly configured due to the chaos launch created. Contact support, or ask @Jat or @lilpanda if the limit is intended on new cluster.
  15. The limit is only on PVE servers. But definitely on Legacy. On PVP, there is no limit at all (legacy and new cluster). If your neighbors have too many dinos; blow them up.