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  1. Share the link here (or via PM if you prefer) and I will look it out. That sentence is a bit confusing, but in any case, the screenshot you shared above was the right place.
  2. That should be it. If it still crash, then it's possible it's caused by something else. Upload your save(s) somewhere (e.g. Google Drive).
  3. Actually, they implemented a lot of the most popular ones over the years.
  4. Actually, it appears to be caused by simply upgrading FSR 2 to FSR 3.
  5. According to SetThreadDescription: And ArkAscendedServer.exe does not load kernelbase.dll: On these that symbol is resolved from: KERNEL32.dll 562 SetThreadDescription So, unless WC link kernelbase.dll in a future update, it won't work anymore on Windows Server 2016 because its kernel32.dll does not export that function. In any case, I would personally suggest you guys upgrade your environments; that OS has reached EOL for non-security updates for over a year now.
  6. Assuming it works the same way on ASA as it did on ASE; lone foundations decay after 12 hours.
  7. Once you have added an image as attachment, it will be at the end of the post unless you hover over it and insert it into the editor using the insert button: Alternatively, you can double-click on it to insert it with additional customization: You can also click on the [Other Media] button if you wish to insert an existing attachment or an external link. Also, some image hosting services will automatically get embedded when you paste the link anywhere in your post (e.g. imgur.com).
  8. Joe Gates has spoken. Show some respect Whatever floats your boat yachts
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