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  1. Report them via a Support Ticket and they will be banned.
  2. Sap, honey or blood. I think Salmons only bite on blood and honey though, but you should get prime fish meat from Coels as well. Not sure if that has been changed, but cryopod used to roll a different imprinting requirement.
  3. If you carefully read the very post you previously quoted, you will notice that OP claims this option is not working for them on Aberration.
  4. It is. It was 70% for a short while when it first was released, but has then been changed to 55% years ago.
  5. Tek variants are always (difficulty + 1) * 30. So, by default, they would be max level (4 + 1) * 30 = 150. If your difficulty is set to 5, then they would be max (5 + 1) * 30 = 180. However, what OP is asking, is how to override the default difficulty of 4 and set it to 5 so that he can find any species up to level 150.
  6. Most likely the song that is played when you check the Credits.
  7. The cause of this issue, as well as a temporary fix can be found in the following thread: @Jatheish You may want to pass that on for a permanent fix.
  8. Probably not ideal, but you can set it every time you start a session with the following command: setdifficultyvalue 5.0
  9. Guys, guys, guys. This is clearly not motivated by racism by any means. And such slanderous claims are pathetic at best. That said, I've investigated and the issue is simply an oversight that affects the following languages: ru ja uk zh zh-Hans-CN zh-TW The problem is that the following string: { "Source": { "Text": "Uberraptor" }, "Translation": { "Text": "Уберраптор" } }, Has been translated while it shouldn't have been. This cause issues when the game is trying to r
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