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  1. Look this thread carefully, you might find a workaround to that limitation.
  2. There is already such warning. If you transfer to a server where you already have a character, you will get a popup when attempting to spawn telling you that you already have a character asking you to confirm. If you accept, your character that was already on that server will be overwritten, if you decline, your character will remains and the one you attempted to transfer will remains in the cloud and you will be able to download it back on another server. This is the exact text you get: { "Source": { "Text": "You already have a character on this server would you like to overwrite it?" }, "Translation": { "Text": "You already have a character on this server would you like to overwrite it?" } },
  3. Grab a snail in your hand. Hesperornis Mantis Karkinos Ton of mantises in the scar, and ton of crab underground. Leave your beach. They announced 2 hours ago it would increase to 20:
  4. This is the calculation: ((100 + (40 * 2.5)) + 7) * 1.176 = 243.4 // Assuming you have 100% effectiveness. Because that tool is unfortunately inaccurate on so many level.
  5. That I can't tell. It indeed doesn't make much sense considering the players is at its peak and their staff at its low.. The point I was trying to make with that analogy is that finding a bug in a massive patch would be like you searching your toothbrush in that mess: Much easier to find new bugs caused by an update when your patches are small.
  6. I'd say for the same reasons you do your household daily and not once a year; it is much easier to fix small patches. The bigger the patches, the harder it is to find potential bugs they introduced. Especially when the patches are modifying core stuff of your code base such as networking and whatnot. As stated above, it doesn't mean they didn't extensively test the patches; just that a patch can go wrong for multiple reasons that were not reproducible in a testing environment.
  7. Please refer to the following article regarding ban appeals: https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026169314-How-to-appeal-an-ARK-account-ban
  8. Don't get me wrong; I totally understand that this is frustrating. All I was saying is that shit happens and asking for constant update while this is obvious they are aware of the issues is pointless. Now, could they improve the way they push updates? Certainly. Could they push updates without any issues whatsoever? Probably not. I'm sure they are testing every patches, but everyone know that something that works fine on a test environment doesn't means it will for everyone once it is live. And I totally agree that players should not be the ones suffering the consequences and lose progression. And they sure know it and would be unfair to say they haven't gotten better at it over the years as they have (e.g. when they disabled decay timers to help prevent decays, their support team that is now able to recover more than they used to, the public beta branches, etc.). They sure can still improve, and I'm sure they are doing everything they can do to so. If you are on officials, and lost stuff due to these issues, submit a ticket and I'm sure they can sort something out for you.
  9. You said it all. Someone is working, and if they have to come update you every 5 minutes they won't progress. They sure are aware of the issues, and they sure are actively looking into it and are trying to resolve them as soon as they can. Give them time, be patient. They rolled out massive changes to improve the performance of the game, which caused some issues. That still doesn't change the fact that the intention were good, and that once they sorted out the other stuff the game will run better for everyone. In conclusion, let them work and they will update us once they made progress or push a new version once they are comfortable to do so.
  10. Wow, the entitlement is real. Why can't you simply be grateful for what you get. Complaining about the event is like complaining a gift you received is not the right color; which is pathetically ungrateful. They had no obligation to work on exclusive stuff for the players. PS: All the time you spend gaming is pretty much wasted time either way.
  11. The error you are getting is different than the error OP was getting. The DLC solution I gave was for the following error: Assertion failed: ARRAY_COUNT(CompareName)==ARRAY_COUNT(JumpURL) And the other was: Assertion failed: ActualIndex >= 0 While your is: Assertion failed: InPos <= Bytes.Num() This thread is confusing because multiple unrelated crashes were merged together. But yeah, seeing your crash is referring "InitializeActorsForPlay" I would suggest you try on a fresh save: That's normal. This is the stack trace that was generated at compile time so that path is pointing to where the error was threw in the source code of the game (on WC's machine that run the build job).
  12. Try to increase the following: [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameUserSettings] DinoCountMultiplier=1 I had it set to 3 on my private cluster, and there was ton of dinos everywhere. For more specific details to increase a specific spawn, you could refer to the following post:
  13. Did you accidentally unchecked the single-player settings option?
  14. The Lio is a temporary tame that only lasts 30 minutes, ut during that time, it increase the quality of every drop you loot. Tame one, teleport to swamp cave and you will get awesome stuff!
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