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  1. Can't get to a computer to play since I'm at work. But does that mean that battlemetrics and are showing it down when its actually up? Yes. Because they are tracking its old IP. I see it running on steam browser: Ignore my ping, OC servers are terrible for me.
  2. New hardware, means new IP. → steam://connect/
  3. I don't think this should be implemented. Alliances are already heavily abused with alt accounts or characters that they transfer in and out the server just so they can bypass the 500 tame limit of their main tribe on official PvE servers. By allowing alliances to reset them, it will just make it easier for them. However, dinos of your alliances are already eating from your troughs ( check the wiki for a complete list of features). Also, I don't necessarily think alliances should be able to claim your dinos. I mean, this is your responsibility to maintain your stuff, none of their business in my opinion.
  4. Turrets will be limited to 100 within 10,000 units. Which is the maximum distance a player with Epic settings can render. When a structure is not rendered, it becomes into stasis state (think of it like the structures/creatures are "paused" and are waiting to go out of that state to performs any logic). So since official servers have a maximum of 70 player slots, a full server won't ever be able to render more than 7,000 turrets because every one of these player cannot "wake up" more than 100 turrets each (which is again, the worst case scenario).
  5. With the limitation, there won't be more than 70 * 100 = 7,000 turrets that are not into stasis (structures into stasis doesn't tick on the server -at all-). And this is the worst case scenario where all single players connected to the server are all rendering 100 different turrets (which is unlikely to happens quite often).
  6. Unfortunately, seems like the 20% of the dragon is hard-coded no matter what and that this damage reduction doesn't applies. I didn't test myself, but I heard a lot of people saying that. Maybe @Olivar could confirm if this is the case. It sure is for Flame Arrows/Thrower and probably Fire Wyvern too. Once confirmed, maybe this should be reported in the Bugs Report section (if not reported already) so the devs are aware because I don't know if it has been forgotten or if it was intended.
  7. Broken Manticore

    @davidcostarica is correct. You should rather bring Wyverns to the Manticore. I was doing Alpha one easy with 20 Lightning Wyverns.
  8. Why are you constantly using that as an argument? I mean, this is a thread about fighting the Dragon with Therizinos. We explained how to mass mutate them and the fact your server is tame capped is irrelevant to the discussion. This is like asking someone for directions, and then reply "yeah, but my car is not starting so I cannot make the trip...". If you have concern about your server being capped, you should rather post into a thread dedicated for that:
  9. DDOSed servers is a totally different beast. They are still running creature logics because all it does is flooding the server with requests and the server not being able to handle that many just reject connections. But in case of this thread, and the context of my post, LilPanda confirmed that the machine hosting server 822 is completely off due to hardware issues. So that specific server instance is not running -at all- here resulting into everything being "paused".
  10. It is on their TODO: Not sure when they will get to that but will most likely be revisited at some point in the future.
  11. It does matters for some creatures, but not for Therizinos. A level 150 kibbles tamed will always tame at 224 no matter if your taming rate is x1 or x100. However, take in example a Quetzal; it will tame at 219 with x1 rate and 224 with x100. In conclusion, this is dependent to the specie. But since the current thread is talking about Therizinos, @Olivar is 100% right.
  12. Latest update for server 822 can be found there: Also note that while your server is offline, your dinos are not eating nor maturing so you should not lose any. Check Kokarn's Dev Tracker daily and subscribe to the thread I linked above to get update on the issues that specific machine is having.
  13. Good job devs!

    I would not say it is directly linked to "counter" the tactics of players, but more to "fix" issues introduced by said tactics. To take the most recent controversial change, they are not limiting turrets because they are effective to protect your base but they limit them to increase server performance. They also are implementing a stronger turret to ensure the limitation doesn't affect players' protection which show they cares about both, server performance and general game-play. Pegos and Leeds are great mechanics. Sure can be annoying, but they add some sort of "fear" to land/sea travels making them less boring because you always have to watch your back and stay aware of the world around you. Game wouldn't be as fun and exciting with only passive Unicorns all over the map. I wouldn't qualify this an "attempt", because it successfully made combats more dynamic. Let's be honest here, a 300% speed Pteranodon able to outrun turrets fire and blinking in your screen because even the fastest internet connection is unable to follow its networked movements was just ridiculous. It did bring other strategies to the game-play and proven to be beneficial as a whole. Don't get me wrong, we all miss the speed travels but with some hindsight everyone can agree it was more than needed.
  14. Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    Not necessarily, like Olivar suggested, you could always grind them and get back some resources or you could always recycle them into strategically placed turret towers around your base. In addition, TheRightHand mentioned in the other thread that the new turrets will most likely use the same ammo so you won't have to farm for that. Also, I'm not entirely sure how much resources you get from grinding them, but you can always manually "Demolish" and gets back half the initial crafting cost. By involving the community, they ensure that they are aware of everything such change implies for the players resulting in a better balancing once pushed. Like they mentioned, they cannot know how thousands of players are playing the game and how this will affects every one of them and want to make sure every points has been taken into consideration.
  15. Awesome, congrats guys!! Dragon being too hard has been proved wrong!