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  1. http://arkdedicated.com/badwords.txt http://arkdedicated.com/goodwords.txt
  2. To be fair, I think they should delay it as much as needed. The first impression is everything for player retention. If they rush the release, players will leave and never come back. Just like what happened with ATLAS. Gamers are not known to give second chances.
  3. If you are on PC (Steam/EGS), you can delete them and preserve the other data with the following steps: Except you would have to target ArkItems and/or ArkTributeItems instead. If you are on consoles, I'm not sure, but I believe you can only delete everything (worlds, profiles, etc.) in order to get rid of them, unfortunately.
  4. Appeals are submitted via support tickets as mentioned in the following article: How to appeal an account ban
  5. Try to uninstall and reinstall the whole game. The problem with updates is that you have to store the old as well as the new version of the files that were modified until the process is completely done. For example, if the whole game is 300gb, and the update is 150gb, you need 450gb for the duration of the update itself. However, if you completely uninstall ARK and reinstall it, you should only need 300gb because you directly install the latest version.
  6. The rates are not affected by the missions when an event is active.
  7. Maturation is dynamic so the babies would grow at 3x. However, the imprint timer isn't and would only reflect event rates on the next imprint.
  8. Were you using a ladder to align yourself? If so, you likely became a victim of the following desync:
  9. Well, services such as BattleMetrics are inaccurate. Basically, what they do is query SMS to get a list of servers that are online and query their information. That information includes a list of players that are connected, but all it really provides is their public profile name and no unique identifiers whatsoever. Which means that, if you have a commonly used name, you will see random activity that are not from you, etc. because they cannot differentiate between players past their name. They, however, may attempt to isolate players based on their activity such as playing different games, playing on different servers, but there is no way they can be precisely do so. That said, some servers deliberately give these services access to more data by connecting their servers through RCON with them. Which then allows these services to precisely identify some players using their SteamID, IP, etc. Not only servers owner are paying to give away the data of their players, but players are paying so that this data is not publicized. In other words; server owners are paying $10 monthly to give data away. Players are then paying $5 monthly to privatize their data. In conclusion, if you want to hide your activity from these services, don't play on servers that share your activity with them and use a generic profile name. For example, "123" that is quite popular within the ARK community for that very reason.
  10. The safest way is to go on a server you never played on with the duped, commit suicide and overwrite it with a new one. Once that is done, you will be able to go back on your original server and upload your original character normally.
  11. They would be at full charge because they would receive 38 days worth of charge on top of the charge you left them at and max out. More details:
  12. Try to transfer to a different server and come back. Most of the times, this is enough to put you back in your tribe. If this doesn't work for you, please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance from a game master.
  13. @Lagonbreezey Merged your thread here. You can find the cause of this in the previous post.
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