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  1. That number is the "distance" from where it was last hacked. If it wanders back to its original position then yes, it will go up. Some will wander far enough instantly, others may take a while. Their wandering is random as well as affected by obstruction in their path.
  2. If you don't have logs of its deletion and/or death then it is likely still alive and was teleported back to its latest "safe" location. Go back on your track and chances are that you will find it somewhere along the way.
  3. I just checked and my windows client, as well as my windows servers, are all 333.4. This is also the version listed by the patch notes so that seems to be the current version.
  4. This is not uncommon for Linux updates to be released later. However, as long as this is not a major version there should not be any issue. For example, 333.x clients can join 333.x servers but not 334.x, etc. The minor version is not mandatory to match so long as the major does.
  5. Why don't you edit it if you think it can be improved?
  6. That is your problem right there. Don't cook your meat. They will eat twice as much cooked because it is less nutritious.
  7. Please refer to the following article if you wish to get details and/or appeal an enforcement action that was taken toward you: https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026169314-How-to-appeal-an-account-ban Thanks!
  8. Tame a Giga. Any low level Giga would be more efficient than your Wyvern.
  9. Freeze or move your Voidwyrms outside of render and the nodes should be spawning again. Devs are aware of the issue and looking into it.
  10. I don't think this is against the rules because you can access the sea area from a different entrance. However, if you have questions about the rules or want to report someone that you think is breaking them, please submit a Support Ticket. Thanks!
  11. On single-player/non-dedicated sessions, you need to go to a different tile in order for the harvested nodes to be flagged for repopulation. You can find more details in the following post:
  12. Please refer to the following article: https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026169314-How-to-appeal-an-account-ban Ban appeals are made via tickets, not on the forums. Thanks!
  13. RMT = Real Money Trading. DUPING = Using exploits, etc. to duplicate items, dinos, characters, etc. MESH = Using exploits/unintended mechanics to go in areas of the map that are not accessible otherwise. Anyone that does any of them know exactly what these acronyms means. In most cases they will have a note in their tribe logs telling them why an enforcement action was taken. In any cases, they can submit a support tickets if they want clarifications. The link in-game (http://ark.gg/coc) is a redirect to the page here on the forums (https://survivetheark.com/ind
  14. As stated in a recent crunch: This is considered meshing and will get you and your tribe wiped and/or banned. You should report them via a Support Ticket instead of becoming a mesher yourself.
  15. You are missing the cheat or admincheat prefix: admincheat fly admincheat god ...
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