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  1. Correct, if you don't define it then there will be no cap (besides the hard-coded cap of 1785, of course).
  2. If you hold E on your trough, there should be an option to disable all of them in the area.
  3. # ../Game.ini [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameMode] DestroyTamesOverLevelClamp=450
  4. They are pooping paste, which is what your Gacha collect, however, when they are set to wandering, they produce 1 paste every minute into their inventory until they reach 100 and also produce organic polymer from time to time also in their inventory.
  5. Ban appeals are done via support tickets. Please refer to: https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026169314-How-to-appeal-an-account-ban Thanks!
  6. Now you can simply use the take all button () and slot cap yourself instead of having to drop ~300 stacks, have them bounce everywhere losing a few in the process, whip them all, break your whip, etc. Before this update, you would max out at twice your max weight but now you max out at your slot limit so that is a pretty good change overall.
  7. Delete all Mutagen Bulbs: destroyall DroppedItem_Mutagen_C Force them to spawn (you must be in the cave): forcemutagenspawn Create a visual indicator of the direction they are from your current location: findmutagendrops Or, teleport yourself to the first index that is found: gotofirstmutagendrop
  8. No idea. I haven"t played for a good minute so I really couldn't tell. Maybe it was forgotten. Yes, it is. Official servers (or unofficials that use dynamic config with default url) periodically pull the rates from that link.
  9. The current live rates include the following: MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.5 BabyImprintAmountMultiplier=2.0 Meaning that not only the timer is halved to 4 hours, but the amount you get is doubled. This allows you to imprint creatures that take less than 8 hours to fully mature. For example, Dodos take ~15½ hours to mature, meaning they take less than 8 hours to mature when breeding is 2x and wouldn't be able to be imprinted at all if timers were not halved, etc.
  10. Here are the correct entries for these items: EngramEntry_Milkglider_Saddle_C EngramEntry_AmmoBox_C EngramEntry_LoadoutMannequin_C EngramEntry_NetGun_Ammo_C EngramEntry_TekExosuit_C EngramEntry_TekSecuirtyConsole_C // There is an actual typo in the game. EngramEntry_SpaceDolphin_Saddle_C
  11. Transfers can occasionally be disabled on a per-server basis for various reasons. Try again later, and if it persists, report it via http://ark.gg/outage and it will be looked into.
  12. It's there in both; obelisk and drop for me on PC: If it isn't on your platform and you made sure to learn the engrams, then submit a Bug Report and it will be investigated by the QA team.
  13. On multiplayer, you can summon any boss from any obelisk. Not on single-player. As for the Cryopods, make sure you learned the engram first.
  14. On single-player, each boss can only be summoned from their specific obelisk. Green is the Broodmother, red is the Dragon, and blue is the Megapithecus.
  15. There was no direct changes recently made to the Broodmother's blueprints so it is either an indirect effect to something else, or my first guess would be that the RNG was simply not in your favour this time and she performed her acid attack that is much more devastating more often than she did the previous times you played it.
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