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  1. They probably are late on schedule because they most likely went overboard and ended up implementing much more content than what they initially intended to and based their release target from. Much like they delayed the base game's official release because they ended up releasing like 110+ creatures instead of the ~70 they initially planned, etc. But hey, people never talk about that; just that "release are always late". Who cares, really. Get netflix or something and come back later or don't pre-purchase anything in the future.
  2. No other games have that much stuff going on. That is really only the case on PvE. I've never experienced saves as long on PvP than I did on PvE. A few seconds at most on the highest populated ones but never as bas as PvE. And the reason is quite obvious; there is no natural cycle on PvE. Once you reach level 24, you are pretty much dominating the game already. This is not the first time I says it; as long as the E is not more punishing performance on PvE won't improve. If you think that is not accurate, just ask yourself the following question; when was the last time you legitimately lost tames or bases to the environment that were not the result of a bug/grief? Exactly. Currently PvE is a hoarder mode of farmville, where players just amass hundreds of tames they never uses, build massive bases they fill with those tames because hey, they have pretty colors, etc. Just fly around on any PvE servers and you see massive bases with dozens and sometimes hundreds of tames such as Wyverns that can't even be justified as being bred for mutations. Now that cryopods are available on all maps, the tame limit should be reduced. With the tame limit reduced, the amount of structures in range should be lowered (no need massive bases if you don't have ton of tames to house). Remove the need to have hundreds of tames out for breeding purposes by adding new game mechanic. E.g. as I suggested into another thread: Only then the save time may improves, but until then, it will just get even worst as long as players continue to hoard and build. Even players that no longer actively plays still reset their bases for the most part. And for the remaining players, they will just bring back even more pretty colored stuff from Genesis to other maps affecting their performance even more as well.
  3. In your launch command: ?AllowMultipleAttachedC4=True Or, into your GameUserSettings.ini file: [ServerSettings] AllowMultipleAttachedC4=True
  4. As stated above, you should be able to pick it up with the Argy's beak regardless if the server has flyer carry disabled (e.g. official pve). Alternatively, you can also grapple them and carry them around in a pen, etc.
  5. Steam → View → Settings → Downloads → [CLEAR DOWNLOAD CACHE]
  6. If you snap a second one and pick it back up during the 30 seconds, the first one will retains full timer.
  7. Load your backup, go to an obelisk, and upload that blueprint then you should be able to download it into your other save.
  8. Server issues must be reported using the following form: http://ark.gg/outage
  9. Then players would need to sit 2 hours in front of an obelisk/transmitter to upload their stuff. And you would be the first to make a thread complaining about that too.
  10. Your choices and options haven't been removed. You can still use the eggs of any species you want to cook kibbles. The only difference is that now, those kibbles can be used to achieve more than in the past, that's it. That is your choice to get their eggs instead of the other alternatives. And by being your choice, it contradicts your whole argument of not having choices.
  11. That is no longer the case. The titan no longer cause collateral damage to other tribes and will only deals damage when being attacked first (plant x that missed its target, neutral dino that attacked something and accidentally attacked the titan, etc.). At least, it used to be that way for a very long time now but maybe a recent patch broke that behaviour.
  12. As I said above; you can tame the level 300 in the caves on Scorched Earth. Even on officials. EDIT: Here's a screenshot, from an official server:
  13. They are unfortunately all dead; fried them all with a lightning wyvern.
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