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  1. Nah don' t worry. They would announce it if they were to wipe any servers. This is rather a common issue, just report it there and it will be looked into: http://ark.gg/outage
  2. Please report server issues using the following form: http://ark.gg/outage PS: Please, avoid the spam.
  3. You friend will have to submit a ticket, as mentioned there: https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/217178337-My-character-was-erased-
  4. Please report server issues using the following form: http://ark.gg/outage
  5. Hmm, I was curious about this so I tested again and you are right; they are all changing ID on re-render in MP, but appears persistent in SP. However, I was able to reproduce it on my dedicated server and found the actual cause. This happens because there is a second nest that spawns next to it that is misplaced in the mesh. This prevents one or the other from properly despawning until both have been picked up. Here is a short clip demonstrating it:
  6. Your character was more than likely duped and is already uploaded. Manually connect to your destination server and on the character creation screen select the [DOWNLOAD SURVIVOR] option and a copy of your character should be there. However, having multiple characters with the same ID can leads to issues (such as both being deleted, randomly being kicked out of tribes, etc.) and it is recommended to take that copy on a server you never played on, killing yourself and overwrite it with a new character.
  7. If they were locked in a leash when teleporting, they have been teleported all over the place. Look around the destination teleporter and you will most likely find them somewhere random in that area.
  8. Please report server issues using the following form: http://ark.gg/outage
  9. It is actually a functional nest, but there appears to be an issue with it related to stasis or something. In single-player, that nest is working properly, but in multi-player, that nest gets deleted and respawned whenever it is re-rendered (can be verified with debugstructures; it gets a new ID every times).
  10. Hmm. Actually, I think 4x may be hard-coded in the Summer Bash event now that I think about it.
  11. Alpha bosses on the island unlock tek engrams that you cannot get anywhere else (mainly structures, etc.).
  12. I believe 4x XP is included in the "Single-Player Settings Multipliers". Uncheck it and you should be back to 1x.
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