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  1. When the early access servers became legacy, they made it clear that in-game support would no longer be provided on these servers: And yes, as @caleb68 said; sounds like your tribe owner merged with another tribe leaving you behind.
  2. The legacy clusters are not getting any support whatsoever, so you are unfortunately on your own.
  3. I was able to reproduce it. If I download the cryopod on a map where it cannot be deployed (I tested on the island), it cannot be deployed again on Valguero once brought back. This doesn't look good to be honest, because even if they fixes it, the pods are most likely permanently corrupted.
  4. Their blueprints are not yet loaded globally, which is why they currently cannot be downloaded or unfrozen on other maps than Valguerro. I'm sure this is on their list, and will be fixed at some point.
  5. The fact you said that it seems to only affect long running servers got me thinking and the only logical answer I could think of is that the time of the server is irrelevant, but that perhaps only characters that are not native to that specific server (that were not created there but transferred in) are affected and unable to unlock the dossiers. This is the only scenario where this would makes sense to me.
  6. Well, I think everyone got their say on the suggested changes and there is nothing more to add to the discussion. The thread is going nowhere, and has been a PVP vs PVE war for far too long rather than a constructive discussion so I'm locking it.
  7. They are aware of the issue and are looking into it. I don't think there is any ETA yet, but hopefully will be fixed soon.
  8. You realize I'm a regular player just like you and I cannot fix game bugs, right? The only thing I can do is try to help by offering workarounds. Well, it did works for me. Perhaps because I already had them unlocked legitimately in the past, I don't know. But call me a liar if you want, no worries. Others claiming they didn't have your issues must be lying too, right? Either way, I would have gladly tested this further, but I'm too busy reading my notes and painting my skins at the moment, sorry.
  9. The download cache might be corrupted. Try to clear it: View → Settings → Downloads → [CLEAR DOWNLOAD CACHE].
  10. You will need to submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance from a Game Master. We unfortunately cannot assist you with in-game stuff on the forums.
  11. Go into singleplayer, and use the following command: cheat DefeatBoss 0 "King Titan" 2 It will not update your implant on officials, or any other multiplayer session but you will unlock the dossier and the skins since these are unlocked in your local profile.
  12. You must be logged on the forums first. If you are and zendesk is still unable to recover your session, try a different browser, or clear your cache and cookies for survivetheark.com and its subdomains.
  13. @caleb68 is correct; if one have 72344774765/20 and the other 19/20 then it can only mutate once and all the other rolls will fail. It might have been a thread in a section that was removed, or the thread is so old that it is archived and no longer indexed in the search but here is the big picture: 3 rolls of 2.5% each are performed. If any of these roll passes, a parent is selected at random. If that parent's matrilineal + patrilineal markers is greater than 20, then the mutation fails. A stat of the baby is selected at random. If that stat is greater or equal 255 points, then the mutation fails. By the time the mutation rolls are performed, the stats of the baby already been selected from the parents with a 55% chance of them being the strongest. Hence why you can mutate the stats from a parent that have more than 20 markers total if the roll passes on the other, etc. You mathematically have 1/580 chances of mutating a specific stat from a dirty parent by mating it with a clean one. I know the feeling. I've got double mutations a few times in the past, even got a double mutation into Rex's melee once but it was the lower stat. Never got triple though and never will since I didn't mass mutate breeding lines since legacy.
  14. My guess would be that they needed to be re-cooked due to changes made to classes they inherits from (most likely since the cryopod/fridge were added to the PrimalInventoryBP_TributeTerminal_Base class or something).
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