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  1. You can still get low tier stuff from T3 crates, just like you can get junk from red beacons, etc. You just have chance to get higher rolls with higher tier crates. You can find the odds in the devkit, or even on the wiki. For example, look at the detailed tables for the deep sea crates: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Loot_Tables/The_Island/Deep_Sea#Detailed
  2. I don't have the exact figures, but the min/max quality range along with the weight of the rarest items is gonna be much better from a T3 crate than a T1, etc.
  3. Dumped the differences, there was no changes to the OSD tables: Easy: Medium: Hard: Legendary:
  4. Perhaps your should re-read the thread. You are the one that came with an aggressive attitude to then accuse others of saying useless crap after they showed interest into your thread by asking for screenshot and sharing their opinions about modded contents. People pointed out that this is not a good way to get help, which I fully agree, and they are the one being disrespectful? I can understand issues can be frustrating, but you should not throw that frustration to others. More so when they show interest into investigating an issue you are requesting help with. Anyways, now that your issue has been fixed, let's close this.
  5. Other tables were changed as well. I only dumped Genesis and Swamp because they were the ones mentioned in this thread but yeah, some others changed too.
  6. There was a forced mind-wipe few patches ago to fix some issues with cooldowns.
  7. I think this means Parasaurs will no longer detect bodies that are inactive and no longer rendered since the following patch: I remember seeing some reports about them going crazy on invisible bodies, etc. Plus I tested just now and buried Purlovias for instance are still detected so this is more of a bug fix than any kind of nerfs.
  8. Answer: Two threads discussing the Loot Crate Changes introduced by the last update has been merged together.
  9. Here are the differences of the Genesis loot tables: Tier 1: Tier 2: Tier 3: There was no changes made to the Swamp crates.
  10. Although they are wild-made, they are still structures and thus auto-decay after a while. They decay time is set to 345600.0 seconds, which means they are considered Thatch tier and decay after 4 days. They will stack up much more on servers that do not use or have extended the decay multipliers, just like SP sessions that do not decay anything at all.
  11. Yes I'm sure. You can test is yourself as well. Just use the following command to list existing queens: getallstate bee_queen_character_bp_c For example, here are the ones in my SP world: Then grab and teleport to any in the list using the following command (for example, I grabbed index 35): teleporttoactorlocation bee_queen_character_bp_c_35 Now performs a dino wipe using: destroywilddinos Then use the first command again and you will see there is no more queen on the map, yet the hive is still present. Furthermore, just use the following command and you will see that there is a lot of empty hives: getallstate beehive_c For example, there is over 1.3k of them on my map: Destroying them won't make queens spawn faster; rendering the area in and out will trigger the spawners though. That is certainly something that is draining resources on servers and definitely something that should be addressed imo. May not be much of an issue on officials because there are a lot of players constantly breaking the empty ones but can definitely adds up on servers that are not so active and regularly performs wipes. I'm not GP, I'm a bit less... orange.
  12. It will not help because empty hives are just that; empty hive and doesn't count as a spawn. Basically, the hives become empty when a dino wipe is performed (either manually from an admin or a scheduled one). This is pretty much an oversight that the hives themselves remains, but it affect no other aspect of the game or spawn mechanic except being annoying to gamble.
  13. They all quit until... they remember they have to imprint their dodos.
  14. Your character most likely was duped and is already uploaded. Manually connect to your destination server and it should be downloadable over there.
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