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  1. invincibleqc

    Lag should be #1 priority to get fixed!!!!!

    I believe it was introduced by the Homestead update. Devs are aware and working on it: Will hopefully be improved soon! 🤞
  2. invincibleqc


    The Mobile version is developed by Wardrum Studios, not Wildcard. 🙃
  3. invincibleqc

    Glitch or Game Dynamic? Dino not upload after claim.

    Unless this changed recently, I believe the timer is 12 hours.
  4. invincibleqc

    My ark experience.

    I'm sure they do, gigas only takes 4 days to mature on that cluster, but they obviously cannot get the 500+% melee at birth that are on the main cluster; which is great for the balance. ^^
  5. invincibleqc

    My ark experience.

    @Worstgameever You should try the Arkpocalypse servers, they gets wiped monthly so there is no mega tribes with years old breeding line.
  6. invincibleqc

    Has anyone ever accidentally....

    This is what SP is for. 😃
  7. invincibleqc

    Empty Cryo Fridge's??

    An official clusters with only 9 servers? 🙃
  8. invincibleqc

    pve Tek Transmitter

    Beta Dragon. On Island or Ragnarok.
  9. invincibleqc

    Looking for Boss fights- Can pay

    This is against the Code of Conduct:
  10. That is not entirely correct. Dinos are not "starving", they accumulate a food debt. When they goes into stasis, they store a timestamp which is then used to calculate how much food it would have consumed and that is all applied when going out of stasis. This is why Deadon are regenerating their entire food when you feed them and re-render; their debt is calculated, and they eats all they can. Or that your babies starve as soon as you log in; their debt is calculated, they didn't have enough food and starved from it when going out of stasis. Creatures doesn't get attacked when they are in stasis. This is the main purpose of stasis. Pausing their AI so that they don't use any resources. The game could simply not function properly if the thousands creatures across the entire map were constantly looking for targets, following them, targeting them, performing ray-tracing and AOE attacks, etc. Which includes pooping. That update was 4 months ago: https://ark.gamepedia.com/286.103
  11. invincibleqc


    You need to submit a support ticket to get in-game assistance from a game masters: https://support.survivetheark.com/
  12. Were they also affected by the bug? This is the notes I was referring about prime meat: If other items are affected, this should probably best to report it there: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/pc-bug-reports/
  13. Cryopods allow you to freeze any creature, and whoever throw that pod is now the owner of that creature.
  14. I believe it was fixed, that Raw Prime were not stacking. I know I saw it being addressed and acknowledged by the devs tho. As for the structures, they used to stack. But that was changed to deal with an exploit (I assume to minimize the duping at the time so dupers were no longer duping 50 stacks of 100 forges but only 50 forges, for example) in the following version: