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  1. What platform are you playing on? By the look of it, you had it frozen in your inventory when you logged off and you were dead when you logged back in? My guess would be that you didn't log off in a safe place and your body was accessible for someone to drag you in the water and you drowned. Either way, please refer to the following article for dino related issues: https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000557967-Dino-Issues
  2. Level up their "Crafting Skills" stat.
  3. That is not what you are experiencing at all. Look at the following screenshot: On the left, the door frame is snapped to the wall and on the right it is snapped to the ceiling. I can still pass through both no problem. However, that is not the point I'm trying to make. Look closely to the left door: And compare it to your screenshot: Do you see the difference? On your, we still see the metal, while on mine we only see the glass meaning that mine is lower and your is correctly snapped to the ceiling. Your problem is that your wall above your door frame is not snapped to the door frame but snapped to a wall/ceiling that is lower. As I suggested above, demo your wall above the door frame and replace it making sure it is correctly snapped and you won't have issue passing through. That alignment issue is common when mixing pillars/fences/foundations for a build and is as stated above a building design issue rather than an issue of the structures. The game offer you flexibility when building and you are the one in control of your snap points. I'm fairly impartial and straightforward in general and would have had no problem acknowledging it to be an issue within the game and redirect you to the appropriate channel in order to report it if it was actually a bug but it is clearly not in your case. For instance, I had no problem doing it in the past. Anyhow, look at the comparison there; you can clearly see that your wall above your door frame is lower than mine which prove your issue to be the wall above not being snapped properly to the door frame rather than your theory of it being your door frame not properly snapped to the ceiling:
  4. People should submit a Bug Report rather than submitting support tickets as tickets are more for in-game assistance requests while bug reports goes directly to the QA team that can investigate and pass on the relevant information to the devs for fixing. I'd say submitting tickets for bugs is just slowing down the whole machine and increasing the response time for everyone else because they have to read and sort reports that are not made in the appropriate channel.
  5. As explained by @GeminiSierra, this is because you are not properly snapping the wall to the door frame which cause the wall to be lower and obstruct the way. This is a build design issue, not an issue with the structures themselves. For example, compare your screenshot: With mine: You can clearly see that your wall is snapped to a lower snap point than the snap point of the door frame itself. A simple solution would be to demo your wall, along with the ceiling or the wall above it to ensure there is no other snap point than the door frame itself and place a new wall to then build back the extra structures your demolished. Alternatively you can use Q to cycle the snap points but it can be tricky sometimes due to client prediction when there is a lot of them.
  6. The quotes are not required for that command because the player name is the last argument. But it is good practice to use them whenever you want to pass a string argument because take the following example: somecmd <some string> <some int> This would be okay to do: somecmd blah 0 But the following wouldn't: somecmd blah blah 0 Because the parser would assume the second blah to be the <some int> argument and throw a type error. So you have to use the following to tell the parser blah blah is actually your <some string> argument: somecmd "blah blah" 0
  7. No, you don't. Example: admincheat transferimprints 000000000 111111111 "Blah" Would transfer imprints of the creatures imprinted by the character that have the ID 000000000 to the character that have the ID 111111111. If 111111111 is not matching the ID of a player currently on the server, then Blah will be used as the imprinter name otherwise the name of the character is used. <...> basically means an argument that is required, and [...] an argument that is optional.
  8. Look in the inventory of any creature that is imprinted to your old character and you can see its ID there: And you can find your current ID on your implant:
  9. No, this is the character implant number of your old and new character. You can find the old one on any of your imprinted creature in their inventory as "SAMPLE #: 123456789" and you can find your new in your own inventory by hovering over your implant also as "SAMPLE #: 123456789".
  10. TransferImprints <oldPlayerID> <newPlayerID> <NewImprinterName>
  11. There is currently a bug that treat them as single structure and decay after 12 hours. Hold H (or whatever button the extended hud is on xbox) and you will see the decay timer. The solution is to snap 2 together, and to pickup one and the timer will be corrected.
  12. The following command works: admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Spider-Large/SpiderL_Character_BP_Hard.SpiderL_Character_BP_Hard'" 500 0 0 35
  13. invincibleqc

    OC Server Down

    Submit a server outage report and the server management team will look into it: http://ark.gg/outage
  14. I would invite you to submit a support ticket but unfortunately Legacy servers are not supported anymore. If you want a fair game experience where rules are enforced, then I would suggest you start over on the main cluster.
  15. Since you are on SP, I would simply suggest you to set MatingSpeedMultiplier to a very high value so that your creatures mate instantly and you can pick up the eggs right away without having to wait.
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