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  1. invincibleqc

    Argentavis vs Manticore

    Brontos and Paracers cannot go into any arenas. They used to, tho. I remember bringing a paracer with a cooking pot on its back to summon the dodorex in the broodmother fight. 😆
  2. invincibleqc

    Ark Launcher - Via Steam Client

    Steam → Library → Right click on ARK → Properties → Updates → Automatic Updates → Only update this game when I launch it → Close → Problem solved. EDIT: Just to give my opinion on the whole suggestion, I'd say there is absolutely no reason to reinvent the wheel.
  3. invincibleqc

    Server 44 small tribes

    Please, fill the Server Outage form to report a server experiencing poor performance.
  4. invincibleqc

    they whipped me in pve

    There is unfortunately nothing we can do on the forums to assist with in-game issues. Please submit a Support Ticket if you wish to report someone for griefing. Thanks!
  5. invincibleqc

    Require Parasaurs Remain Stationary for Turret Mode

    ARK is doing more than fine. It is currently ranked #12 on Steam. It also only peaked > 100k once and that was back in February 2017 but is really consistent in the average amount of players playing since its release. Without mentioning consoles and mobile players. No need to exaggerate trying to get your points across as nobody will take you seriously when you do so.
  6. They already exists. Very low chance from White Beacons on Scorched Earth.
  7. invincibleqc

    Adobe structures not working

    What platform is that? PC with mods? Mobile? Kill yourself.
  8. invincibleqc

    Admin abuser

    You find a new server to play on. Server owners/admins can do whatever they want whenever they want on their servers.
  9. invincibleqc

    Question about mods

    Are you sure such lists are hard-coded into the mods and not configured by server owners? If the list is hard-coded by the mod creators, and that this info is not disclosed to the server owners, then you could probably report the mods to Steam for review using the report flag on the workshop. But if it is configured by server owners, then I don't see what the problem is. I mean, they are free to allow whatever they want to whoever they want as they are in full control of the servers they administrate.
  10. invincibleqc

    Question about mods

    Hm, what kind of blacklist are you talking about?
  11. invincibleqc

    Censorship Options

    Well, I assume the game wouldn't be displayed in the stores for users that doesn't meet the rated age, which would most likely have a huge impact on its visibility resulting into their sales being affected.
  12. invincibleqc

    Censorship Options

    Enable Orbital View when you are next to a railing. The censorship overlay of the birthday suit gets moved behind the railing while the camera doesn't allowing you to see everything behind. 😱 In all seriousness, this is not an option because this would most likely make the game rating different. ARK is currently rated T and would probably be rated M if an option allowing for nudity was introduced.
  13. invincibleqc

    Boss Arena question.

    No, they can be anywhere in the arena.
  14. invincibleqc

    Officially confirmed 8x breeding?

    Was everything: